Increasing online conversion through persuasive design

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...How to help customers get over the conversion hurdle

...How to help customers get over the conversion hurdle

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  • 1. Turning clicks into salesHow we help visitors get over theconversion hurdle...Joanne RichardsonSenior User Experience Designer@Joanne84
  • 2. What does user experiencedesign mean? "UX" is the quality of experience a person has when interacting with a specific design. "UX design" is the research, planning and verification of a design solution.  
  • 3. Why invest time in UX?Confidence in your design - backed up by researchClarity in direction - guide the solutionContinuity of strategy - ensure longevity of the vision and opportunitiesCustomer loyalty - increase brand awareness
  • 4. Other industries have beendoing it for years...Building architectsProduct designersSupermarket layouts
  • 5. The hurdles people face Awareness Conversion Return visits Brand attachment Unaware Interested First time Regular Passionate customer use use
  • 6. Conversion Awareness Conversion Return visits Brand attachment Unaware Interested First time Regular Passionate customer use useHow we help visitors get over the conversion hurdle
  • 7. What do we mean by conversion?Not just purchasing online -any action you want people to takeMake a purchase Upload a photoNewsletter sign up Post a blogTweet an article Get in touchEnter a competition Like a page on Facebook
  • 8. Whats stopping them? Time / effort Uncertainty Money / price Worry Physical effort   Fear Out of the norm
  • 9. Persuasive design Trick... or treat?How to convince a potential customer that youre the one for them
  • 10. 1. Credibility & trustFirst impressions count"When participants in the study rejected a health website asnot being trustworthy, 83% of their comments were relatedto design factors, such as an unfavorable first impressionof the look and feel, poor navigation, color, text size andthe name of the website."Susan Weinschenk (2011)
  • 11. Would you trust this website?
  • 12. How about this one?
  • 13. How to win them overAwardsCustomer reviews andtestimonialsMember of professionalorganisationProfessional design and imagesTransparency and information -clear returns policy, team page
  • 14. 2. Signposting
  • 15. A-B Tests A test - 15.2% Conversion Rate B test - 20.9% Conversion Rate
  • 16. 3. Create demand The worry that youre going to miss out
  • 17. Threadless Only 15 left!!! :( Better be quick!
  • 18. 4. Add constraints - guide visitors Were easily distracted & set in our ways
  • 19. Airport chairs
  • 20. Amazon Checkout
  • 21. 5. Incentiveseverybody loves a freebie
  • 22. Pay with a tweet
  • 23. Dorothy Perkins - 15% discount
  • 24. 6. Social proofOther people are doing this then it must be ok
  • 25. Amazon - Customers Who BoughtThis Item Also Bought
  • 26. 7. Social AcceptanceTo be perceived as good
  • 27. Just Giving Please feel free to donate :) http:// Joanne-Little0
  • 28. 8. AchievementHuman instinct to want to complete items andachieve a goal
  • 29. Reduces spillages by up to 80%
  • 30. 9. The Goldilocks effect"...and the middle one was just right"
  • 31. Basecamp
  • 32. New product releases
  • 33. 10. Remove barrierspeople are inherently lazy
  • 34. Tumblr - first use
  • 35. Posterous - easy sign upand blogging
  • 36. How do we achieve all this?Investing the time upfront in researchConfidence in project directionPlanning the experienceMost importantly testing the solution continuously
  • 37. Want to learn more?Obviously you could contact Orange Bus...But here are some other useful online resources: • UX Matters -• UX Booth -• Johnny Holland -• User Interface Engineering -• -  
  • 38. Thank you :)