I Love Lucy Day 1


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I Love Lucy Day 1. Lucy Munster, Generation 4 Sparess, allows 7 men from seven different legacies to compete for her heart. Who will be victorious? Find out.

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I Love Lucy Day 1

  1. 1. Hello, everyone, and welcome to a very special installment of the Munster Legacy. Or should I say, “I Love Lucy: A Munster Bachelorette Challenge” The young lady on the cover is Lucy Munster, Generation 4 first born. Currently a child in her home neighborhood, but all grown up here. Over the next 6 days, 7 different men from 7 different legacies will fight for the right to call her their own. Only one man will triumph, so let's find out who it will be. Banner made by Cee, AKA Charris. Who is awesome.
  2. 2. In a house in Desiderata, in a very familiar setting, a redheaded man landed on his feet with a very large thump, struggling to keep his balance. Liam stared at his hands and his outfit, pondering what in the blue hell had just happened. And what in the world was he wearing? At least he seemingly was not alone.
  3. 3. The next man had not landed so gracefully. Abe fell to the ground with an even larger thump next. "Oww, my butt. Why is it always me? Hey, wait a minute. I'm young! Glorious days!"
  4. 4. Barty came out of the sky fairly straight forward, landing on his feet as he always did. "Abe? Liam? You're here too? I have no idea what's going on, and I don't think anything that could happen next would surprise me."
  5. 5. "Barty, son! I see you haven't grown a beard yet." "Why oh why did I say that." The last of the four men to arrive at the house was none other than the ancestor of all three of the men, the normally very dead Fudge.
  6. 6. "I have to say, dad. It's good to see you again. Sort of. Do you have any idea where we are? And why you're alive"
  7. 7. "I have as much idea as you do why we are in this godforsaken place, but I recognize it well. This is Desiderata Valley. I was born here, and imprisoned in this very house due to doctors diagnosing me with some sort of personality disorder. I had hoped to never see this place again."
  8. 8. Seemingly out of nowhere, a brown haired young lady in spectacles spoke from the porch. "Don't worry, Fudge. You're not crazy anymore, at least not enough to be imprisoned again. I thought I'd just use the house for nostalgia sake. You all made it. I'm glad. I was worried something would go wrong in the transfer. I hope you all like the suits I've given you!"
  9. 9. Abe was the first one to have the courage to talk to the strange woman and would be captor of the group. "Yeah, I don't mean to be rude but who the heck are you, and why are we here? You can't just abduct people. And why am I young?" "You still ask way too many questions, Abe. Is this how you treat someone who's done so much for you?'
  10. 10. The short tempered woman went on and on, never ceasing. "Look, I don't have time for this. She's inside waiting, alright? Now, don't be shocked, and remember, as far as she knows, nothing is wrong. Everything is the way it should be, alright?"
  11. 11. Liam was confused. He got confused easily, and this entire situation wasn't helping. He was about to become even more confused.
  12. 12. "No way.. It can't be." "Remember what I told you, Liam."
  13. 13. It had to be her, there was no other explanation for it. This young lady looked just like his eldest daughter, which was to say, just like him. "Hey dad." Lucy Munster is the eldest child of the 4th generation of the Munsters. She is a Knowledge sim and a Taurus, with a personality very similar to her daddy at 6/9/5/8/4
  14. 14. "I'm so glad you could make it to watch. Katy told me it might be hard with the logistics of transporting so many people, but she figured it out. Did she tell you? I'm getting a Bachelorette Challenge! 7 Guys, One me. And I get to pick any of them I want!"
  15. 15. Abe suddenly froze from where he had been walking in at the words "Bachelorette Challenge" "Oh dear. Oh me oh my, need to find an excuse to get out of this place and out of this purple suit..."
  16. 16. "What's your problem, Abe? You know what, actually, forget that I asked." "Well, you see.. I was in a Bachelorette Challenge. Remember when I took a vacation and let Chelley stay with Scot for a week? Well, that's where I was. I didn't win. But it's ok, because the girl picked the perfect guy, so I don't mind." "Now you see, if you had a beard like mine she'd have been unable to resist you. It's all about the beards, Abraham."
  17. 17. "Right, so you're sure you want to do this Lucy?" That wasn't the only question he had. He wanted to shake her and ask her why she wasn't wondering why she wasn't 7 years old. He couldn't understand it at all. "Don't worry about it, dad. Katy had given me the entire rundown, and it sounds like I should be able to handle it. And unlike you, I could actually pick just one girl." "That's right, nobody trusts me... Not even my own sims. Phh."
  18. 18. "So, I would love to stand around and chat all day, Grandpa, Uncle Abe, and.. whoever you are, I don't know you." "Great Grandpa Fudge. You have my eyebrows and mouth." "Yes, Great Grandpa Fudge. Well, as I was saying, I'd love to stay all day but I have to get to the house. Katy will give you the information she's given me."
  19. 19. It was nighttime by the time Lucy got to her cab outside of the house, but she wouldn't question why it was dawn when she got to the Bachelorette Pad that would be her home for the next week. The truth of the matter was that she'd been there several hours before her family had gotten there, and she'd learned not to ask questions, or talk about anything. Katy had warned her that they'd all been plucked from different points in their lives, and saying anything about what had happened in between the time period where she was seven years old and the point that she was at now could have disasterous consequences on Chocolate Falls. She desperately wanted to say something, anything, to give some sort of warning, but for some reason she trusted Katy beyond all belief. There was something about her that wasn't to be messed with.
  20. 20. Liam had to say something. Everything had happened so fast and his mind was racing. He'd just seen his seven year old daughter as a grown woman, and while he was certainly proud of the young lady she would grow up into, he needed to know more. "So.. why are we here, if this is Lucy's Bachelorette Challenge? And who are you? And why am I wearing this suit?" "Well, I can't exactly tell you who I am yet, but you're all here because you're my favorite guys, and I wanted some company. The suits were just for fun, honestly."
  21. 21. "Now shush, she should be arriving at the house soon..." "Fox? All you could get was the Fox Network?" "Shut up, Abe. You're my favorite, don't ruin it."
  22. 22. It didn't take long for Lucy to get to the house, and she was fairly impressed. This place was swanky, that was for sure. She'd have to rub it in Vivian's face later on that she got to stay in a big fancy mansion.
  23. 23. Inside was just as great. There were all kinds of fun games, and top of the line furniture for her to use in.. various ways with the guys that would be here.
  24. 24. Speaking of which, they'd arrive any time soon, she would think. This would be easy, wouldn't it? The choice for who she would want to be with would be fairly obvious when she got to that point. That was when she heard a car door slam shut and several voices outside. They must be here. Well, this was her Bachelorette Challenge and they could come to her.
  25. 25. Over at the Peanut Gallery, several voices could be heard making gossip about the bachelors as they got out, one by one. "Hey, he's green! Like my Chelley. Do you think he's an alien too?" "I'd say there's a good shot, Uncle Abe." "He doesn't have a beard. Eliminate him." Riku Fox is from a Villanous Apocolypse by Marina/Smoothiequeen87, where he currently is scaring all his cousins and siblings with his complete lack of anything resembling nice points. RIKU FOX - Fortune, Scorpio 10/7/10/7/0
  26. 26. "Well, this one doesn't have a beard either. Who's choosing these fools?" "I'm choosing them Fudge, now stop if you don't want to get hurt." "Yeah, dad. Though this guy is intimidating.. He's rather.. gray." Zephyr Walton is from the Pseudo Legacy by Orikes, where he, like Riku, is also being scary with his lack of nice points. He's also currently picking up a lot of colorful words from his sister, Star. ZEPHYR WALTON Romance, Sagitarrius 2/9/10/10/0
  27. 27. "Well, look at the chin on that one! I see no reason why he shouldn't have a beard, he'd carry it very nicely." "Dad, if you say one more thing about beards, I'm putting you back in the ground, alive or dead." Elm Langerak is one of a set of twins known as the Terror Twins in Jenn/Ndainye's Familiar Faces Legacy. He can usually be found tormenting his poor younger brother Eagle in some fashion. ELM LANGERAK Knowledge, Gemini 2/8/9/5/4
  28. 28. "This one looks confused. I don't know what's his problem, he's in a house and gets to fight over a lady. Who could hate that?" "Be nice, Liam. He's not from around here." David Smith is from The Victorian Legacy by Dicreasy, the first biological child of Alexandra and Anthony Smith, who are awesome, by the way. DAVID SMITH - Family, Gemini 2/9/9/7/4
  29. 29. "There we go! Now there is a man who knows the qualities of a good beard." "Grandpa, stop. Now. Though hey, that's not a bad beard he's got going..." Jake Finch is from The Puritanical Green Thumb Legacy by Denise/Avidreader, and is the only bachelor who has been married in his home Legacy, though it completely fell apart due to his wandering eyes. We'll see if Lucy can settle him down. JAKE FINCH Pleasure, Scorpio 8/4/9/7/1
  30. 30. "Well, this guy looks even more out of place than that David fellow. What do you think, dad?" "He's got no beard, but I am digging that suit he's got on. He can stay, I would think." Georgie Haggerty is the son of George and Georgiana Haggerty, one of the many 4th generation spare girls in The Regacy by Cait/Charris. And as far as siblings are concerned, he is an only child and nothing you can say would change anyone's mind. GEORGIE HAGGERTY Knowledge, Aries 7/9/6/3/10
  31. 31. "Well, finally, someone that looks normal." "His mom is a zombie, Abe." "Right. Sorry I said anything." Phoenix Olshfski (I hope I spelled that right...) is from the Bohemian Legacy by Jamie/DocGirlP, and as stated, his mother is a zombie and her genetics may be destroying him from the inside. Other than that, Abe's right, he's pretty normal. PHOENIX OLSHFSKI Popularity, Libra 2/10/7/3/10
  32. 32. The bachelors wandered around outside, slightly at a loss what to do. "The structuring on this house is marvelous." "Right. So, do you think we ought to go in? Anyone planning on going in? You snooze you lose."
  33. 33. Eventually they found their way in, and Lucy suddenly felt very nerve wracked It was fine, she'd dealt with everything else that had been thrown her way in her life, she could deal with a couple of boys. "I see you all like the couch. Do they not have couches where you all are from?"
  34. 34. She turned around, finding the first boy in talking range. "So, I'm Lucy. You must be one of the contestants, why don't you tell me a bit about yourself?"
  35. 35. "My name is Phoenix, and you're blocking my view of the couch. I was looking at the couch." This was going swimmingly.
  36. 36. Thankfully, another man's failure of a conversation was another man's opening. "You'll have to forgive him, he must be one of those sensitive types. You don't have to worry about that with me. I'm Elm."
  37. 37. This was going much better. Elm was a very attractive man with a very strong chin, and Lucy instantly felt that she could talk to him about things. "Huh, is that right, Elm. Well, where I come from, you have to be tough or you get eaten alive. You should see what happened to my great uncle Abe." Somewhere, across town, there was the sound of a glass shattering which launched into a ten minute tirade.
  38. 38. "Oh, my family too. You should see what happens to my poor little brother, Eagle. He's so easy to fool into things, he just walks into it."
  39. 39. Over on the other side of the room, Phoenix was getting the brunt of Jake's anger. "What was that about, man. You're supposed to be one of the nice ones, and you get the first conversation with her and screw it up?" "Look, it was a really nice couch. I was trying to look at it and she got in my way."
  40. 40. Elm and Lucy were currently engaged in an enthralling conversation about younger siblings and how to make them cry, and whether it was a birth right to do so. Behind them, Riku was staring, wondering if he should say something. Well, he had all day, didn't he?
  41. 41. Unfortunately, the conversation with Elm seemed to be quickly turning sour. "Look, this debate is boring me. Let's just say that torturing younger siblings is far too easy not to do and be done with it, alright?"
  42. 42. Before Lucy even had a chance to ponder what had happened, she was cornered by one of the most intriguing looking men she's ever seen. "Hey, Lucy. I'm Zephyr, and I just wanted to say how ridiculously hot I think you are." "Uh, thanks?" That was quite an odd way to introduce one's self, but it worked.
  43. 43. He was obviously part alien, she's recognize those eyes anywhere after meeting her Aunt Chelley. But what the rest of him was, she had no idea.
  44. 44. She spent the next hour or so getting rather disappointed that some of the boys seemed more interested in talking to one another than starting up a conversation with her. Wasn't the point of a Bachelorette Challenge to try to get with the girl?
  45. 45. Out in the main hall, Zephyr had started a game of pool, but was being blocked by unforeseen circumstances. "Really, guys. Football? Look, you can all play football any time, but this is a Bachelorette Challenge, and you're supposed to be in it to win.""
  46. 46. Football seemed to be the game of the day with the Bachelorette, as well. "Hello, Miss Munster. My name is Georgie Haggerty. I was wondering if you'd perhaps like to teach me about the game that Mr. Smith and Mr. Fox are playing in the other room.
  47. 47. Lucy grabbed a ball from the box of them and took Georgie out to the front. She supposed football was one way to get to know someone. "What's up with you and football? Don't they have it where you come from?"
  48. 48. She watched as Georgie attempted to catch the ball, almost dropping it as it spilled over his hands several times. Well, that answered that question. "No, we do not. It is incredibly different where I come from. For one thing, I do not think a lady would be able to get away with entertaining so many men."
  49. 49. "To be fair, some people would look down on it here, too. But why should I care what they think? It's my business and my business alone."
  50. 50. Georgie was getting the hang of this quite fast. He didn't look it, but he seemed to have a natural talent for this thing. He was also incredibly adorable and his old way of thinking was slightly charming.
  51. 51. Phoenix and Jake had taken their earlier argument outside and decided to settle it over a game of catch. "Look, I get it. I messed up and had my priorities out of whack. Girl before couch." "At least you've talked to her. Now Georgie is monopolizing her attention."
  52. 52. Zephyr had dragged Elm into a game of football as well. Katy was beginning to wonder if stocking the house with so many balls had been a bad idea. "Look, Elm. You may have had a nice chat with her, but I out-charmed you for sure. You have to come on strong to a girl like that."
  53. 53. "Ow, not so hard! Look, if you're going to throw that hard, two can play at that game. Plus, I'm sure she likes me more than you. Girls want more than just flash, you know."
  54. 54. When Lucy finally ended her long game of catch with Georgie, she was cornered by another man. This one seemed just as enamored by the games and technology in the house as him. "Hello, Miss Munster! I am so glad I could finally get a chance to talk to you. I'm David Smith. Have you seen this football game? It's absolutely wonderful!"
  55. 55. What was with these guys and football? "Trust me, David, I've seen a lot of football in my day. When you've got three younger siblings you have to entertain them with these kind of things a lot."
  56. 56. "Oh, I completely understand. I come from a rather large family myself. I am the second eldest after my twin siblings, Christopher and Bethany. They rather scare me at times."
  57. 57. "Well, looks like we have a lot in common then, David. My younger siblings Leo and Abby are twins." Georgie stared over at Lucy from across the room. She was absolutely different from any of the girls he'd met back home. And she was amazing.
  58. 58. Right now though, she was in quite deep in a conversation with David. "My eldest siblings are always getting into all sorts of troubles. You cannot take an eye off of them for a second. I have lost count of how many times they have been lost on various vacations."
  59. 59. "That sounds a lot like Abby and Leo. Though Abby is really the worst of it. One time I made the mistake of leaving them with Vincent on vacation and.. well, actually, I'd rather not get into that." She kept forgetting that people were watching. She couldn't say anything.
  60. 60. David and her turned out to have quite a bit in common, and spent longer talking than she had with any of the other guys yet. She had to admit, he was incredibly handsome, but as with Georgie, it seemed like he'd been pulled from a completely different time.
  61. 61. Speaking of Georgie, he really seemed to be in to the entire competition. She kept seeing him everywhere. "Excuse me, Miss Munster, I was wondering if I could have a word with Mr. Smith?" "Er, I guess, Georgie. And you can just call me Lucy, both of you."
  62. 62. "Mr. Smith, I would like to say, I greatly admire your determination in wooing Miss Munster. However, you are going to lose." "Is this some sort of odd distraction tactic?"
  63. 63. Jake had ended his game with Phoenix and was now getting to know the card table. "Come on, Jake. You at least need to talk to her. Make this go better than your other relationships have." Well, he didn't want to think about that right now. That was a whole different place and time.
  64. 64. Upstairs, Riku was still avoiding the bachelorette at all times and had taken to the Mahjong Table. "Riku, do you think I should go apologize to Lucy for the whole couch incident?" "To put it mildly? Yes. Now go away if you're not going to focus, because I'm trying to play."
  65. 65. By this point Lucy was near starving, so she began to set up the buffet that had been provided by the mysterious woman back at the house. Maybe if the guys smelled food, they'd all come and talk to her.
  66. 66. It wasn't a surprise that Elm joined her at all, much less that he was the first one there. "You don't mind if I sit here, do you?"
  67. 67. It was even less surprising that the next two men there where David and Georgie. But she couldn't say that she minded these three at all.
  68. 68. Elm had gotten there first, so she only thought it fair that she would strike up a conversation with him. "So, Elm. What kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?" "Try to make bombs." ".. Er, excuse me?"
  69. 69. "I'm not trying to kill anyone, I just want to see how these kind of things work. It's absolutely fascinating watching stuff blow up. I put one in the toilet once right before Eagle went in, you should have seen him run!"
  70. 70. Lucy couldn't help but laugh. Elm certainly did have a mischievous side to him. "Don't you think that is kind of barbaric, Miss Munster? Mr. Langerak certainly could have hurt someone." "Well, maybe a little. But he didn't, so honestly, it's kind of funny."
  71. 71. The table certainly had filled up fast. As soon Elm finished with what he had been eating, several more of the guests had sat down.
  72. 72. Another man she hadn't spoken to yet managed to start up a conversation from across the table. "Hey, Lucy. I'm Jake. I'm sorry we haven't gotten to talk much but it seems like some of these guys are tougher competition than I thought they would be." "It's fine, Jake. I'm sure I'll get a chance to talk all of you."
  73. 73. "Hey, it's not my problem if some of these guys can't step up their game enough to even get in a word with you." Riku looked up from where he had been eating his turkey. Had someone said something about him? Meh. He was too hungry to care. "Well, like I was saying. I was sent here to see if I could change my ways a bit. I haven't exactly been boyfriend of the year material in the past, I'll freely admit."
  74. 74. "I'm sure you can't be too horrible, Jake. I've seen a lot of things, and you seem nice." Georgie looked up from where he had been eating. "This is why one should not jump into relationships so quickly."
  75. 75. Phoenix had been fairly quiet at the end of the table, but he figured now was as good a time as any. "Lucy, I just wanted to apologize for getting off on the wrong foot earlier. I've just really never seen such a nice couch. You'll have to tell me where you got it from."
  76. 76. "It really is a nice couch, isn't it? I didn't stock the house but I'll have to find out for you."
  77. 77. Fresh from his dinner, David found himself on the wrong side of a conversation with Zephyr. "Look, I don't know what you're trying to pull with this old fashioned act, but I can assure you that's not what Lucy goes for." "Mr. Walton, the fact that you find it to be my fault that you have not interacted with Miss Munster since this morning is laughable."
  78. 78. Lucy followed David up and managed to corner him in the bathroom. He looked vaguely shocked and horrified that she would do this, but, well, he could get used to it or leave. "I just wanted to say it was pretty hot how you defended yourself like that."
  79. 79. David just stood there with his mouth hanging open for a few seconds before answering. "I can't say I don't appreciate the thought, Miss Munster, but a private place like the lavatory is not the place to discuss such things. I would appreciate it if you'd leave me to finish my business." "Oh, fine then. And I told you, just call me Lucy."
  80. 80. Down at the table, Jake was finishing up his dessert along with Riku. "Well, that makes everyone except you that's had a chat with her. Feeling a little left out, dude?" "Hey, bug off. I'll talk with her when I'm ready."
  81. 81. Lucy figured that she may as well start something up, so she took to the pool table once she'd said her apologies to David. She couldn't believe she'd done something so silly.
  82. 82. "You don't mind if I play, do you?" Elm had developed quite the tendency to sneak up on her. "Not at all. Do you play often?"
  83. 83. "I've played enough to understand that the point of the game is to get all the little balls in the holes. I think I can do fine."
  84. 84. Lucy watched as he almost instantly managed to sink three balls in one go. "So, just enough times to make sure the ball goes in the hole, eh?"
  85. 85. "Well, maybe a few more times than I've let on." Somehow, she got the feeling that her and Elm could have a lot of fun together.
  86. 86. But then there was Georgie. He was something different all together. Quiet and unassuming, he seemed to just keep popping up at the most random of times to shower her with compliments. He was a perfect gentleman and adorable to boot. "Miss.. Lucy, I was just going to tell you before heading off to bed, that I've had such a wonderful time getting to know you today, and hope that you'll let me stay even longer."
  87. 87. And both of them seemed very intent on getting her attention, but in vastly different ways. "Lucy, I was just wondering if you'd like a backrub. I've been told I'm pretty good at it." "Alright, but this better not get me a water balloon in the back. I'm not stupid, you know."
  88. 88. Amazingly, it wasn't a calculated plan with a water balloon, and Elm actually was very good at giving backrubs. He sure was going in for the touchy feely stuff fast, though.
  89. 89. Georgie was not going to let him run away with the win that easily. He certainly had just as much to offer as Mr. Langerak did. "Miss Munster.. Er, Lucy. I was wondering if you would like to join me for another game of football?" "Again? Sure."
  90. 90. "You know, Georgie, I find these games with you kind of soothing. It's a good way to get out pent up rage and thoughts without actually hurting anyone." "You are not angry at me, are you?" "No, not at all. I have a lot of things going on back home that I can't talk about."
  91. 91. "Well, I can assure you whatever it is that is going on in your town, I would be able to deal with it." "Thank you, Georgie. I think you'd be able to as well." Georgie was so kind, it was rare to find someone like that.
  92. 92. Lucy tried to head up to bed, but Elm managed to corner her again once before she got there, giving her a very large hug. "I overheard what you were talking to Georgie about, and I wanted you to know I'm sure I could handle it too." Elm surprised himself when he actually felt like he meant it. He'd come here originally just for the ride, but strangely, he really liked Lucy.
  93. 93. Zephyr sighed. He and the others had been sitting at the table playing cards while David bathed and Georgie and Elm circled Lucy like vultures. "I swear, none of us are going to get a freaking word in. Well at least I tried, unlike Riku here."
  94. 94. "Excuse me? I have been having a great time not having to worry about things like you all do, so shut it. I'm sure I'll get a chance to talk to the girl tomorrow."
  95. 95. Lucy went up to bed with a lot of thoughts in her mind. So much had happened for this being the first day, and tomorrow she actually had to send someone home.
  96. 96. Well, she definitely knew who she couldn't bear to part with. Certain boys were definately putting in more effort than others. Finally, after rolling about for a good 20 minutes, she fell asleep.
  97. 97. She didn't have many dreams that night, and before she knew it, she was up fairly early in the morning. She might as well go and make some breakfast.
  98. 98. To her surprise, the other residents had gotten up early and Jake managed to join her for an early breakfast almost right away. "Jake, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but what happened to your hair?" "I.. really have no idea. That kind of happens sometimes, I hope you don't mind."
  99. 99. Riku meanwhile, was still enjoying the finer things about the house, not making true to his word by talking to the bachelorette. This shower was so nice, though. Much nicer than at home.
  100. 100. Lucy managed to find Georgie looking rather down around the buffet table. He must have been worrying about eliminations just as much as she was. "Georgie, I wanted to tell you, just stop worrying, alright? It doesn't suit someone as cute as you." "Thank you, Mi.. Lucy."
  101. 101. Elm made his way down next, and Lucy thought he'd give him a pep talk as well. "Hey, Elm, I just wanted to tell you that you should wear this little this often, but you should probably show up in clothes at elimination." Wow, did she just say all of that?
  102. 102. "Oh my, Lucy. I am sorry I didn't realize I was in such a state of dress along with the rest of the men. I should go up and get something more proper on as soon as possible." "Hey, it's alright. Don't worry."
  103. 103. Elm turned around from where he'd been cleaning up his plates, eager to capitilize on this opportunity. "You don't have to worry about ME thinking I wear too little." "We can't all be as crude as you, Mr. Langerak." "Georgie, don't be mean."
  104. 104. So many of the guys seemed to be desperate to have at least one more chat with her, enough so that they weren't even bothering to get dressed. "I thought I might warn you David, since it seemed to bother Georgie. You forgot to put on your clothes."
  105. 105. "Oh. Well, I should be going upstairs then, I'm greatly sorry if I offended you in any way." If she had the pants charmed off her any more, she may as well be arrested for public nudity.
  106. 106. Riku was finding more and more things to do though, even if none of them involved Lucy. "Geeze, who gets a tub dirty so fast? Grime everywhere. I outta find who did it and.."
  107. 107. Lucy sat down with one last card game before it was time to send someone home. Jake seemed rather eager to take his last chance and use it well. "You don't have to throw the game for me, Jake." "Throwing? Who said I was throwing?" "Mr. Finch, you are reading your cards upside down. It is quite obvious."
  108. 108. At 11:30 on the dot, all the men filed in for the first official elimination. Lucy figured it was better to get it all done at once rather than take her time to find everyone. It was much more efficient this way. "I really hope Miss Munster does not send me home. I rather like her company"
  109. 109. The other men looked a bit exasperated that he would even suggest such a think. Phoenix was the first one to speak up. "I don't mean to be rude, but you'd have to be blind to think that you're going anywhere, Georgie. Between you, Elm, and David, most of us have been left out cold."
  110. 110. "I do hope you are not talking about me while I am not in the room, because that would be rude indeed and I would have to take you for a nice long chat..." David stared holes through Phoenix from where he had just entered the room, reminding everyone that he was not to be toyed with.
  111. 111. Lucy came down the stairs from her room where she had gotten ready, having made a decision. "Alright. So, I've been thinking really hard. It's better to think things over than to just act on an impulse. But I'm fairly certain I'm making the right decision today."
  112. 112. "Georgie, Elm, you don't have to worry about a thing, you're both staying today." "See, Georgie? Not a thing to worry about." "Thank you, Lucy. I appreciate it."
  113. 113. She walked over to where David was standing and shuffling his feet, nervously. "Stop that, David. You're staying too." "I hoped so, but I didn't want to assume things."
  114. 114. "So all four of you haven't gotten nearly as much time with me, so I hate to send any of you home. But I think I know which one of you seems the least interested" She stared directly at one contestant in particular. "Riku, do you have anything to say?"
  115. 115. "What would I have to say? You haven't even talked to me yet, so why would you send me home." Lucy sighed. She hoped this would be easier.
  116. 116. "Because you didn't even try. You were more interested in playing mahjong and cleaning the bathtubs then you were in me. Everyone else at least tried." "Well, maybe you should have tried to pay attention to someone other than your Holy Trio. If you don't want me here, fine. I'll go."
  117. 117. Lucy's head sunk. This wasn't going like she planned at all. "Then just go, alright? Stop wasting my time if you aren't interested and are just going to be rude."
  118. 118. Riku angrily poked at the button on the computer that he'd been given access to in order to move out. "Who needs this place. I can get any girl I want back home, it's not like it's easy for them to leave."
  119. 119. As he walked out, David went to where Lucy was currently was moping due to the tough first elimination. "Don't worry too much about it. We are all much kinder than him and will not treat you like that." Georgie wondered why he hadn't thought of giving her a hug first. He'd get to it.
  120. 120. And thus ends Day 1, with Riku Fox being the first sim to leave. Sorry, Marina, but he just was not interested. For those who are interested, here are the scores. As you can see, I wasn't kidding. The top three absolutely monopolized all of her attention. Georgie Haggerty - 78 (61/17, Mutual Friends) 3 Bolts Elm Langerak - 60 (42/18) 3 Bolts David Smith - 50 (37/13) 3 Bolts Jake Finch - 23 (17/6) 1 Bolt Phoenix Olshfski - 12 (7/5) 2 Bolts Zephyr Walton - 6 (3/3) 2 Bolts Riku Fox - ZERO. (0/0) There is always one. 2 Bolts