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OfferPop - Social Media Opportunities

  1. 1. OFFERPOP Smart Social Media Campaigns
  2. 2. PHOTO COMPETITION Photo Contests make it easy for fans to submit, share and vote on photos around any theme. Your fans can submit photos through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and vote for their favourites with a single click. Includes full branding, customisable submission forms, entry moderation, optional fan-gating, reports and much more Suggestions: Internal – Harcourts branding comp – photo of you/team next to your sold signboard; best team photo; best office layout photo; External – Submit your fav holiday snap; Be in to win patio futniture – invite people to post a photo of where their patio furniture would go if they won
  3. 3. VIDEO COMPETITION If you have an engaged fan base, this app gives you a great way to drive participation and sharing. People post their video using a simple form to enter, then share with friends to get votes. Features flexible voting policies and reports tracking many key metrics. Internal: Auctions, events, Foundation, quirky team videos External: Submit a short film around a theme
  4. 4. TUG OF WAR Engage Facebook users in a fun showdown about any topic you choose. Users just click to vote, and can comment to support their favourite side. Commens appear on their Wall so these programs drive user-generated content and word- of-mouth. Get reports with key metrics, charts and participant details
  5. 5. FAN FAVES Use Fan Faves to set up programs where fans can vote for and share their favourite of a set of options you define, around some theme. Use this for polls and any cases where you want to start conversations around specific content. Fully customisable and includes reports and fan-gate feature. Suggestion: - Community charity donation – e.g. Tell us your favourite charity and why and we will donate $x to the charity with the most votes
  6. 6. EXCLUSIVE Want to reward your fans and get more fans? Share Exclusive offers on a Page app on your Facebook Page. When someone likes your campaign they must Like you to see the offer. Get reports on views, Likes, Shares and more Suggestion: - Local offer on a product/service
  7. 7. LOOK BOOK Give fans a way to discover and interact with each other on your brand Page. Showcase your most active and influential fans while growing your “People Talking About This” score. Track all fan activity on your Page and news feed. Fan Profiles includes real-time reports and fan tracking data. Suggestion: - Local offer on a product/service
  8. 8. CAPTION/ESSAY CONTESTS Run engaging contests that encourage fans to create and vote on photo captions. The app is also ideal for essay contests. Includes optional fan-gating and real-time reports Suggestion: Internal: School holiday competition – short stories External: Example - Did you ever hear the phrase ‘walk a mile in their shoes’? We want to hear from you about whose shoes you would like to walk in – celebrity, figure from history, family member, whoever you want. We want to know who and why – top 3 entries receive xx’