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The sun

  1. 1. London Riots case study: The Sun How does the newspaper coverage change as the riots progress?
  2. 2. • At the start of the riots the front cover already starts targeting the younger population with the masthead 6th “Rioters aged 7” and “Kids took on cops” this shows that youths are fearless and out of control regardless of the age.• ―Anarchy” makes the article seem as though they are generalising the rioters and not targeting a specific group. By using a picture of a potential male figure on the front cover with a hoody and his face hidden behind a mask shows that the one responsible a kept faceless and unknown. This builds a moral panic to every one as the start to build theyre own interpretations.• “Olympics Girl…” shows that they are slowly starting to identify who is responsible and are putting a name to the crime. This wipes out the generalisation and brings focus to the individual or the category they fall under.• “Meet the accused” a carry on of the ‗name and shame‘ theme. This brings to light that the ones that should be responsible should not only be 10th associated with one stereotype or class. That all classes are as equally likely to be involved and that the accusations should target the individual and not the social group.
  3. 3. Newspaper mediation of the London riots THE SUN
  4. 4. FRONT PAGE: August 8th 2011 The main concept of this front page is to instil shock into the consumer. This is achieved by the juxtaposition between the title and the main image which combine to suggest that children as young as seven are involved in such violence. The fact that no other age group is mentioned seems to imply to readers that the incident in the main image was triggered by young children. Despite its seemingly ridiculous claim, it combines with the statistics stating the extent of the riots‘ cost, and that the police are too incompetent to deal with these ‗kids‘.
  5. 5. ARTICLE: August 8th 2011An article from the same newspaper, The Sun proceeds to distort the readersperception of the rioters immediately with capitalising the words ‗children‘ and‗seven‘ while suggesting that they were involved in an ‗orgy of mob violence anddestruction‘. Use of the term ‗orgy‘ while referring to their actions during the riotssuggests to readers that these individuals actually enjoy what they‘re doing to anextent where its almost ecstatic and blissful for them. All this does is generate anillusion around the subject and create a barrier between them and the reader bysuggesting that they‘re more primitive than them – hence the use of the word‗savagery‘. There is also an indication of homologous grouping and collectivismdone by the paper, as they refer to them as a ‗mob‘ and ‗gang of youths‘
  6. 6. FRONT PAGE: August 11th 2011 The main image combines with the title to embolden the presentation of anarchy. The latest sub-culture to be demonised by mass media is here once again presented to consumers as the embodiment of anti-hegemonic values. His confrontational approach combines with his stereotypical clothing to provide readers with a subject they can associate their preconceived perceptions with; this instigates a moral panic as it presents a realisation of their irrational fears. The fire in the background helps to connote a sense of barbarianism and violence, which combines with the plugs on the left to add create a dauntingly large distribution of violence.
  7. 7. Mugger jailed for 7 years overGood Samaritan attackA TEENAGE thug who mugged a Malaysian student in one of the most notoriousincidents of last year‘s London riots has been jailed for seven years.Beau Isagba, 18, was filmed opening defenceless Ashraf Rossli‘s backpack and stealinghis belongings after pretending to help him.The incident was filmed and put on YouTube, shocking Britain and promptingwidespread condemnation.He was handed a prison sentence at Wood Green Crown Court today.The accountancy student had been cycling to help a scared female friend when his jawwas broken in two places as he was punched in the face.Isagba was found guilty of grievous bodily harm and robbery following a trial lastmonth.He had admitted a charge of violent disorder and two counts of burglary, all committedthe same day.
  8. 8. 2yrs for nicking nothing in riotsA TEENAGER collared by cops BEFORE he couldswipe cigarettes from a ransacked shop was lockedup for two years yesterday.The tough sentence handed to 18-year-old MichaelGillespie-Doyle came as David Cameron backedthe continuing court crackdown on rioting thugs.The PM stood firm against a backlash from humanrights campaigners, liberal MPs and even a policechief who believe judges may be going too far.Orphan Gillespie-Doyle was sent to a youngoffenders institution by Manchester Crown CourtRecorder Andrew Gilbart. The teenager wasamong a group who swept into a badly damagedSainsbury‘s store abandoned by a first wave oflooters last week.
  9. 9. ‘Let’s riot’ thug is caged for 19monthsA TEENAGE yob who set up a Facebook page inciting Scots to riot asmayhem gripped England was locked up for 19 months yesterday.Liam Allan, 19, started a page on the social networking site titledCity Centre Riot as violence and looting spread across cities downsouth last year.He encouraged people in Dundee to ―get suited andbooted, crowbars, baseball bats, the lot ... show the English t***sthat we are better rioters than them tea sippers‖.Allan told cops — who traced him after setting up a major incidentroom to respond to the threat — he set up the page ―for a laugh‖.Defence solicitor Doug McConnell told Dundee Sheriff Court Allan―didn‘t realise what he was doing was a crime‖.The lawyer added his client‘s case was different to those of two otherthugs from the city, Jordan McGinley, 18, and Shawn Divin, 16 —who were jailed in December for using Facebook in a bid to stir updisorder.He added: ―You did it against a background of real riots in Londonand elsewhere and must have been aware property and lives were atrisk.