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Inventor Interests


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This presentation explores relevant issues according to these challenging economic times, and explores questions and answers to contemporary issues to do with energy, water, pollution, oil and food.

The presentation asks several questions of the audience, in an effort to inspire some thinking about our near future and more distant future in relation to sustainability an prosperity in the next few years.

I also introduce MakeNET and the vision of the company, including some of my work and my person goals fro MakeNET.

Enjoy :)

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Inventor Interests

  1. 1. Inventor Interests<br />21st Century Innovation in Response to 21st Century Demands<br />All content in this presentation is intellectual property of Chris Morton <br />Copyright MakeNET<br />
  2. 2. What is inventing?<br />Inventing is a response to necessity, as can be described in the proverb “necessity is the mother of invention”.<br />It is a evolutionary and collaborative process.<br />Good inventions are simple.<br />Good inventions have a widespread and long term impact.<br />Complexity is only stable when built upon modular simplicity<br />Inventors seek new solutions to problems<br />Invention can have many forms<br />Everyone has inventive capacity, find yours<br />
  3. 3. Word association for 4 Stages of Invention<br />
  4. 4. Famous Inventors<br />Wright Brothers – first true aeroplane 1903<br />Guglielmo Marconi – Wireless communication 1895<br />Blaise Pascal – adding machine, predecessor to modern computing 1652<br />Benjamin Franklin – Bifocals 1750<br />Rudolf Diesel – Diesel Engine 1892<br />John Dunlop – Pneumatic tyre 1887<br />Pat Draper – 2 part epoxy glue 1979 (Pat has helped me personally with my own Thermo Electric Converter)<br />Gottlieb Daimler – Petrol Internal Combustion Engine 1862<br />Jacques Cousteau – Aqualung 1942<br />Alexander Bell – Telephony 1876<br />
  5. 5. What are our 21st century challenges?<br />Environmental Challenges<br /><ul><li>Global Warming
  6. 6. Pollution
  7. 7. Accelerated Climate Change
  8. 8. Biodiversity and Extinction</li></ul>Economic Challenges<br /><ul><li>Fragile economies due to over extended credit
  9. 9. Limited or Exhausted Natural Resources (Including fossil fuels)
  10. 10. Overpopulation
  11. 11. Imbalanced Demographics, Resource Distribution</li></ul>Sustainability Challenges<br /><ul><li>Food Supply
  12. 12. Water Supply
  13. 13. Energy Supply</li></ul>Everything's Related!<br />Necessity<br />
  14. 14. Environmental Considerations<br />Earth can be considered closed system.<br />Is global climate change a prelude to a more severe set of circumstances?<br />Will the over exploitation of natural resources such as arable land and oceanic fish result in a dire situation concerning food supply and mass extinctions?<br />Does the earth have a certain ‘tolerance threshold’, if so, what are the indicators of the approach of this threshold?<br />Is it possible that humankind can help undo the damage we have done? If so, how?<br />If humans continue as we are will our great grandchildren pay the price, and in what form?<br />
  15. 15. Sustainability Considerations<br />The earths population is currently about 7 billion.<br />The effect of human caused climatic variations are beginning to manifest, resulting in less arable land due to flooding or desertification.<br />Freshwater is a precious commodity, and drinkable supplies are only 3% of all the water on earth. These resources are being threatened by pollution, excessive demand and climate change.<br />Natural forest resources are not renewable, as are natural marine resources, amongst others.<br />Oil based energy and raw materials are not replenishable, what happens when the price of oil becomes prohibitively expensive?<br />
  16. 16. Economic Considerations<br />What happens when petrol is R20 a litre?<br />What happens when food is prohibitively expensive as a result?<br />What would be the compounded effect of low food supply (due to global climate change) and continued high demand?<br />Will the effect of rising energy costs effect the economies capacity for production?<br />How soon will the economy suffer significantly in response to the above uncertainties?<br />Can the manifestations of the above concerns be averted or reduced?<br />Do we have options? YES WE DO!<br />
  17. 17. Action is necessary. Now.<br />Inventors around the world are coming up with new innovations every day, we are part of a new age, ‘The Environmental Technology Age’, or the ‘New Economy’. Our primary focus is creating new technology to deal with the challenges we are being faced with now (or will shortly).<br />We have options, we need to address our future and current issues with new ways of thinking.<br />If we don’t act now, the lives our children and grandchildren will be seriously compromised.<br />So what can you do? It is our responsibility to make necessary financial allowances for the development of advancing technology for the sustainability of the future.<br />Long term foresight is paramount to our prosperity in the near future and distant future.<br />
  18. 18. Innovation is the key to prosperity<br />Innovation can take many forms, and is not necessarily a ‘new’ invention.<br />Innovations give us new solutions to old problems, and give us new problems that require new solutions. The point is we have options.<br />Innovation may result in re-inventing or rethinking an existing technology.<br />The effects of innovation often result in great financial rewards, beyond that of just the inventor.<br />New innovations can have an effect for many 1000’s of years.<br />Being involved with an innovator on a financial level is normally a high-risk/very high-reward investment, but is not always the case.<br />Innovation is a growth industry, similar to the information age in the 80’s.<br />Let’s make some history, right here in Pietermaritzburg!<br />Innovation<br />
  19. 19. About MakeNET<br />Make New Emerging Technology.<br />Focussing primarily of environmentally sound and economically viable, highly profitable innovations.<br />Strong focus on using local resources where possible.<br />Short Term Goals: To establish a local economic presence. Manufacturing facility. To educate people about environmental issues. Set up 3 demonstration installations of TEC Solar.<br />Mid Term Goals: To employ at least 10 000 people nationwide. Listed on JSE and 1 other Stock Exchange.<br />Long Term Goals: Multi Billion Dollar Net Worth with positive global influence in the global economy and global environment.<br />Parent Company for Openseeds, Waste Technology, CED Mining Corporation, African Enterprise (not the same as the other AE operating in PMB).<br />
  20. 20. MakeNET Vision<br /><ul><li>Sustainable Agriculture
  21. 21. Anti-Desertification
  22. 22. Bio-diversity Preservation
  23. 23. Scientific Research
  24. 24. Energy Supply
  25. 25. Water Supply
  26. 26. Raw Materials Supply
  27. 27. Recurrent AMD Prevention
  28. 28. Small Business Development Agency
  29. 29. Community Value Builder
  30. 30. Environmental Education
  31. 31. Sustainable Local Economies
  32. 32. Energy Supply
  33. 33. Raw Materials Supply
  34. 34. Recycling
  35. 35. Alternative Hydrocarbon Fuels</li></ul>Invest<br />
  36. 36. Some MakeNET Projects<br />In order of priority<br /><ul><li>Thermo Electric Converter
  37. 37. Solar Thermal Hydrocarbon Fuel Synthesiser
  38. 38. Domestic Greywater Sediment Filter
  39. 39. Passive Car Cooler
  40. 40. Chemo Electro Deposition Mining
  41. 41. Solar Powered Domestic High Pressure Desalination Unit
  42. 42. Helium Turbine Engine (External Combustion Engine)
  43. 43. Car Wash Cover
  44. 44. Thermo Electric Lightning Harvester
  45. 45. Rocker Lowrise Earthquake Proof Building
  46. 46. High Altitude Oxygen Pods (Ozone Layer Restoration) HOPE Project
  47. 47. Marine Ecosystem Restoration at Sea (MERSEA)
  48. 48. EarthShip</li></ul>Solutions<br />
  49. 49. Solar Thermal Fuel Synthesizer<br /><ul><li>Brand new technology
  50. 50. Global Impact
  51. 51. Alternative Hydrocarbon Fuels
  52. 52. Uses Plastic and biomass derivatives to synthesize hydrocarbon fuels as a replacement for petrol and diesel
  53. 53. Pollution and Waste Management
  54. 54. Huge Commercial Potential
  55. 55. Economic and Environmental Benefits
  56. 56. Small Scale and Domestic Implementations
  57. 57. Relatively small capital investment required</li></li></ul><li>HOPE Project<br /><ul><li>High Altitude Oxygen Pods Experiment
  58. 58. Repair Damage to Ozone Layer
  59. 59. Application of Alkaline Dust and Oxygen to restore chemical balance of Ozonosphere
  60. 60. Precipitates Sodium Halide Salts as snow and rain
  61. 61. Global Cooling Effect
  62. 62. Potentially very high risk
  63. 63. No room for error
  64. 64. Large Capital Investment Required
  65. 65. Global Impact</li></li></ul><li>Thermo Electric Converter<br /><ul><li>Brand new technology
  66. 66. Global Impact
  67. 67. Alternative Energy
  68. 68. Electrochemistry
  69. 69. Non Toxic Chemicals
  70. 70. Inexpensive Chemicals
  71. 71. Electroplated Sheet metal and Piping
  72. 72. Potential for solar thermal
  73. 73. Potential for waste heat recovery
  74. 74. Operational Temperature 30-120 Celsius
  75. 75. Recyclable
  76. 76. Long service life
  77. 77. Relatively small capital investment required
  78. 78. Estimated 1/10th the cost of conventional photovoltaic solar cells (retail) per watt</li></li></ul><li>Chemo Electro Deposition Mining<br /><ul><li>Brand new technology
  79. 79. Real solution to Acid Mine Drainage
  80. 80. Currently being researched by several universities globally
  81. 81. Global Impact
  82. 82. Potentially highly profitable
  83. 83. Prevents recurrent AMD problems
  84. 84. Freshwater supply
  85. 85. Electrical Energy Supply
  86. 86. Commodity Metal Supply
  87. 87. Hydrogen Fuel Supply
  88. 88. Iron and Steel Recycling
  89. 89. Large Capital Investment required</li></li></ul><li>Rocker Lowrise Earthquake Proof Building<br /><ul><li>Brand new technology
  90. 90. Global Impact
  91. 91. Earthquake Proof, possibly up to 10+ on the Richter scale
  92. 92. Conceptual Design
  93. 93. Building cannot fall over because of weighted hemispherical base structure
  94. 94. No conventional foundations
  95. 95. Partially self sufficient in terms of energy (integrated solar panels, methane digester)
  96. 96. Thermodynamic efficiency (central heating and cooling)
  97. 97. Walls and floors constructed from fibre composite materials
  98. 98. Top floor green layer
  99. 99. Simple design will not cost more than current earthquake proof technology</li></li></ul><li>Helium Turbine Engine<br /><ul><li>Brand new technology
  100. 100. Global Impact
  101. 101. Propellant is a composite mixture of Helium, Water, Ammonia
  102. 102. External combustion, allows for solid, liquid or gas fuel
  103. 103. External combustion allows for complete combustion and much cleaner exhaust gases
  104. 104. Single moving part means low maintenance
  105. 105. Insulated with ceramics, cool to touch, low wasted energy due to heat and sound
  106. 106. Low decibel operation
  107. 107. Suitable for electric vehicles and generators
  108. 108. Low cost manufacturing and assembly
  109. 109. Operates under very high pressures
  110. 110. Estimated at least 50% efficiency
  111. 111. Not for direct drive
  112. 112. Closed cyclic system</li></li></ul><li>Everyday Challenges<br /><ul><li>Intellectual Property and Patents
  113. 113. Raising interest of investors
  114. 114. Raising necessary funds for further development and patents
  115. 115. Prototyping and research
  116. 116. Taking my ideas from the drawing board to production
  117. 117. Overcoming educational, communication and personal differences
  118. 118. Competing Technologies (example: other Solar Energy systems)
  119. 119. Intellectual property theft (example: Anti-Erosion Mats and 3d Holographic Projector for PC)
  120. 120. Research costs can be prohibitive (example: CED Mining)
  121. 121. Most prospective investors would rather invest in established businesses and technology
  122. 122. Lack of expertise in some areas and employing staff is necessary
  123. 123. It is important to invest in the local economy to prevent brain drain of highly skilled local innovators.</li></li></ul><li>Risks and Rewards<br /><ul><li>Medium-High Risk/High to Very High Reward (Billions of Rands in some cases)
  124. 124. Investing early in emerging technologies is necessary for a competitive advantage
  125. 125. Depending on which technology you invest in the return on investment will be realised at different intervals
  126. 126. Not all investments require a high capital layout
  127. 127. Investing in MakeNET innovations will provide a large number of jobs for local unemployed South Africans
  128. 128. Investing in MakeNET will allow significant developments concerning environmentally sound technology to take place
  129. 129. All investment capital will be handled by an independent broker, Legal documents will be written up according to your needs
  130. 130. Ask yourself: If one had invested in Microsoft in 1980, how much would that investment be worth today? Considering that the information age is now mature and the environmental technology age is in infancy would a investment in, or partnership with MakeNET be analogous with an early investment in Microsoft?</li></li></ul><li>How to Invest in the future<br /><ul><li>Consider the potential impact of early investment for your own personal wealth
  131. 131. Consider the impact of not investing in environmentally sound technology on environment and the well being of your children and future generations
  132. 132. Consider the economic impact of being involved in providing hundreds of unemployed people with jobs and helping reduce problems with crime and corruption
  133. 133. Consider empowering South Africa with producing technology that has a global impact and export potential
  134. 134. Consider that South Africa (and Pietermaritzburg) has all the necessary infrastructure, skills, and raw materials to develop and produce some of the technology in this presentation.
  135. 135. Please find printed Expression of Interest Form on your seat (if viewing online please download the form from</li></li></ul><li>Art Auction<br /><ul><li>Original Digital Artwork by Chris Morton
  136. 136. Circular Uncertainty
  137. 137. Only one signed print will ever be reproduced
  138. 138. Issued with a Certificate of Authenticity
  139. 139. Money will go to raising funds for further research and development into alternative energy and green technologies
  140. 140. Potentially very high resale value
  141. 141. 1 m2 Fitted and Glassed Aluminium Frame
  142. 142. High Quality UV Resistant ink and vinyl
  143. 143. Perfect for home, business or gallery
  144. 144. Reserve Price R1500</li></li></ul><li>About Chris Morton<br /><ul><li>CEO MakeNET
  145. 145. Former Software Engineer
  146. 146. Entrepreneur/Self-taught Professional Inventor
  147. 147. Interests in Environmentally Sustainable Technology
  148. 148. Inventing since childhood, my true calling from God
  149. 149. Download MakeNET Expression of Interest Form</li></ul><br /><ul><li>LinkedIn –
  150. 150. Email –</li></ul>Thanks to: NASA, Fractal Library, Hirsch PMB<br />