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This document was created by an individual or individuals who submitted a proposal so he / she / they may present at the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiative’s 2011 Conference on Service and Volunteerism (GCSV11). This proposal was approved by the Indiana Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism (ICCSV) and other community partners. Sharing this document is a courtesy extended by the OFBCI to conference attendees who may want to reference materials covered at the GCSV11, and the OFBCI in no way not responsible for specific content within.

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Gcsv2011 leader corps-megan fetter-bylaws final

  1. 1. INDIANA AMERICORPS LEADERCORPS BYLAWS 2011-2012 Mission o To strengthen the national service movement and identity of AmeriCorps in Indiana through effective outreach, community-wide service projects, and civic engagement. Goals o Act as ambassadors for National Service in Indiana. o Reach out to AmeriCorps Alumni through involvement in outreach and service projects. o Promote AmeriCorps as a meaningful and inclusive service opportunity for all Americans. o Expand leadership and professional development opportunities for AmeriCorps members. o Promote involvement of programs and members in regional events and national days of service. o Act as a conduit of information between OFBCI, Program Directors, Host Site Supervisors, and members. o Design and assist in planning and implementation of events, trainings and other activities for statewide members. Membership o Any AmeriCorps State member may apply with the approval of their program director and host site supervisor. o Members who apply may be involved in full (1700 hrs.), part time (900 hrs.), reduced half time (675 hrs.), quarter time (450 hrs.), or minimum time service (300 hrs.). o Each program is responsible for selecting one representative for LeaderCorps on an annual basis. o Membership is voluntary but strongly encouraged in order to provide lines of communication for OFBCI and service sites. Also, programs are encouraged to nominate members to assist with building the community and outreach of AmeriCorps both in the state and their own region.2011-2012 Indiana’s AmeriCorps LeaderCorps BylawsUpdated 9/2011Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. o It is strongly recommended that a second year member of Indiana AmeriCorps be nominated but not required if the program director believes a first year member would benefit from LeaderCorps service. o Any program having more than 50 members may have 2 LeaderCorps positions. Any program with 100 or more members may have 3 LeaderCorps positions. o Alumni of AmeriCorps may join as representatives every other month on conference calls. o Alumni will also act as mentors for LeaderCorps members. Expectations o Commitment to the mission and purpose of LeaderCorps Indiana. To this end, members will participate in all LeaderCorps activities, including but not limited to traveling to and participating in retreats, meetings, and trainings, sometimes requiring overnight stays and all-member events and service project planning sessions and actual all-member events and service projects. o LeaderCorps members must be active in representing his/her program during LeaderCorps meetings, and in return, communicate information at each of his/her regular program meetings. A summary of key points will be provided for LeaderCorps representatives to share at upcoming program site meetings. o Communicate to their respective programs the activities and discussions of LeaderCorps Indiana, including making announcements and posting LeaderCorps meeting minutes. o Keep accurate records of all projects in order to pass on planning materials to future LeaderCorps members. o LeaderCorps members should always conduct themselves with respect for themselves, one another, and the ideals of AmeriCorps and community service. o LeaderCorps members must get permission from their host site supervisor to take part in the LeaderCorps program. Requirements 2011-2012 o Each LeaderCorps member will be responsible for conducting two community outreach presentations in his/her community. Presentations will be made to increase community awareness of the local AmeriCorps program, its impact and service opportunities for all Americans, as well as information about other national service programs. One of the presentations must be made to a group involving or involved with persons with disabilities. A general presentation2011-2012 Indiana’s AmeriCorps LeaderCorps BylawsUpdated 9/2011Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. format and training will be provided by OFBCI. Each representative will be responsible for scheduling, planning, and carrying out the presentations, in addition to submitting an outreach presentation report. Each representative will notify their Program Director and the OFBCI office of the dates of their presentations and submit a one-page outreach presentation report within 14 days of its completion. o LeaderCorps members will be in charge of collecting and submitting at least two articles about his/her program to be featured in the Indiana AmeriCorps blog and OFBCI publications. At least one of the three articles must be about an alumnus of AmeriCorps in the LeaderCorps member’s region. These articles should be completed by February 1, 2012 and May 1, 2012. LeaderCorps members may reuse these stories to submit to their Program Director when asked by them for “Great Stories.” Contact information for alumni is available through Program Directors, AmeriCorps Alumni chapters, and the OFBCI. A LeaderCorps member may also utilize their alumni mentor, if they have one. Training and guidance will be given on how to complete this assignment. o Each member is responsible for offering leadership and assisting in the coordination of a regional service project and/or event. This may or may not include existing projects and events for AmeriCorps Week, National Days of Service (i.e. MLK, Jr. Day), or other program-specific activities. LeaderCorps members located in the same region are strongly advised to work together on projects. All representatives should complete a one-page summary of their service project/event, which must be submitted to the OFBCI within 14 days after the service project/event. o Each member will assist if requested in facilitating trainings at LeaderCorps member service sites as directed by their Program Director. Meetings o LeaderCorps will have monthly conference calls on the 2nd Wednesday of each month beginning in November. Conference calls will be facilitated by either the program director advisors or the LeaderCorps members on a rotating basis. o There will be three yearly meetings that each LeaderCorps member is expected to attend.  LeaderCorps retreat/Orientation – November (mandatory)  AmeriCorps State Mid-Year Retreat - February  Training/End of Year – May/June2011-2012 Indiana’s AmeriCorps LeaderCorps BylawsUpdated 9/2011Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. o Reimbursements will be made for all housing, meals, & transportation with regard to LeaderCorps meetings. o All members are expected to work to ensure that meetings are a safe environment, one that allows for everyone’s perspective to he heard equally. Attendance o Attendance at all meetings, conference calls, and retreats is mandatory for all LeaderCorps members. Failure to attend will result in the removal of the member from LeaderCorps and the member’s AmeriCorps service site will forgo representation with LeaderCorps for the remainder of the year. o The only member(s) that may attend the LeaderCorps meetings are those who have been chosen though application and nomination. No substitutes are permitted. o In the event of compelling circumstances, the LeaderCorps member will notify both his/her program director and the OFBCI liaison of the situation prior to the meeting. Resignation & Termination o If a LeaderCorps member has two unexcused absences from meetings/conference calls, he/she will no longer be eligible to participate as a LeaderCorps member. The member’s service site will then forgo representation with LeaderCorps. Support Services/Advisement o Two Program Directors will be chosen as advisors for LeaderCorps. Program Directors selected as Advisors to LeaderCorps must be willing and able to:  Serve alongside LeaderCorps members as mentors, trainers and leaders.  Serve as ambassadors of Indiana’s AmeriCorps programs.  Participate in face-to-face meetings and AmeriCorps statewide/regional events (reliable transportation is required for face-to-face meetings and statewide/regional events).  Participate in LeaderCorps conference calls held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. A calendar of events will be provided.  Act as a liaison, as well as a conduit of information between AmeriCorps programs and the Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives, sharing updates and information on a regular basis.  Help LeaderCorps members to develop partnerships within their2011-2012 Indiana’s AmeriCorps LeaderCorps BylawsUpdated 9/2011Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. community/region.  Assist the LeaderCorps members with the coordination, promotion and participate in days of service and national service events or finding events to be a part of such as AmeriCorps Week, Martin Luther King Day and September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance. o The OFBCI will provide a staff liaison (Mariann Bernlohr, Training and Inclusion Manager) to be an acting advisor and support the endeavors and activities of LeaderCorps. All outgoing communications, financial and supply requests, and meeting/event scheduling must be directed through the liaison. Service Hours & Terms o Indiana LeaderCorps members serve for approximately nine months (October – June). All members will receive training hours for the time they spend in member training and in meetings. o Members must give 10 hours/full time, 5 hours/reduced half time and half time, or 3 hours/quarter time and minimum time toward their LeaderCorps responsibilities at their service sites, unless otherwise designated to give more by their program directors. Benefits o For Members  Opportunities for leadership training in several areas including event planning, fundraising, meeting facilitation, service project development, communication skills and community outreach.  The potential to attend the National Conference on Service and Volunteerism (Chicago, 2012) with transportation reimbursement, lodging, and conference fees taken care of by the OFBCI. o For Programs and Host Sites  A highly trained and enthusiastic National Service member with a dedicated network of national service contacts throughout the state.  A person that will promote a higher awareness of AmeriCorps in the community through their own outreach and participation in service projects. Leadership for both the community and other AmeriCorps members.  For programs with multiple sites, the benefit of connection between members and programs.2011-2012 Indiana’s AmeriCorps LeaderCorps BylawsUpdated 9/2011Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. A trained person to help, if needed or wanted, with program site trainings – as directed by the Program Director. o For OFBCI and Indiana AmeriCorps  Highly skilled and motivated ambassadors of service and local connections to community through LeaderCorps members.  Connection and community, as well as, a general esprit de corps throughout the state of Indiana. o For the Community  An active and trained leader who can “get things done” on a grassroots level by motivating people through modeling an ethic of service though strengthened leadership and communication skills.2011-2012 Indiana’s AmeriCorps LeaderCorps BylawsUpdated 9/2011Page 6 of 6