#B2BContentEvent                                              @ardath421         Starting from Scratch:           10 Steps...
#B2BContentEvent          @ardath421Change
#B2BContentEvent                                                 @ardath421Progress Software w/ Pew Research Center Stats
#B2BContentEvent                                                  @ardath421Progress Software w/ Pew Research Center Stats
#B2BContentEvent                                         @ardath421            The CMO RealityMarketing departments are fi...
#B2BContentEvent                          @ardath421Step 1:GAINING C-LEVEL BUY-IN
#B2BContentEvent                                                                         @ardath421                       ...
#B2BContentEvent                                                                         @ardath421Meet DianeVP Marketing ...
#B2BContentEvent                                                                    @ardath421                            ...
#B2BContentEvent                   @ardath421Step 2:PICK A PRIORITY
#B2BContentEvent                                       @ardath421               Pick a Project•   What do you want to acco...
#B2BContentEvent                        @ardath421Step 3:ASSESS YOUR DATABASE
#B2BContentEvent                                   @ardath421 What do you have/know?• How… – Clean is it? – Old is it? – W...
#B2BContentEvent                       @ardath421Step 4:BUILD BUYER INSIGHT
#B2BContentEvent                                                   @ardath421                    Create Personas    Object...
#B2BContentEvent                          @ardath421Step 5:REVISIT YOUR CHILDHOOD
#B2BContentEvent @ardath421
#B2BContentEvent                                               @ardath421                  Buyer Q&A• I need to do X in or...
#B2BContentEvent                                                        @ardath421                  • Question           •...
#B2BContentEvent                           @ardath421Organize Your Questions
#B2BContentEvent                                                 @ardath421            Web           Blog         Video   ...
#B2BContentEvent                                                @ardath421                  What to LearnFor Application  ...
#B2BContentEvent                            @ardath421Step 8:CAPABILITIES & RESOURCES
#B2BContentEvent                                            @ardath421       Must Be Sustainable• Content Development   Do...
#B2BContentEvent                          @ardath421Step 9:CREATE AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR
#B2BContentEvent                                                                                @ardath421                ...
#B2BContentEvent                                            @ardath421                                   Sales            ...
#B2BContentEvent                                                    @ardath42110 Steps to Content Marketing Strategy      ...
#B2BContentEvent                     Thank You!Ardath Albee, CEOMarketing Interactions, Inc.http://www.marketinginteractio...
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10 Steps to Launch a Content Marketing Strategy from Scratch


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Ardath Albee presents the keynote: 10 Steps to Launch a Content Marketing Strategy from Scratch at the B2B Content 2 Conversion conference in NYC, hosted by DemandGen Report

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  • The question you must answer.
  • 10 Steps to Launch a Content Marketing Strategy from Scratch

    1. 1. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 Starting from Scratch: 10 Steps to Launch A Content Marketing Strategy Ardath Albee, CEO Marketing Interactions, Inc.B B Conference
    2. 2. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Change
    3. 3. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Progress Software w/ Pew Research Center Stats
    4. 4. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Progress Software w/ Pew Research Center Stats
    5. 5. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 The CMO RealityMarketing departments are finding themselves under increasing pressure to:• justify their spending,• prove the effects of their marketing campaigns• demonstrate program success…or risk losing their budgets.” – Forbes and MarketShare Partners
    6. 6. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Step 1:GAINING C-LEVEL BUY-IN
    7. 7. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 Meet Bob New CMO at a High Tech Company that used to be the market leader in their category.Bob’s mandate from the CEO: Turn Marketing into a Demand Generation EngineWhy? – Company objective is to double revenue within the next 5 years.Why Content Marketing? – The only way Bob can see to get that big of a result.How? – Pilot at a division level. The division’s marketing team had to be convinced.Executive response: Prove it works…FAST!
    8. 8. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Meet DianeVP Marketing at Global EventCompany.She had enough buy-in toconduct a content marketingworkshop and developstrategy. Now the CEO wantsproof the investment inexecuting the strategy willpayoff. Mandate from Executive Team: Prove a content strategy deserves budget. Diane’s strategy: Prepare a brief and presentation that showcases research, statistics and examples of their competition’s content execution and growth in market share. Overlay competitors’ results to her company’s KPIs to show clear impact they’re losing. She’s also working the politics of getting sales on her side.
    9. 9. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 Meet Simon VP of Strategic Marketing at a Global Services Company. His company had always been the obvious choice. Now competition is making inroads affecting market share.Mandate from Executive Team: Expand market opportunities and build awareness.Simon is process oriented. He needs a plan – a framework for content marketing tomake sense. He is not a “take a flyer” kind of guy.How to sell content marketing to Simon? Show him how it works in an organized way.Provide best practices, KPIs and forecast what content marketing will deliver. Precision and simplicity count when convincing Simon.
    10. 10. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Step 2:PICK A PRIORITY
    11. 11. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 Pick a Project• What do you want to accomplish?• Who will benefit?• How will you execute?• What can you measure?• Over what length of time?
    12. 12. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Step 3:ASSESS YOUR DATABASE
    13. 13. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 What do you have/know?• How… – Clean is it? – Old is it? – Warm is it? – Can we segment it? – Many prospects can we reach?
    14. 14. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Step 4:BUILD BUYER INSIGHT
    15. 15. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 Create Personas Objectives Orientation Obstacles• What are top • Change agents? • What could priorities? • Risk averse? derail the deal?• In their words • Use social • Lack of related to what media? consensus? your product • Longtime career • Lack of budget enables. or stepping or business stone? case? • Level of • Shifting authority? priorities? Such as…
    16. 16. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Step 5:REVISIT YOUR CHILDHOOD
    17. 17. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421
    18. 18. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 Buyer Q&A• I need to do X in order to get Y. – What are the different ways I can do X? – How much of Y do I need? – How are our competitors solving X? – What competitive advantages could we gain if we solve X? – Who else will be impacted in the company if we solve X? – How will I convince them that Y is worth the effort to change the status quo?
    19. 19. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 • Question • Question • Question Touch • Answer Touch • Answer Touch • Answer 1 • CTA 2 • CTA n • CTAStep 6:DESIGN YOUR CONTENT FLOW
    20. 20. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Organize Your Questions
    21. 21. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 Web Blog Video Sales White Webinars Collateral Papers Slideshare Infographics ETCStep 7:CONDUCT A CONTENT AUDIT
    22. 22. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 What to LearnFor Application For Use• Question Answered • As-Is• Buying Stage • Refresh• Persona • Repurpose• Product/Solution • Retire• Marketing Program • Age/Publish Date (Lead Gen, Nurturing) • Location (URL)
    23. 23. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Step 8:CAPABILITIES & RESOURCES
    24. 24. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 Must Be Sustainable• Content Development Do the Math: – In-house 3 Personas X 12 Touches = 36 Content Assets for an – Outsourced annual nurturing program…• Execution Plus 36 to 72 emails, depending on your program structure – Marketing Team Add in quarterly – IT Queue webinars, conferences, white papers, website updates, blog – External Vendor posts, etc.
    25. 25. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421Step 9:CREATE AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR
    26. 26. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 Editorial CalendarDates Assigned Persona Topic Buying Type Execution To: Stage5/1/12 Sally P. LOB 3 Ways to Early Article Email + Landing Manager Get X Page5/7/12 Tom S. Customer Why your Early Blog Post Email + Blog Service customers Post + SoMe want X5/20/12 Sally P. LOB State of X in Early Report Email + Landing Manager Financial Page, Form + Services PDF An Editorial Calendar is Your Execution Plan. • Chronological Order • Include every marketing activity to get an overall view of frequency, marketing mix and timelines.
    27. 27. #B2BContentEvent @ardath421 Sales Momentum EngagementStep 10:SET APPROPRIATE EXPECTATIONS
    28. 28. #B2BContentEvent @ardath42110 Steps to Content Marketing Strategy 1. Gain C-Level Buy-in 2. Establish Priorities 3. Assess Your Database 4. Build Buyer Insight 5. Revisit Your Childhood (Buyer Q&A) 6. Design Your Content Flow 7. Audit Existing Content 8. Evaluate Capabilities & Resources 9. Develop an Editorial Calendar 10. Set Expectations
    29. 29. #B2BContentEvent Thank You!Ardath Albee, CEOMarketing Interactions, Inc.http://www.marketinginteractions.comardath@marketinginteractions.com@ardath421