Chapter 17.1 - By the Pricking of My Thumbs...


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Chapter 17.1 - By the Pricking of My Thumbs...

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 17.1 By the Pricking of My Thumbs...
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Discworld Legacy.Last time:- Dorfl and Roxanne got married;- Casanunda and Amber got old;- Esmerelda and Edward were born and aged to child and toddler respectively;- And I promised plot which failed to materialise because I ran out of space, the same wont happen this time.By the way, the sim in the lower right corner is my newest self-sim who will be making an appearance soon.Now over to Dorfl wholl guide us through recent events at the legacy home.
  3. 3. "Come in and sit down, Ill start where I left off.""You seem worried Dorfl, is there something wrong?""Yes...No...I dont know. Its Esme, ever since she became a teenager shes been different.""Puberty can be a difficult time, a lot of sims start acting differently.""I know, but Im worried that its something more than that. Look, Ill just start from the beginning,maybe itll be clearer that way."
  4. 4. Last time we spoke it was shortly after Edwards birthday. It didnt take him long to display howdifferent he was from Esme. She had spent most of her toddler years demanding attention fromanyone who came in the door, Edward welcomed affection from family members he knew, wasnervous of strangers and never went looking for attention.
  5. 5. He seemed happiest when playing by himself; except for the time he spent with Esme.
  6. 6. Despite their obvious differences and strong bond quickly formed between the two. Esme was veryloving towards her little brother, she loved playing with him and telling him all about what shedlearnt at school that day,
  7. 7. and he seemed to reserve his brightest smiles for her.
  8. 8. The bond between Esme and Edward was very helpful as he was still a toddler when Roxy next gavebirth and we were slightly concerned he would feel neglected.
  9. 9. Especially as this pregnancy resulted in not one but two new additions to the family.First born was Errol, a little boy with my skin and Roxys eyes and hair. Following closely behind herbrother was Evadne, who has the same black eyes as Edward and her mothers skin and hair.
  10. 10. It was shortly after the birth of Errol and Evadne that I first became worried about Esmerelda.As Ive said before Esme has always been curious and determined to investigate everything. As a childthe first thing she wanted to know was why her and my skin was so different to everyone else’s. Shewas bright enough to realise that it must have been something to do with dad and asked him endlessquestions about it.
  11. 11. Eventually she wore him down and he told her the (heavily edited) story of his abductions and thebirth of Druellae, Detritus and myself.
  12. 12. From there she read endlessly, scouring the library and the internet for any mentions of alienabductions.
  13. 13. She eventually discovered that I had once been a Space Pirate (I had been keeping that fact from her,perhaps selfishly, so as to avoid the endless questions it would bring)
  14. 14. and, as I had feared, pestered me until I told her what I had learnt of our ancestry.I had hoped that by answering her questions Esme would have the answers she was looking for and sostop the endless research. Its not that I dont approve of her quest for knowledge, its just that shewas getting a bit obsessed, she spent all her free time on the computer or down at the library neverplaying or interacting with anyone outside the household and thats not healthy.Fortunately just as I was getting ready to do something drastic, like banning her from the library (whatnormal parent has to consider doing that?), something happened to distract her from her research.
  15. 15. It was Edwards birthday.
  16. 16. And the twins.
  17. 17. Esme barely gave him a chance to sort his hair out before pulling him into a tight hug.
  18. 18. Edward being a carefree child, only interested in playing, helped Esme to remember that she was stilljust a kid herself and had plenty of time to study later.
  19. 19. The sight of the two of them playing together was reassuring and I soon put aside any worries I hadabout Esmes obsession thinking it was in the past, I wish Id been right.The news that Roxy was again pregnant also served as a distraction as we started planning nurseryexpansions and bedroom redecoration for when Errol and Evadne became children.
  20. 20. Speaking of which, the twins had become lively toddlers at the same time Edward had become achild. In some ways they were very much alike, both bundles of energy that spent most of their timeawake giggling at the slightest thing. In other ways they were very different - Errol loved attention ofany kind and would happily smile at any stranger whereas Evadne was more demanding and picky.
  21. 21. Whatever their differences they were the closest of friends right from the word go. They make methink that perhaps theres something to all the reports or twins having a special link, they werecertainly closer than I was to any of my siblings, even Dios who was almost the same age.
  22. 22. As Esmes teen birthday approached she fell back into old habits, although it wasnt just aliens shewas interested in anymore. Her eyes had been opened to the supernatural world and she began toinvestigate it more fully. She started with vampires, then moved to zombies, plantsims and finallywerewolves.
  23. 23. By her birthday she had almost exhausted avenues to investigate. It looked like this obsession hadcome to an end, we just hoped that her next fixation would be something simpler, like boys, which, atleast, are covered in the parenting manuals, the supernatural rarely got a mention.
  24. 24. At first signs were good, Esme and Edwards friendship initially seemed to remain strong despite thenew age gap.
  25. 25. But as time went on she became engrossed in her research leaving Edward waiting for hours to playwith his big sister.From what little I know it seems she had uncovered a new kind of supernatural creature, one thatvery little was known about and she was determined to learn everything she could about it.
  26. 26. After Errol and Evadne became children they did their best to include Edward in their games
  27. 27. but all too often he found himself on the outside looking in. It wasnt the twins fault, Edward couldnever be as close to them as they were to each other and he didnt want to be, he just wanted tospend time with his Esme.
  28. 28. More and more I found him playing alone, I did my best to support him but a parent is noreplacement for a best friend.
  29. 29. It didnt help that Roxy and I were again busy with two new additions to the household and wecouldnt pay as much attention to the older children as perhaps we should have.Our second set of twins were Eric and Eskarina, both with identical colouring to Roxy.
  30. 30. Esme also started spending her nights stargazing, hoping to personally meet the aliens she had heardso much about.
  31. 31. After nights of searching Esmes patience was rewarded.
  32. 32. For all I hoped that each new discovery would finally satisfy Esme by now I knew enough about mydaughter that my hope was in vain.
  33. 33. And sure enough after her alien abduction she started going on trips downtown, she always had anexcuse – she needed new clothes, a phone, we were nearly out of groceries,
  34. 34. but she always took far longer than the errand needed
  35. 35. and anytime we asked she’d always say she’d run into friends and lost track of time.
  36. 36. Now shes started locking us out of her room and we hardly ever see her anymore.
  37. 37. "So what do you think, could it just be teenage hormones?""Im not sure, I do understand why youre worried, if shes got caught up in something..."
  38. 38. "I tell you what, Ill look into it, talk to some of my contacts, see what I can dig up. Ill pop by in acouple of days, tell you what Ive found out.""Thank you. I feel better just telling someone, in fact Im sure that itll all be sorted out by the timeyou return, dont take too much time looking into it, I dont want you to waste your effort onnothing."
  39. 39. Thats about it for this chapter, all thats left is the stats and some random pictures.Esmerelda rolled knowledge with the life time want to become a Cult Leader, very appropriate givewhere this story is taking her.
  40. 40. No new stats for Edward, just a picture to show you his face properly. The more I play this sim themore I like him and the more guilty I feel for all the miserable photo shoots I do with him.
  41. 41. Errol is named after a swamp dragon (small dragons that evolved in swamps and have a tendency toexplode). Errol was a freak by swamp dragon standards, his wings were about the same size as hisabnormally large eyebrows, with a face like an anteater, a pear-shaped body and gigantic nostrils. Hecouldnt flame or fly, and spent most of his time relaxing. But when a Noble dragon attacked Ankh-Morpork he managed to flame backwards and defeat it, proof that he was a throwback to the ancientspace-faring dragons.
  42. 42. Evadne is named after Mrs Evadne Cake - medium, templar nightmare and landlady for the undead.Widow with one daughter, Ludmilla. She is small, circular, and has a large hat and handbag. She isdeeply religious, although she doesnt accept priestesses and eventually breaks up with every churchon the grounds of her daughters difference. She also has strong precognition which can betroublesome in conversation.
  43. 43. The twins actually grew up at the same time as Esme.
  44. 44. Eric is named after a 13 year old demonologist, Eric Thursley, who wants the mastery of all kingdoms,to meet the most beautiful woman who ever existed, and to live forever. He attempts to summon ademon to grant his desires and instead gets Rincewind, an incompetent wizard who manages to messup each wish and ends up sending the pair into hell and getting mixed up in a demon rebellion.Eskarina is named after Eskarina Smith, a young girl born in the smithy of the village of Bad Ass, eighthchild of an eighth son. She inherited the magical powers and staff of Drum Billet, a wizard fromUnseen University, and was a pupil of Granny Weatherwax, until it became clear that she had Wizardsmagic, not Witches magic. Eskarina was the first and - as far as is known - only female student everaccepted or at least allowed to enter Unseen University (after a major battle to do so).
  45. 45. This is just a sequence I found especially amusing and thought Id include as there has been a definitelack of Casanunda and Amber this update.
  46. 46. Poor Dibbler, even his mother thinks hes lost it.
  47. 47. Does anyone else think that these reactions to Esmes abduction are the wrong way round? SurelyDorfl, as a knowledge sim, should be happy for his daughter and Roxy, the family sim, should beworried.Thats the end of the first part of this chapter, part two should be up within a week, all the picturesare taken, I just need to write it.