Social	  Marke=ng	  to	  the	  	                 Business	  Customer	                      Ge#ng	  Serious	  About	  B2B	 ...
Lead Gen Excellence                                                                                                      7...
How is B2B Different?                  •    Value-drive decision-making                  •    Group consensus             ...
Inves=ng	  in	  Digital	                         Change	  In	  B2B	  Online	  Marke=ng	  Spending	  in	  2011	            ...
Blogs	  Work	  Best	  in	  B2B	                                                                                           ...
New	  World	  Prospec=ng	                    INBOUND                OUTBOUND        SEO                        Bottom-up l...
Selling	  Social	  Media:	  Defining	  Strategy	               •  	  Channel	  social	                                     ...
Shock	  &	  Awe	                              @pgillin	  #PRSADIconf	                              @ericschwartzman	  
Lower	  Cost	  per	  Lead	                                       2011	  State	  of	  Inbound	  MarkeZng	  Study	          ...
Selling	  Social	  Media:	  Offline	  vs.	  Online	  Tac=cs	                           Public	  Gatherings	      Social	  Ne...
Selling	  Social	  Media:	  Produc=vity	  Gains	                                                            @pgillin	  #PR...
Quotes	  from	  Thought	  Leaders	       "Fully	  networked	  enterprises	  are	  not	  only	  more	  likely	  to	  be	   ...
Collect	  Real	  World	  Evidence	                            Search	                  Blogs	                             ...
Search:	  Are	  You	  Ranking?	                                               @pgillin	  #PRSADIconf	                     ...
Social	  Networks:	  Are	  Buyers	  Asking	  Ques=ons?	                                                                   ...
Social	  Networks:	  Are	  Your	  Employees	  Online?	                    •  Look	  for	  early	  adopters	  on	  Linkedin...
Social	  Networks:	  Are	  Your	  Trade	  Media	  Online	                                                                 ...
Social	  Networks:	  Posi=on	  Social	  Media	  as	  an	  Extension	  Listorious	  shows	  over	  200	  USA	  Today	  repo...
Selling	  Social	  Media:	  Show	  Evidence	  of	  the	  Community	                                                       ...
Forums:	  Or	  Are	  They	  Conversing	  on	  Niche	  Nets?	                                                              ...
Demonstrate	  Authority	       Today,	  you	  can	  take	       your	  message	  directly	       to	  your	  consZtuents	 ...
Enhance	  Visibility	       “I	  have	  an	  e-­‐mail	  on	  my	       wall	  from	  a	  company	                         ...
B2B	  Social	  Media:	  Linkedin	  Signal	                                                      @pgillin	  #PRSADIconf	   ...
B2B	  Social	  Media:	  Linkedin	  Signal	                                                      @pgillin	  #PRSADIconf	   ...
B2B	  Social	  Networking	  Case	  Study:	  SAP	                                                             About	  the	 ...
What’s	  Next?	  Smart	  Phones	  and	  Tablets	                                                                          ...
B2B	  Mobile	  Marke=ng	                                  @pgillin	  #PRSADIconf	                                  @ericsc...
Mobile	  is	  Local	  and	  Social	                    	                           ...
Choosing	  Metrics	  that	  Ma[er	                                             @pgillin	  #PRSADIconf	                    ...
Mul=	  Channel	  Funnels	                                   @pgillin	  #PRSADIconf	                                   @eri...
Inves=ng	  in	  Digital	  Literacy	                                                @pgillin	  #PRSADIconf	                ...
Thank	  You	                                                            Paul	  Gillin	                       DOWNLOAD	  TH...
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Social Marketing to the Business Customer: It's Time to Get Serious About B2B


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With spending projected to grow at 21% a year through 2013, business-to-business social media communications is the place to be. In this session, you'll learn how to model winning B2B social campaigns, convince skeptics of social marketing's value, map out a well-defined business strategy, choose metrics that matter, optimize your visibility to search engines and take advantage of the latest social search category.

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Social Marketing to the Business Customer: It's Time to Get Serious About B2B

  1. 1. Social  Marke=ng  to  the     Business  Customer   Ge#ng  Serious  About  B2B   Cinco  de  Mayo   Paul  Gillin   Eric  Schwartzman   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  2. 2. Lead Gen Excellence 73  blogs   17  bloggers   600%  jump  in   leads   Top  quality   “Get  engineers  talking  to  engineers  and  get  everyone  else  out  of  the  middle.”   Rick  Short,  Marcom  Director   @pgillin   2  #PRSADIconf   Page   @ericschwartzman  
  3. 3. How is B2B Different? •  Value-drive decision-making •  Group consensus •  “Bet the business” •  Long-term relationships •  Audience is knowledgeable, engaged, serious •  Intense need for information @pgillin   3  #PRSADIconf   Page   @ericschwartzman  
  4. 4. Inves=ng  in  Digital   Change  In  B2B  Online  Marke=ng  Spending  in  2011   Website   E-­‐mail   Social  media   Search   Video   Webcasts   Banners   Sponsorship   Virtual  events   Other   0%   10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%   70%   80%   90%   100%   Increase   No  change   Decrease   Source:  EMarketer   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  5. 5. Blogs  Work  Best  in  B2B   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   2011  State  of  Inbound  MarkeZng  Study   @ericschwartzman  
  6. 6. New  World  Prospec=ng   INBOUND OUTBOUND SEO Bottom-up lead gen Blogs Enhanced lead Twitter qualification Multiple points of Content Premiums engagement Word of Mouth @pgillin   6  #PRSADIconf   Page   @ericschwartzman  
  7. 7. Selling  Social  Media:  Defining  Strategy   •   Channel  social   •  Sa=sfy  audit   media  through   trails   PR   Strict   Regulatory   Management   Oversight   Oversight   Exploratory   Embraces   and  Curious   Change   •   Implement   •   Get  at  ROI  of   social  media   social  media   policy  &  training   @pgillin   #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  8. 8. Shock  &  Awe   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  9. 9. Lower  Cost  per  Lead   2011  State  of  Inbound  MarkeZng  Study   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  10. 10. Selling  Social  Media:  Offline  vs.  Online  Tac=cs   Public  Gatherings   Social  Networks   Print   Blogs   Media  Buys   Broadcast   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  11. 11. Selling  Social  Media:  Produc=vity  Gains   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  12. 12. Quotes  from  Thought  Leaders   "Fully  networked  enterprises  are  not  only  more  likely  to  be   market  leaders  or  to  be  gaining  market  share  but  also  use   management  pracZces  that  lead  to  margins  higher  than  those  of   companies  using  the  Web  in  more  limited  ways  .”   McKinsey  survey  of  3,249  execuZves   “Companies  that  are  highly  effecZve  at  communicaZons  had  47%  higher  total  returns  to  shareholders  over  the  last  five  years  compared  with  the  firms  that  are  the  least  effecZve  communicators.”   A  survey  by  Towers  Watson  of  328  large  employers   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  13. 13. Collect  Real  World  Evidence   Search   Blogs   Social   Apps   Networks   Forums   @pgillin   #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  14. 14. Search:  Are  You  Ranking?   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  15. 15. Social  Networks:  Are  Buyers  Asking  Ques=ons?   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  16. 16. Social  Networks:  Are  Your  Employees  Online?   •  Look  for  early  adopters  on  Linkedin   •  Evaluate  their  sophisZcaZon  by  checking  group  memberships  and   recommendaZons   •  Search  Google  for  influencers  at  your  company  using  Twiger   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  17. 17. Social  Networks:  Are  Your  Trade  Media  Online   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  18. 18. Social  Networks:  Posi=on  Social  Media  as  an  Extension  Listorious  shows  over  200  USA  Today  reporters,  243  New  York  Times  reporters  and  more  than  100  Wall  Street  Journal  reporters  on  Twiger.     @pgillin   #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  19. 19. Selling  Social  Media:  Show  Evidence  of  the  Community   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  20. 20. Forums:  Or  Are  They  Conversing  on  Niche  Nets?   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  21. 21. Demonstrate  Authority   Today,  you  can  take   your  message  directly   to  your  consZtuents   without  relying  upon   media  intermediaries   And  why  would  you   not  want  to  do  that?   @pgillin   21   #PRSADIconf   Page   @ericschwartzman  
  22. 22. Enhance  Visibility   “I  have  an  e-­‐mail  on  my   wall  from  a  company   Screenshot  to   that  asked  us  to  bid  on   a  nine-­‐figure  next  to  a   come   sign  that  asks  ‘Is  there   any  value  in  blogging?’”   (site  currently   down)   Jim  Cahill   Emerson  Process  Experts   @pgillin   22   #PRSADIconf   Page   @ericschwartzman  
  23. 23. B2B  Social  Media:  Linkedin  Signal   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  24. 24. B2B  Social  Media:  Linkedin  Signal   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  25. 25. B2B  Social  Networking  Case  Study:  SAP   About  the  SAP  Community  Network   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  26. 26. What’s  Next?  Smart  Phones  and  Tablets   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman   The  Untethered  ExecuZve  |  Forbes    
  27. 27. B2B  Mobile  Marke=ng   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  28. 28. Mobile  is  Local  and  Social   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  29. 29. Choosing  Metrics  that  Ma[er   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  30. 30. Mul=  Channel  Funnels   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  31. 31. Inves=ng  in  Digital  Literacy   @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
  32. 32. Thank  You   Paul  Gillin   DOWNLOAD  THE  DECK   Eric  Schwartzman     @pgillin  #PRSADIconf   @ericschwartzman  
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