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Developing the Next Generation Embedded HMIs


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Developing the Next Generation Embedded HMIs – Phil Burr
With more and more people using smartphones it is no surprise that more and more people are demanding better HMIs in other products: whether it is in their set top box, refrigerator, or car, users have come to expect graphically rich dynamic HMIs. This is all very well, but what is a humble developer to do when confronted with the constraints of their embedded device. This presentation examines the options for embedded developers needing to implement these latest HMIs and looks at tools and techniques which can help developers meet or exceed their customer’s HMI expectations.

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Developing the Next Generation Embedded HMIs

  1. 1. Developing EmbeddedAutomotive HMI & IVI Phil Burr,Director, HMI Product Marketing
  2. 2. OverviewMentor GraphicsEstablished in 1981Over 4,700 EmployeesAnnual Revenues of ~$1BnThe only EDA company with embeddedsoftware since 1996Award winning support in 53 locationsworldwideMentor EmbeddedComprehensive product and services for embedded developmentSolutions include Nucleus, software, tools, and servicesIndependent software provider with 300 engineers and worldwide supportAcquired Montavista automotive business - Mentor now #1 automotive Linux company!
  3. 3. When HMI was simple 3
  4. 4. HMIs today 4
  5. 5. Embedded Software in Transportation Complexity & Cost Rising… Millions of LinesSource: 5
  6. 6. IVI Design Challenges …Open Source Driver Distraction Migration to Linux Best Hardware Telematics HMI PerformanceConnected Car Android Multi-Mode Function Support User Inputs Consolidation Apps
  7. 7. Linux-based IVI systems now availableLinux has strong pedigree in consumer electronics and enterprise networking – A natural fit for advanced IVI systemsRather than adding consumer features to a traditional ―automotive OS,‖ OEMs using Linux can – Take advantage of a vibrant ecosystem – Work with active communities of world-class developers – Re-use mountains of pre-existing open source code, which can be modified for automotive use
  8. 8. Cultural challengesThe automotive industry is very competitive.Sharing even non-differentiating software elements among competitors is a relatively new phenomenon.Putting your own work, your own code, your own IP into the ―wilds‖ of open source – The benefits difficult to grasp versus the risks – Often a hard sell within any company, even those with some Linux experience in their enterprise
  9. 9. A second challenge: IVI is different than consumerIn-vehicle infotainment can – work side-by-side with consumer device – share many of the same features – even compete with consumer productsGood fit for Linux-based software found in CE devicesBut IVI devices – have more stringent requirements – include automotive-specific functions – will almost always have features proprietary to the device maker – require a long product life
  10. 10. The GENIVI AllianceA non-profit organization of over 130 of the top automotive OEMs and their suppliersDriving adoption of open source in IVI – Addressing automotive/cultural concerns – Providing a collaboration environment for its members to contribute jointly on essential but non-differentiating middlewareGENIVI members then each build competitive products with unique HMI and advanced applications
  11. 11. HTML5
  12. 12. What is HTML5?Core app execution and Web Audio & GUI rendering model Video Sockets Touch SVGAdditional APIs for events functions, services, utilities, connectivity Geo etc. Canvas HTML CSS3 Location 2DSupports offline as well as connected apps Javascript Web Workers WebGLBrowser-specific app …and Drag & more! packaging and Drop Web installation Storage
  13. 13. HTML5 platform HTML5 APPS BROWSER - Navigation - Tabs WEB CORE - Bookmarks - Execution - History - Rendering HTML CSS3 - Cache - App lifecycle - Cookies - Security - Etc. - Performance Javascript - Etc. Vehicle HTML5 APIs APIs
  14. 14. Why HTML5?Ubiquitous technology Audio & Video Web Sockets SVG Touch eventsOpen (de-facto) standard Geo Canvas HTML CSS3 Location 2DGuaranteed longevity Web Javascript Workers WebGLWide availability of skills Drag & …and more! Drop Web StorageHigh-level, easy app developmentNative system secure from app layerGood for enabling app ecosystemsModel for late app deployment/customizationPortability of apps
  15. 15. Challenges with HTML5Performance Audio & Video Web Sockets SVG Touch eventsResource requirements Geo Canvas HTML CSS3 Location 2DWeak for high-end 3D graphics Web Javascript Workers WebGLSecurity concerns Drag & …and more! Drop Web StorageMentor provides technology and services to OEMsand Tier-1 suppliers to enable our customers tosuccessfully make the transition to HTML5
  16. 16. Mentor Embedded Tools and Services for IVI
  17. 17. Infotainment Solution Components HMI • 3D Design Tools • HTML5, Qt • Smart Phone Integration Applications • Demo templates & 3rd- party Alliances IVI Foundation • Services, Libraries and middleware Operating System • GENIVI Linux and Software Device Drivers Hardware • High-performance CPU, GPU, Peripherals
  18. 18. Mentor’s HTML5 SolutionHTML5 application platform based on Chromium – Integrated and tested as a component of Mentor Embedded IVI Platform – GENIVI compliant or integrated through GENIVI APIs, as appropriateOur global team of HTML5 and Linux professionals – Support, maintenance and updates – Porting and testing services on new platforms – Integration and development services
  19. 19. GENIVI ParticipationMentor is on main GENIVI boardGENIVI Expert Group tracking / participation – System Infrastructure (Loaders, Initialization) – Automotive (Diagnostics, Software tools) – Media and Graphics (Tuners, Broadcast, DVD) – Location Based Services (Positioning, Navigation) – Networking – Consumer Electronics, Social Media, Connectivity, Bluetooth, iPad,.. – Mobile Office – Application Framework (Speech Recognition, HMI, Text to speech) 19
  20. 20. Making the transition to open sourceMentor Embedded is helping both OEMs and Tier One suppliers make this transition – Simplifying the design process – Cost-effective differentiated solutions – Silicon supplier choice, HMI differentiation, and overall cost savings – Open innovation without sacrificing product control
  21. 21. Mentor Beyond GENIVI Human Machine Interface – HMI  Inflexion, Qt, HTML5 3rd party User Applications / Integration Services Hardware Platform and software drivers (BSPs) Other domains  Android, AutoSAR, ADAS System Integration and Test Design Tool Support Services 21
  22. 22. HMI Design – Mentor Inflexion Design Host Run-time target Inflexion UI Express Inflexion Runtime
  23. 23. HMI Design : Inflexion UI Express  Desktop solution for capturing HMIs, later driven by run-time engine  Features include: 3D, Glossing, Shading, Reflections  OpenGL ES Support 23
  24. 24. Connected Smart Phone with CCC■ Benefits: — In-Car Internet — In-Car Android App Access — Technology Refresh solved■ CCC connection via USB, WiFi■ Android Phones now Networking Speech Engine IVI Navigation Audio — Galaxy III Stack Entertainment Telephony — Nokia Mobile Office Cloud■ Apple iOS also needed
  25. 25. Android Guest OS via Hypervisor Common HMI Graphics Layer Management Networking Android Navigation IVI Apps. Stack Entertainment Mobile Office Linux OS Android OS HyperVisor Hypervisor Partner ARM Multi-core CPU SoC GPU, Peripherals 25
  26. 26. Linux Container (LXC) Android Solution Common HMI Graphics Layer Management Android Apps Networking Navigation IVI Android OS Entertainment Stack Mobile Office Linux Container Mentor IVI Linux OS / LXC Resource Management Hardware Layer Multi-Core CPU GPU
  27. 27. Mentor advantages …• We Understand HMI • We know how to build complex, performant HMI’s, implementing Graphics Layer Manager technology, with multiple video sources, (Qt, HTML5, Ifx etc).• Complete Solution Stack • We have the relationships and expertise from HMI down to hardware platforms. Tools, Product IP, OSS, Services• Safe Choice • Mentor Graphics is a global > $1bn company, able to manage the risk and commit to on-time, on-budget deliveries• Embedded OS • We have a GENIVI compliant Linux, Nucleus RTOS, Android and Automotive Autosar solutions• Design Environment • Market-leading design capture and debug with Codebench , MESA, Probes• BSP • Close relationships with SoC vendors, BSP hardening
  28. 28. Integrated IVI Solutions from Mentor GENIVI LINUX HTML5 & Qt SoC Open Platforms Source 3rd-party IVI Software software Mentor Software Mentor Services
  29. 29. Thank you! Questions?For more information, please contact: