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Marketing campaign ideas


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Marketing campaign ideas

  1. 1. Marketing Campaign Ideas Created By Cygnis Media
  2. 2. Overview Of Marketing Campaign  we have seen some very diverse brands becoming digitally enabled to be able to connect to their consumers for good. Let us take a look of some of the campaigns we are excited to share with you.
  3. 3. Best Marketing Campaigns  Nestle “We will find you”  Coca Cola “Share a Coke”  C&A Fashion “Like Hanger”  Scotch Brite “Wash Your Bill”  Emirates NBD “Dynamic Facebook Cover Photo”
  4. 4. Nestle “We will find you”  A simple concept for the consumers, communicating the actual task consumer needs to perform and a clear benefit that would be gained. The most aspiring thing in this whole campaign was the GPS technology used.
  5. 5. Coca Cola “Share a Coke”  Coca Cola, one of the leading brands in the world, found through a study that 50% of the Australians have not tasted a Coke in a month, the company decided to reconnect with their consumers and remind them about their favorite soft drink. They picked Australia’s 150 most common names and printed one name on each of the bottle, urging the consumers to purchase the Coke and share it with someone special. The users were able to share a Coke digitally as well as physically. Coca Cola even placed kiosks to cover up the requests of printing the new names, but the buzz was all over. A voting was also open on the Coca Cola’s Facebook fan page, where users voted for the names that should be printed on the bottles.  5% more people drinking coke.  3% increase in sales transactions.  A whopping 870% increase in Facebook traffic.
  6. 6. C&A Fashion “Like Hanger”  Women are always confused whenever they go shopping alone. They want opinion of someone telling them if the outfit they selected looks good on them. C&A Fashion solved this problem by introducing “Like Hangers” in their store. The number on the hangers represented the number of likes the item or outfit has received on Facebook Fan page. Having social reassurance for the item you are purchasing is awesome and this is what C&A Fashion did. The buyers knew exactly how many of the people liked this item on Facebook. The results for this campaign were amazing:  8,800,000 impressions received.  1,000 new fans added per hour.  Part of the collection sold in a day.
  7. 7. Scotch Brite “Wash Your Bill”  Scotch Brite, one of the leading sponge brands in Brazil, found out that there is a little clout with the younger generation. They decided to take actions for this and launched the campaign “Wash Your Bill”. The campaign was to be run for one week, in which Scotch Brite teamed up with some restaurants to be able to capture the targeted audience. At the time of clearing the bills, the customers were invited to wash their dishes, which most of the people happily accepted. Scotch Brite was able to create a fun, cost effective and try it for yourself campaign.
  8. 8. Emirates NBD “Dynamic Facebook Cover Photo”  Emirates NBD is one of the leading financial institutions in UAE. They started out the campaign for UAE’s National Day, and approached Cygnis Media to work on it. They wanted the users to upload the images on Instagram and Twitter using the particular hashtags. The photos would then be randomly selected and a Facebook Cover Photo was generated using them. Each time the user refreshes the official Facebook fan page of Emirates NBD, the cover photo of the page was changed. The concept of Dynamic Facebook Cover Photo was unique and new and impressed a number of followers.
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