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Creating a Great Customer Experience Any Place with Tara and Anne

Creating a Great Customer Experience Any Place with Tara and Anne

  1. 1. Creating a Great CustomerExperience: Any Place, Any Time Anne Forkutza, Design Lead, iQmetrix Tara Bartlett, Marketing Manager, iQmetrix
  2. 2. Agenda! What is OmniChannel?! In-Store! Web! Social! Mobile! Tying it all together
  3. 3. Evolution of Customer-Retailer Touch PointsSingle Channel Multi-Channel Cross-Channel Omnichannel
  4. 4. What is Omnichannel?Seamless experience across channelsand touch pointsAnytime, any place, anywhere
  5. 5. The Rise of the Connected Consumer Information‐hungry, price‐savvy, and mobile‐empowered shoppers expect a one-screen, one-store consistent experience across retail channels and touch points. This means a move from “connecting the channels” to “blending the channels.”
  6. 6. Why Omnichannel?Multi-Channelthe New Norm >50% of customers make multi-channel purchasesThe Rise ofSocial Media >78% of consumers trust peer recommendationsMobile >38% of smartphone users have made a purchase using aCommerce smartphoneOnlineShopping >15% Growth over the last year
  7. 7. Omnichannel is accelerated by the rapid rise of mobile shoppers4 out of 5consumers usetheir smartphoneto shop Source: comScore 2012
  8. 8. How are shoppersusing theirSmartphones? Source: Deloitte
  9. 9. What does all this mean?
  10. 10. = ?SocialMobileWeb DOWNSIZING
  11. 11. No
  12. 12. In-Store is Preferred Purchase Channel Preferred Purchase Channel: In-Store YES 76% 74% of shoppers that visit a mobile site or app for a retailer or brand make a purchase
  13. 13. Evolution of the Store Source: Deloitte’s Store 3.0 study
  14. 14. Previously…“Retailers have invested heavily into bringing elementsof the in-store experience to their websites.”-, September 2012
  15. 15. NowWe’re seeing a shift towards Omnichannel throughbringing the benefits of online into the store experience
  16. 16. Burberry
  17. 17. The role of the store is changing, NOT going away.
  18. 18. The Future Role of the Store will beQuite Different Source: Designing the Next Generation of Retail Places, iQmetrix – Alen Puaca
  19. 19. The Future Role of the Store will beQuite Different Source: Designing the Next Generation of Retail Places, iQmetrix – Alen Puaca
  20. 20. The Changing Role of In-Store Source: Deloitte’s Store 3.0 study
  21. 21. Even Well-Known Online Brands areRecognizing that In-Store is Here to Stay Source: Deloitte’s Store 3.0 study
  22. 22. In-Store Best Practices! Bring the benefits of online into your store! Convenience is key !   Make it easy for customers to research, find and buy products in-store! Connected, knowledgeable sales team! Make your store a place where people want to hangout
  23. 23. In-StoreWhat about theother channels? Mobile Social Web
  24. 24. Web Retailers continue to have an edge with consumers, when they can leverage their physical storefronts with a strong online presence.76% of all consumers say they have used a retailer’swebsite to research a potential purchaseNPD’s new “E-commerce and Consumer Electronics: Online Shopping & Purchasing” report – Sept2011
  25. 25. Web Best Practices !   Make it easy for customers to find you !   Be Clear. Your customers are busy. !  Keep your content simple and easy to navigate !   Help them get in touch !  Ensure contact details are prominent !   Consistency of information – online and in-store
  26. 26. Social“We don’t have a choice on whetherwe DO social media, the question ishow well we DO it”- Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics
  27. 27. Social: FacebookRegular users of Facebook areextremely active shoppers.67% of B2C companies have Recently hit aacquired a customer from Facebook billion users! Source: Hubspot
  28. 28. Social: Twitter40% 7,854 accounts are created every dayOf Twitter users say theysearch for products throughTwitter
  29. 29. Facebook & Twitter ContentIdeas Pics and Videos Customer Service Offers Product Tips Local Company News Industry News
  30. 30. Social Media Best Practices! Participate and keep the conversation flowing! Use it as an opportunity to listen not just promote! Engage Staff! Consistency is key! Offer valueSocial media cheat
  31. 31. Social Media Best PracticesUse in-store digitalsignage to attract fansand followers
  32. 32. Mobile QR Codes are an easy, inexpensive and engaging way to connect to your customers 29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons (Source: Microsoft Tag, 2012)
  33. 33. MobileXQ Mobile Shopping ListConsumers can scan a QRcode and save their shoppinglist built in Browse to theirsmartphone
  34. 34. MobileOffer a user friendlymobile site57 % of consumers will notrecommend a business with apoorly designed mobile site.40 % of consumers will go to acompetitor’s site after a badmobile experience(Source: Compuware, 2012)
  35. 35. Unifying all Channels! Create a plan! Identify Target Audience! Set goals! Determine your brand voice and ensure it is consistent across all channels! Be authentic
  36. 36. Case Study: Macy’sDelivering a unified experience across all channels
  37. 37. Macy’s: Online while In-Store ! Kiosks are available in- store to check out product reviews ! Receive product recommendations through “Getting the Look” ! Handbag department shows real purses and digital displays side-by- side.
  38. 38. Macy’s: Online while In-Store Paper visual collateral replaced with LED-lit panels that can be controlled remotely from each counter’s headquarters
  39. 39. Macy’s: Online while In-Store “Search and Send” service enables the ability to search for out- of-stock items at other locations, with the option to ship to home.
  40. 40. Macy’s: Mobile while In-Store ! Interactive skincare recommender tool on the iPad ! Mobile POS ! Electronic receipts ! Google Wallet
  41. 41. Macy’s: Encouraging In-Storethrough Social Checking in via Foursquare during Macy’s iconic Thanksgiving Day Parade not only unlocks an exclusive badge, but is also the key to access exclusive in-store promotions for that day.
  42. 42. Macy’s OutperformingOthers Due to Omnichannel Source: Deloitte’s Store 3.0 study
  43. 43. Recap
  44. 44. Omnichannel In-StoreMobile Social Web
  45. 45. Omnichannel
  46. 46. The Consumer Pathway Remains the Same Pre-Purchase Purchase Post-Purchase
  47. 47. XQInteractive Retail Attract XQ AdPlay XQ Stream Engage Purchase Browse for iPad XQ Browse Educate Mobile Shopping List
  48. 48. XQ Interactive Retail
  49. 49. Why Invest in Omnichannel?Omnichannel consumers areworth more
  50. 50. 1 Integrate your physical and online presence 2 Implement innovative in-store technologies Provide a consistent experience across all 3 channelsBring the best of the online experience in-store withInteractive Retail technologies
  51. 51. | 1.866.iQmetrix © 2011 iQmetrix. All right reserved. iQmetrix, the iQmetrix logo, RQ4 and other trademarks, service marks, anddesigns referenced in this material are the exclusive property of iQmetrix Software Development Corp. and/or its subsidiaries.

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