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In this presentation we outline how to assess your maturity level regarding social media listening and publishing and share 9 tips to improve.

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  • Social Media Maturity Model:
  • Individual – Chase Bank started this wayTeam – Broad Listening to the BrandProcess – Brand but also industry moves into the process centresOrganisation – Kraft / Mondelez uses social data in all parts of the organisationphoto credit: cc:
  • Build a Playbook:
  • photo credit: cc:
  • Not every brand can be as prolific as American Express’s Open Forum right away. Acknowledge your strengths and weakness, know your limits, set realistic goals, and identify what success looks like.
  • Move - Norish - recipes, beautyBelieve - positivity and happiness
  • If your business goal is to … … then you should measure …Generate leads Number of leads generated through social media.Increase customer satisfaction Positive sentiment around your company and brand.Lower customer service costs Number of incidents resolved through social media.Improve your brand’s awareness Share of voiceImprove product quality Number of product-related issues posted.Looking for detailed guidance on how to build out your social media metrics? Download our ebook 5 Steps to Effective Social Media Measurement. It includes sections on some of the most common social media metrics, including:
  • Introducing Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    1. 1. in/derektweets @derektweets Derek Laney Director Product Marketing Management Introduction to the Marketing Cloud and 9 bonus tips
    2. 2. Am I on the right path? Resource: Social Media Maturity Model Today’s Learning Objectives: Assess your listening program Learn to engage at scale Build a content plan Measure across channels & brands
    3. 3. #1 Create Listening as a Process Individual Team Process Organisation Comments: listening is a process not the output of a system, build a plan to develop your listening capability and select the right type of resources
    4. 4. Listen Publish / Measure Your Brand Your Competitors Your Customer’s World 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Engage #2 Listen to Your Customers World Comments: Your strategy needs to encompass all 9 boxes. Don’t get stuck in box (1) and miss the opportunity to identify customer insights
    5. 5. Live Listening Examples
    6. 6. #3 Am I ready for this? Comments: We need to move beyond dependence on a single ninja or outsourcing social entirely (to a guy in coloured socks). We need to create a sustainable customer engagement process.
    7. 7. Don’t focus on social media sanitation, build processes to help you achieve escape velocity Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter: Prioritizing for Scale – #DF12 #4 Prepare to Engage at Scale
    8. 8. Comments: Your playbook is your foundation document for how you will execute in social. Download our #5 Compile Your Playbook Resource: Build a Playbook Business Objectives Roles & Responsibilities The Plays The Workflow Escalation Reporting
    9. 9. Live Engagement Examples
    10. 10. Maturity: Content Reporter Producer Editor Publisher 35% of CMOs overwhelmed creating fresh content Feeding the content monster is a challenge Sources Chief Marketer 2012 Social Marketing Study IBM from stretched to strengthened
    11. 11. Comments: A shared content calendar and plan is the key to executing integrated campaigns across channels consistently, it starts with great pillars (themes) and a kitbag of mechanics (tactics). #6 Build Your Content Plan Exec Summary Goals, Objectives & Metrics Target Audience Personas Roles and Responsibilities Theme, Topics and Types Distribution & Optimization Download ebook to Craft a Plan
    12. 12. #7 Create Scalable Content Pillars Move, Nourish, Believe
    13. 13. Seek Opinions Activate Advocates Involve in Design #8 Reusable Engagement Mechanics Comments: build a library of mechanics by measuring your best content and examining those of your competitors and peers, make sure they align to your content pillars and goals, don’t just pump out TGIFs
    14. 14. Live Content Publishing Examples
    15. 15. #9 Align Measurement with Goals A Framework for Social Media Analysis - susan_etlinger Comments:First, identify how to measure success from a business perspective before you approach it from a social perspective
    16. 16. Live Measurement Examples
    17. 17. Where to start?
    18. 18. Slides for Today: