Detailed comparison between various version of tally


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Detailed comparison between various version of tally

  1. 1. Brief Comparison between various version of tally Tally 4.5 Tally was started with is first version of Tally 4.5, which was a DOS based program. This program was very light weight and very fast in operation. Tally 5.4 The next version was 5.4 which was graphic interface version. It became popular in the masses. Its pirated copy made it most popular accounting software. Tally 6.3 Next version was tally 6.3 which was truly windows based version which could support fast printing and with VAT implemented. Tally 6.3 came with water tight security in terms of piracy. With its dongle it was almost impossible to crack. Although crack of software were available but Tally's policy of frequent upgrades and newer releases does the trick.
  2. 2. Brief Comparison between various version of tally(continued) • Tally 7.2 Next version of Tally was Tally 7.2. It was also fast version with lots fo new feature like statutory compliant versions. Different VAT rules for different states was achieved with this version. Tally 8.1 Tally 8.1 was developed with new data structure of Tally. A module of POS and Payroll was added to it. It could not live up to the expectations with the people and marred by bugs. Company rectified many but the version could not become popular and company has to abort it before time and launch new version. Tally 9 This is the latest version of Tally which has maximum features. All other versions have been declared end of life period by Tally company. Tally 9 has advance features like Excise for Dealers, Payroll, FBT, TDS, e-TDS filing facility etc along wit its regular features related to accounting and inventory management.
  4. 4. NEW FEATURES OF 6.3 RELEASE 1 • The Extended Enterprise System • The new Tally ees 6.3 comes with breakthroughs in collaborative technology that extend your company's capability of managing information across your software applications and your offices, with your business partners and your managers-on- the-move. All this leads to accurate decisions for improved profits.
  5. 5. NEW FEATURES OF 6.3 RELEASE 1(CONTINUED) • New Features • Reorder Levels • Aged Stock Analysis • Scenario Management • TallyODBC • E-capabilities
  6. 6. NEW FEATURES OF 6.3 RELEASE 1(CONTINUED) • Reorder Levels • Reorder level is that quantity in hand for a stock item, reaching which, you should order your supplies. The importance of reorder level arises from the desire to have sufficient stocks to service customer orders and at the same time not to have unnecessarily high stocks. Therefore, the points to be considered in deciding reorder levels are the lead time for suppliers to deliver stock , the delivery time specified by the customer, and the stock in hand to satisfy orders in the meantime. In simple mode, Tally accepts your specified quantities only. In advanced, Tally considers past consumption patterns to suggest reorder levels. You can however, give your own levels. You may also specify the minimum quantity that is to be placed for each order in either simple or advanced mode. • The purpose of specifying reorder levels is to obtain a report that indicates the stocks that need to be ordered. Hence, we will first specify and then obtain the report. • More: • Specifying Reorder Levels • Obtain Reorder Status and Quantities to order • Alter Reorder Levels and minimum quantities
  7. 7. NEW FEATURES OF 6.3 RELEASE 1(CONTINUED) • Aged Stock Analysis (Ageing Analysis) • A very important function of Working Capital management is monitoring stocks. Money locked up in stocks can adversely affect the liquidity of a company and every company strives or should strive to reduce stock levels to the optimum. Every business (except perhaps the liquor and antiques dealers) would prefer to dispose of older stocks as they might deteriorate with time, go out of fashion, or simply get forgotten. Tally's aged stock analysis or Stock ageing enables you to know the age of stocks in hand according to when they were received and the purchase value. • More: • How to view Ageing Analysis
  8. 8. How to view Ageing Analysis
  9. 9. NEW FEATURES OF 6.3 RELEASE 1(CONTINUED) • Scenario Management • Scenario management is a management tool that enables different views of your information, both accounts and inventory related, by selectively including certain types of vouchers without affecting the base data. This is useful in reports with provisional figures without actually putting the entries through the main books. It is also useful for forecasting by entering forecast figures in provisional vouchers and including them to get forecasted figures. • The vouchers that are used in Scenario Management are: • Optional Vouchers • Memorandum Vouchers • Reversing Journals
  10. 10. NEW FEATURES OF 6.3 RELEASE 1(CONTINUED) • Tally ODBC • Tally uses ODBC to connect to other programs and exchange data dynamically. • Outward Connectivity • Inward Connectivity • Outward Connectivity • Pick up data from Tally directly into other programs like Microsoft Excel or Word without any programming! Print labels for greeting cards from the ledger addresses stored in Tally! Even create templates for the likes of Audit Reports and Schedule VI forms and plug in data from Tally. Tally's database is now open for use in most popular programs to give you the unlimited flexibility of creating your own reports using up-to-date data from Tally. • Inward Connectivity • On the other hand, Tally ies 7.2 is capable of being programmed by TallyExperts to use data from other systems much more easily. This permits you to continue using other systems and use some of their data in Tally as if they were parts of one integrated system. For example, a customer contact management program may contain various details like status of an order and last contact made. Bring in that data into Tally to merge into a report containing outstanding balances. Any changes in the other data will be immediately reflected in Tally.
  11. 11. NEW FEATURES OF 6.3 RELEASE 1(CONTINUED) • E-capabilities • Tally has extensive internet capabilities. E-mail, Web-publishing and data interchange over the Internet are all easily achieved from within Tally. • Pre-requisites to using E-capabilities of Tally: • You should have an internet connection accessible from your computer. This could be through a direct dial-up modem or through the network. • For E-mail - an E-mail account. • For Web Publishing - you should know the sites URL (address) and have authority to upload files on the sites. • More: • E-mail • Internet Publishing • Web-browser •
  12. 12. • E-mail • Send Invoices to your customer by e-mail. Or your purchase order. In fact, e-mail any Tally report or document as easily as you print! Even Reminder letters and statement of accounts need not be printed and posted. Simply e-mail them. E-mail is the single largest use of the Internet and is set to penetrate even the very small towns. You are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this medium. It is not only postage cost that you save, you save on so much of your valuable time. •
  13. 13. • Internet Publishing • Websites – most businesses will have one in the near future. Tally helps make commercial use of your web space with the ability to publish all reports and documents on your website. For this purpose, it creates reports in the web-language HTML that Tally directly put on your website. You can use this feature to inform customers the new price-range and stocks available for sale. Tally has ensured that this transmission of data is secure by using world-standard encryption of data.
  14. 14. • Web Browser • You have a button to access the World Wide Web from Tally. Click on the button Web Browser to begin your session. When you want to end it, press End Browser. Of course, you should have a valid internet access account set up on your computer and a browser that is already installed. •
  15. 15. NEW FEATURES OF 6.3 Release 1.1 • Gateway of Tally • The Gateway of Tally displays as Masters, Transactions and Reports. This is primarily for ease of use! • Optional Vouchers by default • This is one of the methods to improve internal control. You can mark the default voucher types as "optional by default". All entries made using the voucher type will automatically display the optional tag. Accounts Info > Voucher Type > Alter > select Tally's default voucher type and activate the option Mark Optional as default. These entries can be accessed from the Optional Voucher Register to be regularized later at will.
  16. 16. • Item Invoice & Account Invoice • Account Invoice enables you to select ledger accounts such as Service Charges, etc - in the invoice. Stock Item details can be invoiced using the Item Invoice. • Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation • A facility to select the accounting allocations once at the time of raising sales and purchase invoices, delivery notes or orders. This is useful if the same sales or purchase account is being selected for every item in the invoice. Enables faster data entry!
  17. 17. • Credit Period details in Ledger Master • For the ledgers under Sundry Debtors and Creditors, the credit period can be given in the Master which will be automatically considered at the time • Use Defaults for Bill Allocation • Allows you to skip the Bill-wise Details screen at the time of invoice entry. The reference is automatically taken as New Reference; voucher number taken as Bill Name; Credit Period from the Ledger Master. Enables faster data entry!
  18. 18. • Accept Supplementary Details • You can disable the sub-screen showing dispatch and address details in the invoice by activating this option in F12: Configure (on the Invoice). • Single Entry Mode for Payment / Receipt / Contra • Allows you to enter Payment, Receipt and Contra vouchers in single entry Mode. Activate this option in F12: Configure > Voucher Entry.
  19. 19. Release 1.2 • New Features • Printing documents (invoice, vouchers etc) with currency decimal place in words (e.g. Paise, pence, cents, etc) • In the Company creation/alteration screen, an additional field displaying the name of the currency decimal is available. The Currency decimals will print in words (in the documents) based on the name given. However, if the same is left blank, Tally prints the currency decimals in numbers (as in earlier releases). • Pre allocate bills for payment/receipt voucher in single entry and • Gateway of Tally > F12: Configure > Voucher Entry > Pre- allocate Bills for Payment/Receipt > set to YES - this allows you to set off against the bills, before specifying the amount in Payment and Receipt entries.
  20. 20. Release 1.2 • TallySynchronization • Synchronization refers to the process of Tally data being replicated between two or more locations. This enables a branch office to send its data to the head office over the Internet or a private network. Tally provides complete control over the frequency of replication. If the user is connected on a leased line, he can choose to replicate after every transaction entry. If the user is not connected on a leased line, he can post his updates at specific intervals. Synchronization is both ways - i.e., all data from the client company goes to the server and all data from the server company gets copied to the client company. After the synchronization has been set up, replicating data between the locations is a single click activity. • To replicate, the user at the client needs to select - Gateway of Tally -> Import Transactions -> Synchronization -> Synchronize. Tally connects to the server, finds out the status of the last transfer (if any) and exchanges the incremental data that was entered after the last transfer. Tally also takes care of creating all masters required to save the transaction on the target machine (This will work with TallyServer and TallyClient capabilities - which is available a
  21. 21. • TallyModular • Tally is now available in modules. Information on the modules that can be activated is available in Functions and Features (Gateway of Tally > F12: Configure). For example, enabling TallyServer and TallyClient capabilities for Synchronization
  22. 22. Release 1.8 • ALT+R and ALT+S usage in stock item voucher register • The ALT+S takes you to the alteration of the stock item master and does not bring back the removed line (using ALT+R). This is due to the reason that we have ALT+S for Stock Alter also in that screen – now corrected and provided CTRL+S: Stock Alter for alteration of stock item master. • Voucher register exported in HTML • Voucher register exported in HTML format does not export voucher number column – now corrected. • Additional description for stock items in credit/debit notes • The same is provided in release 1.8.
  23. 23. • Date and time of removal in Sales Invoice • Sales invoice with excise format and tracked against a sales order – carries the date of the order in the printout for the option date and time of removal and date and time of invoice – now corrected. This correction would work only for sales orders entered with this release. If you enter ONLY an invoice in the new release, and link a SO entered using previous releases, the difficulty will persist. • The purchase order details are not printed in Receipt Note • The option for activating the same is provided in F12: Configure of the print screen. • During Sync, the server should send one voucher at a time if "Sync over Slow Connection" is set to YES in the Client Rule • Corrected • Sync does not work if Proxy Authentication is required at the client • Now corrected • Unable to handshake with the Mail Server message while sending emails • Resolved.
  24. 24. Release 1.9 • Proxy Server Configuration • A new configuration option has been added in the F12: Configure menu. From this release onwards, Proxy server configuration is required for those users who are behind a proxy server and use Synchronization feature of Tally as a Client. If TallyClient accesses a TallyServer through a proxy server then proxy server details must be provided in this option. Tally no longer depends on Internet Explorer for proxy settings.
  25. 25. • F12 - Configuration Menu
  26. 26. • Proxy Configuration – Sample Screen
  27. 27. • Rejection In and Rejection Out • In Stock Vouchers sub-screen of Stock Item/Group monthly summary reports, Rejection Out would be shown as Negative (-) quantity in Inward Column, and Rejection In as Negative (-) quantity in the Outward Column. In the event of Rejection In (Material Inward but considered as (-) Outward), the Rate at which the Item has been returned, will not affect the value of Closing Stock and the value of material would be debited to respective sales account only. In case of Rejection Out (Material Outward but considered as (-) Inward), the Rate at which the Item is returned will change the rate of Item for the balance Closing Stock. • Synchronization • Modification in Op. Balance of a Debtor or partial adjustment of the same against multiple receipts were not getting synchronized to the server data. The same has been corrected in this release. In case of change in the Op. Balance (In case of carrying forward the balances to next year) the user must modify one of the existing vouchers in order to synchronize the modified Ledger account.
  28. 28. Release 2.0 • VAT Enabled • Indian VAT enabled in Tally ees 6.3 release 2.0. If Use Accounting Terminology of is set to India/Asia in F12: Configure > General, a new option Use Indian VAT? appears in the company configuration screen (Create/Alter). Once the same is set to YES, two new fields are available in the Item Master to input the VAT & SAT Rate. Also allows you to define the Type of Calculation as VAT/SAT in the ledger master and Voucher class in order to automate the VAT calculations in the invoice. • Print Preview • Option to zoom Print Preview added. Click on zoom or use ALT + Z. • Synchronization • Difficulty in synchronizing the data with Canceled vouchers – Resolved • Profit and Loss A/c • Displays incorrect values (negative) for Sales bills to make - Resolved
  29. 29. Release 2.1 • Tally Link Server • TallyConnected customers get access to a range of connected services known as Tally Internet Services. Tally Link Server is one of the services available as a part of Tally Internet Services. It enables two instances of Tally to communicate with each other without the requirement of a fixed IP address in the server. TallyConnected customers can synchronize their data using the Tally Link Server. • Import/Export Snapshot • Helpful to setup synchronisation when both the companies participating in synchronization have large no. of transactions • Ability to Import any XML files of any size • There was a limitation on the size of data that can be imported in a single batch in earlier releases, now resolved. • Option to compress data during Synchronisation • This increases the speed of synchronization and as the amount of data to be transferred decreases significantly. • Insert Failure Voucher ID Error > Resolved • Minor Facilities & Corrections: Installation of Tally with DataPhone as Modem on Win 2003 > Resolved (For TallyConnect Customers Only)
  30. 30. Release 3.11 • Following corrections have been done in release 3.11 build 4 – Additional text facility is not available while emailing from print preview screen. The same needs to be provided so that remarks/note can be typed in along with email. However, this facility is available while emailing directly. – Enter a cash sales invoice – After selecting the cash ledger, enter the consignee address manually and save the voucher – Alter the voucher and press enter key > the address details will get overwritten with the address in the ledger master (in this case blank)
  31. 31. Release 3.13 • Minor facilities and Corrections: • Provision for providing the Starting Number under "Restart Numbering" option available in voucher type. • This facility allows you to specify multiple starting number, period wise, within a single voucher type for "Automatic" method of voucher numbering. • E.g.: If you wish to start sales voucher from 100 every month, Go to Accounts Info > Voucher Type > Alter > Sales > define "Method of Voucher Numbering" as 'Automatic' > this will allow you to specify 'Starting Number' under the option "Restart Numbering". Here you may specify the Applicable from date, specify the starting number as "100" and choose 'Monthly' for "Particulars". • Proxy Configuration support for SoftLock Version: • Proxy configuration was disabled if Tally Client/Server is not active. Now for SoftLock Version of Tally it is always enabled. • Maintain Balances Bill-by-bill and Inventory Values are affected for a ledger: • In ledger master enabling of both 'Maintain balances bill-by-bill' and 'Inventory values are affected' is not possible > Resolved. • Additional Text while emailing from print preview is not available > Resolved
  32. 32. • F11: Features for Accts Only Company • Displays and allows you to alter the following Inventory Features in an Accounts Only company: – Separate Discount Column in Invoices -This is not required as Invoicing is not possible in case of accts only company > Resolved – Allow Sales Order Processing - This is an Inventory Transaction > Resolved – Allow Purchase Order Processing - This is an Inventory Transaction > Resolved • Error while Syncing - "Cannot alter Units of item!(FOR OBJECT.... • If the Stock item is created with Alternate units and the conversion rate provided has more decimal places than that of the UOM Master. The conversion rate stored in the data base is up to 5 decimal places and the item master stores up to 4 decimal places, after upward/downward rounding off. Sync fails with above error. • Sync will fail if the conversion rate is 0.02575 (rounds off to 0.0258 in the stock item master) and will not fail if incase of 0.033333... (rounds off to 0.0333) > Resolved. • Client Rule Use Compression is always shown as 'Yes' • Create a Client Rule with NO for the Option "Use Compression" and save. It is noted that the option is changed to YES automatically in alteration mode, i.e., the setting NO for the Option "Use Compression" is not saved > Resolved. • Sales invoice with consignee/buyer details manually typed for every invoice is not retained. Ex: Cash Sales > Resolved
  33. 33. • Budgets and Scenario – Create a Budget and Go to Accounts Info > Scenario > it is noted that the Alter key is enabled even though no scenario is created > Resolved – The same case occurs if scenario is created and Budget is not created. The Alter key gets enabled in Budget master screen > Resolved – List of Accounts > Budget, will not show Tree wise Budget if any > Resolved – List of Accounts > Budget, Ctrl + Enter Key for Altering budget is not working > Resolved – No option to see scenarios in List Of accounts > Resolved – Create a Budget under an existing Budget. Tally allows you to delete the parent budget > Resolved – When Altering Budget same Budget is also shown in parent list > Resolved – From List of accounts > Budgets and Scenarios > the Scenarios and Budgets are getting mixed or listed in alphabetical order > should display all the Budgets first then the scenarios or visa- versa > Resolved – Multi-Account Printing with preview > The print job is sent to printer and starts printing in- spite of canceling the print process from Print Preview of Multi Account Printing > Resolved
  34. 34. Release 3.14 - 3.15 • The new licensing feature enables you to register Tally even if you do not have a direct Internet connection. You need to do this only once and not monthly. • If you are an Offline user, you can take a request file to a computer with an Internet connection and activate your copy of Tally easily. • The license is now linked to a computer. However, you can use the same Tally license on another computer, by surrendering your license on the first computer and reactivating it on any other.
  36. 36. Release 1 • Integrated Enterprise Solution • Tally ies 7.2 version has the latest taxation structure integrated in it. These integrated features in Tally will make it simple to manage myriad issues that will arise due to the complexities of taxation in your day-to-day activities. Licensing has been simplified for single- users and multi-users. • • New Features • Value Added Tax (VAT) • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) • Licensing • .
  37. 37. • Salient features of Tally VAT • VAT is completely integrated with Tally 7.2. The VAT functionality in Tally 7.2 supports the following features, making it easier for computation: – Quick & easy setup – Fast & error-free voucher entry – Pre-defined list of sales & purchase classifications – Complete tracking of each transaction till annual returns – Printing of Tax invoice – VAT computation report – Better VAT-returns management – Monthly Return
  38. 38. • VAT Computation screen shows as follows:
  39. 39. • TDS in Tally ies 7.2 • TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) in Tally ies 7.2 provides an easy-to-use interface with complete flexibility. It helps you to handle any intricate cases and to calculate the tax amount payable to the Income Tax Department. • Features of TDS in Tally ies 7.2 • The TDS functionality in Tally ies 7.2 supports the following features: – Simple and User-friendly – Quick and Easy to set up and use – Partial/Full payment of Tax deducted – Auto and Manual calculation of TDS amount – Generates TDS Challan and Exception reports – Complete tracking of each transaction from deduction to payment – Challan management and printing ensures prompt and accurate filing of Tax – The Auto allocation feature prevents error-prone data entry and helps to track the transactions faster
  40. 40. • Creating Tax Ledger
  41. 41. • Tally ies (integrated enterprise solution) 7.2 provides you with two specialized features: – Single User Licensing – Multi User Licensing • TallySilver for Single-User • The single-user Licensing allows the deployment of Tally on ONLY ONE computer with an option of activating it Online or Offline. However, you can use the same Tally license on another computer, by surrendering the license activated on the first and reactivating it on the other. If you are an Offline user, you can take a request file to a computer, which has Internet connectivity and activate your copy of Tally easily. • TallyGold for Multi-User • The multi-user Licensing feature facilitates the use of Tally on ANY NUMBER of computers connected to a local area network (LAN) with a provision of activating the license Online or Offline. However, the method of activation is no different from the one followed in Single User Licensing system. • After the successful installation of multi-user license on the License server, you can have Tally start when Windows starts and run as a service in the background. The License clients may install and use Tally later
  43. 43. Release 1.0 • Tally 8.1 - A Multilingual Business Accounting & Inventory Management Software provides support for Fringe Benefit Tax computation and VAT Composition returns generation in addition to its language capabilities. • New Features • •Multilingual Support • •Fringe Benefit Tax • •VAT Composition Returns • •Excise for Dealers
  44. 44. • Multilingual Support • Tally 8.1 is so technologically advanced that it can operate in all Indian languages concurrently! That means, you maintain accounts in any Indian language view it in another and print it in yet another language of your choice…. at the same time! With Tally 8.1 capture multiple language-specific aliases for all Masters and print Reports, Vouchers and Invoices in the language of your choice. What’s more, Tally 8.1 supports transliteration of data for Indic family of languages. • Fringe Benefit Tax • FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax) is a one time, easy to enable configuration. Tally provides the complete tracking of expenses covered under FBT. It computes FBT based on the eligibility criterion and generates FBT Challan and returns. • VAT Composition Returns • VAT Composition Returns provides fast and error-free voucher entry with complete tracking of each transaction. The Composition Rate of VAT is automatically recognised based on the turnover. It prints VAT Composition Returns for VAT enabled states. The tax payable is calculated automatically and displays in the Return Form. • Excise for Dealers • Excise for Dealers provides complete tracking of duty credit availed and passed on. It supports printing of excise invoice and generates the required statutory reports.
  45. 45. • Enhanced functionalities and features in Tally 8.1 • Tally 8.1 is performance driven. Its enhanced features include: • •Language directory • •Ability to restore Tally 7.2 data within minutes • •Easy import and export of data • •User interface colours that are even more pleasing to the eye • •Speed of operation with extensive reduction of the Stat.900 file size • •Choice of multilingual options • •Multi-language printing options • •Ability to copy text from Tally to windows and vice versa • •Miscellaneous features
  46. 46. Language Directory • Language files (.dct) reside in the Language Directory. Specify this path at the time of installation or in the Tally.ini file. • To change the Language directory path in the Tally.ini • Open Tally.ini file from the Tally installed folder. • Enter the path where the language files are present. • Save and close the file.
  47. 47. • Restore Process of 7.2 Data • Tally 8.1 does not recognise Tally 7.2 data backup files. You can restore Tally 7.2 data by clicking the tally72migration icon in the Tally 8.1 folder. Specify the destination and source files in Select Companies to Restore. The Migrate Data option completes the process. The 4 digit number 7.2 number is prefixed by 0, making it a 5 digit 8.1-compatible number. • Refer to Restore 7.2 backup in Tally Data Migration tool section for more details. • Import of Masters and Vouchers • Tally now supports only the XML format to import Masters and Vouchers. • Export • If you select Multilingual from the language list during export, then Tally allows you to Export in three formats - ASCII (Comma-delimited), HTML (Web-publishing) and XML (Data-interchange). • If you select English from the language list, then Tally allows you to Export in two formats - ASCII (Comma-delimited) and XML (Data-interchange). • Note: By default, Tally does not support SDF format. However, if you wish to use the SDF format, you can download theSDFExportImport.TCP utility from the Tally website. • Stat.900 • Tally 8.1 has now been enhanced with features that speed up your operations. • The Stat.900 file size has now reduced extensively. This improves the performing speed while creating or importing a company
  48. 48. • Colours • The user interface has now changed to more appealing colours aimed at enhancing your use of Tally. • By default, Tally 8.1 screens display in a new colour as the colour quality is set to Highest (32 bit). However, to retain the usual display of Tally: • Go to Desktop > Display properties> Settings > Set the Color quality to Medium (16 bit) > Restart Tally • Tally’s Phonetic Keyboards • Tally’s Phonetic keyboard is useful for those who speak the language but do not know how to type it using the operating system keyboard. It is user friendly with the same layout as that of the English characters. You can spell the term based on its sound and the data is transliterated in the language selected.
  49. 49. • Print language • You can print documents and reports in the language of your choice in Tally. For instance, while printing the following voucher, select Alt+ L to bring up the Print Language Configuration prompt. •
  50. 50. • Major Changes and Enhancements • There may be minor variation in reports during migration of data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1 due to the changes listed below: • LIFO and FIFO valuation method • Sales and Purchase vouchers passed on a single day now display in the Stock vouchers report in the order of their entry thus ensuring effective functioning ofLIFO and FIFO Stock valuation methods. • For example, In Tally 7.2, A purchase invoice followed by a sales invoice and then again a purchase invoice will display in the stock vouchers report with all the sales entries listed first followed by all the purchase entries. • Tally 8.1, however, displays the vouchers in the order of their entry –Purchase – Sales – Purchase. • Std Cost and Std Price Valuation method • If you have not set Set Standard Rates? in Stock Item masters but have set Costing Method to Std Cost and Market Valuation Method to Std. Price. In Tally 7.2, the First Purchase cost was taken into consideration for the Std Cost Valuation and the First Sale price for Std Price valuation methods. • However, Tally 8.1 accurately considers the Last Purchase cost for Std Cost Valuation and the Last Sale Price for Std Price valuation
  51. 51. • Average Cost • When Multiple Sales and Purchases are made against Receipt and Delivery Notes at a rate different from that specified in the Receipt and Delivery notes • For Example: Let us assume you have passed a Receipt Note for 100 nos. of an item @ Rs. 100 per item. Subsequently you pass a Purchase Invoice for 30 nos of the item @ Rs. 120 against the above Receipt Note. This means that some items are still pending against the tracking number. • In Tally 7.2, the difference in the rates would be incorrectly included in the original value The balance sheet viewed with Avg. Cost valuation method displays closing stock values at Rs. 10,600. • This has been resolved in the new Tally 8.1, which accurately displays the Avg. Cost closing stock valuation in the balance sheet as Rs. 10,000. • On Account values were being taken as 'overdue' in Ratio Analysis in 7.2 • In Tally 7.2, On Account values were taken into consideration while calculating values for Due till today in Ratio Analysis. • Tally 8.1 has resolved this and displays only the outstanding values in Due till today. (for Sundry Debtors and Creditors) • Pending Tracking number values were approximate, even though quantities were accurate (causing few Paise difference depending on context) • Tally 7.2 used to display pending Delivery/Receipt with approximate values, causing a small difference in the values. • Tally 8.1 has resolved this and displays the pending Delivery/Receipt Notes values accurately.
  52. 52. • Miscellaneous Changes and Enhancements • Tallysav.dat file • The Tallysav.dat file in the tally folder is now Tallysav.tsf. • Tally_req.slk and Tally_resp.slk files • The tally_req.slk file, which is generated while activating the Tally license, is now tally_req.lic. • Similarly, the tally_resp.slk file, which is generated as a response from the Tally Internet Services server, is now tally_resp.lic. • Tally Data files • The Tally 8.1 data file now consists of 5 digits. The numbering of a company created in Tally 8.1 starts with 10000. Additional companies created will be suffixed with 10001, 10002, 10003 and so on. • However, when you migrate Tally 7.2 data to Tally 8.1, the 4 digit-data file in the 7.2 folder is converted to a 5 digit-data file with 0 prefixed. Example: 00001, 00002 and so on…..
  53. 53. • Loading Icon • The Tally Clock is now replaced with the Windows Wait icon • Close Button • To quit any Tally screen, you now have an option apart from the Esc key on the keyboard. The following button displays on the right of every screen in Tally. Click the Close button to quit the current screen. • Copying Text • From • Tally to Windows • Copying • text to and from Tally to Windows is now a simple process. Use • Ctrl+Alt+C • to copy text from Tally and Ctrl+Alt+V to paste text into Tally. •
  54. 54. Release 1.1 • E-Mail Authentication • While mailing reports in Tally, the • E-Mail • Server • now accepts the • Authentication • User Name • and • Password. • Multi-accounting Allocation • When you rewrite a company, the vouchers with • multiple accounting allocations • will be retained if Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation is set to No. • Synchronization of Altered Transactions • Synchronization is possible even when data migrated from Tally 7.2 consists of cancelled vouchers. • Cost Centre Class in Stock Journal • In Tally 8.1 you cannot select Cost centre class while creating Stock Journals as it is not applicable. • Migration • The process of Migrating Data to Tally 8.1 is now effectively enhanced. • Migrating Currencies • Multiple currencies can now be easily migrated to Tally 8.1. • Forex Gain Loss Calculations • Tally 8.1 displays accurate Debit and Credit amounts in the Ledger Forex Gain/Loss report unlike Tally 7.2 in which Debit amounts were displayed asCredit and vice versa.
  56. 56. Release 1.0 • Tally 9 – The World’s Most Powerful Concurrent Multi-lingual Integrated Business Accounting Software is now enhanced with major new capabilities like Payroll, POS Invoicing, Service Tax for Malaysia, Sales Tax for Malaysia and VAT for Indonesia besides numerous minor functional improvements in the product. • New Features • •Payroll • •POS Invoicing • •Multilingual Support • •Statutory and Taxation • Payroll • It has been integrated with accounts, in order to simplify Payroll processing. Payroll can be configured to suit the requirements of various types of organization. • You can now configure, align and automate simple to complex payroll processes. You can print pay slips, maintain salary/wages and attendance/ leave/ overtime registers, and generate Gratuity and Expat reports. You can also configure Payroll Data with cost centre reports for business analysis. • The enhanced Payroll in Tally 9 is now simple and allows you to generate a Payslip four easy steps.
  57. 57. • POS Invoicing • POS Invoicing in Tally is equipped with ease of use and advanced capability to simplify your retail operations. It efficiently automates the ‘check-out’ process, and allows you to create invoices and collect payments from customers, in a matter of moments. • Multilingual Support • Tally 9 now provides the language interface support • in • Bahasa Melayu • and • Bahasa • Indonesia • .
  58. 58. • Statutory Compliance and Taxation • Tally 9 • now • provides you with compliance of VAT for different states in India. It • also provides you • Service • Tax for Malaysia • , • Sales • Tax for Malaysia • and • VAT for Indonesia.
  59. 59. Minor Enhancements in Tally 9 • Display of TDS Bifurcations • Display of Bank Reconciliation Date in Form 16A • Gridlines in Printed Price Lis • Cost Centres with Scenario • Stock Item with Different Rates in Invoice • Negative Quantity Warning • Exclusion of Groups for Payment and Receipt Vouchers • Report Title in Multi Account Printing • Display of Credit Days • Altering Single Groups in Multi Group Alteration Mode • Altering a Forex Purchase Transaction • Display of Surcharge in Credit Note • Period-wise VAT Forms
  60. 60. Performance Enhancements • Import of Statutory Masters • The speed at which Statutory Masters can be imported has been greatly enhanced. • Display of VAT Computation Report • The VAT Computation Report now displays at a greatly enhanced speed. • Display of VAT Return Report • The VAT Return Report now displays at a greatly enhanced speed. • Export of E-TDS Report • The E-TDS Report can be exported at a greatly enhanced speed.
  61. 61. Release 1.1 Major Enhancements • New Attributes in Tally.ini • Tally introduces three new attributes to the Tally.ini file. • •OptimizeNetwork • •LoadBuffering • •FlushFile • Download Stat.900 Version 51 • Download the new Stat.900 Version 51 from to use West Bengal and Chattisgarh VAT Returns and TDS Enhancements in Tally 9 Release 1.1 • FIFO Perpetual • Tally introduces a new method of inventory valuation FIFO Perpetual, which is similar to LIFO Perpetual. The Normal FIFO treats the opening balance of the financial year as the terminating rate to apply for residual stock. FIFO Perpetual takes all existing past data. Both LIFO and FIFO Perpetual are capable of changing the valuation when the company is split unlike
  62. 62. • Abatement in Service Tax • Tally now offers you the flexibility of entering the desired percentage of abatement in service tax. • Sales Invoice Printing • You can now print any number of sales invoices, with the appropriate print title. • Option to Print Invoices as Excise or VAT Invoice • Tally now offers you the option Print as Commercial Invoice at the Print Configuration screen. Set it to Yes/No to print an Invoice either in the Commercial (VAT) or Excise invoice format. • Performance and Data Migration in Tally 9 • Tally 9 comes with enhanced performance and improved stability over the previous versions. The data migration tool has also been enhanced resulting in more accurate and speedier migration of data.
  63. 63. • Abatement in Service Tax • Tally now offers you the flexibility of entering the desired percentage of abatement in service tax. • Sales Invoice Printing • You can now print any number of sales invoices, with the appropriate print title. • Option to Print Invoices as Excise or VAT Invoice • Tally now offers you the option Print as Commercial Invoice at the Print Configuration screen. Set it to Yes/No to print an Invoice either in the Commercial (VAT) or Excise invoice format. • Performance and Data Migration in Tally 9 • Tally 9 comes with enhanced performance and improved stability over the previous versions. The data migration tool has also been enhanced resulting in more accurate and speedier migration of data.
  64. 64. Minor Enhancements • Show Godown-wise Details • Display of Date and Buyer Name in Sales Sub-form • Budget • Calculation of Cess in an Excise Purchase entry • Contact details in Outstanding Statement • The printout from Multi Account Printing of an Outstanding statement for a group (such as Sundry Debtors) will display the contact details for each debtor from whom bill amounts are pending. • Total Invoice Value in UK VAT • The Total Invoice amount of a sales voucher passed in the Invoice mode displays in the column Total Invoice Value of the UK VAT Analysis Output DetailsReport. • Tax Invoice for Indonesia
  65. 65. Release 1.2 NEW FEATURES • Excise Opening Stock • Tally allows you to record the Opening Stock Balance of Excise Stock Items. Refer to Excise for Dealers for more details on Creating an Excise Opening Stock. • Calculation of Secondary Education Cess • With effect from 1st April, 2007, Secondary Education Cess displays accurate values when selected with other Types of Duties such as TDS, TCS, FBT andService Tax. • Calculation of CVD (On Import) • Tally calculates CVD (On Import) on (Assessable Value + BED) appropriately in accordance with legal requirements. • Start of new Financial Year • Tally displays a warning Change in Date may cause loss of Data if the financial year is altered in the Company Alteration screen. • VAT Payment Vouchers – For India Only • You can record details such as Payment period, Challan No. and so on, for each transaction while creating the VAT Payment vouchers. • VAT Declaration in Excise Sales Invoice • Tally displays a VAT Declaration in the Print Preview of an Excise Sales Invoice that has utilized VAT ledgers. • Education Cess on CVD in Excise Sales Invoice • Tally now calculates Education Cess on CVD in an Excise Invoice. • Duty Heads for Customs and Excise • Select the appropriate Duty Head for Excise fro
  66. 66. Major Enhancements • Speed of Data Transfer • Tally now facilitates faster report generation. • Pending Purchase Order • While entering a Purchase Voucher against a Purchase Order with different delivery schedules, the Item Allocations sub screen displays only the Pending Purchase Order quantities. • List of Delivery Note Vouchers • Press F12: Value and enter the appropriate Range of Information in Report to view vouchers in the required format at the List of Delivery Note Vouchers report which is available in Statistics in Statement of Accounts. • Excise for Dealers • Self Importer details in Excise • Tally now displays the Self Importer details in the Excise Sales Invoice. • Printout of an Excise Sales Invoice • Tally allows you to print the Excise Sales Invoice with three stock items and three different tax ledgers on a single page. • Name and Address of Self Importer • The print preview of the Excise Stock Register and Purchase Bill Register report includes the Name and Address of the Self Importer. • POS • Editing a Cancelled POS Invoice • You can edit a cancelled Single Pymt/Multi Mode Pymt POS Invoice and re-enter the Invoice. • POS Invoice Printing • Set the option Print Batch Details to Yes in the POS Invoice Printing Configuration to print batch details in the POS Invoice. • Service Tax • Sales Voucher Class • You can use Voucher classes to create Sales invoices for Service Tax. • Switching the Service Tax Invoice to Voucher Mode • You can now toggle from Invoice mode to Voucher mode using the Ctrl+V keys in the Service tax voucher.
  67. 67. • Payroll • Exporting Pay Heads • Tally now offers you the flexibility to export Pay Heads from List of Accounts report. Select Alt+E (Export) to bring up the Exporting List of Ledgers screen. Select Pay Heads from the Type of Masters list. • Tax Deducted at Source • Amount in Formal Receipt • The printout of a Formal Receipt Voucher with TDS Receivable deducted displays the accurate total amount. • Minor Enhancements
  68. 68. Release 1.3 • Performance in Networking Environment • In a networking environment, if the Server has Windows XP and Clients have Windows 98 as the operating system, Tally performs efficiently with improved data stability. • The error Record Insertion Failure will not occur in Tally while working in a networking environment. • Day Book • Selecting Cost Centres in the option Alt+F12: Range from Day Book, lists the appropriate options. • Voucher Printing • Set the option Print after saving voucher to Yes in the Voucher Type Alteration screen, to print a Rejection in/ Rejections Out voucher, after saving. • Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Voucher Type > Alter • Interest calculation in Forex • A Sales transaction created using Forex currency and Interest calculation, calculates the Outstanding Forex Interest accurately. • Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Accounts > Interest Outstanding > Ledger > Customer • Ledger Account • Tally now prints the address of the Sundry Debtor / Creditor ledgers, while printing a ledger account. • Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Account Books > Ledger • Ratio Analysis • If the Nett Profit is lesser than the Return on Investment% or Return on Working Capital, Tally displays the values with a negative sign. • Maintain balances bill by bill • Altering a ledger created under Sundry Debtors or Sundry Creditors, by setting Maintain balances bill by bill to Yes affects only the selected ledger and not the Group. • Columnar Profit & Loss A/c • Go to Gateway of Tally> Profit & Loss A/c > C: New Column • Tally displays the Columnar Profit & Loss A/c report for any specified period and prints the report accurately. • Migration Tool • Licensed users may now migrate data to Tally 9, using the Tally Data Migration Tool on Tablet PCs and Desktop computers of higher processor speed. • Multi Account Printing • Go to Gateway of Tally> Multi Account Printing> Outstanding Statements> Ledger> Group of Accounts> Select the Group • Set Start fresh page for each Account in the Printing Ledger Outstanding screen to No and print the outstanding ledger accounts along with accurate On Account details.
  69. 69. • Printing Invoice • Tally prints with proper line spacing on Pre-Printed stationery • Printing List of Accounts • While printing the List of Accounts, pressing Enter in the Report Generation screen will not take the cursor to the Type of Masters field. • Go to Gateway of Tally> Display> List of Accounts> Alt+P • Actual – Billed Quantity • Tally captures correct Actual and Billed quantities in Delivery Notes with any reference number and with Maintain Multiple Godowns in F11: Features > F2: Inventory set to Yes. • Titling • While printing multiple vouchers using the Multi Voucher Printing option, use Alt+T: Titling and set Print page numbers in the report to No, in order to stop the printing of page numbers on all pages. • Designation of Signing Authority • The Designation of Signing Authority appears in the print configuration screen and print preview, only if Confirmation of A/cs is selected as the Style of Report. • Interest Parameters • Advanced Interest Parameters entered while creating a ledger appear accordingly at the time of voucher creation. • Interest Calculation • Tally calculates interest rates appropriately for occasions where different rates have been specified for different periods. • Formal Receipt • While creating Receipt vouchers, Tally displays the name of the Branch/Division or Capital A/c Ledgers in the field Name of Receipt, when Print Formal Receipt after saving is set to Yes in the voucher type • Cheque Printing • Tally captures the name of the Branch/Division or Capital Ledgers in the field Name on Cheque while creating Payment vouchers. • Foreign Exchange • A Purchase entry made in foreign exchange with Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation in F12: Configure set to Yes, display appropriate values when viewed in the alteration mode. • Multi Column Cash/Bank • You can use the Multi Column Cash/Bank option in Multi Account Printing to print Multi Column Cash/Bank with columns and get well-defined prints of the same. • Tracking Consignee • Tracking of Purchase or Sales Orders, created with different Buyer and Consignee names in Receipt and Delivery notes displays ac
  70. 70. • Godowns • The address entered in the Godown creation screen appears legible. • Bank Reconciliation • The Bank Reconciliation statement displays appropriate entries as configured in F12: Configure. • Go to Gateway of Tally> Display> Account Books> Cash/Bank Book> Cash Bank Summary> Drill down to the Ledger Vouchers screen and press F5: Reconcile. • Stock Journal • The value in the rate field of a Stock Journal (Transfer of Materials) appears appropriately. • Reference • You can now print the Reference number entered in the Stock Journal entry. • Purchase/ Sales Order • The list of Party or Customer ledgers is displayed appropriately, while creating a Purchase/ Sales order respectively. • Rejection In/ Out Vouchers • The Rejection Inward/ Outward vouchers display the customer details as entered in the Mailing Details section of the Customer ledger creation. • Inventory Report • The Godown – wise Inventory reports now displays accurate balance values whereas multiple Godowns are maintained. • Price Level • Creating a Price Level, using Alt+C from the Price List screen will display the same in the Price Level field spontaneously. • Security Control • Tally provides access to the features/ options as specified in the Security Levels screen. • Cost Centre • Set the option Show Cost Centre Details also to Yes in the Multi Account Printing for Group of Accounts to print the Cost Centre details. • Go to Gateway of Tally > Multi Account Printing > Account Books > Ledger > Group of
  71. 71. Release 1.31 • TDS • Earlier making an advance payment to a party through the single entry mode would not calculate the TDS amount. However, now the TDS amount appears appropriately. • Mismatch in Credit and Debit Balances • Receipt vouchers created in the double entry mode using foreign currency used to display a mismatch in Credit and Debit balances in the alteration mode. The mismatch in balances has been resolved. • Negative Stock Warning in Journal Voucher • Create a stock item with an opening balance of considerable units and pass a delivery note against it. Using a Journal Voucher to record a sales transaction tracking the delivery note would display a warning message of negative stock even though a considerable amount of stock was left over. The same has been addressed appropriately in Journal voucher. • Migrating € to Tally 9 • Data migrated from Tally 7.2 used to display the Euro currency symbol €, as a box in Tally 9. However, modifications done will successfully migrate € to Tally 9 now. • Booking FBT Expenses • Corrections have been made in the Ledgers of FBT Category report to display details of FBT expenses booked by means of a Memorandum voucher report. • Price lists and Stock Items with Negative or Zero Balance • Set Allow Invoicing and Use Multiple Price levels to Yes and Allow Sales Order Processing to No in F11: Features> Inventory Features. In such circumstances, the Price Rate in Sales invoices created using Price Lists for Stock items having a Negative or Zero Balance used to appear late or would not appear at all. • The error in displaying the Price Rate in such conditions has been resolved. • UDF Value left Blank • With Maintain Multiple Godowns in F11:Features> Inventory Features set to Yes, Sales transactions for a stock item with UDF value at the Batch Allocation Level left Blank when viewed in the alteration mode, displayed the UDF value specified during the Purchase of the same item. The issue has been addressed. • Excise stock duty details after data rewrite • With Dealer Excise enabled in F11: Features > Statutory & Taxation, the Excise duty details of Excise Stock Items available in hand, were getting deleted after a data rewrite. This issue has been fixed to retain the Excise Duty values. • Migrating String UDF value specified under Voucher Object • Earlier, migrating data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 9 would not display the String UDF value specified under Voucher Object in Tally 9. However, modifications have been done to ensure successful migration of the same. • UDF Values specified under Company Object
  72. 72. difference between Tally 9.1 & Tally. ERP 9? • A growing economy, widening tax net and increasing compliance requirements make an Auditor's role critical. For a Chartered Accountant like yourself, this could mean time is at a premium. Travel and people costs escalate by the day. Manpower is in short supply. Instead of an ideal level workload across the year, you have short periods of intense work. You can turn all this around. Presenting Tally.ERP 9 - Auditors' Edition, a powerful tool exclusively for CAs.
  73. 73. • Tally.ERP 9 - Auditors' Edition is designed to help you to transform your practice and streamline your clients' businesses. Working in conjunction with Tally.ERP 9 installed at your clients' offices, this unrivalled product can increase audit efficiency, reduce time and effort, increase opportunity by adding new services to your portfolio, and more. The new remote capability to access clients data from wherever you are - say directly from your office, and even offer value-added services like Continuous Compliance... are just some of the many opportunities available to you via this unique product.
  74. 74. Highlights of Tally.ERP 9 – Auditors’ Edition: • • Secure remote access to client data • At-a-glance dashboard showing voucher/ledger correctness and verification status • Easy-to-spot-errors via exceptions • Special audit and compliance menus • Generate annexure for Tax Audit under Sec 44AB If you are an existing Tally 6.3 / 7.2 / 8.1 / 9 User, Click here to register and avail the Tally.ERP 9 - Auditors' Edition (Free!) If you are using other Tally versions, or if you are not a user of Tally, Click here to register with us (A Tally Partner will contact you soon)
  75. 75. • Click here to view the pre-requisites to register for the Business Advisory Program. Business Advisory Programme (BAP) A concerted initiative of your association - the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) - the BAP steers CAs towards increased opportunities and earnings and expanded service portfolios. Tally.ERP 9 - Auditors' Edition delivers powerful tools to help you grow your practice - keeping the objectives of the BAP Programme in mind.
  76. 76. Tally.ERP 9 - Overview • You bank and pay utility bills from home, why not do your business accounts? Or call up a stock status report and print a copy from wherever you are? Tally.ERP 9 has been designed with you in mind. Powerful connectivity makes information available with your staff, CA and other professionals, round-the-clock, in any place. It's also quick to install and allows incremental implementation-a novel capability that lets you activate just as many of its functions when required, even across locations.
  77. 77. • You bank and pay utility bills from home, why not do your business accounts? Or call up a stock status report and print a copy from wherever you are? Tally.ERP 9 has been designed with you in mind. Powerful connectivity makes information available with your staff, CA and other professionals, round-the-clock, in any place. It's also quick to install and allows incremental implementation-a novel capability that lets you activate just as many of its functions when required, even across locations.
  78. 78. • Advantages of Tally.ERP 9: • Powerful remote capabilities that boost collaboration • Easy to find qualified personnel • Easy to customise • Low cost of ownership via quick implementation, Tally Integrator, Support Centre… • Source(s): • Tally_ Official Site