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Nina hoang alumni testimonial m it

  1. 1. International Student Testimonial Nina Hoang, Vietnam Nina Hoang Nguyen ThucNhagraduated from University of South Australia in 2013 with a Master of Business Information Systems. Prior to studying at UniSA, Nina completed a bachelor degree in Computer Science at National University of Singapore and worked in software development in Singapore. Nina is currently a consultant at Mega International in Singapore responsible for delivering large-scale multi-year IT-enabled business projects for clients in South East Asia including major banks such as DBS. 1. What made you decide to study your program? After graduating with my bachelor degree I worked in software development for a major European bank in Singapore, however after four years I wanted to change the direction of my career. I researched many master degrees in Australia and I found that UniSA’s had the ideal combination of theory and practice that I was seeking. In addition, I was able to complete the course in one calendar year which minimised the cost of living in Australia and time away from my career. 2. Why did you choose UniSA? After living and working in Singapore for many years, I wanted a change of pace and lifestyle so that I could concentrate on my studies. Adelaide is an excellent place to study because it is less stressful and the people are open and friendly. I was also attracted to the excellent employment outcomes of
  2. 2. this degree – in recent years 100% of graduates found employment after graduation. 3. How did you benefit through the course? The unique point about this course is the exposure to the real needs and requirements of business, which is something you won’t get in a standard IT degree. This understanding of business is highly valued by employers since the skill needed to interface between the IT and business sides can determine the success or failure of an IT-enabled business change. 4. What was the best part or highlight of studying at UniSA? I completed three paid internships as part of the degree which were extremely beneficial in terms of developing my skills and confidence. Since I was moving into a different area than I had been exposed to in the past, the internships allowed me a chance to practice and acquire experience but at the same time there was an expectation to deliver value and results for the client. I had been a bit shy and conservative, but through the internships I became confident and expressive. It was also good to be exposed to non-commercial sectors such as charities and government to get a rounded experience. 5. Were there any challenges or hardships that you overcame during your studies? The cultural difference was a challenge to overcome at first since Australian culture encourages free expression and openness whereas I came from a culture that is more conservative. In the end, it is important to accept these differences, appreciate the diversity of viewpoints that people bring and reflect on one’s own values and ideas. This will help when interacting with other cultures in our future careers. 6. How did you find life in Adelaide? I enjoyed meeting people in Adelaide, not just local people but people from all over the world. I often took part in social activities such as barbecues and picnics in the park. During my internships, I was fortunate to meet people with substantial working experience. They became my mentors as well as my clients. 7. Tell us about your current job. At present I am working for an IT enterprise solutions consultancy in Singapore. My job involves overall responsibility for setting up enterprise architecture projects - determining client needs and analysing business processes in order toprovide a software solution, followed by deployment, training and evaluation, and throughout actively adding value, service and managing stakeholders. In the long term I would like to move into research and become more specialised in a niche area. 8. What advice would you give to other students about studying at UniSA? Take full advantage of all the opportunities and resources available to you at UniSA. Approach your internship with passion and creativity – treat it as a real job and take the chance to demonstrate your ability. This will put you in a good place for finding employment after graduation.