youSCADA©, SCADA as a Service: Monitoring and Controlling Devices and Objects via Cloud


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Presentation on youSCADA at Graphical Web 2012 conference

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  • Certamente. Gia' nel 2008 vedevano la luce le prime applicazioni industriali 'pesanti' Grazie alle websockets ora e' diventato tutto molto piu' semplice! Complimenti per la vostra applicazione
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  • Nel 2011 abbiamo realizzato un sistema simile che utilizza Comet/Bayeux, evoluto poi verso STOMP quale protocollo di messaging tra i nodi dello Scada distribuito. Fa piacere constatare che queste tecnologie orientate al Web si stanno diffondendo anche in ambiente industriale
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youSCADA©, SCADA as a Service: Monitoring and Controlling Devices and Objects via Cloud

  1. 1. Graphical Web 2012 – Sept 13 2012 - Zurich SCADA as a ServiceMonitoring and Controlling Devices and Objects via Cloud Giulio Roggero
  2. 2. We connect the real world to the Internet
  3. 3. SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SystemsHMI PLC Field DevicesData CommunicationAcquisition infrastructure
  4. 4. 1960 1990 2000First generation Second generation Third generation Mainframes Multiple stations Multiple stations Proprietary Proprietary Standard communication communication communication protocols protocols protocols Internet
  5. 5. Next?
  6. 6. I want to tell you a story…
  7. 7. 2008 - miHMI*• SVG• JavaScript• Adobe SVG Player• Microsoft IIS• C# *see SVG Open Day 2008
  8. 8. miHMI limits• Polling for live data  CPU and Network utilization• SVG Pages configurable only with Microsoft Visio• Custom JavaScript library for SVG Adobe Player  Modern browsers not supported
  9. 9. 2010 - GWT SCADA GWT + Sencha Ext-GWT + Comet + Tomcat6 + XML+1 Configurable + Less CPU and Bandwidth consumption + All browsers
  10. 10. GWT SCADA limits• User interface• No visual editor for configuration
  11. 11. 2012 – beaglebone SCADA extjs + nodeJS + websockets + beaglebone+1 Small fingerprint (pure JavaScript) + Better User Interface + Better live data
  12. 12. 2012 – ITSociety (not a SCADA) jquery+ SVG + websockets + cloudfoundry+1 Scalable on the Cloud + Vector User Interface
  13. 13. 2013 Design Bind Publish
  14. 14. demo
  15. 15. 4th SCADA Generation*• Improving reliability and scalability adopting Cloud platforms.• Allow to connect sparse devices.• Allow to access HMI from anywhere with any device without reducing the user experience and performances.• Don’t setup an infrastructure for a SCADA: just bind devices and design pages  SCADA as a Service. * Our vision
  16. 16. Authentication youSCADA and Users SVG Page PageSVG Editor Repository ACL (svg-editextension) SVG Live youSCADA Data Updater Event Logger Storage JavaScript Web RabbitMQ Router & Message Bus Sockjs Sockets Sockjs Message Bus Publish/Subscribe youSCADA Data & Commands Client Application Logic youSCADA Device Adapters Devices Devices Devices Devices
  17. 17. Edit SCADA page on the fly…
  18. 18. … with an extension
  19. 19. How youSCADA editor works Design a shape Configure the lego.sensors.touch data point name lego.sensors.touch == 0 Configure thevisualization logic lego.sensors.touch == 1 Publish the page
  20. 20. What next?• Improve SVG editor adding new widgets• Add WebGL 3D widgets• Complete the implementation of cloud platform scaling• Add scriptable application logic components to coordinate remote and sparse devices• Implement an user interface like for adding and sharing pages
  21. 21. Q&A
  22. 22. Giulio Roggero TeamIntre Carlo Ballabio Gianni Alex