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Brazen Globespotting - August 2017


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An recap of the hottest PR campaigns and brand stunts from around the world in August 2017, plus a few of the biggest PR fails.

Published in: Marketing
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Brazen Globespotting - August 2017

  3. 3. WHAT? The nation is furious as Walkers threatens to axe three of its classic British flavours in favour of some new international editions in its ‘Choose Me or Lose Me’ campaign WHO AND WHEN? Classic crisp brand puts the fate of ‘British’ original flavours Smoky Bacon, Prawn Cocktail and Salt and Vinegar in the hands of the nation as they ask the public to choose them or new kids on the block American Bacon and Cheddar, Paprika and Lime and Black Pepper from Australia WHERE? Controversy around potential cuts soon spread like wildfire both across national media including Metro and The Independent and Mail online, as well as generating tonnes of conversation on social media WHY? Putting iconic and new products to public vote is not a new concept but the possibility of losing firm British favourites in favour of foreign alternatives is a surefire way to make headlines, especially as Brexit looms A CRISPY CONUNDRUM
  4. 4. WHAT? Brazen client, Optical Express, pledges to donate £1M worth of laser eye surgery to NHS and emergency service workers WHO AND WHEN? Following a nationwide survey which revealed that 16% of Brits never hear “thank you” in the workplace, Optical Express launched its ‘Thanks a Million’ initiative to reward those most deserving of our thanks WHERE? The story landed blanket national coverage including the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and The Sun, along with key online, regional and trade titles, and generated over 800 sign ups to the initiative WHY? Great campaign that acknowledged and rewarded the hard work NHS Staff and Emergency Service workers do for the British public, backed up with an insightful and relatable survey THANKS A MILLION
  5. 5. WHAT? An £8 ‘miracle’ cream claimed to guarantee a good night’s sleep – the answer to the prayers of exhausted parents EVERYWHERE! WHO AND WHEN? Originally launched as a limited-edition holiday exclusive, Lush has now made the cream a permanent product due to its soaring popularity, which went viral after a mum raved online about the cream miraculously sending her restless baby to sleep for 14 hours WHERE? The story saw blanket coverage across Mail Online, Metro, Mirror, OK!, Cosmo and a variety of influential parenting websites, such as Made for Mums and Mumsnet. It also got mums, globally, talking about it on social media, desperate to get their hands on a tub WHY? Just goes to prove the power of word of mouth recommendations and positive case studies. And let’s be honest, a product claiming to make children sleep is PR gold… THAT’S LUSH
  6. 6. WHAT? Disney launches #DreamBigPrincess global photography campaign, redefining what it means to be a princess WHO AND WHEN? The iconic family brand collaborated with photographers from around the world to create a series of empowering images showcasing real-world girls and women to inspire them to want to be more than just princesses waiting to be saved by Prince Charming, donating $1million to the United Nations Girl UP campaign leadership programme in the process WHERE? The bigger question is: where didn’t the empowering campaign land? WHY? Occasionally facing criticism for encouraging women to be passive, bravo to Disney for challenging this perception and proving its influence on young girls can make a tangible difference to girls who face challenges achieving their dreams #DREAMBIGPRINCESS
  7. 7. WHAT? German supermarket Edeka empties its shelves in an effort to make a point about racism and diversity WHO AND WHEN? The supermarket, based in Hamburg removes all foreign products from the shelves to raise awareness of migrant-related racism WHERE? The stunt was shared and praised all over social media, as well as being covered by many media outlets including BBC, Metro and Huff Post WHY? The striking images of the empty supermarket shocked people and challenged attitudes all over the world in the height of the global immigration debate THE PERFECT SHELFIE
  8. 8. TRENDS
  9. 9. SILLY SEASON Sunglasses.. Check. Bucket and spade… Check. Frivolous news story… check. The summer months are typically slower for news desks, allowing PRs across the country to rehash their news stories for a second stab at campaign success. This season saw pages of coverage on Big Ben falling silent for repairs, including on the BBC, Daily Mirror and Metro. PRIDE With Pride celebrations happening all over the UK, brands joined in the celebration for LGBTQ rights. Skittles created limited-edition packs, restaurants created multicoloured bakes and breads, and Facebook added a pride reaction to its social network: Proud to support equality. BAKE OFF Channel changes, new judges, and 17 minutes worth of adverts – the new format of the nation’s favourite baking show made for tasty coverage and social chatter, ahead of the new season which stared in September
  10. 10. #PRFAIL
  11. 11. WHAT? National Lottery deletes tweets after GIANT social media fail where British athletes were seen holding up offensive messages due to a glitch in the campaign mechanic WHO AND WHEN? The National Lottery took a gamble with its campaign for the World Athletics Championship when Twitter users were asked to retweet a post from @TNLUK with the hashtag #Represent. The campaign was hijacked when users changed their Twitter handles to controversial names and statements spread across social WHERE? Blanket national PR coverage, including on the BBC, Daily Telegraph and The Sun and on social media - for the wrong reasons. Much of the conversation focused on the campaign blunder rather than celebrating British Athletics WHY? Many criticised National Lottery for not having learned from the mistakes Walkers crisps made with their very similar, (and equally disastrous) campaign, some months earlier NATIONAL LOTTERY GAMBLES SUCCESS
  12. 12. BRAZEN WE ARE