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The daily mail

  1. 1. The Daily Mail
  2. 2. Application of MoralPanic {
  3. 3. Monday August08 2011  The sense of a moral panic is created through the image. The fire is out of control, and there is only one fire- fighter to deal with it (presumably there were more at the scene but the image is only focussing on the one fire-fighter). There is no sign of water or any control of the fire, it’s been left alone to burn. This creates a moral panic because it suggests the riots are out of control and need more control. This can be linked in with the use of the word ‘Blunder’ as it shows the emergency services are overran and that there should be more people working for the emergency services so that situations like this wouldn’t occur.
  4. 4. Tuesday August09 2011 The moral panic is still present at this point. It shows a chav walking away from a burning car, walking quite aggressively with an angry look in his eyes towards the camera, which singles out the audience reading the newspaper and making them feel threatened creating a moral panic. The burning car in the background also adds to this impression of fear in the audience, because a car is something most would use every day and the fact one has been showed destroyed would make them afraid and would cause a panic because they can relate to it. The use of the word ‛Anarchy‛ helps to keep this constant moral panic flowing through the audience’s mind. The word itself suggests a lawless society, where everyone is free to be delinquent and immoral- threatening hegemonic values- and the fact it’s ‚spreading‛ suggests that the entire country would become like the riots, creating fear in the mind of the audience as they wouldn’t want that to happen to their part of society.
  5. 5. WednesdayAugust 10 2011  The moral panic is still present, but starting to decrease at this point. There is still a fire, again creating the fearful representations. But the photo also shows armed police in the foreground who seem to be in control of the situation, decreasing the amount of moral panic there is. This is because it shows the situation becoming more under control and suggesting the riots are dying down, and as this dies down, so would the moral panic created in society. This can be linked in with the headline- ‚Fightback‛ as it shows the Police and emergency services fighting back against both the riots and the moral panic it created.
  6. 6. Friday August 122011  By this point, most of the moral panic seems to have died down. There is no threatening images or language used on this page. The headline sounds more like a quote that would be spoken in court to the rioter by a judge, suggesting that the riots are under control and have ceased, with those involved currently being punished, restoring hegemony and ending the moral panic.
  7. 7. How does the newspapercoverage change as the riotsprogress?
  8. 8. The Daily Mail posted an article the day after Mark Duggan wasshot by police. Article mentions that Mark Duggan is the reason Tottenham riots sparked up. Mark Duggan was in a car being followed by police during a covert operation by Trident. One witness said the Mark Duggan was an ‘elder’ from the Broadwater Farm Estate, a short distance away from where theshooting took place. It is believed that two shots were fired by a firearms officer and a non-police issue handgun was recovered from the scene. Local MP David said: I am shocked and deeplyworried by this news. There is now a mood of anxiety in the local community but everyone must remain calm.’Mark Duggan is portrayed as the bad guy from press and this is emphasised with the photo used of him showing him to do apose in a gun like shape. This is one of the first images we see of Mark Duggan and because it’s the first image we see of him weinstantly see him as the bad guy because of the situation that he is in but also the image chosen by the press of him.
  9. 9.  Violence in Hackney, Peckham, Deptford, Lewisham, Clapham and Croydon this evening  Prime Minister David Cameron is returning from Italy tonight to chair COBRA meeting  Mets acting commissioner Tim Godwin urged parents to get their children off the streets  Police in Birmingham say several shops have been attacked  300 officers drafted in from 12 other forces to bring unrest under control  215 people arrested since Saturday night - including one aged 11 - and 25 charged  At the beginning of the riots the News Paper articles by The Daily Mail presents the shocking news of all the events in which have taken place by the rioting and as an audience we are left shocked that children younger than seven are participating within this excruciating event.7th August 2011
  10. 10.  Two days into The London Riots Deputy Prime Minister steps in and visits one of the areas affected by the riots. Nick Clegg visits Tottenham and talks to local businesses who’s been a victim in the attacks. From the first day when The Daily Mail claimed it was Mark Duggan’s death which sparked up the riots, Nick Clegg now says Lets be clear, the violence we saw last night had absolutely nothing to do with the death of Mr Duggan.’ The riots are now being portrayed as people taking the opportunity to take advantage of the crisis for needless theft and violence amongst the businesses who have lost their shops and are frightened to be in their own neighbourhood. The Daily Mail now move to talking about the people involved in the riots, to the rioters being young and predominantly black men. The articles posted on The Daily Mail websites talk about racism ‘if there is racism in Tottenham, it’s not white on black. The racial tensions involve hostility between Jamaicans, Nigerians, Cypriots, Albanians, Kurds and a host of Eastern European newcomers.’ The movement from anger of Mark Duggan’s death has now escalated out to massive proportions. Mark Duggan’s girlfriend and mother of his three children has her say and portrays a different image to what The press are portraying him as. The Daily Mail captions an image of him saying he is a ‘gangsta’ whereas his girlfriend says that he was a Mark was a good dad. He loved his kids dearly. He idolised them.’8th August 2011
  11. 11.  As days go on the rioters are said to be motivated by their rage at inequality, deprivation and unemployment. Some have blamed police brutality; others have wailed about ‘Tory cuts’ on the closure of youth clubs. The article posted by The Daily Mail is now looking at riots in the past but there is more emphasise on the ‘youth’ stating that we should also recognise that this kind of mindless aggression, masquerading as protest, is not confined to the world of inner-city black youths. Over the past year, we have witnessed disgraceful scenes on the streets of the capital, where the perpetrators have largely been white, privileged middle-class students.’ In comparison to The London Riots this time the article is contrasting the two different lifestyles of youth today. The student protest which was the middle class fighting for education to The London Riots focusing on the unemployed lower class fighting for youth club centres. The youths are having more emphasises as the riots progress. The youths are stealing from shops such as mobile phone shops and sportswear outlets. As the riots get more out of control police are having to use armoured police vehicles to push back more than 150 people in Clapham, despite the 334 people already arrested. The riots are sparking up youths across the country to riot in their own neighbours – This shows the progression which from London where the Mark Duggan happened which the original reason for the protest was about. Talks of social networking has become the core of how youngsters are going about targeting businesses, encouraging one another to loot. Social networks such as Twitter, Blackberry messenger and Facebook showing images of stolen goods.9th August 2011
  12. 12.  Growing fear of who’s next in the riots cause innocent members of the public to fear. After businesses in Ealing were destroyed and the public were not protected from the police members of the public were willing to put the law into their own hands to protect themselves. Croydon were also hit. Badly hit was a furniture store which had been around for 144 years. The owner of the shop stated ‘Children used to be well- behaved then but these days it doesn’t seem to be the case. A lot of them leave school without the basic skills. And sometimes parents aren’t doing their job. You see police going around town and they’re too afraid to do anything.’ The articles are now basing putting the blame on the parents of the riots but also the police for not protecting them which is their job. Another woman who’s business was destroyed in the attacks also blames the parents saying ‘They were mainly young teenagers. What were their parents doing letting them out at this time?’10th August 2011
  13. 13. How is the newspapercoverage being mediated?
  14. 14. ‘But as night struck, the police linebacked off and the streets becamelawless.’‘Riot police left the scene after they cameunder light bombardment from projectiles’ In Notting Hill, West London, diners eating in the two Michelin star Ledbury restaurant were attacked and mugged at their tables as rioters swept through the area.A woman and small child were taken byambulance to hospital with burns and breathingdifficulties after a shop below their flat was setablaze.
  15. 15. Croydon They Show this: And not this: