Make The Most 24 05 11


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Make The Most 24 05 11

  1. 1. +Make the Most of YourConsulting SummerInternship2011 Notes from Panel Discussion 24 May 2011 J-P Martins, AD Consulting Careers
  2. 2. + Panelists’ top tips! Leverage your relationships with junior team members Try to work on projects or aspects of projects that you have some familiarity with Bring a good attitude – work well with people, get the basics right, make no mistakes! Seek and receive feedback, both formal and informal Bear in mind the need to balance project excellence and building relationships
  3. 3. + Q&A (1 of 4) What tools should we learn/ Excel and PPT should be enough! practice beforehand? Excel (eg pivot tables) - try online training? Thinkcell How encouraging was the Good, but don’t expect continual pats on the back; environment; why do some not relationships, or consulting not the right fit get offers? What are some team ‘dos and Be humble; voice opinions & speak up; make you don’ts’? contribution clear; do what’s asked of you & do it well; don’t try to over-impress/do to much; take part (eg lunch, dinner, social What’s the timing of offers, Summer internships should yield offer acceptance autumn internships, other deadlines that allow consulting recruiting in the autumn recruiting activities? term – if not or unsure, contact Career Services Autumn internships may be later – consult other firms you might want to recruit with well in advance
  4. 4. + Q&A (2 of 4) How easy is it to switch office Possible and there are precedents, but beware annoying post-internship? the recruiters. Consult with Career Services! How easy is it to participate in Talk to Adeel Hyder/Pooya ? (MBA2011s) about their recruiting if on exchange in the experiences autumn? Possible, in fact better for some geographies, but be proactive & consult with your target recruiters in advance Slight handicap in some circumstances How should you communicate Be quite open, but reinforce commitment to the your LT plans if asked during development experience your internship? Time management – best to Get stuck in – 8-10 weeks is too short a time, and execute a slow start and build projects move quickly as you gain knowledge and confidence?
  5. 5. + Q&A (3 of 4) What not to do? Try too hard Blow up Abuse juniors Miss a deadline NO SURPRISES! What preparation to do? Take a short holiday Talk to others that interned/worked in the office you are going to Who are the decision makers Everyone – truly 360 including client on offers? Engagement manager, partners No place for anonymity
  6. 6. + Q&A (4 of 4) How to choose a project? Choice can be limited Make a few staffing preferences clear Use it as an opportunity to understand the staffing system in your firm/office – get to know the person that manages staffing Do Project Leaders/others Not necessarily oversell your capabilities/ Will ‘sell’ you well, but never in their interests to expose expertise? you What’s expected of you Lots of opportunity – recommended to take part socially? Mainly around travel if working with remote clients – eg breakfast, lunch, dinner with team mates Make sure you go to Friday drinks, outings/awaydays