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  • Cinsay's mission is to "Bring Online Video Commerce to Everyone". Video commerce includes the whole value chain of online transactions starting with basic impressions, valuable leads, and sought after e-commerce transactions. Lets take a look at the Smart Container from a consumers view.www.facebook.com/pages/nates-outdoor-lifewww.seeitsoldnow.blogspot.com
  • Stats…1 billion F.B. users w/500 mil logging on every day…..twitter stats, etc


  • 2. The only patent-protected social commerce platform with robust merchandising, content management, and payments capabilities. :
  • 3. 3 Company Overview Company Description oCINSAY, Inc. was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Austin, TX with offices in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA oInvestors include institutional and individual investors such as Cary Metz, Director of Whiteside Energy Hedge Fund, and the McCombs Family Partners Group Key Customers / Partners
  • 4. Cinsay Smart Store™ Highlights The first and only patented video container with built-in payments and social media sharing capabilities. Video can be posted on your website, sent in emails, shared throughout social media, used as banner ads & hosted on mycinsay.com Sales conversions as high as 9% compared to 2.5% or less on static media Fully integrated with a mobile application, loyalty program, consumer analytics and gateway
  • 5. 5 Video Monetization via eCommerce Transactions Completed IN Player Social Network Integration Platform Agnostic Approach
  • 6. Share videos through social networks without leaving the screen Purchase items inside the video while it’s playing and multiply the sales 3x! > >Videos are viewable on mobile devices and Checkout can be completed in 3-5 taps >
  • 7. Cinsay conversion rates beat any competition! Cinsay: 7.9% | Google: 2.8% | Nextag: 2.1% | Amazon: 1.6% o Video appears in 70% of top 100 search listings: Organic SEO because of video! o Consumers spend 9% more time on pages that contain video. o More than 30 Billion Video Searches/mo. o Shoppers are 144% more likely to add a product to their shopping cart after watching a video. o Conversion rates among shoppers who watch video are up to 85% greater than those who do not. o 38 million people in the U.S. say that their purchasing decisions are influenced by online video. o Only 14% trust advertisements | 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations
  • 8. The most sophisticated all-in-one marketing, payment & mobile solution available today.
  • 9. Draw the Customers Do business in real time Engage in Conversations Our social commerce packages are designed to attract, interact, and transact with your customer through social media services, which focus on providing a valuable ROI.
  • 10. o Video commerce includes the whole value chain of online transactions with basic impressions, valuable leads, and sought after e-commerce transactions. oCinsay delivers a unified Cinsay Platform and a new distributed intelligence technology [the Smart Store™ ] to virally syndicate through modern social networks. o Smart Stores™ are optimized for video commerce and allow end users to transact everywhere, rather than having to go to a specific online destination. o Cinsay’s strategy is to support explosive growth by leveraging the power of both domestic and international partners, affiliates, and resellers. ATTRACT
  • 11. o Cinsay provides a comprehensive platform designed to address the whole range of video commerce users and needs. o The foundation technology for the Cinsay platform is the Cinsay Smart Store™, which is optimized for video commerce and modern social networks. o The Cinsay platform includes a management layer usable by anyone for online e-commerce selling and also creating, managing, and monitoring their network of distributed deployed Smart Stores™. o The highest layer of the Cinsay platform is designed for more sophisticated partners, agencies, and resellers who wish to use the Cinsay platform for deploying and managing more sophisticated social media campaigns. INTERACT
  • 12. The Cinsay platform is designed to be highly robust and scalable. o It uses a distributed architecture of web services which support large networks of deployed Smart Stores. o These services are used to control and update video and product content being displayed as well as handling detailed event tracking. o The Cinsay platform utilized top tier content distribution networks to deploy and stream Smart Stores and their associated videos. o This results in a highly scalable platform for broad-based usage. The Cinsay web services also contains higher level capabilities for integration and management of social campaigns. o This allows affiliates and resellers to use Cinsay's core social management tools and also to build upon these Cinsay core foundations to be able to create their own higher value solutions. TRANSACT
  • 13. 7/1/2013 The Cinsay Smart Store™ is portable, viral and provides an easy-to-use shopping experience. Viewers become shoppers, shoppers become buyers, buyers become referrers. > >
  • 14. 157/1/2013 > Purchase inside the video while it’s playing
  • 15. 7/1/2013 Consumers transact where they are – interacting within social media content.
  • 16. [Cinsay Selling Points] Social Media Sharing The Cinsay Smart Store lets you display your storefront on Facebook or other social media platforms. Customers can purchase products and leave valuable contact information inside your video anywhere the player is embedded. Your storefront is now portable, viral, and provides an easy-to- use shopping experience. e-Commerce: Sell your products, collect donations, and capture leads directly inside your videos. The entire transaction takes place inside the Smart Store. Transact inside your videos, wherever they are shared. Imagine being able to embed your storefront on literally any website or social media site directly within one of your videos. Donations: Collect donations on all streams of your social media, blogs, and websites. Embed one of your videos and effectively collect donations without making the end-user ever leave the page they're on.
  • 17. Lead Generation: Before Cinsay, lead generation and video were two separate entities of marketing. Our lead generation platform allows you to create a contact form directly inside of the video player. Now leads can be captured anywhere your video is embedded or shared. CMS/Analytics/Reporting: The Cinsay Content Management System (CMS) includes the tools you need to organize and manage your storefronts. We provide robust analytics and reporting that allow you to manage your stores in real time. We include Sales Reports, Shopping Reports, Product Reports, Customer Reports, and Player Analytics. Security: The Cinsay Smart Store™ Platform uses the secure payment bridge, which assists merchants in meeting PCI compliance with this secure payment application. [Cinsay Selling Points]
  • 18. Social Media + eCommerce + Video = Cinsay Smart Store™
  • 19. Where is your customer?
  • 20. 2/3 of the Global Internet Population Visit Social Networks. Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009
  • 21. Where are people spending their time?
  • 22. o 66% of adults active online use social networking sites o 71% of these adults are women and 61% are men o 12% of adults active online say they use Pinterest o 12% of adults active online say they use Instagram o 20% of adults active online use LinkedIn o 16% of adults active online use Twitter o 66% of adults active online use Facebook o 500 million people log on to Facebook everyday o 100 million Facebook users leave comments everyday Who Uses Social Networking Sites? As of February 2012
  • 23. Benefits of a Cinsay Smart Store™ o Increase visibility & circulation throughout social media outlets o Embed your store virtually anywhere a picture or video can go oFocuses customers’ attention and provides rapid bonding and rapport to distant customers o Customers enjoy sharing interactive content, so they will pass video on to others in their social networks. o Available around the world| 24 hours a day| 7 days a week o Advance tracking metrics oVideo increases conversions of views to sales (in many cases by more than double!)
  • 24. Cinsay University A plethora of information at your fingertips. www.cinsayu.com
  • 25. www.cinsayu.com www.cinsayu.com
  • 26. www.cinsayu.com
  • 27. www.cinsayu.com
  • 28. Cinsay Smart Store™ Backend Preview
  • 29. Cinsay Smart Store™ Backend Login Page
  • 30. Cinsay Smart Store™ Backend Homepage Quick Edit, Merchant Reports, Video Tutorials, Add Videos and/or Products, SHARE YOUR STORE!
  • 31. Media Tab Container, Media, and Library Management
  • 32. Media Management
  • 33. Library Management
  • 34. Product Management
  • 35. Customer Management
  • 36. Sales Tab Order, Invoices, Shipment, Tax Management
  • 37. Invoice Management
  • 38. Shipment Management
  • 39. Tax Management TaxRules,TaxZones&Rates,CustomerTaxClasses,ProductTaxClasses
  • 40. Manage Tax Zones & Rates
  • 41. Customer Tax Classes
  • 42. Product Tax Classes
  • 43. Reports Sales, Shopping Cart, Product, Customer
  • 44. Invoice Reports
  • 45. Shopping Cart Reports Products in Carts & Abandoned Carts
  • 46. Product Reports Products Ordered & Low Stock Report
  • 47. Customer Reports New Accounts & Customers by Orders Total
  • 48. Stats Tab
  • 49. Stats Page Continued…
  • 50. Stores Tab Manage Stores, E-mail Templates, Tax, Shipping
  • 51. Manage E-mail Templates
  • 52. Manage Shipping
  • 53. Account Tab Account & Plan Management
  • 54. Plan Management
  • 55. Chat Live with a Support Representative
  • 56. Launch Video Tutorials
  • 57. Launch Help & FAQs
  • 58. If Smart Store™ is incomplete: PromptAppearsto Complete& Publish
  • 59. Add New Container (or, department within your Smart Store™)
  • 60. Sign-up Today and Explore more inside your OWN Cinsay Smart Store™ Console.
  • 61. Welcome Kit o Please refer to the 34 Commerce Welcome Kit for a Sales Sheet branded for your ISO o Please refer to the 34 Commerce Welcome Kit for ongoing training webinars and other training details o Please refer to the 34 Commerce Welcome Kit for Cinsay Scripts o Please refer to the 34 Commerce Welcome Kit for a merchant presentation o Visit www.cinsayu.com for video tutorials and assistance setting up a Smart Store™ o Visit www.mycinsay.com to see businesses of all sizes using their Cinsay Smart Stores™