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Top 10 Ways To Kill Your Idea Program
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Top 10 Ways To Kill Your Idea Program


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Thing that kill suggestion programs

Thing that kill suggestion programs

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  • 1. Top 10 ! Ways to kill employee ideas !!!
  • 2. Tip # 1! Call it a Suggestion Program! ! " “Suggestions” implies that someone else needs to act.! ! " An effective idea program enables the Supervisor and employee to work together to implement improvements.! ! " The “Cycle of Respect” is established as Supervisors and employees solve problems together.!
  • 3. Tip # 2! Form a Blue Ribbon committee! ! " Using a committee to evaluate and approve every idea is a sure way to slow your idea program to a standstill.! ! " Those closest to the work are usually best suited to evaluate, approve and implement an idea.! ! " Well designed guidelines can prevent inappropriate ideas from being implemented.!
  • 4. Tip # 3 ! Focus only on big “home run” ideas! ! " A well designed idea program is focused on training every employee to see improvements both big and small in every aspect of their work! ! " Home run ideas often require major changes that consume your organizations time and effort to analyze, approve and implement.! ! " The thousands of “base hit” ideas that exist in every job are usually easy to understand and quickly implement - adding up to big overall improvements.!
  • 5. Tip # 4! Motivate by Cash Only! ! " Studies have shown that employees are eager to offer ideas - they don’t need to be bribed. ! ! " Employees are motivated by both extrinsic (cash) and intrinsic motivation (recognition, self- actualization, feeling fulfilled)!
  • 6. Tip # 5! Link Rewards to Savings! ! " Linking financial rewards to an idea’s savings almost always leads to disputes and discouragement.! ! " Linking an idea’s savings to the reward involves the added overhead of detailed tracking, auditing, verifying and approvals.! ! " Recognition and small rewards for participation and effort are enough to keep your program going.!
  • 7. Tip # 6! Allow anonymous ideas! ! " An idea program’s greatest value is in creating an environment where employees and supervisors work together to achieve success. ! ! " Anonymous ideas defeat the the purpose of using an idea system to coach and develop people.!
  • 8. Tip # 7! Allow ideas to backlog! ! " Ironically, asking for a larger number of small ideas (base hits) over fewer big ideas usually allows for easier and quicker implementation. A “just do it” ethic begins to take hold.! ! " Having a system that reminds supervisors and managers that there are open ideas is a great way to keep ideas moving.!
  • 9. Tip # 8! Fail to promote and support your idea program! ! " An idea system should be a key component of your continuous improvement and employee engagement initiatives.! ! " Supervisors and managers need support and training in how to become “idea coaches”.! ! " Having key measurements of participation and impact help to fine tune your program.!
  • 10. Tip # 9! Jump in without clear guidelines! ! " An idea program needs to focus on correcting process problems and implementing improvement ideas! ! " Guidelines are needed to encourage employees to focus on the work they know best - their own.! ! " Proper guidelines help to eliminate inappropriate ideas or comments!
  • 11. Tip # 10! Make submitting and evaluating ideas tedious! ! " Complex or “tax return” type idea forms discourage employees from participation! ! " Supervisors and managers need a consistent and straightforward way to evaluate ideas and coach employees! ! " The proper documentation and control of ideas, attachments, evaluations and rewards shouldn’t become an added burden.!