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Planning section

  1. 1. Planning SectionA2 Media Studies<br />Fran Matthews & Jordan Cruickshank<br />
  2. 2. Idea’s Development<br />3 Lads, around their 20’s, the dressed in a mod/skinhead style.<br />Film begins with the lead character introducing himself and his other 2 friends, in the style of the film Snatch.<br />The film is of the boys in separate interview rooms, all retelling the story of how they have got there.<br />No dialogue for the actors, everything is a voice over of when they are retelling the story in the interview room.<br />Boys are in trouble because Fingers accepted a bag off a stranger, which turned out to hold a gun just used in a murder.<br />The lads are found guilty, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.<br />
  3. 3. Copyright E-mail<br />
  4. 4. Synopsis<br />SKArred<br />SKArred is a film telling the story of 3 normal lads, they have the typical hobbies of their age group. Beer, football and women.<br />The main characters Woody, Budgie and Fingers are all in their early twenties, they are a tight knit group who would do anything for each other. <br />The boys all have their different strengths which make them work well together as a group, first off we have Woody, it is the unwritten rule that he is the leader of the group, the one who finalises decisions and whom Fingers aspires to be. Meanwhile we have Budgie, the brains behind the 3 of them. He is the man with all the big ideas, but woody is the guy who puts it all into practice. The 2 of them are good with birds and are known for having a new girl on their arm every week. Lastly we have Fingers, the groups jester. He does the most stupid things but you cant dislike him, he’s the one who gets the lads into trouble trying to seek their approval but Woody can talk anyone around and generally gets the lads out of trouble.<br />But this time Fingers screws up big time, but Woody wont be able to get the boys out of the trouble this time..<br />The film is about the boys being in the wrong place at the wrong time, they are strolling back to Woody’s after a cheeky pint down the local when they hear a gunshot. Knife crime and the occasional mugging occur around this area but gun crime is unheard of that generation have been brought up in a concrete jungle where people do anything to survive but gun crime is definitely pushing it a bit far. <br />The boys are landed in big trouble when Fingers stupidity hits a new high, but will they be able to out run danger this time?<br />
  5. 5. Characterisation<br />Woody<br />He is the leader of the group, it is basically the unwritten rule than the other guys sort of look up to Woody and seek his approval with what they do, especially Fingers.<br />Woody is a young normal bloke, a bad relationship with his dad has made him into who he is today. He doesn’t go out troublemaking like he did in his younger years, but these days he is into breaking the rules elsewhere. He loves the sense of danger; he is the risk taker of the group but stays loyal to his friends. His friends are basically his family, so he looks after them and tries to keep his boys out of any serious trouble, but they don’t always make that quite so easy for him. <br />He is basically a normal lad who works his normal 9 to 5 job that he doesn’t care for, he has a passion and a thirst for money, it is what motivates him. He likes spending his nights down the pub with a pint of lager, couple of mates and hopefully a bird on his arm.<br />Budgie<br />The best way to describe Budgie to you is by calling him Woody’s wingman, he’s quite a good looking lad who knows how to talk to women.<br />He isn’t the most talkative of the bunch but he talks sense, he is basically the brains behind the 3 of them and they all know it.<br />He is quite a family guy, he still lives at home with his parents and he is a bit of a mummy’s boy to be honest but he manages to get away with it. He doesn’t give away too much about what he is thinking, he is quite closed off but not in a bad way he is quite mysterious and that is what so many people find appealing about him. Everyone wants to crack Budgie, make him change his ways and be a more open guy.<br />He is a pretty clever guy, but even in his work life he is the silent genius. He knows what he wants and generally gets it; they all envy him for having general good luck, but this is all about to change for Budgie.<br />Fingers<br />The only way I could possibly describe fingers to you is as the try hard character, he will do anything to seek the approval of his friends but the dopey sod doesn’t always have things turn out the right way for him.<br />He is genuinely the groups jester, but they don’t take him for a mug they pick up the pieces for the mess which fingers has a habit of getting them into.<br />His mother died when he was young, and he spent most of his childhood trying to seek acceptance from his ex military father, he tried hard at school under his fathers watchful eye but never seemed to do well.<br />Women see him as the sweet one, the guy who will buy a girl drinks and walk her home but he never gets anything, poor Fingers doesn’t have luck on his side. <br />
  6. 6. Location Reece<br />For a short part of the film we are going to capture the main characters running away from the police once they have realised that they are on their way. We will be able to do this along a road in Henley which is on the way to the train station, it is a long gravel stretch of road which turns off into little side alley ways, I think that this will be effective and useful because it is close to college meaning we will be able to do it during lesson or in a free period and it will not take up a lot of time.<br />We only really need 2 locations for our short film , during the scene in which the main characters are being interviewed we will be using a media studio at college. This is because the room is quite small with a desk in it, we will capture the characters against a wall with the desk in front of them therefore we need to rearrange the room a little bit. The lighting has to be quite dark in the room, with hopefully a spotlight on the character who is being interviewed but if we cannot make this happen during the film we will be able to edit the lighting effects.<br />Henley-On-Thames<br />On Google Maps, I found the area in which we will be filming. The long gravel road will be where the chase seen is filmed.<br />