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  1. 1. Deadline: Saturday 9th March
  2. 2. You will need to show excellent organisation of actors, locations, costumes andprops. As well as excellent work on shot lists, layouts, drafting, scripting and/orstoryboarding.You will need to complete the following:• Timeline/Gantt chart outlining what you need to do and when for the whole project• Organisation of music artists/bands/models (Photo-shoot calendar of models/call sheet and contact details (could also include screen prints of emails sent))• Organisation of location (location recce, images of locations used and written description about why the locations are appropriate)• Organisation of props and costumes (costume and prop list with photos for both) together with written analysis of why they are appropriate and the meaning conveyed (can consider audience targeting)• Evidence of drafting for masthead, layout, mode of address, colour scheme for all pages• Evidence of storyboard style drawings for shot types to be used in Photo-shoot to support choice of shot and meaning conveyed (post-it notes would be
  3. 3. • Create a Timeline/Gantt chart illustrating what needs to be completed in the project and when • A list of what should be included in this timeline can be found on the blog• Create a mood board illustrating your initial ideas for colours/images/fonts• These tasks will need to be completed for next lesson.
  4. 4. • Start to contact your models for your photo shoot. • You will need to keep a record of the emails/messages you are sending people • You should also create a contact list containing contact details for your models• Create a props list for your photo shoot. • This should include a written analysis for each prop explaining why they are appropriate and appealing for your target audience• Create several ‘storyboard style’ drawings of the types of shots you will take in your photo shoot. • This should plan out the images for both your FC + DPS • These should be accompanied by an explanation of the reasoning for each shot and the meaning conveyed by it.
  5. 5. • Complete any outstanding tasks• Location recces for your photo shoot • This should include images of the locations and explanations as to why these are or are not appropriate.• Call Sheet for your photo shoot • This should include a plan for what will happened at your photo shoot as well as who will be there etc…• These should be completed for next lesson
  6. 6. • Create several drafted examples of your Masthead • This should include a font sheet, explaining the pro’s and cons of each font option • This should also include various different colour options, again explaining the pro’s and cons of each• Gain audience feedback on your Masthead choices. Write a 250 word paragraph summarising this feedback and explaining your final decision.• Create 3 Front Cover Mock Ups• These tasks should be completed by next lesson
  7. 7. • Create 3 Contents Page Mock Ups• These mock ups should be completed by next lesson.
  8. 8. • Create 3 DPS Mock Ups• Gain audience feed on each of your mock ups (FC/CP/DPS)• Write a 250 word paragraph summarising this feedback and explaining your final decision.
  9. 9. • Complete any outstanding tasks• Complete a flat plan for your entire music magazine. • This should draw from your research and the flat plans you created for existing music magazines• Write a reflection on your planning process. • This reflection should look at the overall effectiveness of your planning as well as the audience feedback on your product, stating any potential effect this feedback has had on your product.• This should be completed for the deadline on the 9th of March