Outsourcing engagement model
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Outsourcing engagement model






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  • Sicap <br /> - customer for over 10 years <br /> Had some problems in an existing system they couldn’t solve by themselves <br /> Company profile: they don’t do product development and customizations, this being all externalized, focus on sales/marketing, business development. They have local offices for support activities. All product development and customizations are externalized. We do 80% of all their projects with team ranging from 10 to 60 people. Team from tester, software developer , product management support, resource management, system architect, support, project manager. <br /> - we developed over 10 products for them in rating and charging, messaging, loyalty, device management, customer care, provisioning, account management    <br /> KAM (handles relation from the commercial, operational aspect). Project/program manager per each category of projects (since initial contact when they ask an offer from us until final implementation – same person; handles also resource allocation, costs, trainings <br />   <br /> We offer also presales support – from first visit to the custom, we help them also to fill in also the compliancy matrix, we do estimations, offers, customer solution descriptions, internal project development (including testing) , we deliver it to the client and we can also help them integrate it with the other components of the solution (or they do this by themselves),. If requested we go onsite in their name at the customer. We keep the knowledge in the company – rump up/down (eg from 3 people to 20 in 3- 6 months and afterwards rump down to 6 people after 2 years)) <br />   <br />
  • Started with 2 people at Apertio <br /> Large global SI having their own product development and services. <br /> The engagement didn’t started working on a specific product but on top of a framework  - the framework gave the capacity to develop  products on top of it(customed solutions  for each customer). They handle mostly the development of the framework not of the services developed on top of it (not product roadmap driven). They usually ask for complex solutions in short timeframes (teams from 3 -40 in 9 months while delivering the product. The customer come with the specific requirements while he only handles the sales (we give also the estimations <br />
  • Orga systems <br />   <br /> - do theior own product development and keep critical, proprietary information to themselves <br /> They just need configuration and SI support from us – the base of our strategic partnership <br />   <br /> We have QA, SI, PM onsite – raporteaza direct la Orga (proiect with easy travelling in CIS, EU)
  • Our team also in product development . <br />   <br /> They do their own product development and project management, have the processes and the timeline <br /> We give them resource son deman,d but highly skilled , up to system architects. If we give juniors we give them support <br />   <br />

Outsourcing engagement model Outsourcing engagement model Presentation Transcript

  • Computaris Outsourcing Engagement Model
  • Outsourcing Benefits • Ensures maximum value of delivery to the end customer • Frees managers to focus on core activities & on strategic positioning • Gives you access to world class capabilities • Help you solve out-of-control, critical technical issues • Gives you access to specific language skills or resources in regions where they are hard to find • Provides proximity/time zone compatibility • Stimulates critical business analysis because of documentation of processes and costs • Offers transparency and control over the project lifecycle • Offers service delivery flexibility • Enables you to gain competitive advantage through fast time to market for new products Computaris view – what’s in it besides cost reduction? Computaris elite corporate governance and professional standards are the basis of our high customer attrition rate Good Outsourcing
  • Computaris Engagement Model ENGAGEMENT Consultancy Development Centre Project Based Fixed price Contract
  • Engagement Model Consultancy • System analysis and feasibility study • Proof of concepts and pilot projects • Development of solution requirements • Architecture review and gap analysis
  • Project Based Engagement Model • Tactical Engagement • Address manpower shortage issues • Work around budget constraints • Procurement of rare skills
  • Fixed Contract Engagement Model • Limited but strategic partnership • Deliverable based payments • Creative resource management • Possibility to implement managed services
  • Development Centre Engagement Model • Long term strategic relationship • Risk mitigation advantages • Collaborative planning • Low upfront investment for the customer
  • Pricing Model PRICING Time & Materials Fixed Price
  • Pricing Model • Most used/recommended model when: • Scope, specification and implementation plans of a project are not precise enough nor easy to define and require flexibility • A complex project is prone to specification changes and design • Project cost = accurate view of the total project execution time Time & Materials Computaris has very strict project management and reporting practices and high quality standards
  • Pricing Model • Most used/recommended model when: • Scope, specification and implementation plans of a project are well defined • Flexibility is needed when there is concern over progress in remote projects • Project cost – the client can visibly monitor the progress of the project and costs in near real time due to the milestones based payment options and schedules Fixed Price Relying on our expertise and the quality of our processes, Computaris offers unique risk-sharing/fixed price models
  • Engagement Model Development Approach • Consulting & Assessment • Checkpoint Based Development • Agile Development • Support and Maintenance
  • Use Case • Customer profile: • Leading supplier of prepaid billing, messaging and mobile device management solutions; focus on sales/marketing/business development; no focus on product development and customizations, this being all externalized • Initial need: • One of the existing solutions had major problems during implementation and they requested Computaris support to help them solve the identified cause • Computaris involvement • Over 10 products developed for our partner in rating and charging, messaging, loyalty, device management, customer care, provisioning, account management and a broad range of customization projects worldwide as 3rd party (together with or in the name of our partner) • Presales support – from the first visit to the customer, compliancy matrix, estimations, offers, end customer solution descriptions • We now deliver 80% of all their projects with a team ranging from 10 to 60 people • Computaris team • KAM (Key Account Manager) – in charge with the commercial and operational part • Project/Program Manager – one per each category of projects, a single point of contact from initial contact until final implementation of a project • Testers, software developers, product management support, resource manager, system architect, support, project manager 10+ years partnership with leading European ISV
  • Use Case • Customer profile: • Large global system integrator, mobile broadband specialist, having their own product development and services • Initial need: • They purchased a small UK based company Computaris has previously worked with and needed our skills to integrate this specific product/framework into their solution portfolio • Computaris involvement • Our engagement didn’t start working on a specific product but on top of a framework - development of customed solutions for each end customer on top of it. • The partner handles mostly the development of the framework and we handle the development of services • Complex solutions with short timeframes and high flexibility -teams from 3 people to 40 people in 9 months while delivering a product. • The partner comes to us with the specific requirements while he only handles the sales process (our responsibilities start from the estimations phase) • Broad range of products delivered in the data metering space, AAA applications, data usage servers, PCRF/PCEF, etc Major partnership with global System Integrator
  • Use Case • Customer profile: • leading provider of trendsetting real-time billing solutions; they do their own product development and keep proprietary, critical information for themselves • Initial need: • The base of our strategic partnership was their need for configuration and SI support • Computaris involvement • We have a team of QAs, SI and PMs onsite that report directly to our customer SI and configuration support
  • Use Case • Customer profile: • Global provider of telecom IT solutions for the management of products, customers and revenue; the customer does its own product development and project management, use their own processes and timeline • Initial need: • During a peak period they needed highly skilled staff augmentation resources from Computaris that could easily and fast suit into their organization to work onsite and offsite Staff Augmentation • Computaris involvement • Resources on demand from juniors that we supervise and support, up to system architects that verify the quality of the code created by our customer’s team
  • Outsourcing • 1000+ projects successfully delivered worldwide • Unequivocal technological expertise: 20+ years of telecom expertise at all levels, technical and commercial • Quality standards excellence - with processes that can guarantee consistent and transparent performance • Projects delivered to 70+ operators on 5 continents • Track record in creating long term successful partnerships with leading industry players - trust in the security of confidential information and IPR • Shared risks and fixed price models • Investment in training and motivating talented staff coupled with low employee attrition rate • Accelerated time to market • Virtual team across the globe • Life cycle planning • Knowledge kept in the company for strategic partners – rump up/down (eg from 3 people to 20 in 3- 6 months and afterwards rump down to 6 people after 2 years) Why choose Computaris Outsourcing services ? 100% of our projects delivered according to agreements
  • Together we grow faster! Thank you!