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GH and Texas Instruments

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GH and Texas Instruments

  1. 1. The “Thank an Engineer” campaign acknowledged the vast contributions engineers make toimproving consumers’ lives. We launched a series of humorous “what if” videos about a worldwithout technologies like cell phones, laptops and MP3 players. The videos appeared onFacebook, Twitter, industry blogs and engineering forums. A viral contest was added whereusers submitted their thanks for products they could not live without. The campaign hadbloggers and media talking and engineers Tweeting, resulting in 100,000 video views andthousands of click-throughs. Even a competitor on Twitter said, “Bravo TI.”
  2. 2. TI wanted to tell its energy efficiency story to stake its rightful claim as the expert in powerinnovation. Our team launched, a “power-full” thought leadership blog.The site showcased insights on sources of clean, affordable and renewable energy and engagedtop-tier media and bloggers. TInergy was successful in elevating product-driven messages intovisionary insights on low power technology. TInergy had 1,000 unique visitors per month andreadership by top thinkers in the field. ZDNet went so far as to say TInergy “goes beyond what atypical corporate green site does.”
  3. 3. To educate the industry about TI’s vision for future voice technology applications, we created“Vision for Voice.” This viral video program encouraged customers, partners, service providers,engineers and university students to share their ideas about the future of voice technology.The program, driven primarily online via social media, garnered nearly 250 entries and morethan 24,000 unique Web site views over three months, including 1,000 visitors from theFacebook fan page. TI is exploring a patent for the winning idea.
  4. 4. TI knew early on that Twitter provided the potential to interact with customers. With our team,TI has leveraged Twitter as a strategic channel to engage engineers in conversations aboutTI and its products during industry events. TwitterCal, TI’s editorial calendar for Twitter,was established to manage its tradeshow presence more strategically. TI’s feed receives anaverage of 48 clicks per link. While this number may seem small, it is extremely targeted toengineers who are interested in listening and responding to what TI has to say… and thatassurance is priceless.
  5. 5. Our team has been awarded TI’s prestigious Supplier Excellence Award twice. Only 24 awardrecipients from more than 15,000 vendor companies are recognized for their dedication andcommitment to delivering outstanding service and meeting TI’s high standards of excellence.In our client’s words -- “This award recognizes GolinHarris’ continued enthusiasm andcommitment to helping TI maximize our media relations results. We are proud of our closecollaboration with GolinHarris, and we look forward to continued success in our work together.”

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