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Making The Most Of Your Consulting Internship 2012


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Making The Most Of Your Consulting Internship 2012

  1. 1. Making the most of your(consulting) summerinternshipJ-P Martins, Consulting Careers Team2 May 2012
  2. 2. Sit near the front!
  3. 3. We’re here to talk about summer! For those of you not from the UK, we probably had it on Monday… …and this is a blue sky …this is a beach… 2
  4. 4. First, YOU…Who are you?Where is your internship?What are you looking forward to most?And what are you most unsure about? 3
  5. 5. Now, the panel… Student Interned with Peter Balliss McKinsey & Co Daphne Chung ZS Associates Eduardo Crespo BCG 4
  6. 6. Questions?
  7. 7. Words of Career Services WisdomSecure an assignment/project that will challenge you Build your network within the company which can help youwhere you can demonstrate to a prospective employer what and which you can pass to othersyou can do Use the summer internship to learn more about ‘how theScope your assignment/project before you start with your company does business’, the ‘culture’ and of courseemployer investigate ‘job opportunities’Be sure to have a company supervisor for the Check out whether the company meets yourassignment/project who can also help you in many other ways expectation as an employerIdentify a senior or peer who can be a mentor (this could be Update your CV when you have completed youryour supervisor) – and advisor more broadly than just on the assignment/projectjob in hand Act as a representative and promote the best interestsProduce your best work and seek to impress the employer of the Schoolremember, this is more about a mutual trial or extendedinterview than gaining work experience Keep Career Services informed of your progress and let us know if we can be of helpAsk for and give feedback to your supervisor Enjoy your experienceDemonstrate your resourcefulness and strong work ethic J-P ‘wisdom’: ‘Output’ is the key way of expressing what you’re learning – write a slide every day 6
  8. 8. Appendix - Internship Assessment Criteria Overall Assessment Written Oral Structuring and Thought Building Self Analytics Communication Communication Managing Work Leadership Relationships DevelopmentAccurate and Clear and Clear and Generates Logical Productive Asksthorough concise concise hypotheses/ frameworks relationships proactively forresearch identifies data with clients feedback Creative and Active Creative requirements and colleaguesLogical and compelling participant solutions Accepts for testingaccurate Team player feedback Vertical and Active listener Meaningfulmodelling Efficient/ constructively horizontal logic insights and Balanced under realisticSound conclusions stress Accurate and workplansqualitative client-ready Hypothesis Constructiveanalysis Prioritises (nearly) driven when raisingReasonable Prepares for approach issuesassumptions meetings Picks up Questions orProbes Regular concepts disagreesinconsistency updates quickly appropriatelyChecks own Timely issue Works well in Active onwork raising unstructured Fridays in environment home office 7Discerns fact Delivers onfrom opinion deadlinesSource: Internal document, leading strategy consultancy