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מצגת החברות המשתתפות בתערוכת מיליפול 2013


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מצגת החברות המשתתפות בתערוכת מיליפול 2013

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מצגת החברות המשתתפות בתערוכת מיליפול 2013

  1. 1. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael YourDestinationfor HLSTechnology InnovationIsrael Milipol Paris 2013at November 19-22, 2013  Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center Israel Pavilion  Hall 5
  2. 2. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael 2 Israeli HLS technologies, developed to safeguard Israel’s national security, are among the most advanced in the world and have been proven in many real-life situations. They are the solutions of choice for many nations that are increasing their investment in homeland security. Cities, with high population densities and their concentrations of strategic assets, are a special focus of many security agencies. Israeli systems support the extensive efforts being made to secure modern cities by integrating existing surveillance capabilities with sophisticated situational awareness mechanisms and the command and control centers that empower “safe city” initiatives. Israeli companies have particular strengths in intelligence gathering and analysis (data fusing) that help secure the smart city. These systems are typically integrated with existing law enforcement, traffic management, and general security procedures in urban domains. Ensuring business and organizational continuity requires preparing for emergencies. This includes emergency management procedures, robust communications systems and more, all available from Israeli providers. Physical threats can be minimized and even neutralized via Israeli armored vehicles and related hardware, including non-lethal and less-lethal systems. Battery pack to riot dispersal vehicle, personnel protection to signal intelligence, there’s an Israeli solution that meets your needs. Welcome to the Israel Pavilion  Hall 5 at Milipol Paris 2013
  3. 3. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael The Israel Export & International CooperationInstitute The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, supported by member firms, private- sector bodies and the government of Israel, advances business relationships between Israeli exporters and overseas businesses and organizations. By providing a wide range of export- oriented services to Israeli companies and complementary services to the international business community, the Institute helps build successful joint ventures, strategic alliances and trade partnerships around the world. HLS & Aerospace Department “Your Gateway to Israel’s HLS Industry” The IEICI’s HLS & Aerospace Department represents over 400 exporting companies in the homeland security arena. Israeli HLS companies offer technologically advanced, field-proven products and solutions that are among the most innovative anywhere. They are successfully partnering with key world players to ensure public safety, protecting air and sea ports, borders, government installations, financial institutions, recreation centers, public venues and more. The Department works with foreign government ministries and their agencies, as well as with industry bodies, to promote private-industry joint ventures and international partnerships. 3 Back to participants 29 HameredSt. Tel Aviv 68125, Israel +972 3 514 2881 Mr Gil Rieder Director, HLS & Aerospace +972 3 514 2839 +972 54 457 8628 Mr Moty Cohen Manager,HLS & Aerospace +972 3 514 2856 +972 52 802 7417 Mr Achiad Alter Marketing Coordinator HLS & Aerospace +972 3 514 2971 +972 52 889 1181
  4. 4. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael Participants  The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute ►  Karil International Ltd. ►  Amicell-Amit Industries Ltd. ►  Lior Textile Industries Ltd. ►  Beit Alfa Technologies Ltd. ►  LiveU Ltd. ►  BriefCam Ltd. ►  Memtex Ltd. ►  E.S.C. BAZ Ltd. ►  Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. ►  eVigilo Ltd. ►  Phantom Technologies Ltd. ►  Geospotx Ltd. ►  Pro4tech Ltd. ►  Gita Technologies Ltd. ►  RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. ►  Hatehof Ltd. ►  Septier Communication Ltd. ►  ISPRA Ltd. ►  Wintego Systems Ltd. ►  WireX Systems Ltd. ► 4 Click on the desired company
  5. 5. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael Founded in 1989, Amicell - Amit Industries assembles and markets, under the Amicell brand, standard and custom battery packs in a wide range of technical formats such as Li-Ion / Polymer, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, etc., as well as various charging systems. Our reputation for excellence has been achieved through the joint effort of our professional staff of leading electronics and mechanical engineers, and our advanced, strict quality assurance system which together enabledAmit Industries to achieve ISO 9001:2000approval.  Amicell - Amit Industries Ltd. 5 Back to participants Ms Hana Manor Marketing Manager Direct +972 8 856 1612 Ext 104 +972 54 421 7594 9 Habanaim St Ashdod 77609, Israel Office +972 8 856 1612 +972 8 8521093
  6. 6. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael Beit Alfa Technologies (BAT) designs and manufactures special purpose vehicles. Our advanced and effective riot control vehicles using jet-pulse water cannons, a non-lethal, quick, accurate and cost-effective system, are deployed worldwide. Our EOD & IEDD vehicles, with specialized equipment, have been adopted by many militaries and law enforcement agencies. BAT also offers a water restraint system to subdue inmate riots in prisons, fire fighting vehicles and other tailor-made special purpose vehicles.  Beit Alfa Technologies Ltd. 6 Back to participants Mr Meir Yakter International Marketing & Sales Manager +972 4 653 3060 KibbutzBeit Alfa 1080200, Israel +972 4 653 3504
  7. 7. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael You have hours of video to review. BriefCam® lets you review hours in minutes. BriefCam’s award-winning Video Synopsis® technology, standalone or within the VMS environment, enables quick access to actionable information. Your video gains value when you’re able to watch it all quickly, identify key data and even locate previously undiscovered events. BriefCam lets you get to the point. Fast.  BriefCam Ltd. 7 Back to participants Mr Florian Leibovici RegionalSales Manager -International Direct +972 72 220 2055 Israel +972 52 859 7953 France +33 6 18 66 36 14 G.G.Communication Center Neve Ilan 90850, Israel +972 2 533 7228 +972 2 533 7448
  8. 8. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael Founded in 1994, E.S.C. BAZ develops and manufactures next-generation video surveillance and observation systems for police and military forces worldwide. Our perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) secure airports, harbors, power stations, refineries, prisons and critical infrastructure. With hundreds of installations and vast experience in electronic and electro-optical system design, E.S.C. BAZ is known as a leading provider of wired, wireless and mobile observation systemsfor both governmentand civilian markets.  E.S.C. BAZ Ltd. 8 Back to participants Mr Riri Elfassy VP International Sales and Marketing Direct +972 3 900 7554 +972 54 494 2874 3 School Rd. KibbutzEinat 48805, Israel +972 3 900 7500 +972 3 725 2787
  9. 9. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael eVigilo develops public warning systems used by national authorities and municipalities. Our systems have been selected for public warning and notification by Chile and Israel’s Home Front Command and municipalities. The system supports multi-sensor input and geo-targeted multi-channel output across mobile, land-line, Internet, TV, radio, sirens, billboards, etc., informing millionsof people within seconds about natural and man-madedisasters.  eVigilo Ltd. 9 Back to participants Mr FeliksVainik VP Business Development Direct +972 72 250 4 911 +972 54 211 1 747 2 Hamelacha St., POB 8137 Netanya4250539, Israel +972 722 504 911 +972 722 504 910
  10. 10. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael Established in 2008, Geospotx Ltd. is a leading provider of high end GIS systems. The company’s main products are Street 360, an autonomous system for visual mapping (visual mapping is the ability to connect between the digital map and the panoramic visual from the mapped area) and SpotX Server, a high-end fleet management system designed especially for law enforcement applications. GeoSpotX also offers software development services, specializing in image processing and analysis, computer vision and related algorithms.  Geospotx Ltd. 10 Back to participants Mr Eyal Daniel CMO +972 54 434 5353 50 Bnei Dan St. Tel Aviv 62966, ISRAEL +972 3 544 0659 +972 3 604 3004
  11. 11. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael Gita Technologies is an intelligence gathering and cyber security R&D boutique. The company presents unconventional thinking patterns to tackle the most sophisticated challenges in its field. Among our solutions: real time tactical interception systems for cellular and satellites, location finding technologies, high-end encryption, ciphers and cryptography, reverse engineering and analysis of complex protocols. Gita Technologies meets the complex requirements of government agencies and enterprises worldwide with novel technologiesdeveloped by its own multi-disciplinaryR&D division.  Gita Technologies Ltd. 11 Back to participants Mr Ronen Yashvitz Co-CEO Direct +972 3 901 4707 Ext 113 +972 50 877 0994 16 Hamelacha St. Rosh HaAyin48091, Israel +972 3 901 4707 +972 3 901 7997
  12. 12. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael Hatehof, with a global reputation built on 60 years of excellence, manufactures field proven armored vehicles, riot control vehicles, aircraft refuelers, firefighting vehicles, decontamination containers, and special purpose military/security trailers. Our experienced engineers and state of the art ISO 9001 facilities let us handle multiple, large-scale, complex projects simultaneously. Our in-house services include concept, design, manufacture, inspection, technical literature and cataloging. Hatehof is a major supplier to the IDF and other armed forces.  Hatehof Ltd. Back to participants 12 Mr Danny Fisher Marketing & Sales Manager Direct +972 4 641 0650 +972 54 689 9280 10 Hasadna St. UpperNazareth 17105, Israel Office +972 4 641 0604 +972 4 641 8555
  13. 13. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael  ISPRA Ltd. Founded in 1969, ISPRA is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing of less-lethal devices for riot control, crowd management, anti- terror operations and similar police work. ISPRA’s innovative less-lethal product line has kept us in the forefront of non-lethal ammunition throughout the years. We are developing today innovative products and solutions for the problemsof tomorrow. 13 Back to participants Mr Alon Slonim VP Marketing 20a Galgaley Haplada St. Herzliya46120, Israel +972 9 955 5464 +972 9 955 9146
  14. 14. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael  Karil International Ltd. Karil, a member of Mistral Group, offers innovative operational solutions for transportation security, EOD units and law enforcement agencies around the globe. Karil specializes in blast management vessels, wet chemistry explosive/drug detection and forensic products, situational awareness solutions, and underwater tactical and navigation systems for divers. Our solutions and state of the art systems are currently utilized by military, law enforcementagencies and public safety professionals aroundthe world. 14 Back to participants Ms Lina Perelshtein International Marketing & Sales Manager +972 52 339 8991 6 Maskit Street Herzliya4614002, Israel +972 9 956 8212 +972 9 956 8414
  15. 15. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael  Lior Textile Industries Ltd. Lior Textile Industries leads the market for personnel protection. Our ability to assure top quality stems from more than thirty years of cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces and “real time” field testing. Products include body armor, CBRN clothing, ballistic inserts, tactical vests, dry storage solutions, flame- resistant coveralls and ECWCS. Our facilities are ISO 9001-2008 certified and top-rated by the Israeli MoD. Our work procedures, production control and organizationaldiscipline are major contributors to our success. 15 Back to participants Mr Lior Bookris Sales +972 52 872 1213 Dora Industrial Zone Shlomi 22832, Israel +972 4 980 8815 +972 4 980 8816
  16. 16. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael  LiveU Ltd. LiveU offers portable real-time uplink solutions to law enforcement, the military and first responders. LiveU’s multi-link bonding technology enables high-quality real-time wireless video, audio and data transmissions from the field to any location. Using existing networks (i.e., 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Wimax, RF, BGAN and Ethernet) simultaneously, our systems overcome bandwidth limitations and fluctuations, uniquely delivering robust and fluent live HD video with built-in redundancy, even from moving vehicles and helicopters. LiveU products, also used by tier-1 broadcasters, are deployed in over 80 countries. 16 Back to participants Mr Hagay Avraham Director BD, Security & Defense Direct+972 9 763 2425 +972 54 808 2967 5 Hagavish St, POB 2076 Kfar Saba 44641, Israel +972 9 763 8000 +972 9 763 8001
  17. 17. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael  Memtex Ltd. Memtex offers miniature cellular surveillance systems. Memtex CV100™, the Multi-tool of Technical Operations™ is world’s smallest, most feature-rich tactical cellular covert operations video system. The Memtex CV100™ is optimized for covert surveillance and body-worn missions. Offering: a) Online: real-time video, audio, location, and event streaming over secure networks; b) Autonomous: mission programs, scheduling, event-driven and situation- awareness, store & forward; c) Smart recording, notifications, mission-critical reliability, low power consumption, rugged construction. For law enforcement, special forces and HLS agencies. 17 Back to participants Mr Avner Divon BusinessManager +972 54 594 5744 Palanium Building, POB 12 Einat48805, Israel +972 3 901 6101 +972 50 896 3339
  18. 18. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael  Netline Communications Technologies (NCT) Ltd. Netline Communications Technologies develops, manufactures and sells cutting- edge electronic countermeasures and spectrum dominance solutions for the global defense and HLS markets. Solutions include: Counter IED and COMM jamming with advanced features; tactical interception and SIGINT solutions including spectral analysis, signal classification/demodulation, cellphone monitoring and location/direction finding; prison-cell phone control; RF leakage detection & monitoring and cellphone detection for sensitive government and corporate facilities; emergency mobile communications and victim location solutions for search and rescue ops. 18 Back to participants Mr Moss Stern Marcom Manager Direct +972 3 606 8166 +972 54 255 8258 132 Menachem BeginRd. Tel Aviv 6701101, Israel +972 3 606 8100 +972 3 606 8101
  19. 19. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael  Phantom Technologies Ltd. Phantom Technologies provides jamming solutions for all RF communications applications, including cellular, Wi-Fi, tactical communications and satellite phones. We develop and manufacture our systems in all sizes and in multiple configurations, from low power to extreme high power jammers, for stationary, man-pack, vehicular and complete compound area coverage applications. We offer standardized and customized solutions tailored to client requirements. The company’s products also include internally developed digital receivers for conditioned jammingsystems, counter surveillance systems and SIGINT applications. 19 Back to participants Mr Ithiel Har-Chen CMO +972 54 316 2244 68 Amal St. Petach Tikva 49513, Israel +972 3 921 5720 +972 3 921 5434
  20. 20. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael  Pro4tech Ltd. Pro4tech has since 2001 integrated advanced technologies and engineering expertise to offer solutions featuring the world’s smallest “store & forward” camcorder and other cutting-edge capabilities. From state-of-the-art mini recording devices to a portable VIP security system in a case, Pro4tech’s innovative solutions are deployed by law-enforcement, government and military organizations and agencies, and accepted for evidence by judicial systems worldwide. Pro4tech delivers the highest level of “anytime, anywhere” covert surveillance solutionsin the industry. 20 Back to participants Mr Eli Yarkoni Managing Director +972 50 545 7100 Kochav Yokneam Building Yokneam 20692, Israel +972 4 959 0081 +972 4 989 0480
  21. 21. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael  RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. Rafael, with its proven high-tech systems, is one of the world’s leading vendors of end-to-end solutions for the homeland security challenges of today, and well into the future. SIS solutions from Rafael provide threat detection, identification, deterrence and comprehensive threat management for offshore critical infrastructure protection; sea port and coastline protection; critical infrastructure protection (CIP); and border protection. Rafael’s technological solutions offer full flexibility and integrate seamlessly with existing customer systems. 21 Back to participants Ms Ravit Rudoy Corporate Marketing Communications Manager Direct +972 4 879 1244 +972 52 429 0318 POB 2250 Haifa31021, Israel +972 4 879 4714 +972 4 879 4657
  22. 22. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael  Septier Communication Ltd. Septier Communication develops and markets strategic and tactical telecom & IP solutions for intelligence agencies and communication service providers. These include lawful interception and accurate cellular positioning systems, tactical cellular interceptors, fraud management and data retention applications and more. Septier products are installed at dozens of customers around the world providing cutting edge tools to combat crime and terrorism. All systems are field proven and support the latest telecommunications and qualityassurancestandards. 22 Back to participants Ms Julie Levi Admin.Manager & Director of Conferences and Exhibitions +972 52 323 9069 35 Efal St. Petach Tikva 4951132, Israel +972 3 914 1000 +972 3 924 7023
  23. 23. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael  Wintego Systems Ltd. WINT is a tactical solution for extracting intelligence over Wi-Fi networks. It intercepts emails, social networks, live chats, web browsing and more, to provide a whole new world of intelligence. It provides a comprehensive view of target communications via their laptops, tablets and mobile phones. WINT enables law enforcement agencies and authorized government entities to: (1) Access and intercept encrypted Wi-Fi networks. (2) Access target email and social network accounts.(3) Access exclusive contenton target devices. 23 Back to participants Mr Yuval Luria VP Sales and Marketing 2 Hata’asyia St. Yokneam,Israel +972 72 215 1503 +972 3 548 0853
  24. 24. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael WireX Systems is a cyber intelligence provider offering a powerful solution (AQWIREX) that monitors and analyzes IP communications, including social networks, webmail, chat, posts and other web applications. AQWIREX builds an accurate picture, in real time, of users’ actions, while handling tactical as well as heavy backbone traffic loads using commercial off-the-shelf hardware. A key strength is the support of social networks communications, a severe threat due to their popularity and the technological difficulties of efficiently analyzing Web 2.0 within a constantlychangingenvironment.  WireX Systems Ltd. 24 Back to participants Mr Pinhas Reich VP Sales Direct +972 77 515 0804 +972 54 545 7747 40 Haat’zmautRd. Yahud 5630417, Israel +972 77 515 0803 +972 77 515 0805
  25. 25. Your Destination for HLS Technology InnovationIsrael Protectinglife. Protecting our way of life. © The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute ▪ Production: IEICI Media & Production Division ▪ Editing: IEICI HLS & Aerospace Department ▪ August 2013 Design: Ayala Eylath ▪ Text: Paul Ogden ▪ Pavilion Organization: IEICI Exhibitions Unit ▪ This publication is for informational purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure that the presented information is correct, The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute assumes no responsibility for damages,financial or otherwise, caused by the information herein For further information: 25 ThankYou 29 HameredSt. Tel Aviv 68125, Israel +972 3 514 2881 Mr Gil Rieder Director, HLS & Aerospace +972 3 514 2839 +972 54 457 8628 Mr Moty Cohen Manager,HLS & Aerospace +972 3 514 2856 +972 52 802 7417 Mr Achiad Alter Marketing Coordinator HLS & Aerospace +972 3 514 2971 +972 52 889 1181