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GH and McDonald's
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GH and McDonald's


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  • 1. We were there to launch the iconic BigMac jingle: ”two-allbeef-patties-special-saucelettuce-cheese-pickles-onionson-a-sesame-seed-bun.” And we were there againto celebrate the 40th Anniversary of thissignature burger. To add a contemporary twist,we launched the Big Mac Chant-Off, aconsumer contest in partnership withMySpace that invited young adults to remixthe famous jingle. We successfullyre-established the Big Mac as a cultural iconto a new generation of consumers.The campaign generated 244 million mediaimpressions and helped to increase sales ofBig Macs during the marketing window.
  • 2. McDonald’s is at the forefront of reachingaudiences with brand experiences online.Many of our programs are driven by a centralsocial media idea. We created the first-everglobal fundraising “Give A Hand” widget onFacebook for RMHC and developed viral campaign for thelaunch of Southern Style Chicken. The lattercampaign garnered 157 million impressions,includingarticles in key outlets like TIME, TheNew York Times and Chicago Tribune. It alsodrove significant online buzz with 1,500 blogpostings and 11,000 online discussions aboutthe product during the promotion.
  • 3. Because Mom knows best, we implementedthe McDonald’s Moms Quality Correspondent-program, bringing together five real life Momsand granting them unprecedented access toMcDonald’s. The Moms met with executives,and visited the corporate test kitchen and theglobal innovation center. They then sharedtheir experiences via journals, photos andvideos on 275 million media impressionsand 83,000 unique Web site visits. Mostimportantly, 70% of consumers who read theMoms’ journals said they felt much betterabout McDonald’s food choices and qualityingredients.
  • 4. We took McDonald’s 40-year Olympicpartnership to new heights for the 2008Beijing Summer Games with the McDonald’sChampion Kids (MCK) program. MCK gavehundreds of children from 40 countries theopportunity to experience and report on theOlympic Games with exclusive access toathletes, the Olympic Village and the wondersof China. U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist MichaelPhelps was the global ambassador of thisinaugural program. Through initiatives likeMCK, McDonald’s connected the world to itsbrand and generated 1 billion mediaimpressions worldwide.
  • 5. “Arch Madness” swept Chicago in 2011 asthe 34th annual McDonald’s All AmericanHigh School Basketball Games tipped off inthe Windy City for the first time in nearly 30years. The goals: put butts in seats and raiseawareness for the Games’ beneficiary, RonaldMcDonald House Charities.To do so, GolinHarris combined nationalresources with local expertise. When the finalbuzzer sounded, a standing-room-only crowdpacked Chicago’s famed United Center. Andthrough aggressive media outreach, 52 millionmedia impressions connected the McDonald’sAll American Games to charity.