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Powerpoint about Google+ for a class I'm taking.

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Google plus for ete565

  1. 1. Circling the Social Aspects of the Web Looking at Emerging Technology BY: Justin Vargo
  2. 2. What is Google+ ? A New Social Network It’s based on the idea of a Circle of Friends. "We've created a system that's based on the concept of circles , so that I can take my college friends and drag them into a circle called 'college buddies,' and I can take my work colleagues and drag them into a circle that's called 'work friends.' And I can share selectively the parts of myself with those circles that I choose to," Bradley Horowitz
  3. 3. How it works… Like all social sites, it’s about showing everyone what your up to and seeing what they are doing. First you need a google account…Don’t worry it’s free! Follow the simple steps at plus. google .com to sign up NOTE:Currently Google+ is in beta so be should be up and running for everyone soon. Begin to find your friends and create your circles!
  4. 4. But, How Do Circles Work? You group your friends so you can dictate what they are allowed to see! If I post in Family and Friends only they can see it… If I post in Co-workers, both they and the F&F can see it If I hit everyone ..all my groups can see it Or I can post something that ONLY a select group can see. Friends ONLY Family & Friends Co-workers Everyone I know
  5. 5. Google+ can do much more… Circle Hangouts Huddle Instant Photo uploads Sparks
  6. 6. Hangouts Talk to your friends in a live video chat.
  7. 7. Instant Photo’s Take a photo on your phone, and it Automatically uploads to a private album on Google+.
  8. 8. Sparks Tell Google+ what you like… It will find relevant stuff for you to look at in your free time.
  9. 9. Huddle Text with a group together. Up to 6 friends can have a chatroom style text .
  10. 10. Other new features… Localized Data: Thanks to GPS and the heavy mobile connection Google+ can target your location. Think special offers from a store just a block away form where your standing. Connecting Multiple Social Networks: Google+ can connect with sites such as; Quora, Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, LinkedIn , Twitte r, Yelp, Hotmail , and Plaxo.
  11. 11. Social Implications Many New Features : Spark, Huddle, Circles, ect. Could allow for more control then any other social network . Unlike other sites, they promise to remove all your info if you delete your account. Finally, keep track of all your networks in one place.
  12. 12. Educational Implications Google+ with it’s many layers of circles could allow teachers And students to interact in a new way. Student Teacher Friends Socialize with both friends and teachers, but neither see the others conversations
  13. 13. Educational Implications Student Teacher Subject Professionals Students can learn not from just their teacher…but professionals all over the world!
  14. 14. Educational Implications Huddle & Hangouts: Instant and direct discussion with peers and professors. Combine with other Google products: Combine with programs like and you basically have a virtual classroom!
  15. 15. Future Impact Imagine: - Whole classes in a free environment - Professionals from all over the world having true and immediate brainstorming sessions - Students getting feedback from not only their teacher but others in the field of discussion -Logging in, and Google+ has found 3 new studies on a subject your are researching. Ready for your viewing
  16. 16. How will Google+ effect ME? Time on Internet Facebook Twitter Blogging Games Message boards & Chatting Looking up News Before Google+ After Google+ Google+ (being able to see twitter, facebook, ect. ;and Spark feeds) Games Looking up news
  17. 17. Just who is Google? In 1996 , Stanford University graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin built a search engine called “BackRub”. By 1998 they had formalized their work, creating the company you know today as Google . Now has more than 20,000 employees worldwide . No longer just a search engine… Now has, Browser , mobile, video, social network ,pictures, books, e-mail , documents , blogging, ect.
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