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  1. 1. University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (PACURH) NACURH 2015 at North Dakota State University
  2. 2. Table of Contents Recipe: an ICRA President Recipe: an ICRA President, cont’d. Secret Ingredient: Change Secret Ingredient: Change, cont’d. What was Your Approach to the Secret Ingredient? Nutrition Facts The Reviews Are In! Letter of Support: Josephine Lynnay Consul Letter of Support: Windi Sasaki Regional Letter of Support: Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (PACURH) Citations 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 i. ii. 1 INGREDIENTS •  Fourth Year Student, Revelle College at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) •  Major/Minor: Communication/Psychology •  Fall 2014 GPA: 3.30 •  Winter 2015 GPA: 3.70 •  Career Path: Student Affairs •  Top 5 Strengths: Individualization, Adaptability, Deliberative, Relator, Input •  2011-2012: Vice Chair for Residence Halls, Revelle Hall Association (RHA – Revelle College area council) •  2012-2013: Resident Assistant (RA), Revelle College •  Fall 2012 Inductee, Sheila Ryan Chapter of NRHH •  2013-2014: Vice Chair & Campus OTM Coordinator, Sheila Ryan Chapter of NRHH •  2014-2015: President, Inter-College Residents’ Association Recipe: an ICRA President Since the inception of his undergraduate career, William (Will) Hsu has been majorly involved in Residence Life at our institution. With creative ideas and a qualified portfolio of transferable experiences, Will was elected into office as the President of the Inter-College Residents’ Association (ICRA), UCSD’s all-campus residence hall council, in Spring 2014. Since then, Will has been the spearhead force of ushering ICRA into a new chapter of change, from internal positional requirements to external residential services. No matter what secret ingredient has presented itself, Will has been able to advance from the uncertainties he has been dealt.
  3. 3. Recipe: an ICRA President, cont’d. PREPARATION TIME (12/2014 to Present) Student Affairs Intern, Revelle College Student Affairs, UCSD Assisting with special projects, the Revelle College Orientation Program, and the assessment of Revelle College student engagement metrics. (04/2014 to Present) Orientation Leader, Revelle College Student Affairs, UCSD Helped primarily assist, on average, 70-80 new parents in getting acquainted with Revelle College. Assisted with coordination of Orientation program through developing team-building and involvement opportunities for new students and parents, and assisting with program evaluation.    (07/2014 to 08/2014) Summer Senior Resident Assistant, AFS English Language & Culture Program at UCSD Provided an environment where 62 international high school minors received benefits of community support and cross-cultural education and awareness. Supervised a staff of five Resident Assistants (RAs) while upholding my own RA responsibilities.   (10/2013 to 06/2014) Triton Parent Leader, Office of Parent & Family Programs, UCSD Served as a role model and resource for visiting parents and families as an ambassador of the University during affiliated large-scale programs (i.e. Family Weekend, Siblings Weekend, Triton Day).   (07/2013 to 08/2013) Summer Resident Assistant, AFS English Language & Culture Program at UCSD Organized and facilitated social justice/diversity, personal development, and social activities for our students. Provided an environment where 44 international high school minors received benefits of community support and cross-cultural education and awareness. 2 2013-2014 ICRA President Positional Duties Serve as ICRA’s official representative to all conferences and meetings. Delegate Tasks.* Encourage FUN.* Coordinate executive, general body, and Residence Chair Council meetings.* Have weekly meetings with the Advisor of ICRA.* Have biweekly meetings with each of the Executive Board members.* Hold Office Hour(s) at the ICRA office once a week for any ICRA member who has concerns or questions. Set himself/herself as a good example and role model.* Maintain and improve external relations with UCSD administration, student organizations, residential areas, etc.* Serve as an unbiased facilitator.* Coordinate ICRA Executive Board trainings throughout the year.* Coordinate the ICRA Quarterly Residence Council Dinners. Present at the ICRA Leadership Conference and during the ICRA Leadership Series.* Contribute to the ICRA Monthly Newsletter.* Manage the ICRA budget with the ICRA Advisor. * Work with the Executive Board to coordinate ICRA committees and events.* Decide Bronze Pin recipients, along with the NRHH Chair.* Coordinate process for the selection of the ICRA Spotlight Award at the Rezzies Ceremony.* Serve as the ICRA representative to all HDH advisory meetings.* 2014-2015 ICRA President Positional Duties (changes only) Evaluate, with the ICRA Advisor, the progress and performance of the executive board members. Attend Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs student leader lunches. Approve programming expenditures. Coordinate the appreciation efforts for the ICRA executive board. Manage the ICRA Funding Request process. Assist in maintaining and cleaning the ICRA Office. Schedule and serve at least two office hours per academic year week in the ICRA Office. Serve as the Liaison to the UCSD Associated Students. Serve as a liaison to Residence Councils. Provide regular and timely response to email and other communication related to ICRA and this position. Write a minimum of three nominations per quarter. These may be OTMs, Rezzies, or PACURH bids. Manage the ICRA executive board elections process, unless considering a position on the ICRA executive board. *denotes no change between 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 Secret Ingredient: Change
  4. 4. Secret Ingredient: Change, cont’d. Once Will was elected as the 2014-2015 ICRA President in Spring 2014, he and our outgoing President met with our Asst. Vice Chancellor/Director for Housing*Dining*Hospitality (HDH). The outgoing President and Executive Board had put forth a proposal to dramatically increase their positional compensation packages, in exchange for a proportional increase in support and services for ICRA members as well as the residential student leaders of UCSD’s various area councils. Instead of a weekly workload of 12-15 hours/week, the President position in particular shifted to at least 18-20 hours/week. With the proposal passed, Will’s first task was to evaluate the Exec. Board positions at the time, and restructure and balance the new positional responsibilities of our 2014-2015 ICRA Exec. Board while revising the ICRA Constitution. At this time, the 2013-2014 academic term had not concluded yet, and so Will –as the President-elect– worked closely with the ICRA/NRHH Advisor, Windi Sasaki, to complete these tasks before the end of Spring 2014. However, the real challenge resided in how well these changes would be implemented in the 2014-2015 academic term. 3 One of the first challenges of the year was making the decision to host an All-Campus Residence Council Retreat. At our institution, our multiple Residence Life offices are not in unanimous agreement regarding the issue of providing our area councils with a standardized training of some sort (similar to the All-Campus Student Staff Training our RAs/paraprofessionals receive a month prior to the start of Fall Quarter) as their executive boards are just getting elected. Will saw the need to properly prepare the new area council executive board members, especially considering that most of them are first year students. However, the main challenge in implementing this retreat was not only coordinating with the various area council Chair(s) and their respective ResLife professional staff, but also motivating Will’s own ICRA executive board to be engaged with the same purpose. Although it was a challenge, Will had managed to coordinate communication between the residence life offices and his executive board in order to develop a productive program for the retreat attendees, including leadership skills, team-building/ ice-breaking activities, inclusive practice, and OTM writing. ICRA had historically more difficulty engaging some residential areas as opposed to others; however, because of Will’s efforts, ICRA had managed to have representation from seven of UCSD’s eight smaller area councils, when in the past, ICRA has typically been only able to engage three or four. In addition to the All-Campus Residence Council Retreat, Will had also continued ICRA’s tradition of hosting quarterly Residence Council Dinners in an effort for representatives from all of UCSD’s area councils to network with each other and update each other on current events with their area council and their respective residential area. Will decided to take it a step further this year by making the dinners an opportunity for area council representatives to also network with the various Residence Life Professional Staff invited to attend. This was done by working with the ICRA Exec. Board member in charge of chairing the dinner planning committee to introduce activities that would promote interaction between representatives from different residential areas. This was really impactful to our students in attendance because it allowed for them to better learn about other leadership and employment opportunities offered at different residential areas from their own, in addition to allowing students to get a better sense of different professional staff dynamics from different residence life offices. Aside from increasing support for our area councils and their residents, one thing that Will really wanted to increase this year was ICRA’s advocacy efforts for UCSD residents. Will’s natural ability to network professionally with UCSD staff and administration allowed him to promote the importance of ICRA and awareness of the constituents (e.g. on-campus residents) that ICRA represents. As a result of doing so, Will was able to secure a seat for ICRA on UCSD’s Sun God Health & Safety Task Force (SGHSTF), a committee comprised of students, staff, and administration who help plan and reassess educational efforts on alcohol and drug use, and safety surrounding UCSD’s annual Spring music festival, the Sun God Festival (SGF). Although the SGHSTF already had representatives from Residence Life professional and student staff, Will noticed the importance of having an individual more closely representative of on-campus residents attending SGHSTF meetings to provide more accurate insight on how certain decisions may affect or impede the on-campus living experience of our residents. In addition to securing representation on SGHSTF, Will also worked with them, our Assistant Vice Chancellor (AVC) of Housing*Dining*Hospitality (HDH) Mark Cunningham, and our ICRA Vice President of Advocacy, Lynnay Consul, to program a Sun God Festival Open Forum in partnership with UCSD Associated Students – Concert & Events (ASCE). ASCE, as the main coordinating organization of the SGF, hosts multiple open forums every year; however, the Sun God Open Forum that ICRA and ASCE hosted was the largest that ASCE had ever experienced, due to Will’s work with his fellow Exec. Board members to promote and stress the importance of this opportunity to the UCSD Residence Life community. And Will’s vision of increasing ICRA’s advocacy efforts did not stop there! AVC of HDH Mark Cunningham and Provost of UCSD’s Revelle College, Paul Yu, were both integral members of a separate administrative committee called the UCSD Strategic Residential Living & Learning Workgroup (SRLLW), tasked with assessing strategic planning efforts in UCSD housing and residence life and making recommendations to the Chancellor. Similar to the SGHSTF, this workgroup had representation from housing staff and administration, and UCSD Associated Students. Will worked with the SRLLW members to express ICRA’s interests in contributing their input as on-campus residents to the SRLLW’s data and specifically explained how ICRA’s input would likely differ from input that the SRLLW would ascertain from Residence Life student staff. The SRLLW members had agreed to come have a discussion with and collect input from ICRA during one of their general body meetings; following the meeting, the SRLLW members had expressed how appreciative they were that ICRA’s input was truly different from that of Residence Life student staff. Further, Will’s efforts had also sparked the SRLLW’s efforts to then attempt to go into the general body meetings of UCSD’s smaller area councils as well! Although the SRLLW was not able to hear from all eight other area councils, they recognized the accuracy of data that residence hall councils could provide. While Will’s work improving ICRA’s external services and relationships to the University is important, we must not forget some of the work he’s done internally for ICRA as well! When starting his term as ICRA President, one of Will’s first thoughts was to help the group take on a different understanding of their group identity from doing more than just typically programming all-campus large-scale social programs to also doing work in advocacy and leadership development promotion. In addition, Will realized that ICRA had faced the challenge of having numerous members graduate last year, so recruitment was at the top of his radar. Will had made the executive decision for ICRA membership to receive two t-shirts this year instead of one so that ICRA would broaden their marketing and branding efforts. In addition, being savvy at graphic design, Will had also redeveloped info cards that ICRA could have present at all public appearances in order to give students an informative takeaway about the group. In regards to retention, Will worked with his Exec. Board to program socials and appreciation efforts that were inclusive to not just the ICRA general body, but also to NRHH and the residential leaders of UCSD’s area councils. Will has also volunteered multiple times to assist HDH by sharing information about the on-campus living experience of our residents to prospective and incoming students.
  5. 5. What was Your Approach to the Secret Ingredient? ADVANCE PLANNING Once the new ICRA Exec. Board positional responsibilities were restructured, the next step was Summer planning. This consisted of frequent meetings that Will opted to have with ICRA/NRHH Advisor Windi in order to make appropriate preparations for ICRA’s new prospective services, as well as planning for ICRA Exec. Board Fall Training. One initiative that Will did was put together a document to send to all Residence Life professional staff and area council Chairs-elect that included the contact information of ICRA Exec. Board members-elect, 2014-2015 meeting information, and pre-determined dates for regular ICRA programs (e.g. ICRA’s quarterly Residence Council Dinners, 5th annual Leadership Conference, All- Campus Residence Council Retreat, Program Funding Request guidelines and deadlines for the year, as well as tentative dates for annual ICRA programs). Providing this information to our professional staff far in advance allowed for them to more efficiently utilize ICRA for their respective area councils by planning around our dates and taking into consideration the need to connect their groups with one another throughout campus. INDIVIDUALIZATION In other words, building and maintaining connections with others. Aside from bolstering connections with other campus entities (e.g. UCSD Associated Students, Office of the Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs, campus departments, special committees, etc.), Will has promoted individualized relationships with each of our eight smaller area councils by proactively reaching out early (prior to the start of the academic term) to the area council Chair(s)-elect and informing them of ICRA’s bi- monthly Residence Chair Council (RCC) meetings for residential student leaders to convene and represent their area councils in. In addition, Will assigned each Exec. Board member (including the Advisor) to be an area council’s ResCouncil Buddy. This entails the Exec. Board member being tasked with making at least one quarterly public appearance at their respective buddy council’s general body meeting and serving as an individualized liaison between ICRA and their buddy council. Further, Will also initiated a ResCouncil Bulletin Board Project to additionally assist with area council recruitment. Each Exec. Board member was assigned to create a bulletin board for their ResCouncil Buddy around the topic of “Top Reasons to Get Involved Where You Live,” including the area council and ICRA’s Advisor and Chair(s) contact information, and meeting information so that residents viewing this passive program are informed of local and all-campus options to get involved in residence hall councils! INITIATIVE One creative initiative that Will started was an internal competition between ICRA general body members called “Basic Points,” called Basic Points because Office Hours is abbreviated “OH” and, in chemistry, the OH molecule is denoted as basic. All members had to do in order to receive Basic Points was to attend Exec. Board members’ office hours in our ICRA/ NRHH Office (from passing by, to helping with ICRA to-do items, to studying in the space), take a picture of them with the Exec. Board member whose office hours they’re visiting, and send it to Will either by private message or posting them in our ICRA Facebook group. This has led to a steady increase of ICRA members visiting the office on a regular basis, and at least having more awareness about the office and its locations. 4 EDUCATION ICRA provides a small-scale leadership programming series called Students at UCSD Reaching For Success (SURFS). SURFS aims to provide UCSD’s residents and residence hall councils with skills and education in order to promote the leadership, personal, and professional development of our SURFS session attendees. As shown earlier in this bid, one of Will’s requirements as the ICRA President is to present SURFS sessions. In addition, as an active member in NRHH, Will is also required to either attend three (3) SURFS sessions or present one (1). This year, Will was very intentional in the three SURFS sessions he’s presented thus far. The first of Will’s SURFS session presentations this year (as well as the first SURFS session of the academic year) was titled, “Culinary Connections,” a session geared towards educating attendees on Tom Rath’s theory of “Eight Vital Friends” and discussing how new students can best manage their relationships at UCSD as a way to prevent relationship conflicts. Will’s second SURFS session was titled “Sail through the Storm!” and was geared to equip attendees with conflict resolution skills. Lastly, Will’s third SURFS session was titled “So You Want to be an AEP [Alcohol Education Programmer]: How to Program for Alcohol Education” and was developed to educate area council members on how to implement educational programs as opposed to only social programs. As mentioned before, Will’s SURFS session topics are intentionally implemented - Will specifically chose to present on those topics at the time that he did because he noticed that was a recent need among various residential communities at that time. This not only shows the versatility of Will’s knowledge to present on various topics, but also how aware Will is of current events and needs in the UCSD residential community.
  6. 6. CONFERENCES ATTENDED •  NACURH 2013: Your Leadership, Your University, Our World – Evolution •  NACURH 2014: Leadership is a Trip •  PACURH 2014: Life in the Fishbowl – Waves of Change, Oceans of Opportunity •  Cali Con 2015 at UC Riverside •  ICRA 5th annual SURFS Leadership Conference 2015: Don’t Be in a Party, Be a Party AWARDS •  Bronze Pin (May 2014) •  PACURH Three Year Outstanding Service Pin (November 2014) •  PACURH Four Year Outstanding Service Pin (November 2014) COMMITTEES •  UCSD Campus OTM Voting Committee •  PACURH OTM Voting Committee •  NACURH OTM Voting Committee •  NACURH OTM Standards Subcommittee Nutrition Facts Part of what Will has brought to UCSD during his presidency is what Will has contributed outside of UCSD. Since his election in Spring 2014, he has attended and has been accepted to present three (3) programs at the NACURH 2014 and one (1) program at the PACURH 2014 conferences; applied for and was accepted to three PACURH/NACURH Committees; has been recognized for three and four years of outstanding service to the UCSD residential community and the PACURH region; and has been awarded a Bronze Pin by last year’s outgoing ICRA President. In preparation for No Frills 2015, Will has also encouraged more regional participation from ICRA. This is the first year that UCSD had submitted four (4) bids to No Frills 2015: RHA Building Block, Residential Community of the Year, Distinguished Service Award, NRHH Building Block, and President of the Year. In addition to contributing to some of these bids, Will has personally increased his involvement with PACURH and NACURH by getting involved with PACURH and NACURH committees (as listed above) and strengthened his interactions with PACURH and NACURH by networking with the PACURH Regional Board of Directors (RBD), particularly his PACURH Presidential Resource Coordinator (PRC), as well as fellow RHA Presidents throughout PACURH. During conferences, Will has been seen forging and bolstering relationships with the residential leaders of other PACURH member institutions. These relationships formed have contributed immensely to UCSD ICRA in the sense that they helped provide purpose to initiating efforts for networking and communication across institutions outside of conferences. In particular, this has led to informal message chats with other institution’s residential leaders and even supported the eventual collaborative programming of residence council exchanges with other universities. In Winter 2015, two residence council exchanges took place: Cali Con 2015, which was when residential leaders from UCSD, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, and Cal Poly Pomona were hosted for a day in January 2015 by UC Riverside. At Cali Con 2015, these residential leaders were provided a space and program to learn more about the housing and residence life structures set in place at each other’s respective institutions. The second of these residence council exchanges was UCSD ICRA’s 5th annual SURFS Leadership Conference: Don’t Be in a Party, Be a Party. Although this is an annual leadership development program that ICRA implements, this is the first year that ICRA had guest delegations from UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Irvine, and San Diego City College, in addition to UCSD residents, of course. NACURH 2014 --> PACURH 2014 --> Cali Con 2015 5
  7. 7. “Since my initiation into Residential Life as a Resident Assistant, Will Hsu immediately became the face and name I associated with ICRA. From providing a welcoming space for Resident Assistants and Residential Life staff to network and mingle with one another to being an informative Student Affairs resource to best assist our needs as RAs on campus and beyond, Will has not spared any efforts to be a helpful and excellent President to the residential communities at UCSD.” Josephine Leong 2014-2015 Resident Assistant (RA), Marshall College, UCSD “William is motivated and passionate as a president. His innovative approach and persistence to move ICRA forward has impressed me. In just a quarter and a half, Will has been able to reach out to the residential areas of UCSD through new means that were introduced just this year, including the residential council buddies, bulletin board, and office hours for all of the executive members. Through his guidance and leadership, Will has also reached out to the Sun God festival planning committee to advocate for residents due to the festival’s drastic proposed changes this year.” Steven Liu 2014-2015 Resident Assistant (RA), The Village at Torrey Pines, UCSD RA Liaison to Villagers in Programming (VIP), area council at The Village The Reviews Are In! 6 “As the President of the Inter College Residents’ Association (ICRA), Will Hsu has continuously put forth a positive attitude and friendliness that motivates all those around him to strive for self- improvement as leaders and role-models for residential life on campus. Will Hsu is always thinking about ways that could benefit the campus and always thinks to put the residents first. During ICRA general body meetings, and Residence Chair Council (RCC) meetings, Will pushes to hear everyone’s opinions on what could be improved on for the school and demonstrates a clear commitment to improving all aspects of the campus and an eagerness to encourage all members to participate and feel welcomed.” Amber Tang 2014-2015 Vice President of Administration, UCSD ICRA "Will Hsu is an dedicated president. His kind heart and understanding of others allows him to relate to the GBM members and make them feel like they are in a safe space. His confidence in both himself and other ICRA members generates a respect for him that really motivates everyone. We are not driven to listen because he is in a position of power, but instead we listen due to his charisma, confidence, kind heart and overall the genuine person he is. He knows when the fun must end in order to get the serious issues taken care of. He is assertive, strong willed, and open minded. He truly is an authentic friend, devoted leader, and most of all an incredible president.” Tyan Smith First Year Student/ General Body Member, UCSD ICRA “I can see in each RCC meeting Will tries to come up with new ways for all the residence councils to unite and improve in a short time. Will also adapts quickly to the residents concerns of each residential area brought by the chairs and representatives. When a representative brought up the concerns of the new changes in the school dining hall, he readily dedicated the following meeting to come up with ways to solve the new issues of the residents.” Hee Yeon Hwang Second Year Student/ General Body Member, UCSD ICRA RCC Liaison from Sixth Community Board, area council at Sixth College
  8. 8. 7 University of California at San Diego Inter-College Residents’ Association 9500 Gilman Drive #0541; La Jolla, CA 92093-0541 !! !!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! Dearest!NACURH,!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! April!2015! ! I!am!delighted!to!support!William!Hsu!for!NACURH!President!of!the!Year.!This!letter!is!to!verify!that!the! UCSD!InterGCollege!Residents’!Association!and!University!supports!Will’s!bid!for!NACURH!President!of!the!Year.! An!important!thing!to!note!about!Will’s!presidency!is!that,!this!year,!the!Executive!Board!(Exec!Board)!of! ICRA!has!undergone!major!changes.!Will!has!demonstrated!the!motivation!and!capability!it!takes!to!help!our! advisor!make!the!decisions!in!redistributions!of!responsibilities.!Even!further,!he!has!the!experience!and!vitality! required!to!successfully!implement!these!revisions.!Will’s!efforts!have!resulted!in!a!strengthened!sense!of! community!at!UCSD!on!many!different!levels.!Going!above!and!beyond!his!duties,!he!has!increased!ICRA’s! influence!throughout!campus!further!than!social!programming!alone!allows.!! As!ICRA!President,!Will!leads!Residence!Chair!Council!meetings,!which!include!the!ResCouncil!chairs!of! each!of!UCSD’s!smaller!residential!areas.!This!year,!Will!has!made!an!effort!to!implement!a!ResCouncil!Buddies! system,!in!which!each!ICRA!Exec!Board!member!has!a!designated!ResCouncil!to!keep!in!contact!with!and!to! support!in!their!goals!for!their!residential!area.!Here,!Will!more!effectively!brings!the!smaller!ResCouncils!closer!to! ICRA,!and!closer!to!each!other.!Will’s!ideas!have!also!helped!the!smaller!ResCouncils!gain!visibility!in!their! respective!residential!areas.!Will!outlined!instructions!for!each!Exec!to!make!a!bulletin!board!to!be!hung!in!their! respective!ResCouncil’s!areas,!to!entice!residents!to!get!involved,!thereby!becoming!closer!to!their!ResCouncil.!! Will!has!also!implemented!“Basic!Points”,!which!ICRA!general!body!members!accumulate!by!attending!the! Execs’!Office!Hours!(OH).!Each!week,!the!member!with!the!most!points!receives!a!prize.!This!fosters! communication,!productivity!and!friendship,!bridging!the!gap!between!the!General!Body!and!the!Execs.!! !Further,!Will!connects!well!with!staff!and!administration,!bringing!information!and!connections!to!ICRA! that!we!would!not!have!without!him.!Sun!God!Festival!(SGF),!UCSD’s!annual!music!festival,!usually!features!a! couple!bigGname!headliners.!This!year,!past!health!and!safety!concerns!called!for!changes!to!SGF.!Will!thought!to! host!an!open!forum!this!January!so!the!committee!proposing!changes!could!gain!resident!feedback!and!better! educate!residents!about!these!changes.!He!headed!the!planning!for!and!facilitated!this!forum.!The!success!of!this! forum!led!to!others!in!which!students!were!able!to!give!the!University!feedback.!These!forums!strengthened!the! relationship!and!understanding!between!administrative!staff!and!residents,!as!well!as!staff!and!ICRA.!! ! Will!improves!relations!among!the!Exec!Board!by!constantly!encouraging!and!clarifying!exchange!between! them.!For!instance,!in!planning!the!advertisement!for!the!Sun!God!Forum,!Will!advised!me!to!consider!the!format! that!would!be!easiest!for!our!VP!Programming!to!post!on!social!media,!making!our!exchange!more!fluid.!! Another!one!of!Will’s!most!prominent!traits!is!his!vision.!Will!keeps!everyone!else!on!track!by!always! revisiting!our!purpose.!This!is!an!important!quality!for!him!to!have!in!this!time!of!change.!We!look!to!him!as!an! example,!and!he!ensures!that!the!Exec!Board!has!a!clear!understanding!of!what!they!should!accomplish!in!their! new!roles,!as!well!an!idea!of!how!to!go!about!fulfilling!them.!He!always!provides!alternative!ways!of!fulfilling! positional!duties!to!us!in!order!to!help!us!be!more!effective!or!more!timeGefficient!for!our!own!sakes.! In!addition,!Will!also!looks!thoroughly!through!the!work!that!we!do!in!order!to!find!ways!that!we!can! improve!and!maximize!our!impact!on!campus.!For!instance,!when!I!developed!a!mechanism!to!allow!residents!to! send!ICRA!their!feedback!about!life!on!campus,!Will!looked!through!my!form,!without!me!asking,!and!provided! detailed!recommendations!and!the!reasoning!behind!them.!Will!also!makes!himself!available!to!help!us!and! answer!our!questions!regarding!ICRA!tasks!as!needed.! Will!also!takes!the!time!to!notice!the!tendencies!of!his!Executive!Board!and!accordingly!gives!them!the! validation!and!encouragement!they!need.!This!reminds!the!Exec!Board!that!the!work!we!are!doing!matters,! motivating!us!to!continue!giving!our!best!to!the!campus.!! So,!it!is!with!great!confidence!that!I,!Josephine!Lynnay!Consul,!write!on!behalf!of!the!InterGCollege! Residents’!Association!to!support!William!Hsu!as!the!NACURH!President!of!the!Year.!! ! Best!Regards,!! Josephine!Lynnay!Consul! Vice!President!of!Advocacy!
  9. 9. 8 UNIVERSITYOF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO BERKELEY • DAVIS • IRVINE • LOS ANGELES • RIVERSIDE • SAN DIEGO • SAN FRANCISCO SANTA BARBARA • SANTA CRUZ Windi Sasaki Residence Life Liaison Housing*Dining*Hospitality Telephone: (858) 822-1782 9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0541 Fax: (858) 534-9118 La Jolla, CA 92093-0541 e-mail: April 10, 2015 Dear NACURH, It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter in support of William Hsu from UC San Diego as he bids for the NACURH President of the Year award. Will was elected President of the Inter-College Resident’s Association (ICRA) and began his term in May 2014. He had been an involved and trusted leader within the group the year before and has excitedly lead the group this year. The previous executive board had completed a proposal to seek a higher level of compensation for elected executive board positions. This proposal came with a proposal for ideas to increase the support and development not only of ICRA members, but also of the student leaders in each of the campus community residence councils. This meant that Will’s first task as the President- elect was to evaluate the current executive board positions and rewrite each position description. Will spent hours working with me to review the ideas in the proposal, determine what all of the responsibilities described were, and to try to find the fairest and most balanced way to rearrange the position responsibilities. Will organized these into new position responsibilities and shared these with the elected board, and also worked on the Constitution revisions required for these changes. This was particularly important since he was still the President-elect during much of this process. Will had several meetings with me throughout the summer to discuss his position and ideas that he had for the year. He believed that it was important to start the year by giving as much information to the Residence Life professional staff about regular ICRA events and programs. He set the dates for the quarterly Residence Council Dinners, worked with the VP Leadership Development to set the date for the fifth annual ICRA Leadership Conference, an all-campus retreat for all of the residence councils, different deadlines to request or receive funding, and the dates of some of ICRA’s other annual and large programs. Will prepared this document and also communicates with all seven residence life offices to get information about the meeting dates, times, and locations for residence council meetings and contact information for all of the elected residence council executives. This allowed the residence life staffs to use the plans and leadership training that ICRA planned to bring folks together as part of their trainings and retreats and to plan things around the dates Will hoped to have leaders from the campus come together. This in particular has been a challenge in the past – not all of the seven residence life offices take into consideration the need to connect their groups to one another and it can be difficult at times to communicate with this group. I have spoken with many of the professional staff in each of these offices, and they have appreciated Will’s proactive communication and we have seen more students from more of our residential communities participating in these activities this year than in any of the previous seven years I have advised this group. Will has also excelled at building connections with others. He has been proactive in developing relationships with other campus departments and partners, built a relationship with the UCSD Associated Students, and encouraged each of the ICRA executive board members (including me) to build a strong relationship with at least community residence council. As a result, I have seen Will build strong partnerships for ICRA programs, greater awareness from campus leaders about what ICRA is doing, and our executive board members write OTMs for student leaders they have partnered with in their related community residence council. Will has also encouraged students to be involved where they live. Each executive board member created a bulletin board that contained information and pictures about why students should get involved, and contact information for the local organization and for ICRA. Will also worked with the VP Advocacy to create a campus-wide forum for residents to ask questions and express concerns about changes to UCSD’s annual spring concert, the SunGod Festival. In addition to being the President of ICRA, Will served as a Family Orientation Leader for his college, is an intern for his Dean’s Office, is an active member of UCSD’s Sheila Ryan Chapter of NRHH, is a voter on both the PACURH and NACURH OTM Committees, and is on NACURH NRHH OTM Standards Sub-Committee. I am able to verify that Will is in good standing with the university. Despite having a year, in Fall 2014, he received a 3.3 GPA, and in Winter received a 3.7 GPA. Will is strong and collaborative student leader who has provided ICRA with strong leadership, especially in inheriting a lot of change. I believe that he is particularly deserving of recognition as the NACURH President of the Year. Sincerely, Windi Sasaki Advisor, Inter-College Resident’s Association
  10. 10. i. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY RESIDENCE HALLS, INC. Danielle'Hall' Regional)Director) ' Mark'Cordova' Assoc.)Director)of)Admin.)&)Finance) ) Georgina'Harrison' Assoc.)Director)for)NRHH)and) Recognition)) ) Mason'Margotta' Northern)RCC:RR) ) Kaylin'Murray' Southern)RCC:RR) ) Michael'Daniels' Presidential)Resource)Coordinator) ) Francis'Chau' ))))))Regional)Technology)Coordinator) ) Russell'T.'Jones' Regional)Advisor) ) ) “Student(Voice(in(the(Residence(Halls”( Pacific&Affiliate& Pacific)Affiliate' April 6, 2015 Dear NACURH, On behalf of the entire Pacific Affiliate, we are pleased to support William Hsu from the University of California, San Diego as the nominee for this year’s President of the Year Award. This bid was selected among many at our PACURH No Frills 2015 at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. The NCCs, NRHH Reps, and Presidents of PACURH put incredible time and energy into their review of bids and choosing the best submission. We’re incredibly proud of the hard work that our member schools are doing and are excited to introduce them to the rest of NACURH. William has been an outstanding President in PACURH. He has been very involved in both the region and in NACURH, as shown in the bid for President of the Year. PACURH also believes that the bid contains powerful testimonials on why William is deserving of this award. One sentiment that was agreed upon is that William embodies the best that a President can be. Further, Will has served as a role model for the other Presidents of the region while at conferences, always being prepared for boardroom and engaging with our Presidential Resource Coordinator. It is clear that PACURH is close to Will’s heart and is something that he cares greatly about. His career, both at school and in the region, is a successful one, as is shown by this bid. Thank you for all of the time and energy spent reviewing bids. We are thankful for the opportunities NACURH presents for recognition and trust that this decision is in good hands. Sincerely, The Pacific Affiliate Board of Directors
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