מכון היצוא - Milipol 2011 תערוכת


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מכון היצוא - ישראל בתערוכת Milipol 2011

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מכון היצוא - Milipol 2011 תערוכת

  1. 1. October 18-21, 2011  Paris Porte de Versaille Exhibition CenterIsrael Pavilion  Hall 1
  2. 2. Welcome to the Israel Pavilion  Hall 1 at Milipol Paris 2011 Positioned at the forefront of homeland security, facing cross-border, domestic and maritime threats, Israel’s home-grown security technologies have evolved through the years, addressing new challenges to the country’s security. Ranging from urban and cyber security, coastal, border and critical infrastructure protection to countering terror threats, Israeli solutions cover the latest technologies in surveillance, command and control, covering electro-optical and electronic sensors. Associated communications, information management and data analysis are supporting decision makers with detailed situational picture for security management, law enforcement, crime prevention, and first response on emergency.2
  3. 3. Visitors at Milipol 2011 are invited to explore the latest innovations in homeland security displayed at the Israel Pavilion including: Perimeter Security and “Safe City” Applications:  Video Surveillance & Monitoring  Information and Video Analysis  High-speed communications for voice, data and video Law Enforcement & Counter Terror:  Communications Interception  Forensic Equipment for Counter-terror, SWAT and First Responders:  Personal Protection  Counter IED jammers  Explosive Identification and Simulation  Training Equipment  Ballistic & Blast Protection  Breaching Equipment  Non-lethal Weapons and Munitions You are welcome to visit the Israel Pavilion at Milipol 2011, to find the solutions to your needs.3
  4. 4. About The Israel Export &International Cooperation Institute (IEICI) The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, a non-profit organization supported by the government of Israel and the private sector, facilitates business ties, joint ventures and strategic alliances between overseas and Israeli companies. Charged with promoting Israel’s business community in foreign markets, it provides comprehensive, professional trade information, advice, contacts and promotional activities to Israeli companies, and complementary services to business people, commercial groups, and business delegations from abroad. Aerospace, Defense and HLS Department “Your Gateway to Israel’s Security Industry” The IEICI’s Aerospace, Defense and HLS Department represents over 350 exporting companies in the homeland security arena. Israeli defense and security companies offer technologically advanced, field-proven products and solutions that are among the most innovative anywhere. They are successfully partnering with key world players to ensure public safety, protecting air and sea ports, borders, government installations, financial institutions, recreation centers, public venues and more. The Department works with foreign government ministries and their agencies, as well as with industry bodies, to promote private-industry joint ventures and international partnerships. Mr. Guy Zuri  Director, Aerospace, Defense & HLS 972 3 514 2839 972 54 457 8692 guyz@export.gov.il Ms. Inbal Natan  HLS Business Development Manager 972 3 514 2818 972 54 457 8664 inbaln@export.gov.il4
  5. 5. Participants Press on the desired company  The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute  Magna BSP Ltd.  AMIT INDUSTRIES Ltd. (Amicell)  Mantissa Ltd.  Athena GS3 Security Implementations Ltd.  Memtex Ltd.  BriefCam, Ltd.  Mifram Security  Camero-Tech Ltd.  Netline Communications Technologies (NCT) Ltd.  ElSight Ltd.  Pro4Tech Ltd.  ESC BAZ Ltd.  RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.  eVigilo Ltd.  RB Defense  GAMA OPERATIONS Ltd.  SAN Challenging Engineering  HBA System Integrators  Septier Communication Ltd.  Hydro Noa 1988 Ltd.  Seraphim Optronics Ltd.  IDO Security  Shiltex Ltd.  IntuView Ltd.  trendIT  ISPRA Ltd.  Tri-logical  LIOR TEXTILE INDUSTRIES Ltd.  X-TEST  LOLA TECH5
  6. 6. Back to participants  AMICELL/AMIT INDUSTRIES LTD. Amicell provides battery packs with extreme energy density in low weight, especially for applications that requires easy mobility like UAV. Amicell is widely recognized with its quality and excellence in design and performance. Our special emphasis in customer services and defining their specific requirements enables us to supply the optimal solution for each specific customer’s applications whether they are in design, technical requirements or efficient battery charging specifications. Our laboratories are capable of testing battery capacities under different environmental conditions as required. Stand 1F089 9 Habanim St., Ashdod 77609, Israel Ms Hana Manor, Marketing Manager Direct +972 8 856 1612 ▪ Ext. 100 +972 54 421 7594 Office +972 8 856 1612 +972 8 852 1093 sales@amicell.co.il www.amicell.co.il6
  7. 7. Back to participants  Athena GS3 Security Implementations Ltd. Athena GS3 Security Implementations Ltd. is a leading security solution provider, focusing on Intelligence & Counter Terrorism for governments, institutions and high-risk facilities around the world, addressing various threats, regardless of source or motivation. To accomplish this, Athena has created and implemented for its clients a truly impressive array of intuitive, proactive security solutions, products and services that are based on more than forty years of experience in combating terrorism and supporting law enforcement. Stand 1G089 5 Hatzoref St., Holon 58856, Israel Mrs Dana Dagan, Marcom & Legal Manager Direct +972 3 557 2459 +972 52 350 8057 Office +972 3 557 2462 +972 3 557 2472 Dana_d@athenaiss.com www.athenaiss.com7
  8. 8. Back to participants  BriefCam, Ltd. BriefCam® develops and provides Video Synopsis™ solutions for the rapid review of surveillance video, processing real-time feed online or archival footage offline, indexed to the original video. BriefCam products interface seamlessly with existing video surveillance and analytic solutions, a wide range of DVR/NVRs and advanced IP cameras. When theres no time to waste, you can now browse hours within minutes with BriefCam. Winner of the IFSEC 2010 Security Industry Awards Product of the Year for Best CCTV System and the 2010 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award for Physical Security. Stand 1H081 G.G. Communication Center, Suite 302 Neve Ilan 90850, Israel Mr Erez Meir, VP Sales, EMEA Direct: +972 72 220 2054 +972 54 636 0000 Office: +972 2 533 7228 Fax Office +972 2 533 7448 info@briefcam.com www.briefcam.com8
  9. 9. Back to participants  Camero-Tech Ltd. Camero is pioneer and a world-leading provider of Through Wall Imaging solutions. The Xaver™ line of products provide real-time situational awareness for observing multiple stationary and moving objects behind walls. Utilizing advanced radar technology, the Xaver™ systems provide a revolutionary tactical sensor for troops operating in urban environment and law enforcement teams for domestic searches and operations. Xaver™ products have been successfully deployed worldwide with elite customers for both military and Homeland Security (HLS) applications. Stand 1F075 Delta Building Level 3, Grand Netter Industrial Zone P.O Box 3521, Kfar Netter 40593, Israel Mr Hagay Keller, VP Business Development +972 54 764 0004 +972 73 717 2333 +972 73 717 2323 info@camero-tech.com www.camero-tech.com9
  10. 10. Back to participants  ElSight Ltd. Elsight provides mobile video communications solutions ensuring crystal clear, continuous and secured communications, supporting the need for the most reliable video streaming for strategic and tactical decision-making. Elsight offers solutions that have been deployed across multiple market sectors including military, intelligence and security agencies, media & broadcasting, telemedicine, transportation, first responders and traditional surveillance. At Milipol 2011 Elsight will present its Mobile Video MultiChannel Cellular transmission – ELS MultiChannel, addressing tactical operations decision makers with reliable and secured HD video streaming. Stand 1F076 11 Gush Etzion St., Givat Shmuel 54030, Israel Mr Moshe Maayan, VP Marketing & Business Development +97277 751 5600 +972 52 430 0282 +972 77 201 6900 Marketing@el-sight.com www.el-sight.com10
  11. 11. Back to participants  ESC BAZ Ltd. ESC-BAZ is a developer and manufacturer of specialized, cost-effective video surveillance, observation and communications systems for military, police, and law enforcement applications. Since its foundation in 1994, ESC BAZ delivered hundreds of installations, gaining vast experience in electronic and electro-optical systems. ESC-BAZ is positioned as a leading provider of security systems worldwide, offering man-portable, light weight video surveillance systems for force protection applications, short, medium and long range surveillance & reconnaissance systems, vehicle mounted systems and remote control units. Stand 1G075 3 School Rd., PO B 173, Kibbutz Einat 48805, Israel Mr Riri Elfassy, VP International Sales & Marketing Direct: +972 3 900 7554 +972 54 494 2 874 Office: +972 3 900 7500 +972 3 725 2787 riri@escbaz.com www.escbaz.com11
  12. 12. Back to participants  eVigilo Ltd. eVigilo develops the industry’s only fully integrated, multi-technology mass alert platform that can reach millions of people in just seconds – to enhance safety and security and save lives in emergency situations. Supporting multi-channel alert notification and communication, the holistic, flexible Integrated Alert Distribution Center (IADC) Platform is the most effective and efficient turnkey solution for mass alert systems used by governments, homeland security and rescue forces sending geo-targeted alerts simultaneously across different networks such as mobile, TV, radio, sirens, pagers and IP. Stand 1G090 2 Hamelacha St., POB 8137, Netanya 42505, Israel Mr Feliks Vainik, Business Development & Marketing +972 72 250 4911 +972 54 211 1747 +972 72 250 4910 feliks@evigilo.net www.evigilo.net12
  13. 13. Back to participants  GAMA OPERATIONS Ltd. GAMA Operations specializes in advanced telecommunications systems. Since 1995 GMA provides Voice Processing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Unified Messaging applications. Based on proprietary systems developed in- house by a highly skilled team, GAMA Operations systems have proven their market success. GAMA’s voicemail and IVR systems are operating in over 15,000 offices and organizations in Israel and abroad. GAMA Operations has gained a strong reputation for the telecommunications systems designed for emergency services. Stand 1G090 Odem 6, Petach Tikva 49130, Israel Mr Eyal Alon, CEO Direct: +972 3 937 3000 +972 54 478 6150 Office: +972 3 924 2406 +972 3 923 1285 info@gamaoperations.com www.gamaoperations.com13
  14. 14. Back to participants  HBA System Integrators H.B.A. System Integrators is a leading security company with a professional team of experts in the field of HLS and anti-terror with 30 years’ experience and exceptional achievements. We provide innovative systems, products and solutions for governmental and commercial customers worldwide including: • EOD & IEDD - Integrated Solutions, Robotics, Equipment, Initiation Systems & Demining. • Lighthouse™ Software - Security & Customs Risk Management for Border Crossings, Airports & Ports. • Advanced Anti-terror Training and Consultation. • Commercial Security Trade Department. H.B.A is a certified agent of selected international corporations & HLS companies. Stand 1E076 77 Herzel Street, Ramat Gan 52443, Israel Mr Haim Ben-Ari, CEO & President +972 3 672 2226 +972 54 433 3222 +972 3 672 2193 hba@hba.co.il www.hba.co.il14
  15. 15. Back to participants  Hydro Noa 1988 Ltd. Hydro Noa specializes in developments, design and manufacturing of high standard rescue equipment. All products are ergonomically designed, lightweight, quiet, easy to operate and powerful. Typical systems include breaching and extrication, cutting and spreading systems. Most of the tools are designed to operate by a single person, not depending on external power source. Typical users are special army / police units, fire brigades, air and marine ports, civil rescue authorities and municipality authorities. Stand 1G079 2 Beit Alfa St., Tel aviv 67219, Israel Mr Chen Yirmiyahu, Marketing +972 3 5616257 +972 3 5616743 hydronoa@zahav.net.il www.hydronoa.co.il15
  16. 16. Back to participants  IDO Security IDO Security Ltd., an Israeli subsidiary of the publicly traded U.S. based IDO Security Inc. company offers a unique, patented Shoes-On Metal Detector – the MagShoe™. Employing patented technology developed by the company, the system effectively detects weapons or stolen metallic valuables, concealed in footwear and lower parts of the body. MagShoe™ systems are successfully deployed in Airports, Public venues, Governmental facilities, Prisons, Court Houses and Military bases worldwide. Metal Detector, airport security, prison security, gateway security, weapon detection. Stand 1G090 20 Freiman St., Rishon LeZion 75358, Israel Mr. Werber Dan, International Sales & Marketing Manager +972 3 952 3599 +972 543 167 163 +972 3 952 3604 dani@idosgroup.com www.ido-security.com16
  17. 17. Back to participants  IntuView Ltd. IntuView’s DOCEX platform – IntuScan™ - instantly analyzes documents, determines their relevancy, authorship, topics (e.g. bomb making recipes), entities, sentiment, organizational links, and generates detailed content summaries. IntuView’s Name Matcher matches name variants that signify the same entity, regardless of the spelling, language or script, analyses the name to discover implicit information (ethnicity, gender, potential variants and nicknames), and links (family, tribe) between the entities, aggregates all the information on each entity and finally creates a robust and manageable database. Stand 1F079 8 Hamada St., Herzelya 12300, Israel Dr. Shmuel Bar, CEO +972 9 951 3913 +972 52 880 5956 +972 9 951 3987 sbar@intuview.com www.intuview.com17
  18. 18. Back to participants  ISPRA Ltd. Founded in 1969, ISPRA is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing of non-lethal devices for riot control, crowd management, anti terror equipment and police gear. ISPRAs Sentinel Tactical Gear product line includes a full range of police duty gear, anti-riot protective gear and tactical equipment. The innovative less-than-lethal product line has kept ISPRA at the forefront of non-lethal ammunition throughout the years. Today, ISPRA is developing new, innovative products and solutions, addressing for the challenges of tomorrow. Stand 1E080 20 Galgaley Haplada St., POB 2086, Herzelya 46120, Israel Mr Alon Slonim, Marketing +972 52 392 6665 +972 9 955 5464 +972 9 955 9146 Alon.slonim@ispraltd.com www.ispraltd.com18
  19. 19. Back to participants  LIOR TEXTILE INDUSTRIES Ltd. Lior Textile is a leading supplier of high quality personal gear for military and law enforcement. Designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced protective products, Lior Textile’s ability to assure top quality products stems from experience gained through more than 30 years of cooperation with the IDF, providing “real time" field-testing. Our products include body armor, NBC equipment, ballistic Inserts, tactical vests, flame resistant coverall and ECWCS. The company complies with ISO 9001:2008 and "Level A" from the Israeli MOD. Stand 1D076 Dora Ind. Zone, Shlomi 22832, Israel Mr Lior Bookris, Sales +972 4 980 8815 +972 52 872 1213 +972 4 980 8815 +972 4 980 8816 lior@lior-protective.com www.lior-protective.com19
  20. 20. Back to participants  LOLA TECH LOLA TECH provides mobile control, report & Location Based solutions (LBS) for municipalities, public authorities and law enforcement agencies, allowing them direct access to the organizations field team reports, including voice recordings, photos and location in real-time. LOLA TECH systems include: • Pele Police® - Provides easy access to Police database • Pele Prak® - Integral parking solutions for municipalities • Pele Track® - command and control system providing tracking of field operations and personal. Stand 1F080 Rival 18, Tel-Aviv, 67778, Israel Mr Itzik Bronrot , CEO / Mr Nadav Gelman, CEO +972 77 794 4440 /3/4 +972 54 546 4934 / +972 54 474 7090 +972 3 687 7750 itzik@lola-tech.com / nadav@lola-tech.com www.lola-tech.com20
  21. 21. Back to participants  Magna BSP Ltd. Magna BSP offers advanced sensors for perimeter protection, based on its patented, field proven ‘Stereoscopic Vision’ sensory system. This advanced solution utilizes pairs of cameras (CCD or thermal imaging), coupled through image processing techniques to maintain low false alarm rate, enabling high contrast detection, automatically filtering detections according to parameters extracted by the algorithm. Maintaining 24-7 capability of detecting of human targets up to 1.5 km, the system automatically estimates target parameters (size, distance, height above ground, azimuth etc.). Stand 1F083 Rotem Industrial Park, D.N. Arava 86800, Israel Mr Gideon Rosen, Sales & Marketing Manager Direct: +972 8 6552 668, Ext. 3 +972 52 7323 543 +972 8 6552 669 Gideon@magnabsp.com www.magnabsp.com21
  22. 22. Back to participants  Mantissa Ltd. Mantissa is developing a technological and application-breakthrough Radar sensor, a game changer in the surveillance, security, and “safe cities” market. The miniature radar, the size of a household camera, functions under all weather conditions and identifies threats with great precision. The system is an order of magnitude less expensive than systems currently available on the market, possessing unique threat identification capabilities, and minimizing false alarms. This makes Mantissa’s security solution especially attractive for a wide variety of applications. Stand 1G090 11 Amal St., Rosh-Haayin 48092, Israel Dr. Ehud Fishler, CEO Direct: +972 72 260 7043 +972 542 560 910 Office: +972 72 260 7035 +972 3 903 9362 ehud@mantissa-ltd.com www.mantissa-ltd.com22
  23. 23. Back to participants  Memtex Ltd. CV100™ is a Miniature Tactical Cellular Video System, for real-time surveillance, intelligence, and evidence gathering. The CV100 is optimized for covert surveillance, wearable, mobile and fast- deployment missions. Used by police, special forces, HLS, law enforcement and emergency services, the CV100™ provides real-time, long-range wireless streaming of video, audio and location from anywhere to everywhere. Special features include: Scheduled operation, Store & Forward, rugged, low power, high reliability. Stand 1E084 The Palanium Building, POB 12, Einat 48805, Israel Mr Avner Divon, Business Development Manager Direct: +972 72 212 6864 +972 54 594 5744 Office: +972 3 901 6101 +972 50 896 3339 avnerd@memtex.com www.memtex.com23
  24. 24. Back to participants  Mifram Security Mifram Security designs, manufactures and supplies a broad range of protection and security solutions since 1962. Mifram offers modular vehicle barriers, mobile/stationary observation/guard towers and posts, ballistic partition systems, shelters, indoor/outdoor ballistic, blast and CBRNE protection upgrades for buildings and dry storage solutions for military, defense and HLS projects. Mifram Security serves military and peacekeeping forces (USMC, US-Army, MFO, IDF, and UN), major integrators and law enforcement agencies, public and private sector, critical infrastructure facilities such as airports and seaports. Stand 1E075 Josef Levi 6, Kiriat Bialik 27111, Israel Mr Amos Klein, President +972 50 520 2200 +972 4 880 8800 +972 4 874 5745 sales@mifram.com www.miframsecurity.com24
  25. 25. Back to participants  Netline Communications Technologies (NCT) Ltd. Netline Communications Technologies (NCT) Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets high-end RF communication jamming and detection systems for the defense and homeland security applications. Netline vehicular and portable cellular jammers, designed for police, SWAT and EOD missions, block cell phone activity over a large area. Stationary jammers are optimized to paralyze unauthorized wireless communications and WiFi in prisons, government facilities, etc. Ruggedized IED jammers employ both active and reactive jamming methods, protecting troops and VIPs from remote detonation of improvised explosive devices. Stand 1D090 Menachem Begin 132, Tel Aviv 67021, Israel Mr Gil Israeli, Co CEO Direct: +972 3 606 8122 Office: +972 3 606 8100 +972 3 606 8101 gili@netline.co.il www.netline.co.il25
  26. 26. Back to participants  Pro4Tech Ltd. Pro4tech provides tactical surveillance solutions for the law enforcement market. Pro4tech innovative products are covert, self-contained and instantly ready for use, capable of recording stills, audio and video. The products include professional, reliable miniature cameras concealed in various objects for both local and remote control. Pro4tech recently launched the ‘NanoSet’, providing a full featured wireless solution for recording and streaming of video, audio and GPS location. NanoSet is a fully programmable ‘Store & Forward’ system, to be concealed in any object. Stand 1H085 Kochav Yokneam Bldg., Yokneam Ilit 20692, Israel Mr Eli Yarkoni, Managing Director +972 4 959 0081 +972 4 989 0480 info@pro4tech.com www.pro4tech.com26
  27. 27. Back to participants  RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. RAFAEL provides advanced defense systems for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and foreign customers. RAFAEL provides innovative solutions on the technological cutting edge from underwater, naval, land and air through space systems. For HLS applications RAFAEL focuses on areas such as Intelligence gathering and processing, persistent surveillance, Command & Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence (C4I), Breaching Systems, Security systems for pipelines and strategic facilities, Maritime, coastal and underwater security and more. Stand 1G076 POB 2250 (190), Haifa 31021, Israel Mrs Ravit Rudoy, Corporate Marketing Communication Manager Direct: +972 879 1244 +972 52 429 0318 Office: +972 879 3870 +972 879 4657 ravitr@rafael.co.il / intl-mkt@rafael.co.il www.rafael.co.il27
  28. 28. Back to participants  RB Defense RB Defense is a division of Rav Bariach (08) industries Ltd., Israel’s most experienced, long established manufacturer and developer of security doors and locking systems. For more than 40 years the company has developed, manufactured and supported high quality Force Entry (FE) solutions. RB Defense supports a wide customer base including Israel’s Foreign Ministry and dozens of institutes in the defense sector or in the civilian installations requiring high security (including Israel’s defense industry, banks, R&D institutes etc.). Stand 1G083 Southern Industrial Zone, POB 3032, Ashkelon 78780, Israel Mr Ofir Mor, Export Manager Direct: +972 8 679 4977 +972 52 386 7222 Office: +972 8 679 4914 +972 8 679 4939 Ofir_m@rav-bariach.com www.rav-bariach.net28
  29. 29. Back to participants  SAN Challenging Engineering San has developed a new line of portable hydraulic tools for the use of fire fighters, rescue teams, law enforcement forces, SWAT and other security forces. SAN offers a line of products including tools, manuals and electro hydraulic power units, uniquely packaged to ensure quick and powerful action. Stand 1F090 21 Halutzey Hataaseya St., Haifa 26118, Israel Mr Ido Spitzer, VP Marketing Direct: +972 4 872 1678 +972 52 695 2211 Office: +972 4 872 1678 +972 4 872 3878 idos@san.co.il www.san.co.il29
  30. 30. Back to participants  Septier Communication Ltd. Septier Communication develops and markets strategic and tactical telecom and IP monitoring solutions, used by intelligence agencies and communication service providers. Septier products include lawful interception and positioning systems, tactical cellular interceptors, accurate location trackers, fraud management and data retention applications and more. Septier products are installed at dozens of customer locations around the world, providing cutting edge tools to combat crime and terrorism. All systems are field-proven and support the latest telecommunications and quality assurance standards. Stand 1E090 21 Yegia Kapaim St., Petach Tikva 49130, Israel Mr Elan Sharon, Chief Sales, Marketing & Operations Officer Direct: +972 3 914 1002 Office: +972 3 914 1000 +972 3 924 7023 elan@septier.com www.septier.com30
  31. 31. Back to participants  Seraphim Optronics Ltd. Seraphim Optronics Ltd. offers specialized, covert surveillance systems used by military, paramilitary and civil agencies. With 14 years of successful field operations experience, Seraphim has established a worldwide customer base for its electro-optical systems: Mini Unattended Ground Imager (MUGI) and Chameleon products. These systems support long-term missions, providing real-time digital video communication and day/night covert surveillance. The products offered by Seraphim provide unique operational advantages, including: Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) with no external movement, noiseless, non-reflective construction and excellent camouflage characteristics. Stand 1F084 2 HaYetzira St., POB 621, Yokneam 20692, Israel Israel Kasher, CEO Office: +972 4 989 4444 +972 4 989 4446 marketing@seraphim.co.il www.seraphim.co.il31
  32. 32. Back to participants  Shiltex Ltd. Shiltex Ltd. develops and manufactures unique, high quality elastic and rigid tapes, webbings, cords, nets and ropes for military, aviation and HLS applications. Since 1962 Shiltexs products and systems offer innovative solutions for specialized textile product applications. Today, our capabilities span textile structures, combined with composite materials, nanotechnology, optical and electrical conductivity, NIRR solutions and other special applications for land, sea and air. Advanced manufacturing technologies include weaving, braiding, knitting, dyeing and finishing, all under the one roof. Stand 1G090 Kvutzat Shiller 76802, Israel Mr Aknin Olivier, VP marketing Direct: +972 8 937 2705 +972 50 795 7680 Office: +972 8 937 2707 +972 8 937 2737 olivier@shiltex.com www.shiltex.com32
  33. 33. Back to participants  trendIT Derived from geophysics air quality dispersion models, trendIT’s solution provides an accurate, fine-grained and real-time mapping of population characteristics, behavior and movements. The trendIT solution combines advanced data mining and behavioral targeting techniques with Geographic Information System (GIS) layers and anonymous, real time data from mobile carriers obtained in a cost-effective and unobtrusive manner. The trendIT solution covers the entire population in 85-95% accuracy. Stand 1G090 24 Ahava st., Hod-Hasharon 45282, Israel Dr. Erez Weinroth, Founder & CEO +972 72 240 0470 +972 52 873 7334 +972 72 240 0486 info@trendit.net www.trendit.net33
  34. 34. Back to participants  Tri-Logical Technologies Ltd. Tri-Logical provides Command & Control management center and Communications (C3) comprising telemetry, video and data over narrow band cellular, satellite or wireless communications. Tri-logical offers C3 solutions for mobile task forces, management of remote sensors, fleet management, and critical assets security. Provided off the shelf or tailor made for specific customer requirements, Tri-Logical solutions are addressing the need of tactical and operational levels for law enforcement and security agencies, paramilitary organizations, Safe City (public safety), EMS, Premises Protection applications. Stand 1G090 7 Tulipman St., Rishon Lezion 75054, Israel Dany Pizen, Vice President Marketing & Business Development +972 52 530 4873 Office: +972 3 950 9888 +972 3 950 0245 pizen@trilogical.com www.trilogical.com34
  35. 35. Back to participants  X-TEST X-Test™ offers explosive simulants training kits and training software for the Homeland Security sector. • Explosive simulants: for teaching, on-going training and performance monitoring. Closely imitate actual explosives including odor, color, texture, X- ray and CT signature. • Training and monitoring software: Screener training software; X-ray simulator software; Operation Management; • Courses and training: aviation security, scanners operators, explosives, K-9 handlers, security trainers and more. Clients: TSA (United States), Schiphol Intl Airport (Holland), CATSA (Canada), STAC (France), Israeli Security Service. Stand 1G090 POB 25100, Tel-Aviv 61250, Israel Mr Rami Schiffer, Director of Marketing +972 9 746 6680, Ext. 224 +972 54 567 8462 +972 9 746 6681 rami@x-test.com www.x-test.com35
  36. 36. For Further Information: Mr. Guy Zuri  Director, Aerospace, Defense & HLS 972 3 514 2839 972 54 457 8692 guyz@export.gov.il Ms. Inbal Natan  HLS Business Development Manager 972 3 514 2818 972 54 457 8664 inbaln@export.gov.il 29 Hamered St., Tel-Aviv 68125, Israel  www.export.gov.il Thank You Protecting life. Protecting our way of life © The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute ▪ Production: IEICI Media & Production Division ▪ Editing: IEICI Aerospace, Defense & HLS Department ▪ Graphic Design: Ayala Eylath ▪ Copywriting: Tamir Eshel ▪ Pavilion Organization: IEICI Exhibitions Unit ▪ July 2011 ▪ This publication is for informational purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure that the presented informatio n is correct, The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute assumes no responsibility for damages, financial or otherwise, caused by the information herein.36