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Uncle Sam Wants You – In the War Against Climate Change
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Uncle Sam Wants You – In the War Against Climate Change



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Uncle Sam Wants You to Help Save the Planet Elton B. Sherwin Venture Capitalist, Author, Businessman What Can a College Student Do About Climate Change?
  • 2. Here Today to Recruit You in the Battle to Save the Planet Talk specifically about what you can do
  • 3. Recent Past, 1961-1979 Our Country is About to Change White House Report on Climate Change
  • 4. Some Changes Will Be Subtle White House Report on Climate Change Lower Emissions Scenario, 2080-2099
  • 5. Some Changes Will Be Dramatic White House Report on Climate Change Higher Emissions Scenario, 2080-2099
  • 6. Some Models Now Predict Higher Emissions Scenario, 2080-2099  Half the nation enduring summers where 100º days are common  Tropical diseases invading America’s shores  Wine making moving to the northern states
  • 7. Elton B. Sherwin Venture Capitalist, Author, Businessman, Board of Directors of Six Companies – Including NRG Dynamix, Hybrid Vehicles November 29, 2010 Notre Dame de Namur University
  • 8. Two Visions of 21st Century Two Different Roads We Must Choose
  • 9. Groundhog Day Scenario 20th Century 21st Century First Option
  • 10. Repeat Last 100 Years Business as usual:  Continued industrialization using fossil fuels  Double the number of cars  Double the number of coal-fired power plants  Double air pollution  Add 2 or 3 billion additional people  Population of six to nine “new Americas”
  • 11. Not Enough Planet  Absorb all the air pollution
  • 12. What Will Likely Happen Business as Usual Scenario? Groundhog Day Plan Keep Doing it Over and Over Again
  • 13. Muir & Riggs Glaciers Alaska Many of the World’s Glaciers Will Dissapear
  • 14. North Pole Will Collapse In the Summer North Pole NASA Missing Ice In 2007, much of the North Pole disappeared
  • 15. Greenland Will Melt Image: Roger Braithwaite, University of Manchester (UK)
  • 16. Ocean Rise Estimates this Century 16 inches 3 feet 11 feet EPA and National Research Council Estimates 6 feet
  • 17. SOURCE: Inundation data from Knowles, 2008. Additional salt pond elevation data by Siegel and Bachand, 2002. Aerial imagery is NAIP 2005 data. 16 Inches of Sea Rise San Jose San Francisco Vallejo San Rafael Oakland
  • 18. SOURCE: Inundation data from Knowles, 2008. Additional salt pond elevation data by Siegel and Bachand, 2002. Aerial imagery is NAIP 2005 data. Foster City East Palo AltoMenlo Park 16 Inches of Sea Rise Silicon Valley
  • 19. SOURCE: Inundation data from Knowles, 2008. Additional salt pond elevation data by Siegel and Bachand, 2002. Aerial imagery is NAIP 2005 data. Moffett Field 237 Sun, Google, and, Cisco all at risk
  • 20. July Temperatures 2009 California Climate Adaptation Strategy California’s agricultural regions will be hard hit
  • 21. Midcentury Increase of 5 Degrees Fahrenheit 2009 California Climate Adaptation Strategy 5+
  • 22. Could See Increases of 10 to 14 Degree Fahrenheit in Central Valley* 2009 California Climate Adaptation Strategy *“Emissions pathways, climate change, and impacts on California” Christopher B. Field and 17 coauthors, June 23, 2004, PNAS 10+
  • 23. Smaller snowpack More water shortages Less water for agriculture “Emissions pathways, climate change, and impacts on California” Christopher B. Field and 17 coauthors, June 23, 2004, PNAS
  • 24. Heat Waves in Los Angeles Basin Will Be Much More Frequent Dan Steinberg, Associated Press “Emissions pathways, climate change, and impacts on California” Christopher B. Field and 17 coauthors, June 23, 2004, PNAS
  • 25. It Is Not Just California
  • 26. Many cities at risk • Miami • Key West • Tampa • New York • Venice • Amsterdam
  • 27. In 150 years, students may study New Orleans like Carthage: A city that no longer exists
  • 28. World’s Poor Hard Hit Move 17 million people this century?
  • 29. Some Consequences Are Unpredictable Some Are Irreversible Image: Roger Braithwaite, University of Manchester (UK)
  • 30. Ice Sheets Collapse Consequences are Huge 20+ Feet of Ocean Rise Image: Roger Braithwaite, University of Manchester (UK) NSF Website and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
  • 31. Acidification and Warming of the Ocean Risk of some piece of the ecosystem collapsing NOAA
  • 32. Effect on Ocean Currents Hard to Predict Ocean’s Conveyor is Driven by a Cold Arctic Image: Argonne National Laboratory
  • 33. Picture: 400 Gigatons Of Methane Locked In The Frozen Arctic Tundra
  • 34. Methane Burps A Ticking Time Bomb There are enormous quantities of naturally occurring greenhouse gasses trapped in ice-like structures in the cold northern muds and at the bottom of the seas. Published on 15 Dec 2004 by Baltimore Sun (Common Dreams). Archiv ed on 15 Dec 2 by John Atcheson Image courtesy of NASA
  • 35. Dramatic Change in Just 12 Years
  • 36. An Area the Size of Germany and France Combined is Melting Unprecedented and Irreversible
  • 37. “The climate is nearing tipping points. Changes are beginning to appear and there is a potential for explosive changes, effects that would be irreversible” James Hansen, Director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies The Observer, February 15, 2009,
  • 38. “Climate change is real. It's happening now.” Senator John McCain August 24, 2009 LA Times Kristen Wyatt Associated Press global-warming-national-parks,0,6162897.story
  • 39. In Your Lifetime  Temperatures will rise faster  More extinctions  More climate refugees
  • 40. Business As Usual  Collapse  North Pole  Greenland  West Antarctic  Himalayas  Melting permafrost  Acidification of oceans  Rapid species extinction  Ocean clathrates (frozen methane)  Deforestation and mega fires Six of These will Happen in Your Lifetime
  • 41. Why is This Happening?  Burning too much stuff  Coal  Tropical forests  Wood and agricultural waste  Being Inefficient  10% efficient homes  18% efficient cars  Air pollution  Soot  CO2  CO  Methane  Ozone  Nitrous Oxide  HFCs/CFCs
  • 42. Deadly Combination Inefficiency Burning Air pollution Business as Usual
  • 43. Extreme Makeover – Home Edition Scenario 2 Amory Lovins' home
  • 44. Objective “Home Makeover” Better Environment Safer Environment For Everyone
  • 45. 55 Recommendations Find more: Download first few chapters free: Amazon Kindle reader for: iPhone PCs iPad Droid Blackberry Mac
  • 46. World- wide Next 20 Years (Soot) World-wide Campaign Against Soot, Air pollution and Refrigerants
  • 47. Attach All Appliances to the Internet Owners know how much power each one is using
  • 48. Put More Information On-line 1 Brand Refrigerators- Freezers Model Total Volume (litres) Energy Consumption (kWh/annum) 10 Yr Energy Cost Star Rating DAEWOO FRN-U20__I 603 515 $875 ***** WHIRLPOOL 6E_2__XR_ 640 614 $1,043 ***** SAMSUNG SRS767DGB 768 731 $1,242 **** GENERAL ELECTRIC PCG25 GSG25MIP__ 761 729 $1,239 **** 1 There is much to like about the Australian government’s site, foremost is showing the ten-year cost of
  • 49. Energy Hog Website
  • 50. Put Grades on All Products
  • 51. Grade Buildings  Start grading buildings based on ACTUAL ENERGY USE  Inefficient buildings steal jobs and wealth
  • 52. 55-step Action Plan “Home Makeover” Create Better Homes Create Jobs Create Wealth Eliminate Air Pollution
  • 53. Checklists Documents section of:  Energy Wasters at Work  Energy Wasters at Home  Cities and Counties  Simple Green Building Code  Homes  Commercial Property
  • 54. Dramatic Savings $5/month utility bill Some homes in Woodside use 100 times as much energy! Amory Lovins' home
  • 55. “The time for action is now.” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 56. Elton’s Focus  Buildings  Accurate grades  Mega-projects sip energy  Fast action greenhouse agents  Soot, methane, CO, ozone, refrigerants  Joint action with China  Next year  NGOs take a family planning pledge  Subsistence farmers  YouTube
  • 57. What Are You Going to Do??
  • 58. Service Project k/darfur-stove.html Efficient Cookstoves
  • 59. Work with a Middle/High School
  • 60. Start An Energy Hog Contest or Website
  • 61. Use Your Skills and Passions  Teach or train  Research, count, measure  Improve efficiency – upgrade buildings  Reduce emissions  Write, blog, Facebook  Start a new group  Contest  Service project  Video production
  • 62. Work on Policy Issues  Air pollution  Carbon tax  Waste management  DMV fees  Congestion fees  Urban planning  International relations… Or
  • 63. Many Opportunities  Pool pumps  Window films  Motor controls  Smart lighting  Building tune ups  Thermal storage on air conditioners  Green building code recommendations  Research  Smart appliances
  • 64. Pick One  School  Work  Church  A nonprofit  A local dump  Your utility  One town (outside of US)  A local water treatment plant  City planning department  State or federal government  A local university  On the web  In the media  With the elderly  With low-income housing  With local agriculture and Focus
  • 65. You Did Not Create the Problem You Are Inheriting It It Will Change Your World
  • 66. More Information
  • 67. Questions
  • 68. Appendix
  • 69. Recent Past, 1961-1979 Higher Emissions Scenario, 2080-2099 Lower Emissions Scenario, 2080-2099 Number of Days Over 100ºF White House Report on Climate Change
  • 70. Recommended Label In Monthly Utility Bill C- B+ Electricity** Gas** *125 is highest score 1 is lowest Compared to all federal buildings in America (See Inverted Scale with Progressive Weighting) ** The energy grade is determined comparing this building to other similar buildings in similar climates 74* Image from iStockphoto
  • 71. Why This Label  Grades motivate change  Rewards small improvements  Automatically update monthly  Universal participation  Does not require pre-audits  Fair: works for all sizes of buildings  Drive dramatic reductions in energy consumption
  • 72. and Also, see Response to the National Energy Rating Program for Homes Request for Information
  • 73. North Pole Ice Thickness In 2009, less than 15% of the North Pole was “old ice.” North Pole, NASA
  • 74. McKinsey
  • 75. McKinsey 2007
  • 76. Sector Specific Abatement Cost Curves Agriculture in the UK The First Report of the UK Committee on Climate Change December 2008
  • 77. US DOE. CO2 in America. Excludes other greenhouse pollutants: methane, Soot, CFCs, etc. Also excludes embedded energy in imports and most impacts from Agriculture. CO2 Emissions: Circled sources are mostly buildings
  • 78. Electricity Consumption in Healthcare Buildings