A Tour of Regalton


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A tour of Regalton, its houses and outlying areas.

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A Tour of Regalton

  1. 1. Today marks four years since I posted the first chapter of my legacy on the exchange. Each yearsince Ive tried to get a chapter ready to post on the same day, but thats not happened this year.Ive been spending more time faffing around making cc for my game, or improving cc I alreadyhave, or building than I have playing. The good news is that I am playing at the moment, and Imnearly a third of the way through my rotation already. This does mean that there will be picspamcoming your way in the near future too so look out for that if you like such things.Today though, I thought Id give you all a tour of Regalton and the surrounding areas ofSimfordshire and Simdon as it is at the moment, and of some of the houses therein. It’s not adefinitive tour, as if I showed you every single house, we’d be here all week, and I’ve also notincluded bathrooms, because, well bathrooms are a bit boring.So, here we go with a tour of some of my favourite houses in Regalton and the sub hoods.
  2. 2. So, this is Kings Square, the main part of Regalton. There have been many changes since Istarted this four years ago, but the main difference is that at the end of last year, I got rid of thelots Id downloaded for convenience, and replaced them with lots Ive built myself. These lots aremuch more in keeping with the era and the country, and Im finally pleased with how this part ofthe main neighbourhood is starting to look
  3. 3. Another view of King’s Square, showing the rest of it. You can see the Skinner House now, acouple more shops and just make out Ezrany’s future house in the background.
  4. 4. This part of Regalton is Simself Avenue. You don’t need a degree to work out who lives alonghere, but there are two other families here as well. The two houses right at the top of the hill,belong to Timothy and John. Yes I put them opposite each other.
  5. 5. This final part of Regalton is home to the Nosferatus. That’s Anne’s castle in the background,and her son’s cottage in the foreground. This is also where the prison used to be, until the lotglitched so much I couldn’t enter it, and I had to demolish it. The clones of Ramen, Dorian,Jessica and Gordon now live on that lot opposite Richard.
  6. 6. 1 Kings Square.This is the main house. Ive got plans for this house, so apart from in the next chapter, and anypicspam from this rotation I post, this is more than likely the last time youre going to see thishouse looking like this.
  7. 7. It started off based on a typical late Victorian terraced house (late because it has a bay windowon the top floor as well as the bottom floor. Interestingly you can roughly date a British terracedhouse by its bay window. Early Victorians have the bay window only on the lower floor, lateVictorian and Edwardian have it extending up on the top floor, and by the 1930s, the windowshad become curved, rather than angular), but George extended it in the second generation sothat it looked like two terraced houses knocked into one. William further extended it in his time asheir, but it was a little bit inexpertly done, since his focus was the garden he wanted to build forhis wife. My plans for Eddie and Berties alterations are centred around making the house lookless like a terrace of lower to middle middle class homes, and more like an upper middle classgabled mansion. The back of the house and the rooms on the top floor especially will be gettingmajor makeovers, while the exterior will be getting new windows, doors and brickwork. Part ofme would like to bulldoze the entire house and start again, but I do also like the idea of beingable to look back as the generations pass and see aspects of the house that each heir has built,so Im going to alter the existing house.
  8. 8. Entrance Hall.
  9. 9. Drawing Room.
  10. 10. Library/Study.
  11. 11. Dinning Room.
  12. 12. Kitchen.I hate this room.I decorated it before Silent lucidity released his wonderful OMSPs which allow you to have simsprepare food on any surface, so I had to use counters. Victorian kitchens didnt have counters,they had tables, but since Ive been planning on altering the house, Ive not been bothered to getin here and sort it all out. Ive now got to the point where I cannot wait to get into this room, gut itand redo it.
  13. 13. Games room.Another room I dont like. Ive tried a few thingsalready, but still dont like this room very much at all.Im thinking of moving it to another room when Iremodel.
  14. 14. Music room.One of my favourite rooms ever. I love it.
  15. 15. Morning room.
  16. 16. Hobby/crap room.Room built to put the FT hobby stuff in, but neverreally used. Ive now shoved the dog beds in here,buuuuuut yeah, not one not one of my favouriterooms and it will be being improved upon when Iremodel.
  17. 17. Nursery.
  18. 18. Master bedroom.
  19. 19. Gym thing.Not very Victorian, even if my simmies do love to work out. This is going.
  20. 20. Elder bedroom.
  21. 21. Hobby room.Williams hobby room. This is also going, but thetrain set and hobby benches will be staying in somecapacity.
  22. 22. Boy bedroom 1.Berties old room, this is the room for the oldest malechild in the house.
  23. 23. Boy bedroom 2.Currently Stuarts room, this was also Eddies room,because Charles was still at home when he became achild.
  24. 24. Girl bedroom 1.Currently Emmis room, again this is the room of theeldest girl in the house.
  25. 25. Girl bedroom 2.Alexandras old room. Again, she moved into this roominstead of the room next door, because Evie was still athome.
  26. 26. Garden.
  27. 27. Wedding Chapel and Mausoleum.I want to do something with this too. This is the least authentic thing on the lot and I want to getrid of it, but I run into the issue of where to get my heirs married.
  28. 28. The Skinner House.This house was based on a line drawing in one of my books of Victorian architecture and interiordesign. Im pleased with how it looks from the outside, even if getting the roof line right from thefront was a bit of a nightmare.
  29. 29. Hall.
  30. 30. Morning/Music Room.This may look familiar, because I used thishouse for the legaversary celebration and Emmiand Roberts pictures, and Im seriouslyconsidering altering a copy to them when theygraduate.
  31. 31. Library.
  32. 32. Dinning Room.
  33. 33. Kitchen.This is much more the sort of thing I want to build inthe main house when I get to redoing it.
  34. 34. Drawing Room.I kinda love this room, but I cant really explain why.
  35. 35. Landing.
  36. 36. Bedroom 1.Youll have to excuse the lumps on the beds in thehouses. I installed a hack which caused the game toreset in between the last time I played the house andtaking these pictures.
  37. 37. Bedroom 2.
  38. 38. Attached Dressing room.
  39. 39. Bedroom 3.
  40. 40. Nursery.
  41. 41. Garden.
  42. 42. 6 King’s Square.The home of the Harrisons, this house was inspired by a house I passed on the way toCambridge one day. I love how the exterior looks, but the top floor interior isnt my best, at leastin terms of the layout of the rooms. I like how I decorated them all.
  43. 43. Hall.Id just finished building my dorms when I started on this, hence the familiar looking hallway.
  44. 44. Drawing room.
  45. 45. Library.I do love how this room looks, even though I might have toput a bit more lighting in.
  46. 46. Conservatory looking out at the garden.
  47. 47. Morning Room.
  48. 48. Kitchen.
  49. 49. Dinning Room.
  50. 50. Elder Bedroom and Dressing Room.
  51. 51. Cellys Room.A little bit girly for her perhaps, but it works as a continuationof the fact that she inherited Vis old room in their originalhouse. I kinda like the idea that Theo had the roomdecorated for her, based on her old room and then lookedpuzzled when she expressed disappointment with it.
  52. 52. Nursery.A tiny, tiny room, but I like it anyway, since cots can be putinto other rooms.
  53. 53. Child bedroom.So you can tell that Andrew and Peter had gone to unibefore I moved the family here, since theres only one bed inhere.
  54. 54. Master Bedroom.I love this room too. Also, Doc is apparently sharing hobbytips with Theo downstairs at the moment. Not quite surehow thats working, but it seems to be.
  55. 55. Dressing Room.
  56. 56. Garden.
  57. 57. 8 King’s Square.Home of Charlotta’s descendants, I also refer to it as the Belfour House, since Hannah Belfourwas the first sim to live on this plot of land.This house I feel almost the opposite to how I feel with the Harrison house. I love how Ive laidout the rooms inside (its quite small and compact, yet also interesting and spacious), but dontlike the exterior very much. I know what I was trying to do, and yet it just seems off to me.
  58. 58. Hall.I just love the shapes I got here, it feels real to me.
  59. 59. Drawing room.A small room, but its cosy and feels nicely cluttered with allof the items Charlotta and Hannah brought back from theirtrips abroad.
  60. 60. Dinning Room.Possibly one of my favourite dinning rooms, even if itsdecorated in an unconventional way for a Victorian. The factthat 95% off my dinning rooms are decorated in crimson?Thats because it was the colour recommended for dinningrooms at the time.
  61. 61. Master bedroom.
  62. 62. Bedroom 2.
  63. 63. Bedroom 3.
  64. 64. Bedroom 4.One thing I decided to do with the single rooms, was to usemore exotic bed covers than the double rooms, again assouvenirs of Charlotta and Hannah’s trips.
  65. 65. 10 King’s Square.Also known as the Wrenworth House after Cecilia’s family name.I love this house. The shell is that of the asylum, but I completely gutted the interior and rebuiltall the rooms, and I not only love how I laid the rooms out inside, but also how I decorated andfurnished them.
  66. 66. Hall.The hall actually continues both to the right and the left intoother little vestibule type rooms, one of which has thestaircase in it.
  67. 67. Drawing room.I adore this room, and youve seen it several times before,because of it.
  68. 68. Study.A nice cosy little room.
  69. 69. Kitchen.Another decent looking kitchen.
  70. 70. Dinning Room.This is a really cosy room. Ill probably have to put morelights in if I ever want to shoot in it at night, because it is abit dark, but I do love it.
  71. 71. Morning Room.A light and bright room. This really suits Cecilias characterwell, and it was her I had in mind when I decorated it, ratherthan Rosie.
  72. 72. Nursery and Separate Playroom.
  73. 73. Leonoras Room.
  74. 74. Master Bedroom.
  75. 75. Dressing Rooms.I rather love these matching dressing rooms, and actuallyRosie and Stephan are the only married couple to haveseparate dressing rooms in the neighbourhood. Everyoneelse shares.
  76. 76. Elder Bedroom.
  77. 77. Dressing Room.
  78. 78. Bedroom 4.
  79. 79. Regalton Cottages.I recently finished building a series of little cottages that I can put together as a terrace for bothRegalton and Simford. Ive been wanting to replace an apartment block I downloaded fromParsimonious for ages, and with these, I can. Theyre small and sparsely furnished: the idea is touse them as starters for the cousins who I dont want to motherlode or wont be moving backhome, but Im pleased with them, and will be furnishing them to the families who live in them astime goes on.
  80. 80. Parlour.
  81. 81. Kitchen.
  82. 82. Front Bedroom.
  83. 83. Back Bedroom.
  84. 84. All Saints Regalton.Those of you with long memories may remember that the original version of Regalton had aparish church in it, where Vi and Thomas got married. It was a lot I downloaded, so I found itagain, and placed it in the neighbourhood and discovered that something very odd was going onalong one side of the lot, causing the land to distort completely. I bulldozed the lot, and startedlooking for a replacement.I have to say a huge thank you to Lark who let me borrow her small family chapel as the base ofthis lot. Its a lovely little Medieval chapel, and having it as a base really helped me to visualisewhat I could change to get it to look like the sort of parish church I had in mind, even if in the endI left only about one wall untouched. Of course, it also helped that I attended a wedding a fewweeks ago, in a small parish church, and also managed to find a Victorian photograph of thenave looking towards the chapel of one of my local churches. So armed with that knowledge, Iwent looking for a suitable gothic arch, did some serious mesh altering to the one I found (I didntneed the portcullis that the original had) and altered the lot to look like this
  85. 85. Pleased doesnt really begin to cover how I feel about thislot.Yes, I would like the arch separating the nave from thechapel to be wider and taller, but Ive not figured out how todo that yet without it distorting completely, and yes, when Igave it a trial run for a wedding, the sims ended up gettingwed at a weird angle, which I think might be due to thewedding arch (love the invisible recolour) being in front of areal arch, so I need to figure out a way round that, and yesIm disappointed I couldnt build a pulpit due to theplacement of the arches, but I just love it to bits.I wish I could get everyone married here, and might have tohave a serious think as to whether that would work or not,(even if I only manage to do it in the story) and look for a fixfor the ring glitch if one exists.
  86. 86. Stone Cottage.This is the cottage Marielle lives in. I didn’t build it, I downloaded it from MTS, and it couldperhaps be prettier. However, it works fine for just her.
  87. 87. Kitchen.I absolutely love this room. It sums up how far she’s fallen, but also that she’s not given up.There’s a certain amount of pride present in how things are set out, and I think it fits her andwhere she is now, well.
  88. 88. Bedroom.
  89. 89. Parlour.And that’s all there is to her cottage. There’s an outhouse with a tin bath and toilet in, and that’sit.
  90. 90. Simdon!Let’s move onto the capital of Simland now, Simdon. This is what the residential Simdonneighbourhood currently looks like. Well, most of it anyway, it’s so huge I can’t get it all in onepicture. It’s the only sub hood that I consider to be finished (even if I do need to go and hide lotsof postboxes still), and so I’m very, very fond of it.
  91. 91. I unfortunately lost my maps of Simdon with all the street names on them, when I had to have thispc reformatted earlier in the year, but I can tell you that this is Simford Road, where the Smithslive, and that park just up the road is where Stuart and Elle first met.
  92. 92. The junction of Shepherd Street and Sierra Street. The Whedonberrys, Fitzhughs andRoselands live here.
  93. 93. Simmington Crescent (yeah, yeah I know it’s not actually a crescent). This is where Evie and herfamily live, as well as Vicky and Patrick.
  94. 94. This is the poorer area of city, but still middle class. I won’t be taking you into these houses, butthought I’d point out the area to you. You can see that the terraces are of the same design theoriginal part of the main house was when I started the legacy.
  95. 95. 1 Simford Road.We’ll start with the Smith townhouse. It’s huge, and I love it. This is actually the sixth version ofthis lot the Smiths have lived in. They’ve lived in three apartment versions of the house, in twodifferent hoods, one larger version of this lot in a different hood, a larger version of this lot in thishood and this version. The moves have been due to my desire to redo Simdon, glitchyapartment controllers, and then me trying to stop the crashing and glitching which was occurringwhen playing first this lot, and then Simdon as a whole. I’m hoping that this is the last version ofthis house they live in.
  96. 96. Entrance hall.I adore the entrance hall, and knew that it’s just the place Alexandra would want to displaypictures of her family. Actually she loves to have them on every surface possible.
  97. 97. Stairs.Again, I love this space. It feels so right to me.
  98. 98. Study.I think all of my comments on this house are going to be the same. I love this room.
  99. 99. Dinning Room.Anthony works for the Foreign Office, hence the souvenirsfrom around the world, which he’s picked up, either on histravels, or were given to him as gifts by various ambassadorsand cultural attaches.
  100. 100. First Floor Landing.I LOVE the landings in this house, and had to restrain myself from taking loads to share with youall.
  101. 101. Drawing Room.I’m contemplating changing the wallpaper in this room, butother than that, I really like it.
  102. 102. Morning Room.There’s also a sewing area off to the left, but sinceAlexandra doesn’t have much truck with sewing with amachine, it doesn’t get used often.
  103. 103. Master Bedroom.
  104. 104. Dressing Room.Another room I really like, small though it may be.
  105. 105. Sarah Jane’s Room. (Second Bedroom).As you can see, it’s big and pretty and Sarah Jane takes alot of pride in the fact that it’s hers.
  106. 106. Sarah Jane’s Dressing Room.
  107. 107. Top Floor landing.
  108. 108. Bedroom 3.
  109. 109. Bedroom 4.
  110. 110. Playroom.
  111. 111. Nursery/Bedroom 5.This is the room which was once the nursery, but is now Mickey’s bedroom. When David comeshome and starts to give Alexandra those hundreds of grandchildren you know she’s going towant, this will become the nursery again.
  112. 112. 3 Simmington Crescent.This is one of the terrace townhouses I’ve made to make Simdon feel more like London. I’mactually really fond of it, and I can tell you that you will be seeing one of the cousins move into aversion of this in the future.This particular house is lived in by Evie and her family.
  113. 113. Hall.Youll notice that this paper doenst follow the line of the stairs, like quite a few of mine do now.This is a fairly old paper, and I seem to have lost the original files with my various computermoves and the reformat over the past year. If I wanted to make it follow the stairs, Id have torebuild the willow pattern from scratch, and I dont feel like doing so at the moment. If I decide touse it in one of the more important houses this generation, I will, but not at the moment.
  114. 114. Dinning Room.It’s a bit of an awkward shape this room, but you can fit a table and chairs in.
  115. 115. Study.
  116. 116. Drawing Room.
  117. 117. Master Bedroom.
  118. 118. Bedroom 2.There’s also three rooms in the attic of the house, for use as nurseries and other bedrooms, butsince they’re completely empty in this house, I didn’t take pictures of them.
  119. 119. 2 Shepherd street.This is the second version of this house and the neighbouring house I’ve built. The originalversions, were actually built as apartment blocks, and that’s the version of this house you saw inViridian Child. However, apartments are really glitchy (at least in my game), so I decided torebuild the houses as fake terraces. Those terraces were used in the original Simdon too, sothis is actually the third copy of this house that has been placed at 2 Shepherd Street.Since it is a base house, designed to be repeated loads of times in the neighbourhood, it’s fairlysparsely furnished so that I can put each family’s stamp on it as I playThis house is home to the Whedonberrys, and they’ve lived in it for only one roation.
  120. 120. Entrance Hall.Last time you saw this hall, the walls were bedecked withphotographs of the Whedonberry family. Unfortunately I lostthem all when I had problems with AGS eighteen monthsago, and although I have the original png files, I’ve notremade them. Perhaps in the future.
  121. 121. Dinning Room.Erm, excuse the dirty plates. I snapped these pictures quickly last night and didn’t realise aboutthe plates until just now.
  122. 122. Music Room.
  123. 123. Drawing room.
  124. 124. Master Bedroom.
  125. 125. Bedroom 2.
  126. 126. Bedroom 3.The attic contains bedrooms 3 and 4, which are reallyglorified box-rooms.Bedroom 3 is the room that Dean and Derri shared before thelatter went to university. In the original of this house, eachboy had a shelf of toys and goodies which reflected theirpersonalities, but since Derri was so near to leaving when Imoved them into this house, I didn’t bother to redo them.
  127. 127. 8 Shepherd Street.This is the companion house to 2 Shepherd Street, and is currently occupied by the Roselands.It’s slightly smaller than the other house, since it doesn’t have attic rooms.
  128. 128. Hall.I admit, that this particular house looks very sparse. Up untilthe move to the new sub hood, the Roselands had beenliving in an apartment building, so I gave them just enough tobuy this house, but not furnish it. I’ll do that as Cyd earnsmore.
  129. 129. Dinning Room.
  130. 130. Study.You can see how Louisa, Cyd (and the children) are trying tohelp bring in a bit extra money here. They all tend to want topaint at once.
  131. 131. Drawing Room.As with the other house, it’s an L-shaped room, and there isalso a sewing machine behind the camera in the firstpicture. I’ve also just realised that Cyd’s portrait doesn’thave a frame. I must fix that.
  132. 132. Master Bedroom.
  133. 133. Bedroom 2.With no attic space, there are only two bedrooms in thishouse.
  134. 134. 2 Sierra Street.As with the houses in Shepherd Street, the houses in Sierra Street were originally apartments,which I remade into fake terraces. These houses are much smaller though, since I designed thisone with the Fitzhughs in mind and then made the companion house to match.Every family or sim who comes from another story, and ends up playing a significant part in mystory, retains their backstory (or most of it) from their home universe, and ends up here due to adifferent decision being made there. The Whedonberrys moved to Simdon due to the anti-greensentiment happening back home, and the Fitzhughs moved here because Ivy chose one ofHarry’s siblings to be hair, instead of him. Mya still had to wait for him to make his lift before shecould make a start on what she wanted, and Harry, knowing how much it hurts not to get whatyou’ve always wanted and loving her as much as he does in Sierra Plains, still puts her needsabove those of their children.The time shift is just an unfortunate side effect of the move.
  135. 135. Hall.Anyway, because this house was built with the Fitzhughs in mind, it’s rather small (8x12), andI’ve tried to restrict decoration and furnishing to what would have been allowed in Sierra Plains atthe time they left. I think there’s one exception, which I’ll talk about when I get there.
  136. 136. Dinning Room.The dinning room is actually situated in the basement, withFrench windows opening out onto a sunken patio.
  137. 137. Patio and Gagren.
  138. 138. Drawing Room.The big not “I don’t think that this is Apoc legal” thing is theeasel in this room. I don’t think Marina’s lifted the careerwhich allows it yet, however in my world it’s not legal tohave computers to raise creativity, and I built this before thehacked notebook was made, so the easel was placed andwill stay.
  139. 139. Master Bedroom.
  140. 140. Bedroom 2.I rather love Azula and Elle’s bedroom.
  141. 141. Bedroom 3.This is such a dear little room, and I actually really love howit all works.
  142. 142. Simdon Commercial.That’s it for the house tours, but I thought you might like to see how the community lots ofSimdon are laid out too.Above is the Natural History Museum, the Dance Hall (including the restaurant where Bethanyand Ezra got engaged in the story) up by the bridge, and some shops at the bottom of thepicture.
  143. 143. Those shops are now to the left of the picture, and you can see the domed Simdon OperaHouse, with a hotel next to it, and some space off to the left where I’ve started to block outanother lot.
  144. 144. Moving the camera slightly, you can see the coaching Inn from Viridian Child next to the emptyland, with Azula’s Azaleas opposite, and a cemetery near the top of the screen. The occupiedhouse near the bottom of the picture belongs to the Gavigans.
  145. 145. Moving the camera again, and swinging it round to face in the opposite direction, you can nowsee the front of the coaching inn, and the shops and market next to it, which again appeared inViridian Child. Next to Azula’ Azaleas, is Londoste, which is where the Legacys and Sophiadined in the last chapter. In the distance, at the top of the screen, are some more shops, whichincludes the milliners where Beth got her new hat.
  146. 146. Finally, we’ve now moved to those shops. That thin building at the crossroads, is Vicky’s office,with Gil’s patisserie opposite and Beth’s Boutique next door to the bakery. Possibly my favouritelot is in the middle of this lot, and has many building on it, and right near the top of the screen isthe cathedral.
  147. 147. Simminster Cathedral.Yes I know that this looks more like Westminster Abbey than the cathedral, but I prefer thisname.This is a lot I downloaded aaaaaages ago, because I could see the potential of the shape, butdidnt do anything with until recently.
  148. 148. Maybe I should sit and think on things for years more often.I’m pretty proud of the interior of this lot, and already knowwho’s getting married here.
  149. 149. The Nickel.This is the Nickel as it currently stands, but as you can see by the lot with lots of blank walls on it,I’m making some changes.Alfie lives in the owned lot in the right bottom corner, the large owned community lot is the lot Itend to use for shooting here, and disused warehouse where the child were held in Viridian Childis up in the left corner of the screen.That’s really all there is to see here at the moment.
  150. 150. Sneak Peeks.That’s it for the tour, but I thought I’d leave you with some sneak peeks of houses and things tocome.Above is the sub hood which is going to become Simford and Simmingfordbury. I’ve placed theBoard school, and the new Beth’s Books, as well as making a start on the shells of two newhouses. There’s a lot to do, but I’m looking forward to getting to grips with it.
  151. 151. Andrew’s House.The shell’s done, and I’ve put the wallpaper up, but notstarted furnishing it yet.
  152. 152. Celestia’s House.Again, the shell’s done and the wallpaper’s up, but nothingmore has been done.
  153. 153. Dargent House II.This beautiful, beautiful house was built by Cait, who very kindly gave it to me, for Ezra andBethany to live in. This one is furnished and decorated, with several new wallpapers by me.
  154. 154. And this really is the end of the tour. I hope you enjoyed it, and until next time, happy simming.