The taximan's story 2


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The taximan's story 2

  1. 1. The Taximan’s Story Story By Catherine Lim “ Little Ironies – Stories Of Singapore
  2. 2. Yes Madam I will take you there Which is your meeting safely and with care You don’t need to worry that you’re late As half an hour, that’s how long it should take
  3. 3. What did you say, Madam Yes, I’ve been a taxi man for 20 years I confirm A long time ago, Singapore’s not that crowded and busy As there’s less taxi men, less vehicles and not that many
  4. 4. Yes Madam, I can make a living I must work hard and keep on trying If not my wife and children will have no money And no money means no food and more and they’ll be dying
  5. 5. Yes, I have a big family It’s no good, too much to handle and I’m so busy A long time ago, there’s no family planning But now it’s better and also very easy
  6. 6. Now it’s better as four of my sons work A businessman, a teacher, one in National Service and two clerks Then there’s two of my daughters One of them is older and the other one is younger
  7. 7. My youngest daughter have a similar behaviour Similar like the other schoolgirls that act like gangsters Since you’re a teacher, did you know something strange about the girls After school time, they don’t really go home but they go to hotels and other places for sure
  8. 8. I know all their tricks a lot As they went to my taxi before and stopped at places that made me shocked Just to meet their American and European boyfriends to talk Not just that but they also make love while going for a walk
  9. 9. If you have a daughter, don’t accept her trust But you only do that when she wants to go out Just like my naughty daughter who really got caught For that, I scolded her so loud that I don’t even care so I just shout
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