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30 sec inclusion training - Parking


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Reasonable accommodations for parking.

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30 sec inclusion training - Parking

  1. 1. Hello! This is your 30-Second Inclusion Training Parking Brought to you by the Office of Faith Based andCommunity Initiatives (OFBCI). Click here to begin
  2. 2. An AmeriCorps member who has a disability needsa parking space at her host site. The organizationhas never had an accessible parking space before. What accommodation would be reasonable? Request that the member have someone else bring her to the site or ride the bus since the organization cannot afford to repaint the parking lot for her. Provide a space labeled with her name so that she always has her own parking space. Designate spaces in the lot for accessible parking that provide the shortest possible route to an accessible entrance.
  3. 3. Good Effort BUTPlease Try Again Asking a member to choose alternate forms of transportation because of their disability is both demeaning and against the law. Any person who has the ability to drive should be able to also park in designated parking spaces.
  4. 4. Come on…You can do it! While this is one solution, it is not the correct one. A private parking space does not promote inclusion because it is actually excluding the member by their disability. Try again!
  5. 5. Great Job!You’re on the right track with this answer. The 2010 regulations of the American’s with Disabilities Act (Section 208) designates thatfor every 25 parking spaces in a lot, there needs to be 1 accessible parking space labeled with the international sign for accessibility. For every 6 accessible parking spaces there needs to be 1 van accessible space appropriately labeled. For more information contact: Mariann Bernlohr Training and Inclusion Manager Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives 317-234-5891