The Remote Access feature of Tally ERP 9


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Business professionals ought to travel for several reasons and it may be difficult to stay put at the workplace every day to operate and access a tool. Tally ERP 9 eliminates the nightmare of having to do that through its Remote Access capability.

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The Remote Access feature of Tally ERP 9

  1. 1. New Updates in Tally ERP 9
  2. 2. ● Remote Access ● Enhanced Look & Feel ● Tally.NET ● Enhanced Payroll Compliance ● Simplified Installation process ● Excise for Manufacturers ● New Licensing Mechanism ● Auditors’ Edition of Tally ERP 9 ● Control Centre ● ● Support Centre Enhanced Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
  3. 3. the Remote Access feature
  4. 4. Tally ERP 9 provides remote capabilities to its users to access data from anywhere. Using Tally.NET features, the user can create remote users (ids), authorize & authenticate them to access company remotely. Currently, the remote connectivity allows the user to view/display the required information on his/her system instantly.
  5. 5. Process for Remote Access
  6. 6. ● Start Tally ERP 9 ● Load the required company ● Connect to Tally.NET ● Enter the remote user ID at the remote login location to access company data from Tally.ERP 9 Licensed / Educational.
  7. 7. Requirements for Remote Connectivity
  8. 8. At the Customer end ● A valid Internet connection ● A valid Tally ERP 9 License with a Tally.NET subscription Create and authorize remote users for a Company that has to be accessed remotely ● ● Load & Connect the Company to Tally.NET for Remote access
  9. 9. At the Remote end ● A valid Internet connection ● Tally ERP 9 (Licensed/Education) ● A valid remote User ID and Password
  10. 10. Benefits of Remote Access: ● Provides anytime, anywhere access to required information ● Allows you to access Reports & Statements on the move to keep yourself updated with the latest Business happenings. ● Enhances response time to customers (For e.g., Sales staff can access customer’s Outstanding Statement for immediate reference / discussion) ● Easy access to financial information for faster & timely decision making.
  11. 11. Data Security ● The Remote connectivity is initiated with a secured Handshake between two computers using Tally.NET environment. ● Customer can allow / disallow access to the Company Data for remote users at any point of time. ● Data resides on the Customer’s Computer only. ● Encrypted Data is transferred between two computers on request. ● The customer can assign Security controls to remote users depending upon what access to be given. ● For the Remote user(s) Back up / Restore options will not be available in the remote location.
  12. 12. Remote TDL’s ● During Remote Access, the additional TDL’s running at the customer’s place will also be available to the Remote User at the remote location. ● The user experience remains the same either working locally on Customer’s computer or from a Remote Location. It is recommended to use Broadband connections to enjoy the best Remote experience.
  13. 13. Remote Access competence
  14. 14. Business professionals ought to travel for several reasons and it may be difficult to stay put at the workplace every day to operate and access a tool. The Tally product eliminates the nightmare of having to do that through its remote access capability. The Remote access competence of the tool enables Business professionals to
  15. 15. ● Determine bank balances ● Identify on due receipts ● Talk to suppliers from anywhere with just an internet connection ● Review posted entries ● Effect corrections ● Check personal book of accounts that are kept at any location
  16. 16. All these details are password protected with maximum security and only authorized user(s) can have access to these data from remote locations. Tally ERP 9 makes all this possible through enhanced data security features.
  17. 17. ● The Tally.Net environment initiates remote connectivity between two computers. ● Remote access to users can be disabled by the business owner any time. ● Business data safely resides in the customer’s computer. ● Upon request, only encrypted data is transferred between two computers and that too through the Tally.Net server. ● Security controls can be allocated by the customer as and when required.
  18. 18. Tally has ensured full-proof security and efficacy features with Tally ERP 9. Thus, this version of the product has enabled businesses extend beyond boundaries and transformed the way small and medium sized businesses have operated.
  19. 19. Tally Support for Remote access
  20. 20. Tally support partners have the flexibility of rendering support for their products from and to any remote location. In the day and age where smart phones are dramatically changing the way businesses are run across the world, your business may stay behind if it cannot leverage the power of mobile connectivity. Tally ERP 9 steps in to aid users to connect over a secure environment and access and work on data anytime and anywhere. If your business has multiple branches, your physical presence is not required in each of the locations to access information at any specific point in time. Share and transfer of business data across branches is now possible. Extensive Data synchronization competency furthers business productivity. Data exchange can be retrieved in reports of various formats. The data exchange environment in Tally enables users to interact with different software and this is an important advantage in the dynamic business environment.
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