FITT Toolbox: Market Assessment: Pitch your Idea!


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FITT Toolbox: Market Assessment: Pitch your Idea!

  1. 1. Market Assessment: Pitch your Idea! Heidelberg Innovation Forum FITT – Fostering Interregional Exchange in ICT Technology Transfer – Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
  2. 2. What is the Heidelberg Innovation Forum? Since 2005, the Heidelberg Innovation Forum offers a unique matchmaking platform for new business development and technology transfer in the ICT sector. Patron of the event is SAP co-founder Dr h.c. Klaus Tschira. Objectives:  Testing business ideas in front of potential investors, customers and partners  Pooling best technology based ventures  Matchmaking of researchers, start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs  Initiating business deals: joint research, licensing, start- up financing2 | March 2011 Market Assessment: Pitch your Idea!
  3. 3. The Concept (1) The Heidelberg Innovation Forum is organized annually by MFG Baden- Württemberg and the European Media Laboratory as a one-day event Every year, a different ICT focus is chosen, e.g. “Cleantech & Green IT” (2010) or “Immersive Technologies” (2011) Researchers, developers and start-up companies present up to 30 business ideas and close-to-market research findings to an audience of experts and investors in eight-minutes pitches Participants benefit of a well-balanced format that combines qualification & coaching (focus: business modeling & pitching skills), team building, matchmaking & networking sessions3 | March 2011 Market Assessment: Pitch your Idea!
  4. 4. The Concept (2) Team Building Qualification Matchmaking & Networking & Mentoring Training Seminars Heidelberg Innovation Forum Team Building & Presentation of approx. 30 Mentoring Individual training sessions for researchers and business ideas in eight-minutes pitches Personal coaching sessionsentrepreneurs in preparation High-quality keynotes for the winning team „Best of pitching their business Business Idea“ by high-level “Early Stage Ventures”, “Innovation ideas to investors managers and businessmen Matching” & “Meet the Panellists”- Focus: improvement of Sessions Focus: e.g. evaluation of presentation skills, Reception & Dinner business concepts, sharpening the support in the acquisition bwcon Award: Best Business Idea business model of funding Sponsored by the business initiative Baden-Württemberg: Connected (bwcon) 4 | March 2011 Market Assessment: Pitch your Idea!
  5. 5. Facts & Figures 1.300 participants from 10 countries presented more than 325 business ideas at 9 events More than 100 submitted innovative ideas per year 50% of the participants had direct contacts to investors and industry representatives  20% of these contacts led to concrete technology transfer actions License/ Sales 17% Joint Research 44% Start-Up 39% Internationalisation: The Heidelberg Innovation Forum served as a role model for the New Brunswick Innovation Forum in Canada5 | March 2011 Market Assessment: Pitch your Idea!
  6. 6. A Glimpse of Success Stories (I) suitSearch – Averbis GmbH Innovator: Dr Phillip Daumke, University Medical Center Freiburg / Averbis GmbH SuitSearch is an intelligent search solution for multilingual document archives from the health sector. In contrast to traditional search engines, it systematically integrates linguistic knowledge. • Contacts with business consultants and investors at the Heidelberg Innovation Forum • Successful start-up of Averbis GmbH in 2007 • Reference: Bertelsmann GmbH Heidelberg Mobil International mbH (HDM-I) Innovator: Dr Matthias Jöst In 2005, Dr Matthias Jöst presented Heidelberg Mobil, a mobile information portal for pedestrians at the Heidelberg Innovation Forum. Today more than 20 employees from HDM-I are devoted to further development as well as the transfer of the portal and the technology into other cities and areas. The Deep-Map Technology of HDM-I was used e.g. at CeBIT, Hanover 2010.6 | March 2011 Market Assessment: Pitch your Idea!
  7. 7. A Glimpse of Success Stories (II) S2I – Security to Image Technology – Epyxs GmbH Innovators: Prof Bernhard Wirnitzer & Slavi Bonev, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences S21 is a barcode technology that provides protection against counterfeit products. • The innovators were introduced to several sponsors and investors at the Heidelberg Innovation Forum • Successful start-up of Epyxs, run by Dr Mario T. Cameron • Winner of enable2start, Financial Times Germanys startup competition, and "Place of ideas" in the "Germany – Land of ideas" initiative 2008 • S2I Fingerprint, the predecessor product presented back in 2006, was licensed and distributed via the Austrian subsidiary of TRODAT, the world’s premier manufacturer of stamp products Insight Image Technology Innovator: Prof Hans-Peter Meinzer & Hannes Kenngott, German Cancer Research Centre Insight Image Technology includes 3D segmentation of lesions, computer aided operation planning in liver surgery, volumetric and functional cardiac analyses, diagnostic techniques, therapy planning and monitoring of cancerous affections of the lung. Negotiations are currently taking place with Aeris Capital AG with the aim of securing financial backing for Insight Image Technologies.7 | March 2011 Market Assessment: Pitch your Idea!
  8. 8. Heidelberg Innovation Forum: In Practice 10th Heidelberg Innovation Forum 12 April 2011 / Immersive TechnologiesImmersive Technologies are novel products and services that helpblur the boundaries between real and digitally created user worlds.Virtual environments which users can influence actively in real timeby means of movements or acoustic signals – like a flight simulator– or augmented reality applications where digital information isoverlaid on the viewer’s real environment. The Forum will cover awide range of potential uses at the interface between creative andtraditional industries – from production, prototyping, training andentertainment to visualisation techniques in advertising andmarketing. 8 | March 2011 Market Assessment: Pitch your Idea!