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  1. 1. The text and font is plain and simple the words ‘Hurry up’ are in bold bringing it to attention and a stronger emphasis than the words ‘we’re Dreaming’ and the placement of the words distinguishes the groups name from the albums title. - The use of colour is interesting as it uses a mixture of light and mostly dark colours possibly representing good and bad. The colour is brighter in areas ( e.g. faces, toys etc.)where things are meant to be brought to the consumers attention whereas its darker in places which are not so important. Again the setting is most likely to be influenced by the idea of dreams The image itself is quite futuristic and dreamlike as the title seems to suggest. The two people seen within the picture are not actually related to the band again showing that it could be related to the idea of dreams. Both the name of the album and artist are clearly seen on the front cover and are made obvious by the use of white colour against the dark backdrop. However it doesn’t show any information related to the record label.
  2. 2. The conventions of a Cd cover are included here as track names, running order, colour and production details are all listed. The use of Black is slightly contrasting to the use of lighter neon colours on both the front and inside panes. It could suggest that their dream is coming to an end and so it could possibly be the groups last album. The production credits are seen at the bottom of the cover as well as the record label information as it clearly states ‘M83 Recording Inc. exclusively licensed to naïve’. The song list is seen clearly and the running order is also given. However the timings for each song is not given The album has been released as a double album and the band said after its release that they had dreamt of releasing a double album since they released the first album, and this connotes that there dream has now been completed and their time as a band is coming to an end. The layout of the song list is similar to a reflecting image or mirror as the use of the word ‘mirror’ in bold seems to suggest. The production details are in small print as its not considered to important to the fans
  3. 3. The name of the group and album are seen clearly beneath the discs. The record label can also be seen. This is probably to re-affirm the name of the album and make it more memorable. The presentation fits in well with the front and back covers as the dark and light design is continued. The inside panes show a picture of the boy and girl gazing through what appears to be a window, this links back to the idea of dreams as they could be dreaming of a escape as the outside is light whilst they live in a world of darkness The use of pink and blue are colours associated with boys and girls which shows that men and women can relate to the album and it also gives the children an angelic look which once more relates back to the idea o dreams as angels often appear within our own dreams or memory. The two discs have a picture of a young boy and girl which allows the album to appeal to both male and female audiences giving it a larger appeal. The group said that the theme of the album is melancholy and nostalgia and this is evident hear as the coulours reflect both happiness and sadness The album contains a small booklet which has all the songs and their lyrics, helping the consumer to learn the lyrics of the songs.
  4. 4. The typography on the spine has remained the same throughout the whole album, creating a degree of consistency. The spine has the name of the album and the groups/artists name. The spine is a more important feature of an album then many people think as it is generally the first thing you see when looking for a certain band or artist. The name of the record company can also be seen clearly. The words ‘M83. HurryUp’ are in bold which is likely for practical purposes as it will stand out more when it is on a shelf
  5. 5. Origins     Rock and roll is a genre of popular music that originated and evolved in the United States during the late 1940s and early 1950s, primarily from a combination of African-American genres such as blues, jump blues, jazz, and gospel music, together with Western swing and country music. The phrase rocking and rolling originally described the movement of a ship on the ocean, but was used by the early twentieth century, both to describe a spiritual fervour and as a sexual analogy According to the writer Robert Palmer: "Rock 'n' roll was an inevitable outgrowth of the social and musical interactions between blacks and whites in the South and Southwest.
  6. 6. - Rock and Roll mostly contain star shots, close ups, group shots and shots of the instruments being used to make the faces of the band recognisable. - The lyrics within the songs usually contain social or political messages. - Videos tend to have a narrative and be performance based. - The band tend to be on a stage to emphasise the superiority over the crowd. - Another main aspect of conventions would be the band logo - The mise-en-scene is also key as it tends to represent the style of music, the band and current affairs etc. - In early rock and the 1960s, bands made many promo films for instance, The Beatles made a 'Hard Day's Night'.
  7. 7. The Beatles – Twist and Shout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVlr4g5 -r18&safe=active Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTWKb foikeg&safe=active Foo Fighters – Everlong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBG7PK-r1Y&safe=active