Sound research


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Sound research

  1. 1. Jordan Cruickshank and Fran Matthews<br />Sound Research<br />
  2. 2. Target audience<br />Our audience is obviously integral to our choice of music. Firstly the music has to relate to the cultures of the three groups we have looked at, which are Mods, Skinheads and Casuals. Music genres associated with these groups are Ska, Punk, Soul and reggae. In particular the bands in these genres are iconic in British culture, bands like the Clash, the Jam and Madness are all bands that our audience would recognise there music and would enjoy our short film more with this type of music.<br />
  3. 3. Bands<br />The next process of our search was to decide which bands we wanted to chose as a suitable choice for our short film. Bands such as the kinks, the Specials and Madness entered our thoughts as there music related to our short film. However we chose to pursue with three Bands, whose music was suited to represent the intended themes of our short film which are rebellion, comedy and also present a laid back attitude which relates to our teenage characters who are recognised as being ‘cool’ in society. These three acts are firstly Toots and the Maytals who are a reggae act from the 60’s to now, who produced rhythmic, relaxed songs which reflect the mood of our characters. Second is the clash who produced edgy tracks in the late 70’s and 80’s, their music was rebellious and bold because of their sound and lyrics which is one of the reasons for their long standing success . Finally we chose the Jam which are considered one of the icons of the Mod revival, they were described as ‘angry young men’ because of their fast tempo to punk rock. They were seen as style icons through their tailored suits and ‘Liam Gallagher-esque’ haircuts. The star of the Jam was lead singer Paul Weller who was an icon to Mods during the 80’s, hence his nickname the ‘Modfather’. This suggests the Jam was an appropriate choice to relate to our theme.<br />
  4. 4. Songs<br />We have chosen three songs to use in our short film: <br />The first of these songs is ‘bank robber’ by the clash. This song is very reggae influenced as it is quite relaxed and stylish, which is conveyed through the slow tempo and lyrics about society which seems a suitable soundtrack for the three characters who present this appearance of style and happiness. This song is appropriate to introduce the three characters as the lyrics and music imply their attitude.<br />Second is the song ‘pressure drop’ by Toot and the Maytals. This reggae song has a soothing slow sound which seems calming and is relevant to our target audience who enjoy this genre. This song was used also in the programme ‘this is England 86’ and worked well. This song is to be used in the montage of interview room shots that show the characters under pressure.<br />Finally our third song is ‘English rose’ by the Jam. This song is acoustic and very emotional and poignant. This song would play at the end titles when the future of the tree characters is revealed. This song is used to reflect the idea of tragedy and sadness as the characters go to jail for nothing they have done. The tone is slow and humble and ends the short film perfectly as the conclusion is revealed that will evoke the emotion our audience.<br />