Creation lesson #2


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  • Dios creotodo de la nadaDios creotodavida: plantas, arboles, peces, y aves, animales de todotipo
  • Creation lesson #2

    2. 2. GENESIS 1:1,27  God created everything out of nothing. (matter, laws, space, life, etc.)  We can create things of existing matter, but we can not bring anything to existence from nothing.  We only can make things of things that already exist, But only God can create out of nothing  Everything we can see, or can not see is created by God.
    3. 3. GOD CREATED BOTH MATTER AND SPIRIT  MATTER is easy to understand  We can see it, feel it, and touched it, taste it, measure it, we can weight it.  THE SPIRIT is a little more difficult to understand, but is just as real  We can't see spiritual things,  We CAN NOT weight them, touch them, or measure them.  They do not take space of all,  God create beings that are pure spirit, these beings are Angels.  Our human soul is Spirit, too. Each of us possess an immortal soul.  Humans are both matter and Spirit
    4. 4. GOD CREATE EVERYTHING IN ORDER AND HARMONY  God Create everything in order  We did not created the world and his laws: GOD did!  HE made every single Law that we know: the laws of Physics, the laws, the law of Gravity, and all laws of the universe, etc.  Scientist did not made the Laws; they just discovered them. The laws were already there in existence.  God sustains the existence and life of everything that He has made.  If God not continues to hold the creation in existence, it would stop existing.  God has a Plan for His Creation, and He directs it according with the Laws that He made.
    5. 5. FIRST ACCOUNT OF CREATION 1st Day God Created Light. “Let there be light” God saw that the light was good and he separted the light from darkness. Gen 1,3-4 2nd Day “So God made the ceiling and separated the waters below it from the water above and called sky. Gen 1,7-8 3rd Day let the waters below be gather together in one place and Let Dry Land appear. God called the waters gather together Seas, and dry land: EARTH. God said, “let the earth produce vegetation, seed-bearing plants, and trees producing fruit.. Gen 1, 9-12 4th Day God made two great lights, the greater light to govern the day and the smaller light to govern the night and God made the stars as well. God placed them in the sky to give light on earth and to separate the light from the darkness. Gen 1, 14-18 5th Day God said; Let the water teem with abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly the sky. God create great monsters of the sea, and every winger bird. Gen. 1, 20-23 6th God said, let the earth produce living animals, creatures that move along the ground. God create the wild animals. Let us made man in our image and likeness Gen 1,24- 26 7th By the seventh day the work, God has done, was completed and he RESTED on the seventh Day from all the work.
    6. 6.  There is an order in the Universe. Sometime we call the Order of this: “Universe Design.”  God create the universe in order and harmony with his laws.  God first made places or spaces where things are going to go.  He made simple things first; then the more complex, or complicated things: Day 1 Light & Darkness 1st God made this space, and later he fill it with the sun, the moon, and starts Day 4 Starts, firmament, sun, moon to reflect and differentiate the light from the darkness Day 2 Sky & Water Intentionally, He prepare these places for creatures, that have special characteristics, very different from creatures, living on earth only. Day 5 Fish and Birds He add fish to the seas and birds on the sky. creatures that can live in the water, or fly in the sky Day 3 Earth In earth, soon He put trees, flowers in order to sustain life of all living creatures Day 6 Animals y el hombre Then He add animals on earth. And finally he created man. God made everything, it was needed, to live in the planet earth.
    7. 7.  God is above all things, and at the same time God is present in everything he has made.  God is not Created; He created everything; thus why He is above everything.  The intelligence of God is expressed in his creatures,  and all God’s Beauty and power are reflected in his creation  The Creation in completely depend on God for his existence and his goodness
    8. 8. to show us his love and goodness, and to share his divine life with us. THE REASON FOR CREATING THE WORLD: GOD HAS A PLAN FOR US!!!
    9. 9. THE CREATION WAS FOR THE HUMAN BEINGS  The creation reflects the wisdom of God, His goodness, His beauty and His perfection.  Everything created in the creation, was prepared for the human beings to use and enjoy
    10. 10. ALL GOD’S CREATION IS GOOD  God saw all that he had made… and it was very GOOD  It is very important to know that everything created by God is good.  Some people cannot see that the world is Good  also some, do not realized that the human being is Good. The essence of the human is good.  The life itself is Good, even the most insignificant things to our eyes.
    12. 12. “THE SUMMIT OF GOD’S CREATION” “THE HUMAN BEINGS”  God’s Greatest works of Love are human beings.  Man and woman are the “summit” of God’s Creation.  Summit means the highest point  What make human beings the most special of God’s creation is that we are made in His images and likeness.  We are like God because we can KNOW and LOVE  Only humans are capable of knowing and understanding themselves, their thoughts, feelings and motivation.  Only humans can know and love God and others. When we love others, we share his Divine life.
    13. 13. GOD GIVES HUMANS 2 SPECIAL POWERS: 1) FREE WILL Power to Choose to love 2) REASON or INTELLECT Power of Knowledge  We know things with our Intellect, so our minds helps us to know what is True.  We use our REASON to know God, ourselves, others and to know the True of God.  Our special power to choose to love is our FREE WILL  Our WILL is free, we can Freely CHOOSE  To LOVE or Not to Love  To do Good or Bad  To Act or Not to Act  To help others or Not  To Comfort others or Not
    14. 14. FREE WILL  God loves US freely, and he chose to create the world to share in his love and goodness with us.  God wants that his creatures love him freely, too.  Thus why God gave us the ability to CHOOSE  God created the human being with FREE WILL: so we can freely choose to Love Him.  For this we were created: to freely choose God and do His WILL.
    15. 15. HE INTENDED FOR THEM TO LIVE IN FRIENDSHIP AND HAPPINESS WITH HIM  God created man and woman in his images and likeness and He made them friends of himself.  He intended for them to live in friendship and happiness with Him in Earth, knowing and loving Him  And they then would be take to heaven, where they will be happy with Him for ever
    16. 16. Next Lesson #3 THE CREATION Stewards of Creation