I Love Lucy: Day 5


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The 5th day of the Munster Bachelorette Challenge.

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I Love Lucy: Day 5

  1. 1. Hello everyone, and welcome to Day 5 of I Love Lucy, the Bachelorette Challenge that lasted forever. In Day 4, Lucy found it harder and harder to choose between the remaining men, having developed a bond with all of them. At the end of the day, she found herself completely unable to make a decision for herself. In a shocking turn of events, Jake had decided that it would be better for him to leave, knowing that the connection he had with Lucy wasn't the same kind of connection they needed for a romantic relationship. With only 3 boys left in Georgie, Elm, and David, the decisions will become harder as the challenge ever so slowly nears it's end.
  2. 2. “ God? You're GOD?” Katy wasn't sure what emotion Barty was experiencing right now. It could be fear, it could be anger, it could be shock. If she had to take a stab at it though, it was probably a strange mixture of all three, and she was beginning to fear for her safety. “ So.. everything. You are responsible for everything that has happened. As in, all the bad things too?”
  3. 3. Oh boy. This was going to take some explaining. “Not everything, per say Certain things, yes. But I'm not an all powerful being. There are a lot of others just like me. In fact, every boy Lucy has fought for is ruled over by a different god of sorts. Sometimes we even all gather together in our godliness and have box socials. But that's a whole other story.”
  4. 4. “ First and foremost, it seems so long ago already, but I created Fudge. I created a lot of sims, but you Fudge, you stand out so much, and you were always one of my favorites. Maybe it was the hat, maybe it was the beard, maybe it was your personality, but you've always had a special place in my heart. Which is why when things that were beyond my control happened, and everyone in Desiderata started disappearing, it was all I could do to save everything that was you and put you in another body.”
  5. 5. It was all Liam could do to not burst out laughing. “ You hear that, Grandpa? You were made by a GIRL. A beardless girl!” “If I wasn't dead, I would never be living this down.”
  6. 6. Abe hadn't said much from his corner since he had finally gotten up and took what he now knew to be his genetic son up to his room for a nap, but after hearing everything Katy had to say, he was ready. “ So you're God. You watch everything, you see everything, and according to you, I'm your favorite. If that's the case, then why is it always me?”
  7. 7. “ You mean why is it always you that the bad things happen to, Abe? That's a pretty easy one.”
  8. 8. “ I said before, I only have so much power. I create, I watch, and if I need to, I can save. And you damn well bet that if I have to save you all again, I will. But I can't make your choices for you. Every choice that you make is up to you, not me. Meadow chose to be cuckoo for cocoa puffs levels of bananas. You chose to always make the stupid choice. Heck, it's half of why you're my favorite. That, and I like your nose. The only choice I ever made for you was the choice to give you a ride in a spaceship. If I made all the choices for you, what would be the point in living?”
  9. 9. “ Fudge, you chose to pick the most hardworking woman I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and have 6 wonderful children with her. It's been a hard job keeping tabs on all of them, but it's what you wanted, and it's what you got.”
  10. 10. “ Barty, you knew who you wanted by the time you were 15 years old. You chose Tosha, and nothing anyone in college could say would sway you otherwise. You've always know where you wanted to go, and who you wanted to go with, and I've never done anything to try to change your mind.”
  11. 11. “ It was different with you, Liam. You were always running one way or another, getting yourself into trouble. Your choices have been good, bad, and just once, very bad, but you've always wanted what was best for everyone and I don't think you could hurt anyone if you tried. You knew who you wanted all along, too. Not a day in college when you were flirting with another girl did I ever see any true feelings in your heart for anyone but Jasmine.”
  12. 12. “ And Abe, you were my doofus. You were the one always making the wrong choice. Turning into a little emo kid when you were a teenager, marrying a crazy woman, running off into the middle of the woods. But they weren't my choices to make, they were yours You've grown so much older now, and you've learned, and every time I see you with your grandchildren, I smile.”
  13. 13. Abe stared for a moment before finally letting out a laugh. “ I was pretty stupid, wasn't I?” “ Yeah, but it was your choice. And now it's Lucy's turn to choose. She's two choices away from something that will impact her whole life. Whoever she picks is going to join you all back home, so I think it's time to see what she's up to right now.”
  14. 14. Back at the Bachelorette Pad, Lucy was deep in thought over the last elimination. She still couldn't believe that Jake had volunteered himself to go home. When she thought hard about it, it made sense that he would be the one to go. It had never been romantic with him, and when she's had to flirt, it had always felt forced. But to throw himself under the bus like that was completely unexpected and she wondered how much he'd thought about it.
  15. 15. Speaking of choices, the tension between Georgie and Elm seemed to be at an all time high. She was almost certain that at this very moment that the smaller man was currently pondering different ways to commit manslaughter with a pool cue.
  16. 16. And then there was David. It seemed that most of the time, David was off in his own little world away from the other two. He didn't feel threatened by them, not was he particularly friendly with them. But even he'd been picking it up lately.
  17. 17. Lucy realized as soon as she got outside that today would be the first day nobody would be left out of the hot tub. She would kind of miss the thrill of seeing who got to her first.
  18. 18. “ Room for all four of us, then, Lucy?” David was the first to sit down with Georgie hot on his heels. “ Looks like it. Must be relieving for all of you boys, but I'll miss the sounds of shoving.”
  19. 19. Before long, all of them had settled down and Lucy was trying her best not to glance at the empty tub across from them while the conversation went to food. “I have to say, you've been keeping us pretty well fed here, Lucy.” “ Actually, I don't know who's been stocking the buffet. It's pretty weird. That's not to say I'm not a good cook. My Aunt Marylin and my Grandma Tosha taught me a lot. Not my dad, though. He just burns things.”
  20. 20. “ The food can't be all that bad where you come from, can it? Who cooks where you boys come from?” Lucy was always interested in learning about the boys. David was the first to answer, “Mostly my mother. She was always the nurturing type and I am sure she would have had a dozen of us children and cooked for us all if she could have.” Georgie nodded, “Yes, me too. Though I wouldn't call my mother the nurturing type. She mostly did was expected of her. Though she does love me dearly.” Elm laughed and was the last one to speak up, “I don't think I want my mom cooking for me ever again.”
  21. 21. “ Oh, I'd give anything to have some of my Aunt's cooking right now. Heck, it's what she does for a living. She's pretty much the hottest celebrity chef ever. And not like those other hot lady celebrity chefs out there, who just got famous because they're hot. She's actually good. Sorry, was I rambling?” According to the only slightly awkward stares of her companions, the answer was yes.
  22. 22. “ Well, let's not just sit here like a bunch of statues, then. What's on the plate for us today, Lucy?” Lucy thought back to her schedule, before quite bluntly giving her answer. “Kissing.” David hesitated a bit before answering, “Well, I did sign up for anything. I can't say I haven't wondered what it would be like, and I assume my fellow competitors feel the same way.”
  23. 23. Georgie twitched before managing to sputter out an excuse. “Oh dear, I'm thirsty. What do you say to a drink, Elm?” “Yeah, good idea. Really good idea. Let's go drink. Heh.”
  24. 24. Lucy had barely stepped foot out of her room with fresh clothes on before she was cornered again. “ I hope you don't take my swift exit as an insult to your beauty. I merely thought the discussion had gotten slightly awkward.” “Yeah. I guess it was probably a bad idea to bring up kissing and leave people out like that.” Lucy only flinched a little when Georgie reached up to do what he later excused as Lucy having hair in her eye. She knew differently.
  25. 25. Elm could barely see what was going on through the sliding door, but he knew enough to know that Georgie was trying to get ahead of him again, and he wasn't going to have any of that. Lucy was far too awesome of a girl to just watch go away, especially this late in the game. He didn't dare admit, but he was becoming pretty damn attached to her.
  26. 26. “ Think fast, Lucy!” She didn't even have time to fully brace herself before Elm jumped into her arm. “Dude! I appreciate the thought, but you're incredibly heavy.” “Hey, I'm in GREAT shape.”
  27. 27. Maybe she should have noticed David walk in, because this was going to be odd to talk her way out of. “ Uh. His legs hurt.”
  28. 28. “ There's no need to explain yourself, Lucy. I understand that things will heat up a bit at this point of the competition. Though you'll have to forgive me if I don't lose all senses at the sight of you and jump into your arms like an animal.” Elm had to wonder if David realized being so laid back at this point could backfire on him.
  29. 29. Soon enough, it was time for the dates. Just like the last time any kissing had happened, Georgie was first. “ I want to enquire something, Lucy.”
  30. 30. “ And what would that be, Georgie?” Lucy stood up from the couch she'd been sitting on. “ If you were telling the truth when you said these dates would involve kissing. I dare say, it might be the best date ever if that's the case.” Lucy laughed. She couldn't believe this was the same nervous boy who'd almost ran out of the house screaming the second day.
  31. 31. “ Why don't you just find out for yourself?” This would be even easier than last time. All she had to do was lean in and...
  32. 32. And she was right. Doing it was the easy part. The hard part was stopping. It didn't matter how many times she told herself that she had other things to do, she didn't care. She wasn't going anywhere right now.
  33. 33. Her dad had always told her that when he fell in love with her mom, it had felt like a million big red hearts were flying over his head, playing music. She'd always thought her dad may be slightly insane, but she'd be damned if it wasn't making a lot of sense right now.
  34. 34. She had barely even shoved Georgie out the door before Elm came in, already suspicious. “ Did I hear a harp?”
  35. 35. “ You sure it's not in your head because you're so smitten with me, Elm?” She always knew she could trust Elm to take a joke.
  36. 36. It wasn't until she pulled Elm in for the kiss that he finally answered her. “ I have to admit, you might be right.” “That it's in your head?” “That I'm smitten with you.”
  37. 37. At the rate things were going, she was never going to get anything done today. She took as long to break everything up as she did with Georgie, and she may not have seen the same hearts, but she knew they were there somewhere, waiting to come out and sing cheesy music to her.
  38. 38. The sun was just beginning to reach the far end of the house when David finally showed up for his turn. “ I have to say, Lucy, Georgie and Elm seemed quite content when they came out of this room. I wonder why that would be?”
  39. 39. “ You see, David, it's pretty funny that you would ask that.” Here went nothing. She'd already done this before with the other two, but with David, this was new. “Because you're about to find out.”
  40. 40. It felt great to finally kiss David. And she had to admit, he was quite good at it. But that word repeated in her head. Finally. Elm and Georgie had jumped on the opportunity to kiss her days ago, but it always seemed like David lagged behind, waiting for the opportunity to come to him. Was it just how he was, or did he not want this as bad?
  41. 41. This wasn't the only question that was bothering her. There were always a million questions racing through her head every time she had to send someone home. Why should she have to be the one to break someones heart? Maybe she should have made Abby do this. She really needed some sleep.
  42. 42. She was so close to making that final decision, and she had no idea how she'd ever be able to do it, and her dreams were no help at all.
  43. 43. She'd gone to bed so early that once again, it wasn't surprising that she was up before the sun had even come up. For once, she was going to go out and watch it rise.
  44. 44. This was such a nice house. She'd always loved her house back home, but living here had made her realize that it was just a box with a bunch of smaller boxes inside. It would be a shame to leave this place, but she had to go back home. They needed her there.
  45. 45. It was amazingly a good 30 minutes before she found herself no longer alone on the balcony. That had to be some kind of record. “ Georgie, I'm glad to see you up. I was just watching the sun rise.”
  46. 46. “ If that's the case, what do you say about us watching it rise together?” Nothing in the world sounded better.
  47. 47. Of course, nothing in this house could stay serious for too long. “ Honk honk!” “ If I didn't know you so well already, that would have killed the moment.”
  48. 48. She wouldn't know it, but Georgie realized right then there was more than one reason he'd never be upset with Lucy for doing anything like that.
  49. 49. “ Sorry, Georgie. You know I just get goofy sometimes.” “ It isn't a problem anymore, Lucy.”
  50. 50. “ You know, I would love to stay longer, but I'm sure the others would like some time with you. Not that I want to give it to them. Also, I have a need to visit the water closet.” ..What was a water closet?
  51. 51. It had gotten light out enough for her to take her coat off by the time Elm joined her, but apparently, he didn't think so. “ Georgie told me you were out here, I hope you don't mind if I join you for a bit?”
  52. 52. “ Now why would I mind you coming out here unless you had some sort of infectious disease?” “ You'd catch it, considering you're going to catch a cold if you don't put that coat back on.”
  53. 53. There were those ridiculous hearts and harps again. If she didn't know better, she'd have sworn she could hear two of them this time. “ Ok, now I know I heard something. You?” “Just ignore it, it'll go away.”
  54. 54. “ Here, let me provide a distraction. Honk!” “What in the.. You really are beginning to lose it from being trapped in this house, aren't you?”
  55. 55. “ I guess... I guess I'm just beginning to get more comfortable around you all. I don't have to worry about you freaking out.” “ You never had to worry about ME freaking out. Now go put on a coat, you're going to catch a cold. Oh boy, I must be getting old.”
  56. 56. After Elm finally went to get himself something to eat, David was the last person to see that day. It seemed like David was always last out of the three of them. “ My goodness, what a lovely view you have up here.” “ It's nice, isn't it?”
  57. 57. She couldn't think about eliminating him just for being a bit slower than everyone when he looked like that, could she? “I have to say, it looks a lot nicer whenever you're out here.” “You are quite the charming woman yourself, Lucy.”
  58. 58. “ Yeah, I am, and guess what? Honk!” “Even when you do such inappropriately timed things as this.”
  59. 59. She loved spending time with David. David loved spending time with her. She was almost certain she loved him like she did Elm and Georgie. But if that was the case, where was the cheesy music? She needed to go think. And fast, because it was already 10 AM.
  60. 60. Lucy didn't even bother to take out any cards, she just idly played with the poker chips in front of her, weighing her options, imagining each and every one of the men in front of her.
  61. 61. Georgie, and his endearing bumbling personality, and how much he'd grown right in front of her throughout the week. David, so charming and handsome, straight out of the picture on a story that her grandma would keep locked in a bookshelf somewhere. Elm, funny and relaxed, just like someone who would come right from her own family back at home.
  62. 62. She knew exactly what she had to do, and it was almost time to do it. Of course, everyone was going to get in her way.
  63. 63. “ Lucy! Catch me!” “ Ow, Georgie! Fair bit of warning next time?” “David could have warned you, he's right there.”
  64. 64. David was here? She'd hardly noticed. “David? Where did you come from?” “I have been in the room the entire time.” “ I'm sorry. You just sort of fade into the background sometimes. Hey, could you come with me for a minute?”
  65. 65. This was going to hurt. “ David, I..” “You're sending me home, aren't you?” “ Yeah. Yeah I am.”
  66. 66. He looked hurt, he really did. But it's not like she could put it off. “ I have to say that I'm disappointed. Even with Elm and Georgie here all this time, I was still holding out some hope that you'd choose me.”
  67. 67. “ I don't know what it is about you David. As much as I want to say I love you like I love them, I can't. I love you, I think. But you've never seemed as into this game as they have.”
  68. 68. “ I enjoy your company Lucy, and I always have had feelings for you, but I don't know how I'm supposed to express them with so many other men around. Everyone has always told me I'm more of a wallflower. Maybe I'm just not suited to this sort of environment. I wish I could show you different, but..”
  69. 69. “ I wish you could, David, but I have to do this. You know that. If things were different, I think we could have ended up great together.” “ I suppose this is farewell, then. I will try to keep in touch with you.”
  70. 70. One last hug couldn't hurt, could it? It was going to be hard to let go. Who was going to come tell her it was going to be okay this time? David had always been the one to comfort her after an elimination.
  71. 71. “ Are you going to be okay, Lucy? Do you need a backrub or something?” Maybe.. just maybe things were going to be alright, like they always were.
  72. 72. David wasn't even sure how this contraption worked, nor did he want to be using it. This was ridiculous, he should have seen this coming. His own demeanor was far too calm for this setting, and Lucy had felt he was disinterested. That couldn't be further from the truth. He'd always been interested, and this was like being punched in the stomach. There was nothing he could do now. It would hurt, but he had to move on. He'd be back with his family in Regalton soon enough.
  73. 73. And with that, Day 5 came to a close, and David was the second to last person to depart from the house. I'll miss my little wallflower, but it was definitely his time to go. Elm and Georgie were stomping all his screen time Poor dude. Scores: Georgie – 100/82 - Mutual Love Elm – 100/75 - Mutual Love David – 100/70 – Sigh.. one more interaction, and he would have gotten those hearts too. Oh well.