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Referral Programs: 5 Fresh Ideas


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Referral Programs: 5 Fresh Ideas

  1. 1. Presenter Info• Kris Dunn• CHRO at Kinetix (RPO, Recruiting)• Founder of Fistful of Talent , The HR Capitalist• Hoops Junkie • Tim Sackett • SVP at HRU Technical Resources • Blogger #1 at the aptly named Tim Sackett Project • Contributor at Fistful of Talent #Zao
  2. 2. #Zao
  3. 3. You Want Ideas? We Got #Fresh Ideas
  4. 4. Fresh Idea #1: Tell a Story You didn’t think these were all going to be easy right? Let’s work on fundamentals. • You’ve got to start by having at least 3- 5 stories of referrals that changed people careers. • They exist in your organization – go find them. • Then: Tell them in a compelling way. Free ideas – Trading cards, short video bursts, etc. • This is content that your employees can share with those that they wish to refer. • You’re a marketer. Go find something to market.
  5. 5. Fresh Idea #2: Grouponing• Steal promotional ideas from pop culture and cut your own offers to introduce your company.• “Deal of the Day: A Career that Doesn’t Require Anti-Depressants”• Like the story idea, you’re generating marketing collateral. Your employees are not funny and engaging, so you have to be.• Sorry – it’s true. It’s up to you not to be boring.• Grouponing is just one idea – what other offers types are hot that you can steal?• You give offers/content to your employers to share with their network
  6. 6. Fresh Idea #3: Catfishing • Not like Monti Te’o • You follow those who are referred to you via Twitter, Facebook and other social networks of choice • Consider a branded account that positions your company or referral program as something interesting • Follow-Back strategy – they follow you back/connect, then you have a messaging platform direct to the referred talent. • This one is a communications channel to the referred – the first two ideas are marketing collateral ideas for your referral program
  7. 7. Fresh Idea #4 Texting Programs – You Need Them• Another communication platform – The kids love to text• Old people only text people they care about.• Setting up a texting program follows the recruiting trade in Hollywood and Sports in general.• Email is dead. Text is the channel with immediacy. People respond.• Your goal: provide elevated support to referrals by communicated via text• Text=higher close rate.
  8. 8. Fresh Idea #5: Email Marketing Yeah, there’s still a place for email. It’s just not what you think it is. Here’s your roadmap: 1. Collect the email and mobile for everyone who gets referred. 2. Separate the players from the duds. 3. Create a monthly newsletter that is positioned as insider – just for the people you would REALLY like to hire at some point. Use vanity in the title. 4. Send the monthly newsletter to the players (your list should grow over time) – make sure it doesn’t suck. 5. Make sure cool jobs are highlighted. 6. Text them the link to the HTML version and make sure it’s optimized for mobile.
  9. 9. Kris:kdunn@kinetixhr.comwww.fistfuloftalent.comTwitter: @kris_dunnLinkedIn: @TimSackettLinkedIn: