A Very Merry Victorian Christmas


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A crimble treat from me to all my readers.

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A Very Merry Victorian Christmas

  1. 1. Christmas is coming, The Goose is getting fat, Time for a Christmas special, How about that? Ok, I know that’s not very good, but poetry is not my strong point. However it is that time of year when I actually take notice of the content I installed when I bought the Christmas Party Pack two years ago. As such I thought it was time for a Christmas interlude. This takes place following Charlotta and Anne’s graduations, and during William and Henry’s final year at uni. So come and join the Legacys as they celebrate Christmas.
  2. 2. ‘Twas Christmas Eve night in the village of Regalton, and that day had seen George, Allyn and their youngest children trim the tree, and make lots of paper chains to festoon the walls with.
  3. 3. The fires in the drawing and morning rooms were adorned with stockings, and George had been into the nearby forest to collect pine branches to make into wreaths. They wanted to make the house as special as possible, after all this was the first time that the Legacy family had celebrated Christmas. Yes, there had been previous winters, but they had all been missing this one vital ingredient.
  4. 4. It had been a struggle, but the children were tucked up in bed far earlier than normal, in anticipation of a special visitor. Despite this excitement, they had dropped off to sleep within minutes of climbing under the covers.
  5. 5. Earlier that evening Allyn had been hard at work baking some special treats for a visitor. She had heard that he was rather partial to a well baked biscuit.
  6. 6. Once everyone was fast asleep, the visitor put in an appearance. No, not the penguin, but Father Christmas. He had a bit of a poke around the house, and used the facilities before finding the plate of biscuits that Allyn had baked for him.
  7. 7. He liked them so much that he left the family a gift. He knew that the house had four children living there and so left them a lovely teddy bear to add to their collection.
  8. 8. Next morning, after she had washed and dressed, Allyn went outside to build a snowman. “There, that will be a welcoming sight for everyone.” She said as she stood back to admire her work. She was very excited because all of her children were coming home for the day. It would be the first time they had all been under one roof for two years, and she couldn’t wait.
  9. 9. Allyn was not the only one who was excited. Her youngest son couldn’t contain his excitement, and started jumping on one of the beds shouting at the top of his voice. “Yay, yay, Christmas time. Presents.” “Charles, I know you are jumping on that bed. If you do not stop it young man, there will be no presents for you.” Came the voice of his father from downstairs “Sorry Papa.” Charles said meekly climbing down from the bed.
  10. 10. “Charles, darling.” His mother called up the stairs an hour later, “your brothers and sisters are here, and we are about to start opening the presents are you coming?” “Yes, Mama, wait for me.” Charles yelled as he ran towards the stairs.
  11. 11. With everyone gathered in the morning room, George got to his feet. “As the current head of the family, I have to say how lovely it is to see all of my children under one roof. I never set out to have ten children, but that was what the voice wished for me; however I would not change my life for the world. I love you all.”
  12. 12. “George, darling, have you been at the sherry?” Queried his loving wife. “Only a small glass or three my darling, just to ward off the cold this morning.” Came the reply. “I really think that we should start opening the presents now dearest.” Allyn said with a laugh. “Yes, Allyn my love, I believe you are correct.” George replied.
  13. 13. “And being as you are correct,” George continued, “you can be the first person to receive their present.” “George, I do hope that you have not spent too much money on me.” Said Allyn as she got to her feet.
  14. 14. “Only what you deserve, my dear, only what you deserve. Now, I thought long and hard about what gift to get you my dear. Then one day as I was walking through town, I saw this in the window of Tiffany’s.”
  15. 15. “Oh, darling, it is so beautiful, thank you.” breathed Allyn as she opened the box to see a beautiful glass bowl. “You like it my love?” “I love it George. I shall put it in pride of place in the drawing room.” Allyn said leaning over and kissing him on the cheek.
  16. 16. “Now my darling, it is time for your present.” said Allyn as she bent down and picked up the next present from the pile. “I hope you like it.” She added. “Darling, if it is from you, I know I shall.” replied George, oblivious to the fact that Alfred and James were making faces at each other at this open display of affection from their parents. He unwrapped it and smiled. “A dartboard. Thank you Allyn. I cannot wait to hang this in the games room. Perhaps we may have a game later?” “Maybe, my dear, maybe.” Allyn replied with a smile.
  17. 17. With his and Allyn’s presents opened, George proceeded to hand out his children’s presents. “Charlotta, my eldest daughter, what else could your mother and I buy you, but this.” “Oh Father, Mother, thank you.” she said as she unwrapped her gift to find a globe, “Hannah and I will be able to plan our trips using this now.” “You are welcome dear.” Said Allyn smiling. “Mother may I ask what you have bought Anne?” asked Charlotta. “A dress.” Allyn said slightly shortly. The reason for her second daughter not being present with them that morning was still a subject of some pain and distress to her. Charlotta noticed that her mother’s eyes had started to tear up slightly, and looked at her Father.
  18. 18. “Allyn dearest,” George said thinking quickly, “why do you not give out the rest of the presents? I am feeling a little unsteady on my feet for some reason.” “Of course, darling,” she replied, and got to her feet. George sat down and smiled at Charlotta, patting her hand as he did so. She returned his smile, grateful that her father had helped to cover her gaffe. Charlotta had accepted her twin’s decision, and sometimes forgot that her mother still struggled with it. “Now William,” said Allyn oblivious to the exchange between her husband and eldest child, “since you are now concerned with material well being, your father and I decided to buy you a present which you can use as an investment.” “A bronze statue, thank you Mother, Father, I am sure that this will increase in value.” He said as he opened the box.
  19. 19. Allyn turned and picked up the next present as William sat down. “Henry,” Henry started at the mention of his name. He had been staring intently at his twin. “Your father and I wanted so much to give you something which would give you pleasure and yet would also be practical for you.” Allyn handed over the box. “Mother, really what have you bought for me?” Henry said shaking his head as he started to untie the bow. He fell silent as he peered inside. Allyn looked uncertainly at her husband; she had been so sure that Henry would be pleased with his gift. Finally Henry looked up and smiled, “a telescope, perfect, thank you both.” A relieved Allyn smiled back at him, “you are more than welcome my dear.”
  20. 20. “Now Robert, it is your turn.” Said Allyn smiling. “Really Mother,” he said getting to his feet, “you are setting out to spoil us all.” “I do hope so dear,” she laughed. “A new fishing rod, how marvellous.” He exclaimed as he opened the box, “but I cannot help but wonder, how on earth each of our presents have been able to fit in such small boxes.” “I no longer think on such things,” George said from the sofa, “it vexes me far too much. I suggest that you too leave well alone.” “Now Father, he does have a point,” said Henry “I think that we should get together to discuss it Robert.” Robert looked at his brother and replied “yes, this is a topic to which we could give considerable effort; in fact we could see whether the principle is the same as that of burglars’ swag bags.” “The experiments are starting to take shape in my mind as we speak.”
  21. 21. “Now before the two of you run off to start planning, I really think that we should finish with the gift giving, do you not agree George?” “Oh, absolutely dear, would you like me to pass you Enid’s?” “Yes, thank you.”
  22. 22. “Merry Christmas Enid, I hope you like it.” Said Allyn handing the box over “Oh Mother, I am sure I shall” she said as she undid the bow, “a new hat, it is beautiful, thank you.” Enid cried, as she tried it on “I am glad that you like it. It has come to my attention that there are some people wondering the village without appropriate headgear, I do not want you to be one of them.” “I certainly will not be now. I do hope that you do not mind if I do not wear it today though.” She said pulling it off, “it does not sit right with my hair in this style, and I do not want to redo my hair today.” “My dear, that is quite alright, as long as you like it.” “I do Mother, Father, thank you.” She kissed her mother on the cheek and sat down to admire her new hat some more. *** Author’s note: I’m an idiot, I downloaded a new hat for Enid, and then forgot to put it in my downloads folder before shooting all this. Because I had made all the visitors selectable I didn’t want to save and exit to put it in, in case it caused problems when I tried to play again. You will get to see it though, I promise, just not yet.
  23. 23. It was now time for Allyn to give out the presents she had chosen for the children in the family. She had spent a most enjoyable couple of hours browsing the shelves of the toyshop in Bluewater Village, and was looking forward to seeing her youngest children playing with the toys she had chosen. “Alfred, can you come here please?” she said. Alfred scrambled to his feet, and wiped his hands on his trousers. Like most young boys, his hands were always sticky. “This is for you, Merry Christmas.” Allyn handed over the gift. “Oh Mama, Papa!” Alfred cried as he tore open his present to reveal a bright red fire engine, “thank you! brum, brum.” He started running the fire engine over the fireplace. “I am glad that you like it dear, but we have not finished yet, go and sit down, there is a good boy.” Said Allyn, Mindful that he was getting perilously close to knocking over a vase on the mantelpiece. “Yes Mama.” He replied slightly sullenly
  24. 24. “James.” Allyn beamed. “Yes Mama,” James stood up as straight as he could. “Your turn now.” She smiled as she handed over his gift. He sat on the floor and tore off the wrapping paper. “A kite, oh thank you. I cannot wait until the snow clears up now.” He exclaimed “Do not wish it away James; you will miss it when it is gone.” Said his father from the other side of the room.
  25. 25. “Is it my turn now Mama?” said Evelyn as she got to her feet. “Yes, Evie.” Laughed Allyn. “What have I got? Is it a doll’s house? Is it?” she peppered her mother with questions as Allyn reached down for her present.
  26. 26. “You are so impatient Evie,” Allyn laughed as she handed over her youngest daughter’s gift. “Thank you Mama.” Exclaimed Evelyn as she took her present and sat down on the floor. She soon made short work of the wrapping paper and stared in amazement at her present. “It is] a doll’s house, thank you Mama, Papa.” she jumped up and hugged both of her parents. “You are welcome darling.” Responded George as he hugged her back.
  27. 27. At last it was time for the last child to be given his gift. Charles got to his feet shaking slightly with excitement. “Here you go my son.” “Thank you Mama.” He sat down and started to slowly open his present. He was so excited that he wanted to make the moment last. As he rolled up the ribbon his twin let out an exclamation and reached over. “Here let me help you.” “No Evie, leave it,” he cried, but Evelyn had got hold of one corner of the box and ripped the paper. His eyes started to fill with tears, and Allyn intervened quickly. “Evelyn, leave your brother alone. He will open it in his own time.” “Come sit with me Evie.” called William. Evelyn didn’t need asking twice, she loved her eldest brother fiercely, so she bounded over to him and clambered onto his lap. Left on his own Charles finished opening his gift to reveal a jack-in-the-box. “Thank you Mama, Papa.” “You are welcome, darling.” Replied his mother.
  28. 28. With all of the presents opened, the adults started to tidy away the wrapping paper. William had promised Evelyn that he would help her to set out the furniture in her doll’s house, and so carried it up to her room. For the next half an hour Evelyn could be heard to tell her brother where exactly she wanted each piece of furniture placed. With the paper cleared from the floor Alfred and Charles sat down under the tree to play with their presents. Alfred was thrilled to be able to play with his fire engine at last, and proceed to rescue cats from trees and put out various fires. Charles found delight in seeing the jack jump out of the box when he turned the handle, but his father and Robert who were watching him soon began to tire of hearing [i] Pop Goes the Weasel[/i] every few seconds.
  29. 29. Meanwhile Allyn, Charlotta and Enid were busy in the kitchen preparing Christmas dinner. Due to the fact that Anne was not able to join them until after dark, they would be eating late, but the number of people dining meant that Allyn was having to roast several geese, and she was glad to have her daughters’ help. As her daughters prepared the vegetables Allyn reflected on the fact that she had missed having them in the house. Even with Evelyn, she was still outnumbered by the men in the house, and missed female company.
  30. 30. Once the birds were roasting in the oven, and Charlotta had started to steam the pudding, Allyn called all of her family into the drawing room to sing carols. Henry insisted on playing the piano stating that he was by far the best player in the family. When George disputed this fact Henry said grudgingly “well yes you and Anne are both proficient father, but William, Robert, Enid and even Mother are less than satisfactory.” Allyn stepped in when it looked like Robert was about to answer Henry back, by handing Henry the sheet music and asking him to start playing. Henry’s comment was soon apparently forgotten as the family raised their voices in song. After they had finished singing everyone agreed that Enid had the best voice, and that it had definitely improved since she had been away at finishing school.
  31. 31. By the middle of the afternoon the family were joined by the eldest children’s fiancées and a few close friends. Before long a massive snowball fight had started in the garden which even George joined in with. Allyn stood watching from the sidelines for a bit until she got too cold. “I am going inside,” she called as she turned towards the house. “Right-o darling.” Replied George. After Allyn had taken a few steps a snowball thudded into the ground at the spot where she had been standing. She carried on towards the house without noticing.
  32. 32. With Allyn inside seeing to the Christmas dinner with the help of Hannah, the snowball fight continued. “Hahaha, you call that a throw Henry? You missed me by a country mile.” Laughed Charlotta as a snowball sailed over her head. “Really dear sister? How do you know that I did not mean to do that?” “Because you are meant to try to hit the person you are aiming at!” Charlotta said.
  33. 33. “Try this one then dear.” Said Henry with an edge to his voice. “Omphh, hey!” exclaimed Charlotta. “Really Charlotta, you should know better than to say something like that to Henry.” Said William as Henry doubled up in laughter at his direct hit on his elder sister.
  34. 34. Even the normally mild and meek Cecilia had joined in and was pelting her fiancé with snowballs. “I do hope that this is not indicative of the future darling.” Shouted Robert from across the circle. “I am sorry dear, but I cannot hear you clearly.” Replied Cecilia as she threw yet another snowball at his head.
  35. 35. The youngest children, unable to join the main fight, had started their own, and soon their shouts and cheers mingled with the adults. Just after sunset, when it was too dark to see who they were aiming at, George called a halt to the fight. Wet, cold but happy everyone marched inside still laughing. The air was full of the smell of roast turkey and Christmas pudding. “Is it time to eat Mama?” asked James. “No, not yet, we have to wait for your sister to join us.” Came the reply from the kitchen. “Oh.” “Come on James, let us play with my fire engine.” Said Alfred, and so the two of them went off.
  36. 36. Much to Allyn’s delight, only an hour after the sun had set the final guest arrived. Allyn may have been deeply unhappy at the transformation Anne had undergone less than a year before, but she would always love her daughter with all her heart. “Annie my dear, it is so lovely to see you, especially today. I am also so pleased to see that you are wearing your present from your father and me.” “Yes, Mother, thank you so much for it, it is lovely and I would never entertain thoughts of burning it.” Replied Anne. “What a strange thing to say dear. I am just happy to see you properly attired for once.”
  37. 37. With so many people in the house George had hired three more tables and nine more chairs to accommodate everyone. Even then it was a bit of a squash. Much to Allyn’s dismay Anne didn’t join them for dinner. She explained that she had dined before she had left the house that evening, and was not inclined to eat again just yet. Through out the meal the sound of her playing the piano drifted through from the drawing room next door. The conversation was wide ranging and William was especially keen to discuss the new education Act being drawn up by parliament, an d how much it built on what Gabe had achieved as minister for education.
  38. 38. Eventually the conversation turned to the subject of William and Beth’s upcoming nuptials. “Only a few more months William. Before we know it it will be upon us.” Said Allyn. “Yes Mother. I truly cannot wait.” Replied William clasping his fiancée’s hand. Allyn, normally so observant when it came to sticky finger marks on the furniture, failed to notice the look her second son gave his older twin. Robert, however did notice. He had been asked to keep an eye on Henry, and he did not like what he had just seen. In an effort to distract Henry from whatever thoughts had just crossed his mind Robert began to talk about his wedding to Cecilia which would be taking place the following year. Once every last morsel of food had been eaten and Allyn had been congratulated on the excellent feast, she started to clear away the dishes. As she did so she saw that the youngest children were having a hard time keeping their eyes open. “Come on your four, time for bed.” She said Somewhat grudgingly the four youngest said their goodnights to everyone and tramped up the stairs to bed.
  39. 39. Tired as she was Evelyn could not resist once last play with her doll’s house. “Bed Evelyn.” Said her mother who had popped upstairs to make sure her children were settled down for the night. “But Mama...” Evelyn protested, “No buts Evelyn, it is time for bed. Your doll’s house will still be there in the morning.” Evelyn sulkily put her dolls to bed and climbed into bed herself as her mother watched from the door. “Night Mama, it has been the best Christmas ever, can we do it again tomorrow?” she asked as she pulled the covers up to her chin. “Good night Evie. Today has been wonderful, but I think we will wait bit before the next Christmas. Pleasant dreams.”
  40. 40. In the time that Allyn had been upstairs George had wheeled the family’s Myshuno into the morning room, and had badgered some of his children into playing a game with him. Myshuno was still George’s favourite game to play with his family, and he was enjoying himself immensely calling the numbers. “Much as I love seeing you all playing, I was wondering if I could have some help with the washing up?” said Allyn as she watched her family. “Why do you not leave it until tomorrow?” asked George. “I am not leaving it darling, it gets done tonight.” Said Allyn with a slight bite to her voice. “I will help you Mother,” said Anne getting up. “So will I.” Added Henry. “I will help too Mother.” Said William. “No William it is fine, why do you not play a game with your father.” Responded Allyn and the three of them trooped out to the scullery.
  41. 41. George, Charlotta, Enid and William were joined by Robert and Cecilia, and the game began in earnest. Cecilia had never played before, but with a little help from the others she soon picked it up. “We will definitely have to buy one of these darling.” She exclaimed as she crossed off another number. “But of course dear.” He replied.
  42. 42. “Well, as enjoyable as today has been Father, I really feel that Hannah and I should be getting home.” Said Charlotta as one game came to a close. “I agree.” Added Robert. “Oh, well I will just call your mother then.” Said George as he packed away the Myshuno. “It has been nice though to have you all under one roof again.” “We will all be together again soon though Father, at William’s wedding.” Said Robert getting up from the settee.
  43. 43. Allyn hugged every one of her children goodbye before they set off in the cold for their homes. “Thank you Mother, both for today and my present.” Said Enid “That is quite alright my dear. You do like your hat do you not?” queried Allyn. “Yes Mother it is lovely.” Replied Enid laughing. She loved her mother dearly, and although her mother’s propensity to worry could be endearing, at other times it was infuriating. “Good.”
  44. 44. With the house empty of their eldest children and guests George and Allyn retired to bed. “Oh darling, I am absolutely exhausted, but I have had a fantastic day.” “You worked so hard my love, and it was all worth it.” Replied George as he kissed her gently. “Yes I have to say that this has been a most wonderful Christmas.”
  45. 45. To all of my readers, thank you for reading, all of the CC is from the usual suspects, and if you see a piece that you like drop me a line and I’ll try to remember where I got from. From me and my legacy sims, have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.