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מכון היצוא - הסלון האווירי בפריז 2011


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מכון היצוא - הסלון האווירי בפריז 2011

  1. 1. June 20-26 2011 ST-A15 | Hall 3 B-8 20-26,
  2. 2. Israeli solutions: the smart advantageI li l ti th t d tThe advanced solutions developed by Israel’s aerospaceand defense industries are designed to meet tomorrow’schallenges while delivering operational dividends today.Safeguarding Israel’s national security from outer spaceand keeping vigilant eyes over long borders and the opensea have long been vital to the nation’s welfare. The welfarehomeland defense agencies of many countries havebenefited from the technologies and unique expertise thathave evolved from Israel’s investments in its nationalh l df I l’ i t t i it ti lsecurity.
  3. 3. Participants AEROMAOZ Ltd.Ltd Aeronautics Ltd. Amicell-Amit Industries Ltd. Bluebird A Bl bi d Aero Systems Ltd. S t Ltd Controp Precision Technologies Ltd. Elbit Systems Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd Ind stries Ltd. Kanfit Ltd. MTC Industries & Research Ltd. Pentagon 2000 Software Inc Software, Inc. Plasan Sasa Ltd. RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. Shimshon Fine Mechanics Ltd.Ltd Urban Aeronautics Ltd. Y. Schuster Ltd. SIBAT – Israel Ministry of Defense The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute
  4. 4. AEROMAOZ Ltd.AEROMAOZ designs and manufactures illuminated display panels andcontrol systems for military and commercial air, ground and seaapplications. Utilizing incandescent, electroluminescent (EL), LED andNVIS technologies combined with human-machine interface expertise,AEROMAOZ specializes in integrated panels, annunciators, displays,keyboards, NVIS compatibility & cockpit upgrades, internal & externallighting,lighting and electronic control boxes as well as joystick and handgrip boxes,elements.AEROMAOZ customers include the U.S. government, Rockwell Collins,Elbit Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries, Korry Electronics and otherintegrators throughout the world. AEROMAOZ, ISO 9001:2000, AS 9100and U.S. government QPL (SAE-AS7788) certified, will work with youfrom the initial design and engineering stages, through prototype stagesproduction and testing, final serial production, and in-house QC andenvironmental testing.
  5. 5. Contact Mr Marc SteinbergTitle Marketing ManagerMobile +972 52 664 7006Email marc@aeromaoz.comAddress 39 Shaul Hamelech Blvd Tel Aviv 64928, IsraelTel Office +972 3 609 5003Fax Office +972 3 609 5033Web
  6. 6. Aeronautics Ltd.Aeronautics Ltd. provides comprehensive systems and solutions fordefense and HLS markets. Operating out of its headquarters in Yavne,Israel, Aeronautics develops, manufacturers and provides unmannedaerial systems, advanced intelligence, surveillance andreconnaissance (ISR), command and control, and other defensesystems.The company is a world leader in the field of intelligence surveillancetargeting and reconnaissance (ISTAR) and combining the systemsinto comprehensive C4I centers. centers
  7. 7. Contact Mr Itay ShermanTitle Director, Marketing CommunicationsTel Direct +972 8 943 3600 Ext 640Mobile +972 54 668 6535Email itays@aeronautics-sys.comAddress POB 169 Yavne 81101, IsraelTel OffiT l Office +972 8 943 3600 972Fax Office +972 8 932 8912Web
  8. 8. Amicell-Amit Industries Ltd.Amit Industries, founded in 1989, assembles and markets under theAmicell brand standard and custom battery packs in a wide range oftechnical formats such as Li-Ion / Polymer, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, etc., plusrelated charging systems, for a wide range of military, medical and l t d h i t f id f ilit di l dindustrial applications, and especially where maximum energy densityand minimum weight with easy mobility are required for suchapplications as UAVs. Our expertise in providing solutions that meet UAVscustomer requirements – including design, technical specification andcharging characteristics – enables us to produce an optimal energysystem that provides maximum performance and offers a distinctoperating advantage.Our reputation for excellence has been achieved through the jointefforts of our experienced team of electronic and mechanicalengineers, our laboratories that can test battery capacities underdifferent environmental conditions, and our strict quality controlsystem, as stated in our ISO 9001:2000 certification. y ,
  9. 9. Contact Mrs Hanna ManorTitle Marketing ManagerTel Direct +972 8 856 1612 Ext 102Mobile +972 54 421 7594Email sales@amicell co ilContact Mr Doron GechtmanTitle Sales ManagerTel Direct +972 8 856 1612 Ext 107Mobile +972 54 456 7326Email 9 Habanaim St Ashdod 77609, IsraelTel Office +972 8 856 1612Fax Office +972 8 852 1093Web
  10. 10. Bluebird Aero Systems Ltd.Bluebird Aero Systems, established in 2002, is a dominant player inthe tactical unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry. The companydesigns, develops and produces tactical UAS and peripheralequipment,equipment delivering exceptional unprecedented combat proven exceptional, combat-provensolutions to meet military, HLS and civilian UAS challenges.With a wide spectrum of innovative UAS platforms, all operating froma unified, intuitive and friendly ground control station, Bluebirdsrapidly deployed UAS cost-effectively and reliably perform all types ofmissions in all weather conditions and without terrain limitations.These advanced solutions are based on years of experience inaerodynamics, design, avionics, composite materials,communications, production and UAS operations.Bluebird invests significant resources in R&D in order to lead thetactical UAS industry with creative, unprecedented solutions, such asminiature yet powerful payloads, remote launch capabilities, extendedpperformance and capabilities, mapping capabilities and more. p pp g p
  11. 11. Contact Mr Ronen NadirTitle CEOTel Direct +972 9 899 9335 Ext 1Mobile +972 52 850 9580Email ronen@bluebird-uav.comAddress 8 Hamatechet St, Industrial Park, POB 5041 Kadima 60920, IsraelTel OffiT l Office +972 9 899 9335 E t 0 972 ExtFax Office +972 9 899 9345Web
  12. 12. Controp Precision Technologies Ltd.Controp develops and manufactures electro-optical and precisionmotion control systems, used worldwide for defense and HLSsurveillance applications on air, land and maritime platforms. Ourproducts have many years of proven operational success and have d t h f ti l dhbeen the chosen electro-optical (EO/IR) systems for many nationaland international requirements. We are ISO-9001 certified.Principal product lines include:• High performance stabilized observation payloads for day and night surveillance on board UAVs, mini-UAVs, aerostats/balloons, helicopters and light aircraft, as well as maritime and land vehicles• High performance airborne wide-area coverage (real time) EO stabilized payloads for day and night reconnaissance•A t Automatic passive intruder detection systems for securing sensitive ti i i t d d t ti t f i iti sites, coastal surveillance, border surveillance, perimeter security / surveillance and ground troops security• Thermal imaging cameras with high performance continuous zoom lenses
  13. 13. Contact Ms Lori ErlichTitle Director, Marketing & CommunicationsTel Direct +972 9 769 8126Email POB 611 Hod Hasharon 45105, IsraelTel Office +972 9 744 0661Fax Office +972 9 744 0662Web
  14. 14. Elbit Systems Ltd.Elbit Systems is a global defense electronics company, active inaerospace, land and naval systems, including C4ISR, unmannedaircraft systems, advanced electro-optics, electro-optics spacesystems,systems EW suites, airborne warning systems ELINT systems data suites systems, systems,links and military communications systems. The company alsoupgrades existing military platforms, develops new technologies fordefense, HLS and commercial aviation applications, and provides arange of support services. f t iElbit Systems is headquartered in Haifa, Israel, with subsidiaries andoperations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The company hasapproximately 13,000 employees, a majority engaged in engineering,R&D and other technical areas.With a unique convergence of capabilities, strong global presence,extensive investment in R&D, and emphasis on increasedproductivity, Elbit Systems has established a strong leadershipposition in each of its core businesses. Elbit Systems shares aretraded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and OTC in the U.S.(NASDAQ:ESLT).
  15. 15. Contact Ms Ilana GelferTitle Senior Director, Marketing CommunicationsEmail marcom@elbitsystems.comAddress POB 539 Haifa 31053, IsraelTel Office +972 4 831 5056Fax Office +972 4 831 7902Web
  16. 16. IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is a globally recognized leader indefense and civil aerospace technology. The company providesunique and cost effective technological solutions for a broadspectrum of needs in air land sea space and homeland defense In air, land, sea, defense.fulfilling overseas contracts, the company works with local partnersthrough technology transfer agreements.Core areas of activity:C f ti it• Space • Theater defense • MRO & conversion of civil aircraft• Development and manufacture of commercial aircraft • Navalsystems • Military fixed-wing & helicopter upgrades • Unmanned y y g p pgvehicles: aerial & ground • Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting andReconnaissance systems (ISTAR) • Command, control & IT, NCO(net-centric operations) • HLS: Homeland security systems / urbanwarfare • Ground systemsIAI’s broad range of products and technologies are fully supported byintegrated logistics support (ILS), training and complete after-salesservices. i
  17. 17. Contact Mr. Yair RamatiTitle Corporate V.P. MarketingEmail Ben-Gurion International Airport, 70100 Israel Haifa 31053, IsraelTel Office +972 3 935 3343, 935 3000Fax Office +972 3 935 9278Web
  18. 18. Kanfit Ltd.Kanfit is an aerospace engineering development and productioncompany that specializes in the combination and integration ofcomposite and metal structures. We are certified for AS9100C,ISO9001:2008,ISO9001 2008 NADCAP heat treatment BAC5621 & BAC5602 TIG h tt t t BAC5602,welding of aluminum, steel and Inconel 625. Kanfit is a certifiedmanufacturer for IAI, IAF, IMD, BAE (Rokar) and Elbit Systems, amongot e s e also t parts and ship them directlyothers. We a so kit pa ts a d s p t e d ect y to t e theassembly line.Kanfit is the largest Heron UAV program composite aerostructurecomponents supplier and the largest G150 & G250 programs metalaerostructure components supplier. Kanfit is one of very fewmanufacturers in the world of RTM composite chaff and flaremagazines, known for their exceptional quality.Recently, Kanfit manufactured an RTM carbon-epoxy wing of 1600mmlength, 60% carbon volume, ±0.1º torsion, <0.1mm airfoil deviation,±1mm dihedral and 130ºC Tg. Our customer emphasized that there is g pno such wing in the world with such performance.
  19. 19. Contact Ms Shula FineTitle Deputy General ManagerTel Direct +972 4 654 7461 Ext 210Mobile +972 50 220 1634Email shula@kanfit.comContactC Mr Avi Kantor M A iKTitle Business DevelopmentMobile +972 54 335 8686Email avi kantor@kanfit comAddress 17 Hatzoran St, POB 7004, South Industrial Area Migdal Haemek 23100, IsraelTel Office +972 4 654 7461Fax Office +972 4 644 1065Web
  20. 20. MTC Industries & Research Ltd.MTC Industries & Research, established in 1977, rapidly became aleading supplier to Israels largest aerospace and defense companiesfor the design, development and manufacture of complex electro-mechanical components and for the overhaul of jet engine h i l t d f th h l fj t icomponents by thermal spray techniques.With over 30 years of experience supplying such market leaders asIsrael Aerospace Industries, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems andElbit Systems, MTC offers its products and know-how worldwide,supplying multinational corporations and government agencies.MTC products most in demand are free and rate gyroscopes formissiles and other airborne platforms, and vertical gyros and rotaryservo actuators for UAVs. Our offerings include special small DC andtorque motors, resolvers, LVDT, RVDT, multi-tier slip-rings, solenoidt t l LVDT RVDT lti ti li i l idvalves and fuel manifolds. All are available off-the-shelf or tocustomer specifications, built-to-print or built-to-spec, per MIL-STD /AS9100 / ISO9001.
  21. 21. Contact Mr Yair AvniTitle Vice PresidentEmail mkt@mtcind.comAddress 1 Hamagal St, Industrial Zone Karmiel 21611, IsraelTel Office +972 4 998 7772Fax Office +972 4 998 1189Web
  22. 22. Pentagon 2000 Software, Inc.Pentagon 2000 Software is a leading supplier of enterprise and MROsoftware systems for aerospace and defense applications. Oursoftware and extensive array of tailor made aviation-specific modulesprovide fully integrated control and visibility within and across anenterprise, enabling significant improvements in efficiency,productivity and financial performance.Since 1986, Pentagon 2000 Software has focused on creating softwarethat fully supports the operational requirements and strategic visionof hundreds of leading companies in the aerospace and defensesectors.
  23. 23. Contact Mr Gabriel MofazTitle PresidentTel Direct +972 3 516 6566Mobile +972 52 621 8303Email g @p gIsrael Address 9 Ahad Ha’am St, Shalom Tower, 17th Floor, Tel Aviv 65251, IsraelUS Address 15 West 34th Street, 5th , Floor, New York, NY 10001, USATel Office +972 3 516 6566Fax Office +972 3 516 6885 972Web
  24. 24. Plasan Sasa Ltd.Plasan is a recognized innovator and international provider ofcustomized, lightweight survivability solutions for tactical combatvehicles, fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, naval platforms, civilianarmored vehicles, and personal protection.Based on complex composite materials, our state-of-the-artsurvivability suites offer a unique optimization between protection,payload and cost for military, civilian and law enforcement personnelalike.By combining in-house R&D, design prototyping, and manufacturing in house R&D design, prototypingcapabilities into numerous design wins, Plasan has emerged as aworld leader – providing the right solutions at the right price.
  25. 25. Contact Ms Yael HalimiTitle Marketing Manager, Airborne/Naval Armor SystemsTel Direct +972 4 680 9029Mobile +972 54 287 2229 972Email yaelh@plasan.comAddress Kibbutz Sasa MP Merom Hagalil 13870, g , IsraelTel Office +972 4 680 9000Fax Office +972 4 680 9001Web
  26. 26. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, founded in 1948, has developedsystems for every branch of the Israel Defense Forces and armedforces worldwide.Tailored to customers’ specific needs, Rafael provides state-of-the-art,cost-effective systems and weapons in many defense areas: missiles,air defense, naval systems, target acquisition, EW, C4ISR,communication networks, data links, electro-optic payloads, IEDdefeat systems, armor and active protection, combat vehicleupgrading, mine field breaching, border and coastal protectionsystems, USVs and much more.Rafael has proven to be a sound partner in joint ventures and complextechnology transfer programs with organizations such as LockheedMartin,Martin Northrop Grumman Thales Diehl Raytheon and General Grumman, Thales, Diehl,Dynamics as well as local companies in over 20 countries worldwide.The company has also formed partnerships with civilian counterpartsto develop commercial applications based on its proprietarytechnology.
  27. 27. Contact Ms Ravit RudoyTitle Marketing Communication ManagerTel Direct +972 4 879 1244 / +972 4 879 3870Mobile +972 52 429 0318 972Email / POB 2250 (190) Haifa 31021, IsraelTel Office +972 4 879 4714Fax Office +972 4 879 4657WebW b f l il
  28. 28. Shimshon Fine Mechanics Ltd.Shimshon specializes in fine mechanics and is considered an expertin the manufacture of miniature precision mechanical components.Our products are used in equipment for medical diagnostics,telecommunications, electro-optics, defense, metal processing, micro-mechanics and more.Small: There is no item too small for us to manufacture. Our motto iscoping with any kind of challenge, big or small, and we are great atdoing just that.Smart: At Shimshon we truly believe in commitment. We are experts in commitmentfine mechanics and attending to small details is what we do best. Yourproject is the hands of specialists who can get the mission completed.In short: yes, we can!Strong: We shouldnt brag about our capabilities but our strongestsuit is simply getting things done right.
  29. 29. Contact Mr Shimshon AziziTitle Managing Director g gTel Direct +972 4 877 7013Mobile +972 50 267 7781Email 74 Hacharoshet St, Beit Ma’agan POB 9119, Kiryat Bialik Industrial Zone 27511, IsraelTel Office +972 4 877 7013Fax Office +972 4 877 7014Web
  30. 30. Urban Aeronautics Ltd.Urban Aeronautics is developing Fancraft, a family of internal rotoraircraft designed to meet existing FAA certification standards. A suiteof patented aerodynamic innovations ensure that Fancraft, whileretaining the hover and safety advantages of a ducted fan design, t i i th h d f t d t f d t df d ihave unique aerodynamic advantages that maintain stability andforward speed. Internal rotors, compact size and precise, six-degrees-o eedoof-freedom maneuverability e ab e Fancraft to fly in a eas a eu e ab ty enable a c a t y areasinaccessible even to helicopters. This places UrbanAero firmly in thelead in the effort to develop aircraft that can fly in urban and otherobstructed airspace.UrbanAeros first Fancraft prototype, AirMule, is currently in flighttesting. AirMule is designed to fulfill unmanned cargo resupply,CasEvac and other missions in wartime as well as civil emergencyresponse during natural disasters. UrbanAeros follow-on Fancraftmodels include the manned Centaur and X-Hawk, both designed tomeet FAA certification standards and to fulfill military and civilianmissions.missions
  31. 31. Contact Dr Rafi YoeliTitle President and CEOMobile +972 54 444 6993Email rafi@urbanaero.comAddress 10 Nahal Snir St, POB , 13137 Yavne 81224, IsraelTel Office +972 8 943 3640Fax Office +972 8 943 3644Web
  32. 32. Y. Schuster Ltd.Y. Schuster manufactures flexible and rigid hoses for the aviation andsecurity industries. Since its founding in 1973, the company hasacquired superior expertise in prototyping, planning, manufacturingand supplying hoses to military aircraft upgrading programs, airborneand ground-based radar systems, laser systems, rockets andlaunchers, unmanned air vehicles, airborne refueling tankers,conversions and more. moreY. Schuster is committed to the highest quality standards and usesthe most advanced manufacturing equipment. At the 2011 BangaloreAir Show, Y. Schuster announced a joint venture with RangsonsElectronics to manufacture aviation hoses in India, including thetransfer of production lines and know-how, plus employee trainingand supervision. The RSPL (Rangsons-Schuster) facility, now under supervision (Rangsons Schuster) facilityconstruction in Mysore and offset compliant, will provide world classaviation tubes and hoses to Indian and global defense suppliers.
  33. 33. Contact Mr Yuval SchusterTitle PresidentMobile +972 52 646 4400Email 27 Habanay St, Holon y , Industrial Zone Holon 58853, IsraelTel Office +972 3 558 7474Fax Office +972 3 559 0144Web,
  34. 34. SIBATDefense Export and Defense Cooperation p pIsrael’s defense export activities are coordinated by SIBAT, thede e se export and defense cooperation agency of thedefense e po t a d de e se coope at o age cy o t e Ministry ost y ofDefense. SIBAT takes part in the formulation of Israel’s defense exportpolicy and implements it.SIBAT incorporates Defense Export and Defense Cooperation,S f f CDefense Inventory Sales and Defense Services.SIBAT sSIBAT’s main roles:• Support for Israel’s defense exports• Initiation and implementation of defense industrial cooperation• Marketing and sales of defense inventory g y• Providing a full spectrum of export services to all our customers
  35. 35. Contact Col. (Res.) Moshe KravitzTitle Director, Defense Cooperation, Europe & North AmericaTel Direct +972 3 697 7936Mobile +972 50 629 1262Email Hakirya Tel Aviv 64734 , IsraelFax Office +972 693 4534Web
  36. 36. Israeli solutions: the smart advantageThe advanced solutions offered by Israel’s aerospace and defense Israel sindustries meet tomorrow’s challenges while delivering operationaldividends today. Safeguarding Israel’s national security from space andkeeping a vigilant eye over its borders and the open sea have long beenvital to the nation’s welfare. The security and defense agencies of many f f fcountries have benefited from the unique expertise that has evolvedfrom Israel’s investments in its national security.These benefits accrue beyond the public sector. Commercial airlines,cargo operators, air and sea ports, railways, merchant fleets, securitycompanies and telecommunications operators gain businessadvantages with innovative Israeli made solutions that deliver better Israeli-madesecurity while improving operability and profitability.
  37. 37. Israeli solutions: the smart advantageIsrael sIsrael’s aerospace and defense industry is a one-stop-shop for every one stop shopcustomer. These range from large aerospace conglomerates, defenseministries and aircraft operators requiring upgrading, modification andadaptation of main platforms to end-users exploring a uniquetechnological solution. With its wealth of experience and extensive ftechnical and engineering skills gained over years of demandingoperations, Israel’s aerospace companies are ready to meet all yourrequirements.The list of Israeli products and solutions is extensive. From the smallestcomponent to geocentric satellite, Israel offers airframes & aerostructures,structures unmanned & autonomous systems space technology, systems, technologyelectronics, avionics & optronics, upgrading & conversion of fixed- androtary-winged aircraft, maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO), training &operational support, airport operations & services, and aviation security.We invite you to explore Israel’s aerospace offerings at the IsraelPavilion at the Paris Air Show 2011. Israeli companies are ready to workwith you to meet your most challenging aerospace and securitydemands.
  38. 38. The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute“Your Gateway to Israel’s Aerospace and Security Industry” y y yThe Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, a non-profitorganization supported by the government of Israel and the privatesector, facilitates business ties, joint ventures and strategic alliancesbetween overseas and Israeli companies. Charged with promotingIsraels business community in foreign markets, it providescomprehensive, professional trade information, advice, contacts andpromotional activities to Israeli companies and complementary companies,services to business people, commercial groups, and businessdelegations from abroad.Aerospace & HLS DepartmentOver 450 exporting companies in the aerospace and homelandsecurity arena are represented by the Institute’s Aerospace & HLS y p y pDepartment.By providing a wide range of export-oriented services to Israelicompanies, and complementary services to the international businesscommunity, the Institute helps to build successful joint ventures,strategic alliances, and trade partnerships.
  39. 39. The Israel Export & International Cooperation InstituteMr Guy ZuriDirector,Director Aerospace & HLS DepartmentTel +972 3 514 2839Mobile +972 54 457 IEICI Media & Production Division Editing: IEICI Aerospace, Defense & HLS DepartmentGraphic Design: Ayala Eylath Copywriting: Paul Ogden Pavilion Organization: IEICI Exhibitions Unit