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Can Carrotmobs Change the world?


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Presentation by Julia Karl at the Inspiring Change Gathering in Cape Town, South Africa on 18 November 2011.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Can Carrotmobs Change the world?

  1. 1. Can CarrotmobsChange ?the World
  2. 2. Consumer Activism
  3. 3. In a Carrotmob campaign,businesses compete athow socially responsiblethey can beand thena network of consumersspends money to supportthe winner.
  4. 4. How it all started…S nF n i c a ra cs o
  5. 5. 22%
  6. 6. O p st p o ieoa fb y ot oc t Buycott
  7. 7. Success
  8. 8. Win-Win-Win Activism
  9. 9. Singapore Mexico CityMinneapolis Frankfurt Sidney
  10. 10. PortlandAntwerp Manchester Vancouver Berlin
  11. 11. First Carrotmobon the AfricanContinent!TONIGHT
  12. 12. Competition
  13. 13. Commitments
  14. 14. YOUJoin the mob, have fun and enjoy Maria‟s food, drinks and musicwhile the money that you spend on the night goes towards makingMaria‟s an even more environmentally and socially responsiblebusiness.MARIA‟SCommits to implementing a host of environmental and social actions,while at the same time benefiting from increased revenue,recognition and enhanced reputation.
  15. 15. Mobilisingpeople
  16. 16. The future ofCarrotmobs…
  17. 17. CanCarrotmobsChange theWorld?
  18. 18. “The Carrotmob philosophy hasextended across America – andthe world” “A global movement that is built on the „carrot-or-the-stick‟ concept”“Carrotmobs Are Cooler thanBoycotts”