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Organisation Cultures & Leadership Organisation Cultures & Leadership Presentation Transcript

  • Organisation Cultures and Leadership Agenda  Who am I and What is Institute of Marketing?  What is Organisational Culture? What Leadership means to you?  Case-examples • Communication & Impact • Listen & Develop • Say thank you • Inspire  Task  Summary7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • Who am I?7.3.2013
  • The Institute of Marketing as a companyThe Institute of Marketing in figures Offers training 2 abroad, eg. Employs overs Two centres: training in Helsinki ja Oulu. Russia and in Russian 400 Approximately experts from Operates nationwide. 30 the world of business as 4200 years students a year trainers Trained 360 000 professionals in Finland since its founding 80 years ago7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • The Institute of Marketing as a company Our mission and visionMission VisionWe help businesses succeed Our customers recommend usby turning their staff into as passionate facilitators ofeven better professionals. visible change.
  • Effectiveness of trainingWhat has an effect? © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • The Institute of Marketing’s servicesAreas of training7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • What is Organisational Culture? What Leadership means to you? Discuss few minutes what you think about organisational culture and what leadership means to you?7.3.2013
  • Communicate & Impact Case Futurice  Freedom, responsibility & trust  Transparency How people are leaded in Futurice?  95%!  Levels  Ask-the-CEO -event7.3.2013
  • Communicate & Impact What we can learn from Futurice?  Transparency  Trust  Use a different kind of communication7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • Listen & Develop Case Pipelife  Why listening is so important in Pipelife?  How developing shows in Pipelife? Roadmap to the future  Develop the culture! Managerial discussion  Four times a year  Employee view Brainwork  Maximize the decision making power  Ideas Leadership7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • Listen & Develop What we can learn from Pipelife?  Develop & implement ideas  You have two ears, but only one mouth  Break the habit!7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • Say thank you Case Novia  Key tool is organisation culture  Values  Novia-mindset  Different ways to thank  Positive feedback  Team spirit  Thank you -event7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • Say thank you Leadership  Respect  Awarding What we can learn from Novia?  We can thank in different ways  Appreciate co-workers & their work  Respect7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • 7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • Inspire Inspiring story Special glow, chemistry and meaning Minimum performance versus maximum performance Peoples potential7.3.2013
  • Inspire Leadership  See the potential  Trust your people  Communicate What we have to remember when we are talking about inspire?  Revolutionize the habits  See the potential  Trust7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • &SAMHOUDCore values – Higher goal –What do we Why do we stand for? exist? Core Audaciousqualities – goal – WhereWhat do we are we going excel at? to?
  • Leadership7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • Leadership What is the role of Leadership in organisational culture?  Confirm the change  Be a support and safe  Makes a sure that everybody keeps on  Shows example  Communicate  AND REMEMBER: You can’t command the culture, but you can use the power in it. It’s all about the history, people and the future!7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • TASK Four or five persons in one group Make a poster / magazine cover  What kind of culture you have in your company?  What makes it unique?  Why people want to work in your organisation?  What is the most important things in your organisation?  Your organisation is going to participate in GPTW-survey.  Use your imagination!  Here is a little help for your work…7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED?7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • WORK IS NOT SO SERIOUS…7.3.2013 © Markkinointi-instituutti
  • SUMMARY  Culture eats strategy for lunch.  Culture eats strategy for breakfast.  Culture eats strategy always!  Don’t wait the change. Make the change!  Every day a little better.7.3.2013
  •  Asta Rossi Kulttuuristrategia 2012. Sources Http://