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Feedback Intro To Consulting 2011


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Feedback Intro To Consulting 2011

  1. 1. +MBA ConsultingCurriculum 2011-12:Early Feedback Introduction to Consulting Careers presentations J-P Martins Associate Director Consulting Careers September 2011
  2. 2. + Intro  This is a very confusing set of feedback results and your opinion would be highly valued  The feedback relates to two separate presentations which were meant to be independent – students should have gone to either one or the other  The format for each, as last year, was a pre-circulated slide deck (‘fact pack’ on consulting careers), with students encouraged to email me questions in advance of the presentation. The presentation was then a highly interactive Q&A, with slides prepared in answer to emailed questions as a fallback if no questions were forthcoming from the floor  The first, in RCOG, had a signup of 180+ students. It was billed as an Intro to Consulting for the Undecided and was meant to address What is consulting and is it the career for me?, Who are the consulting firms and to which would I be best suited?, What are they looking for in candidates? And How do I go about getting hired from LBS?  A show of hands at the start of the presentation indicated that only around 30 of the 180 had done the pre-reading, and this was backed up by the fact that I received very fgew questions beforehand  The presentation was scheduled from 11:15 to 12:45, and started late due to poor sign-in processes on the door. Around 40 minutes before the end a lot of students started to leave, so I interrupted the presentation and asked people to either go or stay until the end. They claimed they had a timetable clash, though the Ops team assures me there was no clash.  The presentation specifically dealt with MiF hiring, and covered historical recruiting stats at LBS  The second was in LT6 with overspill into LT5 via one-way video link. Signup was around 150 students. It was billed as being for the committed or decided, and as such did not address What is consulting? Or Is consulting for me?  It was scheduled from 11:30 to 12:45 – the later start was for reasons that are unclear to me. We were asked to finish 5 minutes before the end by a member of faculty who said he had to get ready for his lecture
  3. 3. + Summary  The events were very positively received  The presenter’s style was very much appreciated, being inspiring and informative  Opportunity noted to manage time better  Some division over whether the pre-reading + Q&A format works  Some want more info  Some want less  However, overwhelming response to ‘what should we keep the same’ on retaining pre- reading and Q&A format  Some confusion over the split themes – ‘Consulting for the undecided’ and ‘Consulting for the committed’ – I sense many students attended both?  Lots of complaints around logistics  Tight scheduling in lunch break (no gaps allowed to next classes)  Some confusion over timetable ‘clashes’ – many students believe there was a clash  RCOG not ideal, but more complaints over dual LT with video link
  4. 4. + Intro to Consulting Careers: 96% would recommend it strongly The format and content of the sessions 10 74 16 were excellent The presenter was inspiring and 4 49 47 informative The events were well organised - 16 51 33 logistics and venue were appropriate I would strongly recommend this event to 4 50 46 next years first year MBA students 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Disagree Strongly Disagree Agree Agree Strongly Response rate: 70/180 (39%)
  5. 5. + Self-reported pre-reading compliance! 13% 36% 51% Did you read the pre-circulated materials? 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Not really Yes, for one but not both of the presentations Yes, for both Response rate: 70/180 (39%)
  6. 6. + Comments
  7. 7. + Comments: format and content Format and content Stick more rigidly to Repetition of the slides we were e-mailed pre-reading + Q&A There was still a fair amount of repetition from the presentations we were supposed format to watch before this session but I imagine thats because many people did not watch them. It does, however, make it less appealing to people who did! I like the Q and A format - no point in going over stuff we can just read ourselves Good format Answering questions people send is very useful format I think he should do a little presentation anyways More slides Wanted more information and examples - Im attending the consulting information sessions because I want to know more about what it is to be a consultant I would recommend holding questions to the end ?? I personally was not interested in mainstream consulting and so did not find presentations valuable Presentation was ‘Intro to consulting careers – Should have started at a much more basic level. Dont assume everyone WANTS to be a consultant so soon for the committed In the 2nd presentation I More organized, better control of time ran out of time
  8. 8. + Comments: presenter Presenter Spoke well and knowledgably, however could benefit from better Good presenter, manage time management of time and a set message (rather than jumping better, more slides between questions) Certainly there was a more optimistic atmosphere in the talks Optimism compared with the financial careers information talks (I would hit "agree strongly" for the Consulting CV workshop but maybe thats to do with the nature of the questions asked at this workshop!) Good presenter J-P is terrific and really helps those of us with no consulting background better understand what consulting is all about, the differences between the different firms, and the recruitment process. Thank you J-P for taking your time to put so much into this and your honesty and efforts to help us out so much! The presenter did not give much information for students with Optimism unusual backgrounds. The presentation was made for corporate background students
  9. 9. + Comments: organisation Organisation Trying to squeeze it into the break between lectures meant that we either skipped lunch and / or ran late for our next lecture. Also the first venue did not allow drinks inside, but this was not advertised, meaning I had to throw away a newly purchased coffee Tight scheduling The events felt hurried and conflicted with some core lectures For the 1st presentation I didn’t receive the pre-readings. Both events finished at the same time I had classes in a different location The 2nd session was organized in 2 separate lecture halls, with live video being used in one of the class rooms. Attendees in this hall, had no chance of putting forward their questions Over subscribed Dual LT format I was in the room with video. Presentation was good, but way too much coughing of audience. Sound quality was very poor didnt like the overflow room style for the second one Being located in a separate lecture theatre is not ideal Space Lack of space first presentation didnt finish on time which meant that people left to go to Not true – but underlying core classes, disturbing the session. the second session I was in the overflow complaint about dual LT format lecture theatre. I arrived on time but you had already started. the sound was terrible and we mainly heard people coughing
  10. 10. + Comments: overall recommendation Overall recommendation Yes, these events give students a good idea of the consulting industry Yes, new students will want to know about Consultancy, Highly recommended but really need to think about core messages Well, if they are interested in consulting Extremely helpful and at the correct level of information transfer in my opinion Recommend, but ask more At the same time, Id emphasise that they should ask lots questions in advance of questions in advance in order to shape the session Only for those who have absolutely no clue of consulting. Too basic for this audience but how many such people do you think are there? A dozen? Too MBA focused Im a MiF. The presentation was totally focused on internships for MBAs
  11. 11. + What should be improved? Overall comments Nothing; I cannot think of anything you should do differently; I think everything was perfect; Nothing springs to mind  Nothing or N/A x 10 comments Better control the time and engagement with audiences Reiterate to students the high demand of these presentations and the need to register. It was a negative meeting Move a little quicker when the questions are either too specific or repetitive
  12. 12. + What should be improved? Comments on content Talk about more companies in detail: Helpful to have a slide summarizing the following: - approx no of positions avail at each of the big firms  Try to have someone who can also talk about (based on historic no.s) - app vs. interview vs. selection the other main consulting companies rates - list of boutique firms by industry / nature of work  Provide more information of specialities of (at least the most well know ones) - review samples of different firms (rankings perhaps?) 1-2 good / successful CVs  There was a lot of emphasis on the top tier A bit more what does a consultant actually do in the firms and although completely first session may be useful for those who have not had understandable as this is the area in which exposure to the industry the career department has most knowledge, Have more information and examples so that people it comes across as biased. discussions who are new to the industry have a clearer view between students subsequently are that perhaps the careers department has a Please give an opportunity to discuss fall recruiting for biased because of job placement results, not full-time hires instead of solely focusing on internships to say that this is at all the case Speak more about life-work balance. Explain how is  Keep it the same way. Perhaps do some the life of a consultant. Talk about other firms rather research on Booz & AT Kearney as well than the big 3 or 4 since not all students will be accepted to the top 3 Focus on the positives and fit of the profession, not just long hours/travel/better remuneration than industry  J-P, at times, at times you guy say that you personally have experience of Bain and BCG More tales from students who have done and found but cannot really comment for ATK or Booz internships on specific issues. But that is not really what More descriptions on what does consultant do a student is looking for. If there is more comprehensive information, it will be much Wanted to see more about recruiting strategies and more useful early preparation items or things to do now  More information about other consulting firms but the "big 3"
  13. 13. + What should be improved? Comments on content More stats: Additional value to pre-reading material  Provide updated recruitment statistics, inclusive of those for the latest batchs Most of the slides are repeats from last year that we  Some more information about the hiring can look at on Career Services on Portal. Id like to needs of consulting industry in London and hear more about consulting firms other than the big abroad. For the finance sector there is some ones. More explanation/development of the CV kind of indication regarding hiring needs of scoring form would be helpful too. It would also be large banks in specific service lines helpful to explore more of the four attributes that consulting recruiters are looking for, and particularly  Some statistics about what are the top tier how we can best illustrate these on our CVs consultants looking for, i.e. which type of background, interests...  More on salaries I believe vast majority of people know what consulting is. For the dozen of those who dont you  Could add more specific info, e.g. salary of could have done a smaller even. It is not the different companies information that can be read on the websites of 3 main  Show figure of how many MBAs that are hired companies that needs to be presented. It is the by Consulting companies were sponsored hidden pitfalls, insider info that will make people students and how many were completely new reconsider this path. Sth that CANT be read in the hires net. why nothing was said about smaller consulting co? Although we specifically asked for it? You said  Know more information about how successful we need to research them ourselves! We can a lot you were at placing people into jobs - really easier research BCG, Bain and McKinsey than some of poor image when youre saying 30ish people the boutiques… managed to secure consulting jobs at exit from the MBA, but not knowing how many of those already came from a consulting background. All them? Not much hope for me then!
  14. 14. + What should be improved? Format and logistics Format Logistics Potentially break this into 2 smaller sessions so that there are Try to accommodate all participants in less people and more room to asking questions the same hall. If not feasible due to space constraints, it would be better to The sessions are not long enough and do not go into enough hold 2 similar events at different detail. The pre-reading does provide a foundation however dates/time slots nothing is a substitute for J-P and his team providing their insights and answering questions. We need more time to ask You know how many ppl sign up so get a questions and have them answered. For those who have never big enough room worked in consulting, a lot remains unanswered and confusing Smaller groups and shorter sessions J-P and Gavin present on different parts instead of Gavin jumping into J-Ps presentation from time to time. It provided Better sound quality some different or complimentary perspective but not as serious One big room for each presentation that or enjoyable can accommodate everyone The sessions should be longer and less rushed - maybe split Hold the talk in the RCOG them down and have stream specific events? If events can begin on time, it will be Interactive but not too floating around, should have better better. Consulting team really needs to control of theme and time. More information organized set standards on this front. There was beforehand rather than answering questions on the spot. More some repetition of information in the systematic introduction with a good logic and organization rather two sessions. Try seeing how much that than pieces of information can be avoided Handouts/pre-readings need to be more basic and informative. The slots were a bit tight Many considering consultancy in the group have no experience in this sector and are trying to decide whether its a suitable Have a venue that can accommodate all career for them. I would recommend that more structure be those who are interested provided to the consultancy presentations, as I have found them unclear Guest speakers/alumni
  15. 15. + What should we keep the same? Format Qs were helpful Keeping the presentations in pure Q&A format Asking students to send questions before the session The pre reading is useful and makes the presentation so you can discuss them in the day more dynamic Opportunity for everyone to send questions in Emailing the slides before the presentation helped - advance we are still at the stage that we barely know where to look for this information so it was handy to have an I like the format of seeing the presentation in advance introduction to the basics of a consulting career and sending in questions Pre-reading An open discussion Doing presentations on basis of students questions The pre-reading does help Having lots of questions aggregated and already The open discussion format and offering prior answered during the presentation questions. Although I would like a split between structure presentation and then a Q+A Questions sent in advance Interaction The format of the presentation Format of Q&A session Keep open for dialogue throughout the session Pre-read was good. Good thing about the session was that it was specific to the questions might as well keep the Informal atmosphere and discussions presentation style same, but not necessarily the Asking for questions before the sessions content Having a flexible format, driven by Q&A Q&A format as opposed to presentation of slides which we can do in our own time, career progression The presentation was pretty relevant. I liked the fact slide is useful! that the speaker talked about the questions asked previously before making a point The format of responding to specific questions was good Pre reading and self assessment form Format Allow students to ask questions, but maybe only by the end of presentation, or give some intervals for Format with questions sent beforehand by students questions. The session shouldnt be driven by and later addresssed in class. Very helpful the docs questions from students sent after the presentation, with the actual answers provided during the session The format of circulating slides earlier to solicit questions Good Q&A format
  16. 16. + What should we keep the same? Content and presenters Content Presenters The fact that you are providing some differentiating points about the culture of the Good presenter big consulting firms All the slides, particularly those on Consultants career progression and differences J-P! between top tier firms Retain and promote J-P, The specific data and numbers and %s help the most he is very good. The information on the cultural differences between the big 3 organisations The speakers The difference of the top-tier firms The dual dialogue Differences between the top 3 firms (ideas, results etc) between J-P and Gavin; Contents are good built on each others Liked the slides about different firms, boutiques vs big, drop out rates and points or explained why conversation about money the slightly different opinions The content was excellent and well-presented The clear structure, and the great insights JP shared with us Energetic presenter The topics covered Detailed intro about the internship/job searching process, important points about CV writing Different requirements that the big 3 look for Content was good The content was useful and I would keep the format the same I liked that you talked about the different cultures or focus of the top tier companies. It was very useful and something you dont see on their webpages Overview of the career progression in consultancy
  17. 17. + What should we keep the same? Overall ‘Other’ NA (x 3) Sign-up and logistics sending out the presentations Excellent content and information Organization Overall it was excellent I really like the rule about "dont show up if youre going to leave early" Everything Spill over room was good to ensure everyone could The rest attend Everything - nothing to change Open to all I think everything was perfect Everything Everything The session was informative and helpful. Thank you. Everything