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ICCSV Agenda Sept_13


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ICCSV Agenda Sept_13

  1. 1. O FFICE OF F AITH -B ASED ANDC OMMUNITY I NITIATIVESMitchell E. Daniels, Jr., Governor • James F. Huston, Executive Director Indiana Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism Commissioner Packet September 13, 2012 Agenda INDIANA COMMISSION ON COMMUNITY SERVICE AND VOLUNTEERISM Thursday, September 13, 2012, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (E.T.) American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis, 441 East 10th Street, Indianapolis I. Call to Order and Roll Call II. Approval of Minutes - June 21, 2012 III. Reports a. Chair Aleeah Livengood b. Executive Director James Huston c. Staff Debbie Pidgeon/Holly Brauneller d. CNCS State Office and Policy Update Louis Lopez e. Strategic Committee Report—Future of OFBCI IV. New Business V. Adjournment Lunch 12:00 pm Committee Meetings 12:30 – 2 pm 2012 ICCSV MEETINGS: 6 December 302 West Washington Street, Room E012 Indiana Government Center, South Complex Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 Tel: (317) 233-4273 Fax: (317) 233-5660
  2. 2. Indiana Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism ICCSV MINUTES – June 21, 2012 INDIANA COMMISSION ON COMMUNITY SERVICE AND VOLUNTEERISM Thursday, June 21 2012, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (E.T.) American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis, 441 East 10th Street, Indianapolis VI. Call to Order and Roll Call Attendees: Rick Bentley, Patty Dreiman, Jay Hein, Tom Leedy, Aleeah Livengood, Louis Lopez, Candace Moseley, David Reingold, Barrett Tenbarge, Alan Witchey VII. Approval of Minutes - April 5, 2012 Minutes were approved VIII. VISTA Program Highlight: Indiana Youth Institute IX. Reports a. Chair Aleeah Livengood Aleeah attended meetings and met with organizations that work with military families. Aleeah will find out more information but thinks that someone from OFBCI should contact them. Jeremy Gaskill coordinator a letter to them. The organization wanted a letter before they made plans to meet with the commission. Alan Witchey just returned from a national conference on service and volunteerism. It was good to hear from some of the other commissions on what they are doing. Alan challenged this group to keep an eye on the other things that are going the country b. Executive Director James Huston i. Our office has made some changes. Carey Craig left our office in May. Debbie Pidgeon has been acting COO since that time. She is now officially the Chief Operating Officer of the OFBCI. ii. Jeremy Gaskill will be the Director of Programs for the OFBCI. iii. Mariann Bernlohr has resigned from our office. Mariann will be the Executive Director of the Horizon Program. iv. Katie Young is our new intern. She is from Bloomington. She will be helping with the Governor’s Conference. v. Jim met with about 44 faith leaders from around the state. Derek has been going with Jim and they are doing what Jim refers to OFBCI evangelism. We are trying to get more involvement with the faith based leadership with community leaders. vi. We did get approval from the Governor’s office so at the Governor’s Conference this year we are going to have a two hour Human Needs Summit in October. This will be the first in the nation. This summit will let faith leadership meet directly with 17 to 20 State Agency Heads. c. Staff Debbie Pidgeon d. CNCS State Office and Policy Update Louis Lopez e. Strategic Committee Report 2
  3. 3. Indiana Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism f. Program Committee Report g. Marketing Committee Report X. New Business a. 2012 – 2013 AmeriCorps Funding Recommendations (ACTION REQUIRED) XI. Adjournment Lunch 12:00 pm Committee Meetings 12:30 – 2 pm 2012 ICCSV MEETINGS: 13 September; 6 December 3
  4. 4. Indiana Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism Executive Director Report I. OFBCI Program areas a. AmeriCorps. b. Community organizations active in disaster. c. Mitch’s Kids d. Housing assistance—Hoosier Corps II. Priorities from last year met. i. One Stop Shop Web Portal. b. Governor’s Conference on service and volunteerism, Oct 12-13 i. ICCSV Commissioner Registration free. ii. Sponsorship support is over $35,000. Campus Compact and Lilly leading the way. iii. 40 session opportunities filled c. Regional conferences in 2012. South Bend, Government Grant Symposiums. d. Develop and implement marketing and outreach program that touches and engages all faith organizations as potential partners in service. i. Met with 50 Faith Leaders across Indiana. ii. Changed Newsletter to reflect OFBCI focus. OFBCI News. III. Service And Volunteerism, 2012 and beyond a. Governor’s Conference, partnership with SAVI i. Human Needs Summit ii. Expanded sponsorships iii. Broadcasters and Cable b. Lay of the land2012-2013, background c. Options for the future Staff Report 2012 Day of Service Mini Grants: One organization was awarded funding for the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance: Two organizations were declined based on incomplete applications. Generations, Knox County RSVP, affiliated with St. Vincent was awarded $2500 to assist with the Love a Bear Project. This program creates teddy bears for children that can be kept in first responder vehicles and hospitals to give to children and offer comfort in traumatic situations. Grant Application Review Process: Conducted an informational webinar for new and potential applicants offering a general overview of the AmeriCorps program, if AmeriCorps is right for their organization, and how to apply. NOFA from CNCS expected in early October. Applications for 2013-14 will be due to the OFBCI November 1st, after which peer reviews will commence. The Program Committee will take a more active role in the review process, and establish recommendations to present ICCSV at the December meeting. AmeriCorps Program Monitoring: The OFBCI monitors each AmeriCorps*State program for both programmatic and fiscal compliance on an annual basis. A risk assessment (which considers indicators such as past compliance, overall program 4
  5. 5. Indiana Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism management and program/Program Director experience) is conducted at the beginning of every program year. Programs that score as low or medium risk are scheduled for one visit. Programs determined to be high risk are scheduled for two separate visits. Monitoring visits for Program Year 2012-2013 will begin in October. Each program is scheduled to be reviewed at least once by the conclusion of the program year in August, 2013. 2012 Regional Grant Symposiums: Two regional conferences were conducted in partnership with Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network; one in South Bend and one in Evansville. These allowed the public to learn about the different government agencies and the grants that they offer, and provided support for nonprofits at all stages. A panel discussion was held, along with exhibit booths and breakout sessions, and 9 government agencies were represented. 2012 Governor’s Conference: Governor’s Service Awards: There are eight categories including Communities of Service, Corporate Service, Faith-Based Service, Volunteer Service, Youth Service, National Service, Service-Learning, and Lifetime Achievement. The winners have been chosen by a peer review committee and notified. The ceremony is a separate event from the Conference this year and will take place the evening before on October 1st at the Governor’s residence. Inclusion: The Indiana Inclusion Council meets quarterly with the mission to educate the AmeriCorps programs as to how they can better support people of all abilities in participating in National Service. They have created a checklist/action plan questionnaire for service sites to begin implementing this year. LeaderCorps: LeaderCorps program is being conducted again this year with with the help of two AmeriCorps program directors, Erin Rueland and Marcey Head-Vanpell. We are looking to fill 30 slots, including several representatives from VISTA and several from the Alumni network. The orientation retreat will be held October 24th, the day prior to AmeriCorps Opening Ceremonies. 5