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презентация Teaching
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презентация Teaching


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Presentation on the topic "Teaching. Art?"

Presentation on the topic "Teaching. Art?"

Published in: Education, Career

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  • 1. Teaching. Art? Презентация по теме « Teachers’ Training » Выполнила студентка 5 курса группы 752 Меликаева Ольга
  • 2. Popular Misconceptions
    • Many people know a saying by Bernard Shaw: “Those who can - do, those who can’t - teach”. Judging by this phrase, it seems that teachers just tell the pupils the things they learnt at school and know very well and then check their knowledge. But having studied for 5 years at the pedagogical university and having held a lot of lessons myself, I understood that to be a teacher it’s not enough just to know the material and to be friendly, hard-working, supportive and enthusiastic, it’s obligatory for a really good teacher to have a talent from God.
  • 3. Why is Teaching an Art?
    • Teachers can be compared with composers and painters, as they also create masterpieces, but unlike them, teachers work with living material, they help their pupils to find their place in life and to gain success. And the pupils are always grateful to them for being their friends and helpers. But not all teachers are capable to do that. And it’s not enough just to have a talent in teaching, a person should also have a number of features of character that will help him or her to realize in the profession.
  • 4. What a Talented Teacher Should Be Like? He should…
  • 5. … Be Friendly
    • First rule is to be friendly. When you come to your first lesson, smile, and all will be fine :) Children will see that you are a positive person and feel that you are not a cruel and humiliating teacher.
  • 6. … Be Enthusiastic
    • The teacher himself should enjoy teaching his subject because he should make his pupils interested in it, and without the teacher’s enthusiasm the pupils won’t learn those words and rules, as they might not see the sense in it.
  • 7. … Know His Subject Well
    • To teach a subject the teacher should be a professional in it. He should be endowed (быть обеспеченным) with a solid ( основательный ) knowledge base, be ready to answer his pupils’ questions and explain this or that word. Surely, the teacher should be prepared for each class and have all the necessary material for it. He with his own example should encourage his pupils to learn for the sake of learning.
  • 8. … Laugh sometimes!
    • If the teacher will only explain something,
    • or make pupils do drills all the time, shout at them,
    • they will think that he is a boring and nervous person.
    • If a funny situation happens during the lesson and the pupils are laughing, he should laugh with them, so they will know that he can be cheerful as well as serious.
    • If there is a suitable moment at the lesson the teacher can say something cheerful to make the pupils’ mood better. Also it’s important for the teacher to be able to communicate at the students’ level.
  • 9. … Be Interested
    • The really talented teacher should be interested in each of his pupils equally, he shouldn’t pick out ( выделять ) some of his pupils and work only with them. He should be interested in growth of students and should support their initiative and be proud of them. Then they will know that they are important for him and that he wants them to do their best.
    • The teacher should know the needs of each individual in his group and do the lesson great for everyone.
  • 10. … Give Feedback
    • Every qualified and talented teacher should respect his pupils’ opinions and points of view. He should always be on their wavelength and know their interests and hobbies.
  • 11. … Give a Challenge
    • One of the purposes of education is to learn pupils to think. Thus the teacher should perform such lessons that challenge one to do it. This can be achieved by setting problem questions and holding discussions.
    • Also the teacher should offer a number of practical applications and even games for children to relax a little bit.
  • 12.
    • These are the traits of character
    • and some abilities that a really
    • talented teacher should have.
    • And I strongly believe that
    • a teacher should be like the
    • image described here.
    • If it is so our children will be happy
    • and they will go to school with
    • great pleasure. I hope they won’t have
    • very strict and even cruel teachers
    • who don’t respect them. The teachers
    • learn us how to live and this profession is
    • the most important one , to my mind.