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Home and family presentation 2017

Published in: Business
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  1. 1.  Leading provider of Cutting-edge technologies  Value for top-quality  Free Trade Agreements with Europe and US  Israel to Europe Speed-to-market advantage Israel, Homeland for DIY Innovations!
  2. 2. Israel’s home and family products are desired by consumers wherever they’re sold. The reasons are clear: A tradition of innovation, marketplace awareness and responsiveness to customer demands rank high on the list. Further, the synergies uniquely available in a small country enable the rapid adoption of locally-developed technologies, helping the industry build modern production facilities and employ advanced design tools. Israeli home and family products meet consumer requirements: They’re priced right, are of high quality, and suit the lifestyles of their purchasers.
  4. 4. HOUSEWARE Products: Cleaning Cloths, Bath Mats, Pet Line, Automotive cleaning and polishing line We make patterned mats, vibrant towels, comfy cushions. We've even got a range of fun products for our furry friends-offering a variety of pet care items from mats to blankets.
  5. 5. Products: Outdoor toys, DIY and Household products Starplast is family owned business who supplies Outdoor toys, DIY storage solutions and Household products over the last 5 decades. HOUSEWARE
  6. 6. Products: Electric Instant Water Heaters and Towel warmers Atmor Industries Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Electric Instant Water Heaters in the world. HOUSEWARE
  7. 7. HOUSEWARE Products: DIY storage systems & TOYS RAM is one of the leading supplier of high quality plastic storage systems and educational toy constructions
  8. 8. Products: Plastic Housewares & Kitchenwares Life Story brings you innovative storage solutions to keep your home in order. All of our products are created by a talented in-house design team, and thanks to the innovative technology of plastic injection molding, our collections introduce quality, color, and stylish storage ideas to everyday life. HOUSEWARE
  9. 9. HARDWARE
  10. 10. HARDWARE Products: Plastic Products including Clamps & Tool Storage products Tefenplast was established in 1984. We are producing Innovative Clamps (Gator Clamps) and Tool Storage products.
  11. 11. HARDWARE Products: Hardware storage solutions Huliot Storage Solutions Ltd. Is an export-oriented company based in Israel, specializing in manufacturing contemporary and highly durable storage solutions for: DIY, medical, technical and industrial applications.
  12. 12. HARDWARE Products: Levels, lasers, layout& Marking tools For 30 years, Kapro has been making the finest quality spirit levels, laser levels, and layout tools, marking and measuring tools.
  13. 13. HARDWARE Products: Decorative paints, Industrial Coatings, Sealants and Powder Coatings . Nirlat is a leading Israeli manufacturer of decorative paints, industrial coatings, sealants and powder coatings.
  14. 14. HARDWARE Products: Cutting tools for Woodworking, Plastics, Aluminum and other materials founded in 1959, WPW is a leading manufacturer and worldwide exporter of professional quality tungsten carbide cutting tools such as Router Bits, Boring and Countersinking Bits and other drilling tools.
  15. 15. HARDWARE Products: Hand Deburring Tools (blades, scrapers, chamfers, blade holders, handles, deburring sets/kits). Shaviv division (part of Vargus Ltd.) has been setting the highest standards for quality in hand deburring since 1960. SHAVIV blades, holders and handles are available as individual components or in combo sets and kits.
  16. 16. LAWN & OUTDOOR
  17. 17. LAWN & OUTDOOR Products: Robotic lawn mowers. Robomow is a leading robotic mower brand. At Robomow, we combine our passion for technology and innovation with the vision of a home without chores to create the only home robots that not only get the job done, but are also friendly and easy-to-use.
  18. 18. LAWN & OUTDOOR Products : Doormats, Car Mats, Deck Tiles With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Gumexpo has long been established as Israel’s largest manufacturer of Doormats, Car Mats and Deck Tiles. The company is known in the industry as innovative in design and materials implementation.
  19. 19. LAWN & OUTDOOR Products: Hoses & Compounds Terraflex is a leading hose manufacturer founded in 1968. The company offers a wide range of PVC hoses and other plastic hose products aimed at meeting the needs of its customers, and providing applications in various sectors including agriculture, infrastructure & marine industry
  20. 20. LAWN & OUTDOOR Products: GARDEN & STORAGE PLASTIC PRODUCTS D.F. Omer Ltd. established in 2005. The main goals of the company are to develop, produce, and market high quality, innovative items for the garden and home.
  21. 21. LAWN & OUTDOOR Products :" Smart Irrigation Controller, named "Smart Garden Hub. GreenIQ, the leader of the smart garden revolution, introduces the innovative Smart Garden Hub. The device connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G and is easy to install and setup.
  22. 22. LAWN & OUTDOOR Products: DIY, Polycarbonate, Greenhouses, Garden Sheds, Patio covers- ready kits. Palram Applications Ltd. is a designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing arm of Palram Industries Group, specializing in consumer products for outdoor use.
  23. 23. LAWN & OUTDOOR Products: GARDEN IRRIGATION PRODUCTS Elgo irrigation Ltd. is a leader supplier of Garden Irrigation Products, providing all the irrigation ranges (Hose end, Micro Irrigation, Underground, etc.)
  24. 24. LAWN & OUTDOOR Products: Machine Made Woven Carpets "Carmel Floor design" is a well-established leading manufacture of machine made woven and tufted rugs and carpets. We are also a major artificial grass manufacturer.
  25. 25.  Israel’s Home Improvement and DIY famous brands  Connection with International DIY Chains  Reliable and experienced industry partners  Optimized flexibility to customers specifications  Complete package of services at your doorstep Small Country – Big Opportunities
  26. 26.  Innovative unique DIY designs  Next generation Eco- friendly products  Worldwide exporters in the plastics industry  Customer centric with International standard certifications  A One–Stop–Shop for all your needs
  27. 27. For further Information please contact: Mr. Neriya Nitsan Manager, Home and Family products Tel: +972-3-514-2982 Fax: +972-3-514-2985 Thank you